20 Outlandish Makeup Looks That Are Not Just For Supermodels

Beauty rules are meant to be broken, right? Looks like we were wrong!

Growing up, we were taught that there are certain dos and don’ts of doing your makeup. Like, never forget to blend your brush and bronzer, or wear a foundation that’s too light for your complexion. You probably had these so-called rules ingrained in your head, so much so that experimenting with makeup can be intimidating.

However, the rules are changing when it comes to makeup and beauty. Nowadays, beauty gurus are experimenting more than ever with unique and bold looks. Thanks to social media, makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be wearable for everyday life- it just has to look cool enough to take a photo for the ‘gram. Thus, tons of out-there makeup trends have begun over social media, and are setting the standards for makeup nowadays.

With that being said, we’re not sure how into these fashion-forward makeup trends we are. Some of them are way too out of our comfort zone to try, even though they’re meant for anyone to recreate. Check out these crazy makeup trends that aren’t only for the runway. Would you have the confidence to rock one of these trendy makeup looks?

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20 Black Highlighter

via pinterest.com

A highlighter is meant to give you the perfect, fresh glow. But how can you achieve that if your highlight is black?

Evidently beauty guru and makeup designer Jeffree Star thought it would be a great idea to release a black highlighter. Tons of Youtubers and bloggers have taken to review this unique highlighter, and their reactions are mixed.

While this product is cool, most of them admit it’s tough to do an everyday look with this bold highlighter.

Perhaps this product is better suited for costume makeup or for if you’re going out around Halloween. Otherwise, your cheekbones are just going to look gaunt and dirty.

19 Studded Eyeliner

Thought studs were just for purses and leather jackets? Think again!

The latest trend challenging the traditional cat eye has beauty gurus gluing studs to their eyes. Start off by creating an eye-catching, smokey look with a bold cat wing. Then, using eyelash glue, apply studs along the liner to create an edgy, modern twist.

We can imagine this makeup trend looking good or if you were going out for the night. But, on the daily basis, this look just isn’t practical. Plus, you have to have a talented hand at makeup to be able to achieve this!

18 Faux Freckles

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Freckles are absolutely adorable- but we’re not sure we can say the same about faux freckles!

A trend has started in the beauty community that has ladies putting freckle tattoos on their face to achieve a sun-kissed look. But it wasn’t long before this trend was taken overboard.

Now, you can find everything from rainbow to holographic fake freckles on the market.

As adorable as freckles are, there just seems something goofy about seeing them in unnatural colors on someone’s face. If you’re going to attempt to nail this trend, we suggest sticking to a natural look set of fake freckles… or just spend some more time in the sun.

17 Crown Eyeshadow

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You know you’re a total Queen, so why not show the world with your makeup?

We’re guessing that was the mindset behind this wild trend. The new trend in eye makeup lately has been to draw a crown on both of your eyelids using different colored shadows. We don’t want to think about how long it takes to perfect this unique look, or how many times you’ll mess up and have to start over.

In photos, this makeup trend looks dazzling and elegant. But, if we saw someone with this eyeshadow IRL, it would probably look more laughable than lovely. Sorry, not sorry!

16 Lip Contouring

Contouring your cheekbones has been a thing for quite some time thanks to the Kardashians. But evidently, lip contour is the newest craze to add to the list!

Lip contouring has been blowing up sites like Pinterest and Instagram, even though it has been a technique makeup artists have been using for some time.

Pretty much all you have to do is draw vertical lines on your lips in a shade slightly darker than your natural lip color. Gently blend them out and then add your desire lip product over top.

In the end, you’ll barely be able to see the contour lines, but it’ll give the effect of having poutier lips without the need to hit up the doctor’s office.

15 Graphic Eyeliner

If you’re into fashion-forward makeup, then the graphic eyeliner trend is for you!

Rather than simply lining your top lash line, this trend has beauty buffs putting eyeliner all the way into their crease, and sometimes extending outward from their bottom lashes. This trend has a very modern feel to it and has been seen on the runway countless times.

As cool as this look may be, you’ll definitely have a hard time perfecting it, considering that you need quite the steady hand with a makeup brush to achieve this look. Would you attempt to do this liner on a night out?

14 Holographic Lipstick

The holographic trend has been around for a while, with retailers coming out with everything from clothing to home décor in the shiny pattern. And, evidently, the latest addition to the list is holographic lipstick!

Several makeup brands have come out with their own holographic liquid lipsticks and the result are pretty astounding.

Most of the lipsticks leave a beautiful shimmer on the lips that, when in the right light, have a holographic effect, or appear to be multiple colors.

This trend is definitely gorgeous, but not something acceptable for everyday wear, which is why we’re not sure how long this trend will last for.

13 Lightning Brows

via pinterest.com

Millennials are seriously obsessed with doing things to their eyebrows!

The latest craze when it comes to your brows has been to style them in the shape of lightning bolts. Perhaps beauty gurus have been watching a bit too much Thor because we can’t figure out where anyone would get the idea for this weird beauty trend. And, we also don’t want to think about how much time it takes to perfect this look.

Like so many of these trends, lightning brows look super cool in photos, but not the same in real life. We have enough trouble filling in our brows normally, so we’re going to pass on this odd trend.

12 Ombre Lips

Considering how popular lip injections have become in recent years (thanks to you, Kylie), we shouldn’t be surprised that ombre lips are now a thing.

To achieve ombre lips, either the outside of your lips is darker than the center, or vice versa.

You can usually achieve this by using two separate lipsticks that are only a few shades apart from each other. The ombre effect tends to make your lips look poutier than normal, giving them a Kylie effect without needing to visit the doctor.

If you want to stay on trend, then get ready to pucker up and go the ombre route!

11 Feathered Brows

via pinterest.com

Remember the trend from a few years back where girls were putting feathers in their hair? Now it’s moved on to brows!

Thanks to the power of Instagram, a new trend has taken hold that has people styling their eyebrows in the shape of feathers. It takes a lot of patience to brush out your brow hairs into this unique shape, and we don’t want to know how much product is needed to get them to stay put.

The love for this trend is mixed, with some people saying it’s absolutely adorable and other ripping the heck out of it online. Would you try this trend?

10 Reverse Winged Liner

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We have enough trouble trying to achieve a traditional winged eyeliner look, so we can’t imagine trying to tackle this new trend!

The new thing to do when it comes to your eyeliner is to evidently do a cat eye on your bottom line rather than the top. This will leave you with a thicker band on your bottom lashes, which offers an edgy and sometimes messy look.

If you point the wring upright, it can help to make your eyes look bigger and rounder, whereas it works oppositely if the wing is turned down.

This trend should only be tackled by those who are masters at winged liner- does that include you?

9 Colorful Mascara

via pinterest.com

It seems that bright colors are all the rage when it comes to makeup if this next trend is any indication.

Colorful mascara has been blowing up the runway for the past few seasons, as it has become the new ‘in’ thing to try out non-natural colors on your lashes. Blues, purples, greens, and even pinks are now all acceptable colors to wear on your lashes.

To be honest, this makeup trend reminds us of how we’d do our makeup at the age of 6 after getting a gift set from Claire’s. And no, that’s not how we want to look nowadays. Hopefully, this trends leaves as quickly as it came into the mainstream.

8 Rainbow Eyeshadow

You can paint with all the colors of the wind, right? Well, thanks to this trend, you can at least now paint with all the colors of your eyeshadow palette.

A few years ago, beauty magazines were warning us not to stray too far away from neutrals and browns when it comes to eyeshadow color. But the latest craze has people using all the colors in their palette to achieve a rainbow-inspired eye look.

You have to have some really good quality shadows to make sure the pigment is bright, or else this look will be a total flop.

Do you think this is too colorful for everyday wear?

7 Geometric Eyeliner

via pinterest.com

Millennials have been doing all sorts of things to eyeliner, and one of the newest trends is to go geometric with the design.

As seen on the runway, this trend can be achieved by drawing shapes extending outward from the eye, rather than a traditional winged line. While most people prefer to stick to black liner given that this trend is already bold, it has been done with colored liners before.

Like many of the newest eyeliner fads, this is one that would likely require a lot of time and talent. Proceed with caution if you’re attempting to recreate this look!

6 Thermal Highlighter

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a glowing rainbow, here’s your chance.

The thermal highlighter was created by Revelist and uses rainbow uses to mimic the look of a thermal body scan by pinpoint the temperatures at various points of the body.

In the end, it produces a stunning rainbow highlighter that is sure to blind all those around you.

Considering that it combines two of our favorite things- rainbows and holographic- we’re definitely intrigued.

While this highlighter is beautiful, many beauty fans have acknowledged it’s not as stunning in real life. Maybe this is makeup that should only be saved for the ‘gram.

5 Marble Lips

via pinterest.com

Everyone knows that marble is the favorite pattern of millennials, so we guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a lip trend has started after the beloved countertop material.

Yes, it's now a thing to paint your lips in a marble pattern. Many beauty gurus are achieving this look by painting their liquid lipsticks onto their mouths with tiny makeup brushes. But be aware that this cute trend will take a long time to accomplish, and maybe a couple do-overs.

Considering that this isn’t’ the most wearable lip look for day-to-day, we doubt it’s going to stick around long. Kylie lip kits will always be our go-to!

4 Glitter Eyes

via pinterest.com

A little bit of glitter never hurt nobody, right? Well, it turns out that a lot of glitter can.

What we mean is that seeing people rock the new glitter eyes trend is kind of painful. According to the trend, you’re supposed to spread glittery eyeshadow all over your eye with now other shades or transition colors blended in.

Some people have even been shaping the glitter to extend into a wing going beyond the eye.

A little glitter can definitely make a makeup look glamorous, but too much can seem over-the-top. Less is more when it comes to this trend!

3 Temporary Face Tattoos

via pinterest.com

You probably don’t really want to get a tattoo on your face considering how permanent would be. But if you really want to have some facial ink, you’re in luck because that’s currently the new trend in face makeup.

Along with the rise of temporary body tattoos, which have become especially popular amongst the music festival thing, it’s also a trend to put faux tattoos on your face. You can use any tattoo on your face that’s also all right for putting on your body.

Most stores now carry tons of decorative, temporary tattoos in all sorts of shapes and patterns. Would you put one on your face?

2 Two-Tone Eyeliner

via pinterest.com

Winged eyeliner doesn’t always have to be in black!

If you want to bring a bit of color into your makeup look, then consider giving this trend a try. The new thing is to use two colors when doing a winged look.

Some beauty gurus have done a traditional black wing and then lined the top of it with a bright color.

Others use one color for liner on the top lash line and another on the bottom.

For a lot of people, a winged look is already considered stepping out of their comfort zone. So we’re not sure if everyone is aching to try out this two-tone look.

1 Black Lipstick

via pinterest.com

The darker the better when it comes to your lipstick!

At least that’s what the beauty industry has been telling us the past few years, as dark, grungy lip colors have become all the rage, whereas classic nudes and pinks have taken a backseat.

With that being said, we’re still not sure how we feel about this trend. In photos, the black lipstick looks mysterious and edgy. But, in real life, it often looks patchy and messy. Not to mention, you need to have the perfect outfit to pull off this bold trend, or else you’re just going to look like a hot mess.


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