20 Once-Popular Beauty & Style Trends That Need To Be Left In The Past (& 5 That Can Stay)

Fashion and style are definitely fluid concepts. What's "in" today might be "out" tomorrow and it can be tough to stay on top of the constant shifts in popularity. The great thing about fashion is how certain looks never really go out of style. Timeless fashion pieces, statement jewelry, specific materials, and even some designs can be enjoyed by all ages anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately for some people, they don't understand which styles are timeless and which have reached the end of the line.

If you're often being told that your style is a little dated or if you're just wondering if your look could use a quick tune-up, consider the styles of today. Polka dots? Stripes? Animal print? Cotton, silk, polyester? Are jean jackets still a thing? What about tube socks? Interestingly, there are even questions regarding the materials our socks are made of!

We see every style under the sun regardless of where we go, but if we want to look great, we've got to stay on track with the current trends. Yes, it's important that we're confident and comfortable in our clothing, but the key to comfort and confidence is knowing what not to wear! Here are a few styles you should keep locked away in the past and five timeless styles to flaunt:

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25 Super Thin Eyebrows Are Out!


This look may have been the style back in the 90s and yes, retro looks are always nice, but it's time to let your brows grow! No one wants to look like they've got prematurely thinning eyebrows. Not only do they make your forehead look bigger than it is, but super thin brows can also make your face look wider than it really is.

The bottom line is simple: thin eyebrows don't flatter your face.

f that isn't a good enough reason for you, consider the amount of work you have to put in to ensure your brows look perfectly pencil thin! It just isn't worth it.

24 Seriously, Stop Over-Lining Your Lips


Thick, pouty lips are always gorgeous, but if you're having to draw on fake ones, then it's time to take a break. You don't want your look to be too artificial - use the natural beauty you were born with and use makeup to enhance. If you don't have thick, juicy lips, then show off your gorgeous eyes or beautiful hair.

Everyone knows when you're drawing thicker lips onto your face and despite your highest hopes, we're sorry to say that they don't look as good as you want them to. Not just that, but the minute it starts to smudge, your luscious lips turn into a silly clown smile.

23 Chokers Are A Thing Of The Past

Chokers have been popular for decades and for good reason - they're simple, cute, and can add a new level to a simple look. So why are they on this list? Because they've lived wonderful lives but are ready to retire.

In fact, there are a few memes mocking the look and comparing chokers to neck braces.

If you want flashy jewelry around your neck, go with a cute statement necklace or something that follows the shape of your top's neckline. It'll give your neck a longer, thinner appearance (unlike its choking counterpart) and can up your look from casual to chic.

22 Overly-Distressed Jeans Need To Stop


At what point should you just ditch the jeans and buy a decent pair of shorts? Distressed jeans will always have a special place in our hearts, but you want to look stylish, not homeless. If you're wearing jeans with so many holes that you're not allowed to wear them into work, school, or nicer establishments, then you've taken things too far.

It's even worse when you pair the look with fishnet stockings. It's not cute, it's tacky. The next time you're looking for some cute jeans, make sure they're more flirty and understated than they are showy and inappropriate.

21 Enough With Excessive Toe Rings


In general, toe rings haven't really been "in" for a while, but there are still some pretty cute looks out there. While there's nothing wrong with one or two per foot, when you find yourself wearing glittery jewelry on every single toe, you've got to take a step back and really consider how much attention you think your feet need.

Unless you're a toe ring sales representative, tone it down and remember that more isn't always better.

Consider your outfit, think about where you'll be going, and try to accessorize appropriately. Hint: It's never appropriate to wear a ring on every single toe at the same time.

20 Fringe Anything Is Over


Unless you're about to hit up Coachella (and even then), you really shouldn't be sporting the fringe look. At one time it was pretty cute and everyone loved it but the love is definitely gone now. If you've ever worn a fringe dress, you'll notice how quickly that fringe starts to catch on things or worse, start to fray in a very unattractive manner.

There may be more fringe accessories and outfits coming, out but consider the extra care these designs require. Plus, do you really want to go with a thicker textured look when you can go with something lighter and more fun?

19 It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your Over-Statement Jewelry


Statement jewelry is a great thing, but if you go too far, there's no coming back. It's important to think of your body as a canvas, ripe for sprinklings of artistic flair here and there, not a house in need of large, eye-catching conversation pieces.

If you're going to wear large jewelry, consider whether it's really helping your look or if it's just taking all the attention from your perfect makeup, cute pedicure, great outfit, and amazing hairstyle.

Jewelry is always meant to complement your look - not take over! Go through your pieces because it's time to toss out those oversized baubles!

18 Stop Trying To Make Overalls A Thing


Sure, overalls were cute to wear when you were a toddler and could get away with little baby animal designs on the front, but you're all grown up and some things are meant to stay in the past. While overalls made a slight comeback in 2017, they're definitely not going to stick around to 2018.

Unless you're a farmer out tending your fields and animals, overalls aren't really worth it. They aren't flattering in any way, they're thick and heavy (the opposite of what we want in summertime), and don't even get us started on overall shorts. Do yourself a favor and stay away from overalls - far away.

17 2018 Is Not The Time For Statement T-Shirts


Statement tees were a hit in the late 90s and have only grown in popularity since. The thing is, their clever sayings and simple styles have long lost their glamour. You don't have to walk around with a top reading, "If you're reading this, you're standing too close."

We get it, these shirts are forms of expression.

But how literal do you really want to be in front of a bunch of strangers or worse, in front of people who already know you and what you're all about? Sure, you can rock that "I'm a vegan and proud of it!" shirt but really, is it that important for everyone know about it?

16 Stop Trying To Bring Shoulder Pads Back


If you've ever seen a movie set in the 80s, you'll realize shoulder pads were a huge deal. For some reason, women thought that having broad shoulders and unnaturally shaped pads over the soft curve of their shoulders were great ideas. Well, they're not.

Some may argue they make you look more intimidating or more professional, but the rest of the world can agree that they make you look silly. Their sole purpose is to make your shoulders look bigger but really, who wants that? Unless they're necessary for your Halloween costume this year, don't even think about trying to rock a shoulder pad look.

15 Overly-Decorated Nails Were Never Really In, Anyway


Nail art is kind of like every other kind of art - there are gorgeous, eye-catching designs and there are horrible mistakes that should never have been born.

When you've got too much going on with your nails, you're drawing unnecessary attention to your fingers.

If you're trying to have a conversation with someone and you're pretty animated, they're likely thinking more about your nails than they are your words. Another thing to keep in mind is how dirty our hands get - after all, they touch practically everything everyone else touches! To make matters worse, the more gaudy decorations on your nails, the more germs and grime you're picking up. Make sure to wash those hands and nails before you eat!

14 Faux Fur On Your Feet Is OUT!

The Sweetest Thing

We're not really sure why this was ever a thing since shoes are so easy to dirty and fur is literally a dirt magnet. No one wants to walk around with gross shoes that look like a half-hearted attempt at achieving Hobbit feet.

No ladies, you don't need to dress up your look with weird faux (or actual) fur. If you're looking for something a little more exciting, consider strappy heels or cute original designs. The internet is full of super cute shoes, so do yourself a favor and stay away from the ones that scream "I'm high maintenance."

13 Obviously, Fake Lashes Should Never Have Been A Thing


So you were born with extremely light lashes. We get it, you want to look like you've got gorgeous, thick eyelashes so you go out and buy some false lashes. No harm no foul, right? Wrong. If your lashes go from nothing to something pulled from a drag queen show, you're not just making it glaringly obvious that you're wearing fake lashes, but you're also overdoing the whole beauty thing.

As with so many other great things in this world, more is not always better.

For a full look without being obvious, try thinner, shorter strands, or even a hair growth serum.

12 Get Rid Of Those Over-Sized Bags!


Unless you're trying to smuggle a four-course meal into your local movie theater, there really isn't a reason to be walking around with such a huge bag. The only other reason you could possibly have such a bag is if you're trying to board a flight and don't want to check any luggage.

These huge bags are too easy to fill up with useless stuff you know you'll never need but somehow always keep on hand. They're also an eyesore when you've got an otherwise really cute outfit on. They're impractical in most situations and can even cause shoulder and neck pain if you over-fill them. Do your body and your fashion sense a favor - put the chunky bag down!

11 Your Grandma's Fanny Pack Isn't Impressing Anyone


Fanny packs were huge in the 80s and 90s. Nearly every tourist ever to visit a theme park had one filled to the brim with essentials like sunblock, cash, chapstick, and maybe even a little snack. The thing is, fanny packs aren't really that great.

Sure, they might be slightly more convenient than having to carry around a purse, but are you really that comfortable strapping a bag to your person?

They're just not that great to look at, no matter how well they're designed, and it's difficult to understand how they can possibly serve as a cute but functional fashion accessory.

10 Please Stop With The Ruffles


Ruffles are crazy adorable on little babies and toddlers at weddings. Some tops and skirts can be really cute with ruffles as well, but most of them tend to create a strange look that isn't quite childlike but isn't quite adult either.

Save the ruffles for your bed skirt and rock a more fashionable style on your person, like a wrapped top or a textured button-down. It's not to say ruffles don't have their place - but it is to say that place isn't at your wrists, waist, neckline, or shoulders. Of course, unless you're attending a Renaissance fair or some other historical reenactment type event.

9 Relax With The Contouring


Once Kimmy K started to show off her contour skills, every woman had to show off hers as well! While contouring isn't bad in and of itself, overdoing it can change your face from shapely to blotchy and smudged.

When you contour, remember to take every angle into account.

If you're not careful, it'll be obvious that you're slapping on the makeup and no, it won't be pretty. Elle explains that you need to use the right colors and take your skin type into consideration when purchasing contouring makeup. Don't listen to this advice and you'll set yourself up to look less than ideal.

8 Don't Add Blonde Streaks To Your Black Hair


This look may have been cool back in the 90s but there are a few things to be said about it:

1. Streaks aren't really in style regardless of color. Go with highlights instead to make it appear less bold and more attractive.

2. Blond on black just doesn't give your look the glamor it deserves. It's a simple, somewhat tacky, look that takes away from you instead of adding.

If you want blond, choose other lighter colors to match and play with it. If you want black, choose gorgeous purples or reds. Don't limit yourself to a 90s hair trend.

7 Platform Shoes Are NOT A Good Look


Your mom or grandma may have turned a few heads with their groovy platforms back in the day but today the look is not just unattractive - it's simply outdated.

While some styles are meant to last forever, platform shoes are not one of them.

They had their time in the sun but now it's time to pack them away until they become (temporarily) trendy again. If you love your clunky shoes, you don't need to heed our advice, but if you're ready to step into 2018, go with a cute sandal or pretty flats instead.

6 We're Done With Velvet


If you really love that soft velvet texture, buy yourself a pillow and cuddle it at night. Velvet isn't the best material to wear during most of the year simply because it makes you hot and sweaty. The look is a little too retro and doesn't really bring out your true swag.

Stick to silks, blends, cotton and other, more comfortable and less "out there" materials to keep your fashion game on point. Remember: They tried to bring it back in 2017 and it was a complete failure. Learn from the fashion industry's mistake and dump the velvet!

5 Want To Look Stylish? Try A Jean Jacket


Okay, ladies: jean jackets are one of the most timeless articles of clothing you can own. It doesn't matter what cut or color it's in, so long as it's jeans and it still fits! This look is great for casual outings, nicer events, and is even appropriate in an office environment, given the right dress and shoe combo.

You can't really go wrong with this classic.

If you don't already have a jean jacket, head out and buy one now!

4 Try A Cute Cardigan To Stand Out


Cardigans are one of life's most underrated pieces of clothing. They're light enough to keep you warm on cooler days and stylish enough to wear on nearly any occasion. You aren't even limited to single colors, cuts or materials!

You can go with a bold yellow with flowers or a subdued black with fancy lining. However you choose to pair your cardigan with your super cute outfits, it's impossible to say these babies will ever truly go out of style.

3 Natural Makeup Always Impresses


Sometimes you just don't want to play with your makeup but you also don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed. The best compromise? Apply natural-looking makeup. It'll give you the coloring you want without the extra hassle of contouring, highlighting, and detailed wings.

With natural-looking makeup, you'll be enhancing what you're already rocking and everyone will be impressed.

Need some help learning how to apply it? Check out what the experts have to say about applying natural looking makeup.

2 The Little Black Dress Is A Necessity


Every woman needs an LBD in her wardrobe! They're perfect for upscale dinners, last minute parties, grabbing a few drinks with friends, or enjoying a girl's night out. This little number is made to accentuate your curves and make you feel full of confidence.

It's the perfect thing to grab when you're short on time and makes you look effortlessly flawless. Be sure to have a few great accessories on hand and some cute shoes to pair with it and you're golden!

1 Strut Your Stuff In Black Pumps


The black pump is a look that hasn't really changed that much over the years and for good reason - they're super cute and crazy easy to pair with just about anything! Want to go to a nice dinner party? Grab your pumps. Feel like dressing to impress at your next staff meeting? Grab your pumps.

Feel like walking around with confidence and hearing the powerful steps of each heel? Grab. Your. Pumps!

There's hardly a look that wouldn't match these shoes so be sure to keep a pair handy.

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