20 Outrageous Things Cher Wore (Way Before Lady Gaga Made Our Jaw Drop)

For 6 decades now, Cher has been a fashion inspiration. The Goddess of Pop has been making jaws drop since way before Lady Gaga was even born. While some of her more out of the box looks have been critiqued over the years, she will always be regarded as a fashion icon. Afterall, anyone who can continuously slay a stage for so many years, deserves a ton of credit.

Since Cher has been in the industry pretty much since the industry began, her personal style has naturally changed quite a bit over the many years. From her hippie chic days, to her many many headdresses, Cher has always gone all out. In this article, we will be looking at 20 of the most outrageous outfits this pop sensation has ever worn. Keep in mind, Cher is still bringing it today, so her wildest outfit could still be coming in the future.

20 Cher Loved A Good Headdress


Now let's get into the headdresses a little bit. Over the years, Cher has faced a ton of heat for her many headdresses. While she has claimed to have Cherokee ancestors, this fact was never actually confirmed by any relatives. Thankfully, Cher has retired this particular look.

19 Abs For Days


Cher was never one to dress conservatively and that's putting it calmly. Even today, the 73-year-old pop star dresses more provocatively than a lot of the young up-and-comers do. That being said, if you've got it, flaunt it! Here we see a young Cher absolutely rocking a two-piece. Look at those abs!

18 The Chicest Hippie


By the time the 60s were coming to an end, Cher had already sold 40 million records worldwide. This meant, that entering into the 70s, she was pretty much the biggest name around. As the decade changed, Cher drifted towards the hippie trend. All we can say is that she clearly rocked it!

17 An Iconic Look


It's true that Cher really did love a good feathered headdress, but even when the singer was not rocking one, she still usually found a way to incorporate a headpiece. Here we are looking at a totally decked out Cher at the Oscars. This look may be the most iconic out of the whole bunch.

16 Going For The Gold


To give an idea of just how long Cher has been consistently slaying the stage, here is a recent picture of her performing in London during the Here We Go Again Tour. Considering her career began in the mid 60s, it is truly impressive to see her keeping up with the looks her fans have come to expect.

15 Breaking All The Rules


Now, let's take a look at her beloved bodysuit - 90s edition. Clearly, this one is a little more revealing, plus she has the added bonus of chains included in this ensemble. This outfit was Cher's choice for her Love Hurts Tour, which took place during the year 1992. Who loves this one?

14 Totally Comfortable In Costume


In Cher's defense, this was not an outfit she put on for a Sunday stroll. Here Cher is channeling her best Cleopatra look and doing a pretty fine job at it. She chose this costume for a 1988 Halloween party. Anyone else think she probably took home the prize for best costume?

13 Singer Or Ice Skater?


This look is a fairly iconic one for Cher. Over the years, she developed a close relationship with famous designer Bob Mackie. Many of her more famous looks were actually his designs. She wore this gold almost figure skater-like outfit for a portrait session. Who thinks this one is a keeper?

12 A Frightening Amount Of Fringe


Well, she may have retired her headdress collection, but it's clear to see that Cher hasn't done away with all of her Cherokee fashions just yet. Here we see her donning what can only be described as a frightening amount of fringe, for a musical performance. This diva clearly likes what she likes!

11 She's Still Got It


Here we have Cher at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Just let that sink in for a minute. At this point in time, Cher was 71. While she is clearly not rocking her own natural hair, she is rocking her iconic black bodysuit with cut-outs. She's been wearing this one longer than any of her other looks.

10 Who Doesn't Love A Good Feathered Look?


While Cher is most known for her musical talents, she was actually once a huge television star as well. This photo is from The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. Her entire bodysuit is covered in crystals and of course, she had to wear something on her head as well ...

9 She Was Always Wigging Out


Sometimes a woman just needs to leave her feathered headpiece at home and go for a more understated look. Well, this is one of Cher's more understated looks. As we can see, there are no feathers involved, though the bright orange wig does really pull the eye, doesn't it?

8 Medusa Realness


For the 1999 American Music Awards, Cher decided to forget the crystaled gown and went for something a little more casual. While her cardigan is still fur trimmed, the look overall certainly didn't raise as many eyebrows as her usual ones. Note, even when at her most casual, she has on a Medusa-inspired headpiece.

7 And The Oscar Goes To ...


This was a huge night for Cher. In 1988, the pop diva took home the Oscar for Best Actress thanks to her leading role in the film Moonstruck. Thinking now of how Lady Gaga has recently broken into the movie business, brings to mind just how much these two actually have in common.

6 An Original Disco Diva


Here is another one of Bob Mackie's creations made specifically for Cher. The singer and designer were truly a match made in heaven. This photo was taken during a portrait session for the designer himself. This was about the time she was leaving her hippie days behind and embracing the new Disco trend.

5 Dressing For The Cheap Seats


Here we have another one of Cher's infamous headdresses. This photo was taken during a 1975 performance. Her headdress was huge, reaching all the way down to her feet. To accompany the piece, she wore a sequined covered two-piece. Obviously, this look is not an easy one to pull off ...

4 Rocking A Bob Mackie


In the late 70s, Cher was looking her absolute best. Her body was in crazy good shape and her face was as elegant as ever. That being said, why wouldn't she want to take advantage? Here she is wearing another Bob Mackie classic, though this time she is showing more than just her keen fashion sense.

3 "No Pictures, Please!"


The idea that Cher would shy away from any camera is a bit laughable, yet here she is clearly putting her hand up to avoid a shot. This photo is especially funny since she is showing so much of her skin, that it would be tough for her to claim she was feeling "shy".

2 Cowboy Hats Go With Everything


This shot was taken during an episode of the Sonny and Cher Show. She is wearing a cutout halter top, along with a pair of tiered pants and a white cowboy hat. To say the look is a little "busy", may be understated things just a tad! What does everyone think of this look?

1 Slay Mama, Slay!


Let's end this article with a stunning shot of Cher in a floral-embellished gown. She wore this iconic dress for a portrait session promoting her television show. Yes it's loud, yes it's over-the-top, and YES we absolutely love it! Here's to another decade of Cher and her fashion!

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