20 Parenting Rules The Kardashian Sisters Follow (From Food To Fendi)

The new generation of Kardashians is growing up quickly, and before we know it, they’ll be landing their own makeup lines and reality television shows. Almost all of Kris Jenner’s children have had kids of their own and it’s been exciting for fans to watch the siblings adjust to the new responsibilities that parenthood brings.

Older sister Kourtney has been a mom for the longest as she shares three kids with her ex Scott Disick: sons Mason and Reign, and daughter Penelope. Kim, on the other hand, is about to have the largest number of children in her family when she and husband Kanye’s surrogate delivers their third baby this year. They’re also parents to daughters North and Chicago, and son Saint. Khloe and Kylie first became moms last year when they both welcomed daughters. Kylie’s little girl, Stormi, who she shares with Travis Scott, was born first, while Khloe and Tristan Thompson’s daughter True was born a few months later. Finally, even brother Rob is a dad, as he shares three-year-old daughter Dream with his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna.

Despite being one of the most unified families in Hollywood, fans will be surprised to learn that the Kardashian-Jenner siblings all differ in their approaches to parenthood. Some are strict, while others are more relaxed. Keep reading to learn about the parenting rules this famous family makes the youngest generation follow!

20 Kim Bribes North To Go To School With Makeup

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Most parents simply yell at their kids until they get in the car to go to school drop-off in the mornings. But Kim has a more, um, creative approach when it comes to getting her five-year-old daughter North to school. She once shared that she actually bribes the kiddo with makeup.

"She’s such a girlie girl. She loves all of my products. She loves the glosses," Kim once shared, Us Weekly reports. "Sometimes I have to bribe her to go to school and be like, 'Do you want to put on some makeup?' and she’ll say, 'Okay.'"

On another occasion, the celebrity once shared a photo on social media featuring a then four-year-old North holding a lollipop at a photoshoot with the caption “Mom bribes,” making it clear Kim often has to use the power of persuasion (and candy) to get her kiddo to cooperate.

19 Kylie Doesn’t Let Stormi Watch TV

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Considering that the Kardashian-Jenner empire started off with a TV show, it’s surprising to hear that many of the moms in the family are strict about their kids watching television. Kylie and her baby daddy Travis Scott, for instance, don’t let their one-year-old daughter Stormi watch an ounce of TV.

"Today's kids are on iPads. There's so much technology, they don't play outside anymore," Travis told Rolling Stone last year. "That's why, with Stormi — no TV. That TV [stuff] is out."

He added that he and Kylie would prefer their daughter to get out and experience the world first-hand rather than watching it on a screen. "She got more stamps on her passport than a lot of [people],” Travis added about his daughter.

18 Kourtney Doesn’t Allow Microwaves In Her Home

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Known for being the most health-conscious sister, one of Kourtney’s many strict rules for her family includes not having a microwave. She once explained that, after doing research on the supposed side-effects of using them, she feels she’d be putting her family at risk if she did allow microwaves.

“When I had Mason, I did a lot of health-related research and decided to get rid of my microwave when I read that toxins from plastic containers can be transferred to food when reheated,” she wrote. “I’ve heard that microwaves can leach nutrients from food and use radiation to heat food. I’m not sure how accurate this is but when it comes to my family I play it safe.”

Interestingly, Kourtney added that she is okay with toaster ovens.

17 Kim Hired A Stylist For Her One-Year-Old Daughter

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Given how fashion-conscious the Kardashians are (especially Kim), we guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she and Kanye actually hired a stylist for their oldest daughter when she was only one year old! Now that she’s almost six and is about to be a big sister to three, we can only imagine how much Kim and Kanye must spend on stylists to dress their brood of children.

In 2014, a source told Grazia magazine that Kimye had been working with a stylist to create unique looks for their 16-month-old girl at the time. “Kim has hired North her own personal tailor whose sole job is to make mini versions of Kim’s designer outfits and ensure that they always coordinate,” they explained. How bougie!

16 Kourtney’s Three-Year-Old Son Goes To Daycare

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Given how many nannies the Kardashian sisters each employ, it’s hard to imagine they’d also need to sign their children up for daycare.

But lo and behold, it turns out Kourtney actually sends her youngest child, three year old Reign, to daycare when his older siblings are at school. The famous mom has been seen picking her son up from a bougie LA daycare on several occasions, Daily Mail reports.

On an episode of KUWTK last year, Kourtney got real about her guilt over being away from her children so often. “All everyone […] says is, 'What’s your job?' If I had enough money, I wouldn’t work,” she told the camera. “I wouldn’t do the show. I would be a full-time mom. That’s what I want to do. The guilt I carry every day from not being at home when they get in from school, not doing homework — my kids [end up hurt].”

15 Khloe Won’t Let Her Kids Watch KUWTK... Yet

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Khloe’s only daughter may only be one, but the reality star is already thinking about the day her kiddo is going to ask to watch the family’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, the celebrity once revealed she won’t let True or any of her future children watch the reality show until they’re much, much older - 13 to be exact!

"My [children] will be 13 when they watch their first episode of KUWTK," Khloe once told Marie Claire. She also added that she’s strict about what her daughter can listen to. "My baby is going to grow up listening to: Old school music. We listen to it now. All Anita Baker, Michael McDonald, Marvin Gaye, Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson…real music!"

14 Kourtney’s Kids' Diets Are Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free

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One of Kourtney’s holy grail rules is that she doesn’t let her family eat gluten or dairy products. In 2016, she opened up on her blog about how she found cutting these ingredients out of her and her children’s’ diets led to changes in how they all felt and behaved.

"I have noticed a great positive change in behavior with my children when we stick to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet,” she wrote. “I don't think everyone needs to eat this way but we had muscle testing done, which showed we all have sensitivities to corn, gluten and dairy."

She also added that she strongly avoids any food with artificial colours or flavours (which mainly means candy and confections!).

13 Kim Only Lets North Straighten Her Hair Twice A Year

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Kim’s oldest daughter North has a set of gorgeous curls that make all of us jealous. But there have been a few times when the five year old has been spotted with straightened hair, which led fans to question if North didn’t like her ringlets. Kim responded by revealing she only lets her daughter straighten her hair twice a year.

"[North] is allowed twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party! This pic was taken back in June on her bday," Kim wrote on social media after getting backlash from fans who said straightening North’s hair would ruin its natural texture.

"She's obsessed with her curly hair, and if she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, 'You have curly hair like me?' And we get to talk about it," Kim previously told Interview magazine.

12 Kylie Made Visitors Wear Medical Masks Around Her Baby

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Source say that 21-year-old Kylie has been adapting to motherhood extremely well since welcoming her first child over a year ago. Not only is she a doting mother, but Kylie also sounds a wee bit overprotective. Shortly after giving birth, a source told The Sun that the new mom was going to extreme lengths to make sure visitors didn’t pass on any germs to her baby.

"Kylie got boxes of medical masks for people to wear around Stormi because she doesn’t want her exposed to any germs, she’s still so brand new,” the insider spilled. Kylie’s baby daddy Travis Scott later posted a photo with a medical mask on, seemingly confirming the rumour.

11 Kim Refuses Hand-Me-Downs, But Kourtney Loves Them

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One way the Kardashian siblings differ in their approach to parenting is whether or not they use hand-me-downs. Given how wealthy everyone in the family is, they definitely don’t need to reuse their kids’ clothing from an economical viewpoint.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t use them. Kourtney, for instance, once admitted that her daughter Penelope wears a lot of her older brother Mason’s stuff. "With the clothes aspect […] I've kept a lot of Mason's clothes," Kourtney once explained, as Baby Gaga reports. "I'll even use them on Penelope as well, like little blazers, loafers, and some of his pants."

On the other hand, Kim and her husband Kanye have a strong no-hand-me-downs policy in their household. “They don’t really do hand-me-downs, so each baby is like their first,” a source said of the couple, People reports.

10 Kim’s Children Always Have 24-Hour Security

Given how well-equipped their homes must be, it’s hard to imagine that the Kardashians have bodyguards following them at every moment. They need privacy like everyone else, right? But after Kim’s infamous Paris robbery, reports said the famous mother was ramping up her security to ensure something like that never happens again.

One thing Kim and Kanye have for their children is a 24-hour security team watching their every move. "The kids being [taken] is Kim's biggest [concern]," a source told Page Six in 2016. "She previously didn't want to shell out for armed security, but now she realizes the family needs 24-hour protection." They added the reality star was doing background checks and an internal investigation on all of her employees.

9 Kourtney Co-Sleeps With Her Kids

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Co-sleeping is a controversial parenting technique where parents and their young children share a bed. While some professionals say it helps to increase the parent-child bond, others have warned about its negative side-effects. Kourtney is one famous parent who’s been a huge advocate of co-sleeping for years.

"With co-sleeping, I didn’t have to get up out of bed to get the kids back to sleep whenever they woke during the night," she told People. "It was easier when one of the kids woke up since I was right there. Co-sleeping just ended up feeling like we all got more sleep."

8 Kim Doesn’t Let Her Kids Wear Pink

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Fans know that Kanye can be pretty outspoken about what his wife wears. And evidently, he’s just as opinionated when it comes to his children’s clothing. So much so, he won’t let their children wear the colour pink - and Kim is okay with it.

"Kim had always loved wearing pink before meeting Kanye, but he [dislikes] the color. Kanye thinks it's just cliche for women to wear pink," a source told Radar Online in 2015. "Kanye doesn't want their daughter dressed in pink, ever."

They added, "The nanny has been tasked with making sure that North is never in pink, and [they] don't want Kim's mom, Kris, or sisters to put her in [that] color."

7 They Prioritize Filming Before School

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Given just how much of their life is broadcast on reality TV, it seems like the Kardashian family must have cameras following them at all times of the day. Sources once said that, in order to ensure they always have enough footage, the parents have had to prioritize filming above their children’s schooling.

This is what led Kourtney to briefly home-school her son Mason, since it allowed for a more flexible schedule. “[Mason's] being homeschooled right now instead of being enrolled in kindergarten,” an insider explained to Radar Online in 2015. “It has to be this way. He is shooting Season 11 of the show.”

Since then, however, Kourtney has transitioned her children to private school.

6 Kourtney Limits Her Kids’ Screen Time

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Despite children being entertained by electronics, many parents have begun limiting their children’s exposure to screens, Kourtney included. During a blog post on her app, the mom-of-three said she used to be more lenient about technology, but has changed based on what she found works best for her family.

“They don’t really play with iPads at all. We used to let them use iPads at restaurants, but rules evolve as kids grow and we learned that didn’t always work for us,” Kourtney wrote. “We want to be able to communicate and have conversations with the kids while eating together – so we try not to have TV or iPads out during breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

5 The Kids Can't Call Kris “Grandma”

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Despite fans having lost count of how many grandchildren Kris Jenner now has, it turns out the famous momager doesn't like it when her children’s children call her "grandma." Rather, the celebrity prefers they call her "lovey" because she feels that it makes her sound less old.

“They call me Lovey and Bruce [now known as Caitlyn] is Grandpa,” Kris revealed to Daily Mail years ago when she and her ex Caitlyn Jenner were still married. “At first, I was grandma, and all of a sudden I didn’t like the way that sounded. My mom had a friend called Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name.”

4 Kourtney Lets Her Kids Dress Themselves, But Kim Doesn’t

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Don’t be fooled - the Kardashian sisters don’t all parent their children in the same way. In fact, many fans have compared Kourtney’s more relaxed approach to parenting with Kim’s more controlled one. One example of this is how Kourt allows her kids to dress themselves, whereas Kim chooses her children’s clothing (though she says they don’t mind!).

"My son [Mason] definitely has an opinion on what to wear," Kourtney once told E! News. "He gets himself dressed every day and likes to come out and show us his outfit, and we're not allowed to have a say in any of it."

However, in contrast, Kim once said, "Every morning and every night is [North's] time to shine. She can wear costumes, which she really loves. She wears wild pyjamas. [But] then when we go out, she really just wears whatever I want."

3 Kim Is Strict About Her Kids’ Schooling

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Considering that she’s not a college graduate, many fans assume that Kim wouldn’t necessarily apply a lot of pressure on her children to perform well in school. But it sounds like the reality star is singing a new tune now that she’s studying to become a lawyer.

Kim recently admitted that she fully expects her children to work hard to accomplish their goals in school and otherwise. "If they couldn’t get into a school, I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in anyway […] that is not [right]," she said on CNN’s The Van Jones show.

"I want my kids to be kind, I want them to be as grounded as possible. To buy your way into something just wouldn’t benefit anybody," Kim added.

2 Kourtney Doesn’t Let Her Kids Say Certain Words

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Despite being so conscious about their appearances, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have always maintained that they’re firm believers in body positivity. So much so, Kourtney has actually banned certain negative words from being said in front of, or by, her children.

Fans noticed this during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last year when Kourtney instructed her mom Kris not to use the word “fat” in front of her daughter Penelope. "Do you think I look fat?" the momager asked her daughter, to which Kourtney replied, "Don’t use that word in front of my daughter, please."

This is one rule all parents should follow!

1 Kim’s Kids Don’t Travel Without Their Nannies

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The Kardashian children are often photographed with their parents en route to public appearances, even if the kids won’t be attending. It’s clear these famous parents like to keep their children close, despite constantly travelling for work.

Last year, a source told Ok! Magazine that Kim makes her children’s nanny travel with them everywhere, but it sounds like a nightmare. "When they're travelling, it's a nightmare for the nannies. Kanye barely has any direct contact with the staff," the source said. "It's a well-oiled machine with three nannies moving around the house, bringing the kids in for a quick Snapchat with mum, then whipping them away again if they start to cry or make a fuss."

Sources: Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, Daily Mail, Grazia, The Sun, People, Page Six

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