20 Outfits From 'Clueless' That We're Still Obsessed With

It's absolutely crazy to think that Clueless was released over 20 years ago. Sure, there are some slang words and elements that can seem dated when fans rewatch it, but as a whole, the movie is one most would still happily binge time and time again. After all, who doesn't aspire to be a little more like Cher Horowitz?

One of the main elements of the movie was Cher's wardrobe. After all, who could ever forget the iconic opening scene where Cher uses her computer to plan her outfit? Technology has advanced since then and everyone can get an app on their phones that does roughly the same thing, but at the time, it was absolutely legendary.

Every woman wanted a computer program that would allow her to scroll through her closet and figure out the perfect outfit to wear!

Since Cher had that amazing tool at her disposal, it may not be surprising that she came up with some pretty iconic outfits. And, while some movies end up looking totally dated fashion-wise even a few years after they're released, there's something about Cher's style that's timeless. Though fans may not find the exact outfits on the rack, there are plenty of designers picking up on trends that Cher was already rocking.

Here are 20 of Cher's best outfits that fashionistas would totally still wear today.

20 This Expert Layering That We'd Still Totally Do

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Season after season, we're seeing creative ways to layer on the runway—and we're going to go ahead and say Cher was a total trendsetter on this one!

We love the simplicity of the black tank layered over the white tee—it adds a little style to gym attire, and there are so many different layering combinations you could put together.

We could totally see rocking something like this today—perhaps not a black spaghetti strap tank exactly, but a great dress layered over a plain white tee? So chic. It just goes to show that so many trends really do circle back around.

19 A Longline Blazer Over A White Blouse — Still So Chic

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Okay, the argyle mini skirt may be a bit intense for the average person, but we can totally get behind the rest of this outfit. We love the classic combo of a crisp white blouse with a longline blazer over top of it—it's totally timeless. And, we also love the pop of metallic courtesy of the shoes (although we'd update it with a metallic bootie rather than Mary Janes today). I mean, can you just imagine how amazing this outfit would be if you swapped out the skirt for a great pair of jeans or an amazing pair of black pants?

18 A Fun Red Tartan Coat And Skirt Combo

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For years, many women feared being too matchy-matchy and would deliberately avoid matching the pattern on their top to their bottoms. Then, pattern clashing became a trend, where you'd purposefully pick two or more different patterns to incorporate in an outfit.

Lately, we've been seeing a return to the matching set—and we kind of love it.

This skirt and coat combo has a great pattern, rich colors, and just looks amazing on Cher. We could totally picture rocking something like this today—although that beret definitely takes a lot of confidence to pull off! That one might be a harder sell to the average fashionista.

17 We'd Still Wear This Chic White Calvin Klein Dress For Date Night

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Many women put so much time and effort into crafting the outfits they're planning to wear for a date night, but this outfit just proves that simplicity is so often key. On the hanger, this outfit probably looked totally boring. Sure, it was designer, but it was just a plain white dress with nothing special about it, right? That is, until Cher put it on—then it became chic and amazing. The length is short enough to be flirty, but not too short (although Cher's dad might disagree with us on that one), the spaghetti straps are simple yet sultry, and the addition of one necklace rather than a ton of jewelry is the perfect choice.

16 Proof That A Red Dress And Red Lip Are Forever Iconic

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The little black dress gets a lot of hype, and it's definitely a great option for all types of occasions, but when it comes to date night attire, there's just nothing quite as bold as a little red dress.

To make this outfit a bit more modern, we probably wouldn't pair it with a bold red lip, but there's no denying that this look is absolutely gorgeous.

We love the halter neckline and the overall shape of the dress, and could totally envision rocking it on a date in 2018 (although hopefully it would go a lot better than Cher's dates did in the movie!).

15 Her Beret Look That Showed A Great Accessory Can Transform An Outfit

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Cher is definitely a woman who knew the power of accessories. After all, they're a key component to any great outfit! Without any accessories, while chic, this outfit would be a little bit boring for Cher—just a plain white blouse and a blazer. However, with the addition of the necklace peeking through and the sassy beret, it immediately has way more personality and is a great choice for her. Accessories are often overlooked, as we're trying to figure out the rest of our outfit, but they truly can make a huge difference in your overall look—plus, who doesn't love a fun beret?

14 A Glam Goth Vibe We're Totally Into

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Okay, we had to include this outfit because it's such a departure for Cher—and we're totally obsessed. Her overall style tends to be on the preppier side, which is why we loved the gothic vibes she's got going on in this outfit.

It's simple, just a black skirt with a white top that incorporates some mesh detailing, but it's super chic.

The necklace is a fairly bold accessory, but with this outfit, it definitely works. We can 100% envision wearing this outfit, exactly how it is, today—which just goes to show you how ahead of her time Cher's wardrobe really was!

13 An Amazing Maroon Dress That Looks Totally Contemporary

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There are days when you want to rock a gorgeous print, and then there are days when you want a bit of a more low key look, with just a great color or silhouette. That's why we love this dress. It's a super simple t-shirt style dress in a gorgeous shade of maroon that looks amazing with Cher's skin and hair. And, it's a totally blank canvas—Cher has kept things simple here, but you could totally transform this look by layering a few necklaces, perhaps a great pair of shoes, and switching the bag to a more formal clutch option. It would definitely become a wardrobe staple in anyone's closet.

12 Graphic Top And Cute Skirt — A Tried And Tested Combination

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This combination is one with endless variations and one that we totally love. Most women have a few cute graphic tees in their closets, and most have some great skirts.

It's just a matter of mixing and matching to find out which combinations go well together.

You could mix up your look with different sleeve lengths, from short sleeves to 3/4 sleeves to long sleeves, and could mix up the skirt styles and lengths as well. We could totally envision this with a chic midi skirt, if you're not as into minis as Cher is, or even with a pencil skirt for a more polished look.

11 While We Could Do Without The Faux Fur, We Love The Pastel Vibe Of This Outfit

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For the average person, the puffy sleeve accents on this sweater would be a little bit extra—although for Cher they're perfect because, well, she's a little extra. However, the rest of this outfit is super chic. We love the fact that the pastel tones all complement each other and that she's paired a solid jacket with a fun printed skirt. We also love that she kept the outfit from going too far by wearing a plain white tee underneath rather than trying to incorporate a different color. The woman definitely had a knack for putting outfits together—we'd totally wear this combo today.

10 Solid Shirt With A Printed Pant? Amazing

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This is definitely one of Cher's preppier looks, but if that's your style, you could probably envision rocking every single element of this outfit. The pink long-sleeved sweater with the white blouse collar and cuffs poking out underneath is super cute, and we love that she paired it with some printed pants rather than jeans.

A great pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple, yes, but an outfit can often be elevated so easily by just swapping out denim with something a little more visually interesting.

We'd wear this outfit today, headband and all—although we're not sure we'd rock it quite as well as Cher did!

9 A Bright Pink Top That Proves You Should Never Be Afraid Of Color

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One of the things we love most about Cher's wardrobe in the movie is that she's not afraid to try new things. She rocks prints and pastels, feminine dresses and more menswear-inspired jackets. She mixes and matches trends to create her own style. This top just shows off another element of her fashion game—bold colors. A pattern in this shade may have been a bit too much, but as a solid top, it looks absolutely gorgeous—she looks as stunning as those flowers in the bouquet she received! It just goes to show that you shouldn't be afraid of color sometimes, you need to mix up those neutrals with a burst of pep.

8 A Burst Of Red To Brighten Up A Crisp White Blouse

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This outfit proves how important proportions are to a look. If Cher had a full length sweater vest over her button down shirt, it would look cute, but really preppy.

By layering a regular shirt with a cropped sweater vest, she immediately makes the outfit more fashion forward—and honestly, we'd totally rock this today.

The matching red headband may be a bit too much for some people, but the top? Flawless. If only we could all layer as effortlessly and stylishly as Cher did all movie long. Then again, she did have that handy program to help pull her looks together!

7 An Oversized Sweater And Scrunchie Combo That's So On Trend

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Cher had a great sense of proportions—this outfit proves it. If she paired these bottoms with an equally skimpy or formfitting top, it would be a bit too much. And, if she had more voluminous bottoms to go with the sweater, she'd just look frumpy and like she was drowning in fabric. The combination she's rocking is perfect—cute, yet young and fresh. We love an oversized sweater, and who doesn't love a scrunchie? There's a reason they're back in style now—they're a great way to tie back your hair without leaving those pesky elastic marks all over your strands.

6 An Adorable Workout Romper That We Still Covet

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Okay, rompers were kind of an '80s and '90s workout phenomenon, but come on—does this not look way more adorable than regular yoga pants and a ratty old t-shirt that's been in your drawer for years?

We love that no matter what she's doing, Cher is dedicated to putting together an outfit—even if she's just doing some aerobics at home.

We should all take a page out of Cher's book and make a little more of an effort when we're doing regular things like working out, even at home. I mean, why not look cute just for yourself?

5 Her Iconic Plaid Two-Piece Skirt Suit

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There's a reason that so many pieces inspired by this iconic look made their way down the fashion runways lately—it's incredible! Sure, some people would find a sunshine yellow plaid print to be a bit too much to rock, especially on both the top and bottom, but Cher was fearless when it came to her fashion. And, given how many people gravitate to neutrals, we love the idea of being inspired to go outside your comfort zone and find a few pieces that really make a statement. This outfit could easily be toned down a bit by pairing the jacket with some jeans or pairing the skirt with a plain black or white top.

4 A Super Ethereal And Feminine Look We Still Love

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This outfit is even more proof of what a layering queen Cher is. If you were looking at all these pieces laid out together, you'd probably assume they totally wouldn't go.

After all, who would pair a thigh-length sheer dress over an argyle skirt and then top it all off with a cropped sweater vest?

It sounds like an absolutely insane outfit on paper, but when you actually see how it all comes together, it's amazing. It's surprising and unique and young without being too risque. We would totally rock this exact outfit today—she looks gorgeous and ethereal and just flat out beautiful.

3 A White Blouse And High Waisted Skirt Combo Always Works

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Cher is proof of how important it is to have some great staples in your closet. Sure, she rocked a lot of wild prints and brighter pieces. However, she also had a ton of white blouses in different silhouettes to wear with her statement pieces. It can be incredibly difficult to put together outfits if every single item you own is a statement piece—your wardrobe becomes a lot more versatile if you have a few more basic pieces to throw in the mix, like this white blouse. A stunning white blouse and a high-waisted skirt is a timeless combination that we're still loving today.

2 A Sheer Detail Blouse That We're Obsessed With

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Okay, admittedly, the sheer blouse is a little bit retro—but somehow, it totally works!

Cher is the queen of layering, and while she's paired the white sheer blouse with a plain white tank underneath, we could see so many options for this kind of look.

You could rock a sheer blouse with lace details over a black tank for an elegant yet sultry evening look. You could add a wash of color by picking a sheer blouse in a different shade. There are so many different ways you could rock this kind of combination—and we have Cher to thank for the style inspiration.

1 A Preppy Combo That's Still Super Cute

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Okay, most adult women likely wouldn't feel confident rocking skirts quite as short as what Cher wears, but she is a teenager, after all. However, we could totally see how you could incorporate elements of this outfit. We love the preppy combo of a skirt with button details, and a blouse with sweater combo. There's no denying that Cher loved a good sweater vest, and we have to admit, after checking out a few of her outfits incorporating the piece we fee like they're going to be making a comeback. It's just all a matter of finding ones with the right proportions that look chic rather than nerdy.

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