20 Paparazzi Shots Of These Female Celebs That All Men Drool Over

When we wonder what it's like to be famous, we probably focus on the fact that they have absolutely zero privacy. Sure, we might be jealous of all the trappings of fame, from the money to the opportunities to the fancy clothing, not to mention the cars and mansions, but... do we really want people to take photos of us anytime that we leave our house? Probably not. Okay, definitely not. We already don't feel like we have a ton of privacy thanks to everyone's collective social media obsession. It's hard to think about getting our pictures snapped all the time.

Of course, being a celebrity means having the paparazzi take photos of you anytime, anywhere. It just seems like something that they have to get used to and accept, no matter how much it might suck. And it probably does suck... especially if you're having a bad hair day and just threw on some sweats to grab some coffee. But, oops, you're famous and so everyone wants to see what you look like. Awkward. The following 20 females didn't have to worry about that, though. Check out these 20 paparazzi shots of famous females that make all men drool!

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20 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner's body totally looks like that of a Barbie doll here... and we mean that in the best possible way. Her body looks amazing, right?! She's both toned and curvy, which is a really great combination. It's what we're all striving for, really, since it means that we look healthy but that we also have some room for the pizza that we all love to chow down on.

She's got legs for days here and is wearing an adorable white two-toned dress. With her super long flowing hair and strappy heels, we just know that any guy would be into this and think that she looks like the hottest girl ever. We wonder where she was going when this photo was taken. Probably somewhere just as fabulous as she is. Sigh. Oh, to be a celebrity...

19 Jennifer Lopez

Whoa. Check out the abs on Jennifer Lopez.

Of course, even if we never saw this photo, we would definitely know that J.Lo was rocking some serious abs. How could she not?! The woman isn't called a Triple Threat for nothing. She's been dancing and singing and acting for decades now, and she isn't showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. We love this candid photo of her walking down the street in workout gear. The camera went off at the exact time that she was putting on her tank top, and we have to say that we're pretty grateful since it means that we got a peek at her stomach. Those are some killer muscles. Maybe we should start working out like her so we can get those, too. New Year's resolution, anyone?!

18 Bella Thorne

While a lot of people think that Bella Thorne wears weird AF outfits most of the time, we think that she's a really beautiful girl. And she's an awesome actress, too. She just seems like one of those celebrities that is always getting a ton of flak and criticism.

We can't see anything to criticize about this candid photo, though. We're just going to go ahead and say that she looks beautiful here in this short dress and high boot combination. Sure, she's wearing her usual fishnet stockings here, and a lot of people might think that she should have gone with another clothing choice. We don't care. We think that she looks super hot and that guys would definitely agree. Thanks to her long flowing red hair and her baseball cap, she looks like the coolest girl ever.

17 Jessica Simpson

How could anyone not agree that Jessica Simpson looks absolutely gorgeous in this short tan dress and wedge sandals?! We don't even know what to say about this photo. It's so beautiful.

We know that men love curvy women and Jess definitely has an amazing curvy figure. We love the fact that she's really toned, too. We can just tell that she works out on a regular basis. After all, just look at her legs. Those are super incredible. So what exactly does Jessica Simpson do in the gym? She told PopSugar.com that she's into lunges and squats along with walking a lot. She said, "I love my treadmill, it's great 'me time'. I walk and walk while I catch up on my shows." Sounds like we need to be doing that, too.

16 Jennifer Lawrence

This is basically the definition of a paparazzi photo since it is super candid and it's a photo of Jennifer Lawrence getting out of a car. She might not have wanted this photo to have been taken of her since she might not see it as a super flattering angle. But we don't agree with that. We think that she looks really beautiful here.

With her short wavy hair and soft makeup and cleavage, she looks like an old-fashioned movie star, just like Selena Gomez did in a photo previously mentioned on this list. Jennifer Lawrence has all kinds of star power and can star in both indie films and blockbusters alike and she looks the part of a beautiful movie star in this photo.

15 Gigi Hadid

It's not hard to love Gigi Hadid. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's stylish, and oh yeah, she's one half of the cutest celebrity couple ever. She and Zayn are seriously #relationshipgoals.

Gigi looks super hot in this photo of her walking around. She's got the classic cool girl clothing on, from skinny shiny leggings to pretty sneakers to a crop top and long jacket. She's got her hair in that half-up, half-down style that is really hard to pull off well but of course she rocks it. She would rock any hairstyle and any outfit. That's just a fact. Who wouldn't think that she looks incredibly gorgeous and fashionable in this candid photo? It's enough to make us want to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe of cool girl clothing. Of course, our wallets might not like that idea as much as we do...

14 Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff seems like one of the sweetest famous females. She's a great mom to her adorable son Lucas, she's a cast member on the funny and trendy show Younger, and of course she starred in tons of fun movies that we loved back in the day. And she just seems like a really nice person. She's got a sunny personality so it's fitting that this is a picture of her on the beach looking super hot.

We know that guys would drool over this photo and for good reason. Hilary has an amazing figure. It's awesome that she's not too thin and that she's got some healthy curves.  She proves that being healthy doesn't mean being a stick figure, which is a lesson that we all totally need to keep reminding ourselves of.

13 Kim Kardashian

We all know that Kim Kardashian is beautiful and looks amazing all the time. We honestly rarely see a bad photo of her... and even if people are saying that she looks lackluster, we usually can't see why. She just doesn't take a bad photo.

This is another gorgeous snapshot of her and we know that guys would agree. She looks awesome in this grey crop top and pants made out of sweatshirt material. This is a totally classic Kim K outfit, right? It's the kind of the thing that we might not think that we would look that good in, but then she puts it on and we're in awe of how stylish and trendy she looks. She's just so fashionable all the time.

12 Selena Gomez

Is that Selena Gomez or an old-fashioned movie star?! At first glance, we might not even think that it was her. She's totally rocking those vibes here. We love it so much. We also really love her purse. That's super cool and unique.

She looks like a bombshell in this short bright red dress that she's wearing with high heels and sunglasses. We love how long and curly her hair is, too. We never see her with these kinds of massive curls and we have to say that they really work for her. We can't see how any guy wouldn't think that Selena looks like the most gorgeous girl ever here. That just doesn't seem like it would be possible. After all, just look at her. Total and complete perfection.

11 Khloe Kardashian

Now that Khloe Kardashian has turned over a new fitness and health leaf and gotten super into working out, we think that she looks absolutely amazing. There's nothing more inspiring than when someone commits themselves to feeling better. And they often end up looking really good, too, which is a nice bonus of all those hours logged at the gym and all those healthy meals. Funny how that works...

Khloe looks amazing in this photo of her out and about, probably running errands. She could be any other girl, just checking her phone and holding a take-out cup of coffee, but, well, just look at that behind. We have to say that she's totally giving her sister Kim a run for her money in the beautiful butt department.

10 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has had a successful comeback lately and she looks great, too. After some less than happy years with some scandals and divorces and break-ups, she's feeling good and putting out music again and performing and she's looking really good, too.

Anytime that a beautiful famous female puts on a bikini, it's pretty much a guarantee that she's going to look awesome, and that's definitely true of this photo of Brit. We love her hot pink bikini and think that it looks like it was made for her. She logs a ton of hours training and working out and dancing and in this swimsuit, we can tell that it has paid off. She looks fit and toned and like the gorgeous and cool pop star that she's always been.

9 Jennifer Aniston

Oh, how we love Jennifer Aniston. We've loved her since her days as Rachel Green on Friends and we can't even count the number of amazing movies that she's been in since then. It's a rare actor or actress that can star in both comedies and dramas, but of course she can and she does it in style.

Jen's really into healthy living and talks about her love of yoga and healthy eating and water all the time. Seriously, read any interview with her and she'll chat about that stuff. It's pretty inspiring. This is a pretty inspiring photo, too, since it proves that working out and eating well really does get great results. Jen has the best abs ever and looks really healthy and amazing.

8 Megan Markle

Everyone's talking about Megan Markle right now since she's engaged to Prince Harry, and we're going to join the chorus and say that we love her, too.

How can we not love someone that seems so sweet and smart along with being such a true beauty? We love this photo of her since it proves that a beautiful woman doesn't need to wear fancy clothes in order to look, well, beautiful. Megan's decked out in skinny jeans and a blue blouse and a tan jacket and yet she looks like she's wearing the most sophisticated, most incredible outfit ever. She looks so cool and calm and collected. We definitely want everything that she's wearing here. We just know that she's a celebrity crush for a long list of men.

7 Megan Fox

Let's just face facts here: Megan Fox is super hot. There's really no doubt about it. She's honestly a great actress and was really funny in This Is 40 and really dramatic in Jennifer's Body, but she gets the most attention for her good looks. And when someone looks this good, we kind of have to say that we get it (although we do think that she's got acting talent).

Megan's wearing a pretty simple outfit here with this black tank top and blue jeans and grey cardigan, but since she's got such a rocking body and her black underwear is peaking out of her jeans, well, let's just say that we know that guys would find this to be a super hot photo. We definitely agree with that.

6 Sofia Vergara

Wow. Sofia Vergara looks amazing here, doesn't she?! We know that she couldn't possibly look anything other than super hot because, well, just look at her. She's got an incredibly curvy body and this bathing suit proves that fact even more. We just don't think that it's possible for a bad photo to be taken of her.

This is a really interesting swimsuit. At first glance it doesn't seem like it's that interesting since it just seems like yet another one-piece. But then we look a bit closer and realize that it's got cutouts on the sides and so it's definitely not your ordinary swimsuit. It really emphasizes Sofia's curves and we think that she looks like a total dream here. So pretty and so toned and perfect.

5 Kourtney Kardashian

Here's another swimsuit that seems kind of boring and ordinary at first since it's not as obviously exciting as a bikini... but then we look at it again and realize that it's even hotter than a two-piece. And Kourtney Kardashian looks super hot in this photo, wearing a beautiful one-piece and coming out of the water. She totally looks like she's in a commercial for suntan lotion or something, right?!

We love that this white bathing suit has a really high cut on the sides. It really shows off her curves and that's never something that we would complain about... and we don't think that any guy who looks at this snapshot would have any complaints, either. He would probably make Kourtney K his new celebrity crush pretty much instantly after viewing this photo.

4 Eva Longoria

If any of us saw Desperate Housewives (which we should have since it was an incredibly fun show), then we've been big fans of Eva Longoria ever since. It's hard not to be. She's hilarious, she's beautiful, she's cool. There's really nothing that we can't love about her.

And we definitely think that she looks amazing in this candid photo. She's got a flawless curvy figure and this short grey dress really shows it off. We love her perfect hair and sunglasses and the big smile that she's wearing on her face. She looks really comfortable with who she is and that's always the most attractive thing about anyone. Even the most good-looking guy or girl won't seem that great if they don't have confidence.

3 Amanda Seyfried

This is probably the most candid shot on this list, and we think that Amanda Seyfried looks absolutely beautiful.

What we love about this photo is that she looks totally and completely natural. She doesn't look like she's got a ton of makeup on. She's not wearing a fancy, expensive outfit. She's not even wearing her hair in any fancy way since it's up in a super casual and messy bun. She's wearing either underwear or bikini bottoms with a vest, which might seem like a bit of a strange outfit, so we have to guess that she was filming a movie when this photo was taken. She looks like the girl next door who has no clue how beautiful she is. But we hope that she does know because she really is gorgeous.

2  Hailey Baldwin

It pretty much goes without saying that a young model would look amazing no matter what she's wearing or where she is, and Hailey Baldwin proves that statement in this photo.

We can't even with these skinny ripped jeans and black cropped t-shirt. We also can't even with her shoes. Oh, her shoes. While they look kind of painful, we're just going to go with the whole "beauty is pain" theory and believe that they're worth it. Or maybe she broke them in so they're super comfy. The things that we have to deal with... But back to the photo. Her t-shirt is really fashionable and gives her an edgy look.Hailey looks like the classic cool girl model out and about, and we know that any guy would think that she looks incredibly good here.

1 Scarlett Johansson

Who doesn't think that Scarlett Johansson is one of the hottest females in Hollywood? Everyone thinks that for sure. Just look at her. She always looks great, whether she's hanging out on the beach like in this snapshot or just hanging out running errands.

She's honestly one of the coolest actresses out there. She has such an attractive, deep voice and can star in anything from an action movie to a romantic comedy and we love her no matter what part she's playing. She also seems like a smart person, too, so it's really impossible not to be a big fan. We love this photo of her in this bright blue bikini and think that she looks super beautiful. We know that every guy would think so, too. Hey, maybe she's our boyfriend's celebrity crush. Everyone has one, right?!

Sources: Popsugar.com

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