20 Once Beloved Celebs (We Now Know Are Evil)

We live in a world where people often treat celebrities like gods. Looking at them starring in movies and singing songs, we admire their talent and consider them to be role models for our own lives. But sometimes even the most beloved celebrities turn out to be pure evil in real life. They treat others like dirt, assault those below them in the hierarchy, take advantage of their fame and power, do some reckless things, and pose a serious danger to others.

Needless to say, when the scary truth opens up, these celebrities lose everything. Their TV shows and movies get canceled, their careers crumble, and their fans don't trust them anymore. From the most beloved people in Hollywood, they turn into the most hated ones. But it serves them right because if they didn't commit these hideous crimes, they'd still be on top of the world.

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20 Harvey Weinstein - The Infamous "Me-Too" Movement Finally Got Him

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When we think about a celebrity who turned out to be pure evil, the first example that comes to mind is Harvey Weinstein. This man (if we can even call this monster a "man") behaved despicably toward so many women, including world-renowned actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lupita Nyong'o, and was sure that he'd get away with it. But fortunately, almost 2 years ago we learned the truth and now Weinstein is finally facing the punishment he deserves.

19 Lindsay Lohan - Took Weinstein's Side Instead Of Supporting Her Female Colleagues

Via: thethings

Everyone was shocked to learn about Weinstein's sins, but there were a few people who didn't believe that the charges were truthful. Among them was Lindsay Lohan, who wrote "He's never harmed me or did anything to me — we've done several movies together. I think everyone needs to stop — I think it's wrong. So stand up" in her IG post. Really, Lindsay?!

What else should we expect from Lohan, who was herself repeatedly arrested for DUI and drug possession?

18 Kevin Spacey - Advances Toward Co-Stars Destroyed His 'House Of Cards'

Via: usatoday

Kevin Spacey used to be one of the most respected Hollywood actors, but the backlash of Weinstein's case touched him, too. Accusations came from actor Anthony Rapp, who said that Spacey had made advances towards him when he was only 14 years old. After it, numerous other actors came forward with similar claims. As a weird response to these allegations, Spacey immediately came out as gay. It certainly didn't help the actor even a bit.

17 LeAnn Rimes - A Shoplifter, A Homewrecker, And A Stalker

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LeAnn Rimes has a long line of run-ins with the law. In 2001, she was arrested twice – for stealing a gallon of milk and several eggs of pantyhose from a shop and for starting a fistfight in a church in her hometown. In 2003, the singer was accused of trying to seduce another woman's husband, and in 2009, she was stalking her ex-BF Eddie Cibrian and his current partner model Brandi Glanville. Rimes even hired someone to bully Glanville online!

16 Chris Brown - The Monster In Rihanna's Life

Via: peopletalk

Once a rapper with a promising career, Chris Brown turned into a monster in a moment, when he was accused of beating his ex-GF Rihanna. Although he only got a five-year probation and community service, it made his career go down the drain. Besides, his subsequent behavior didn't help. After all, no one liked his tantrum on Good Morning America and his fight with Drake.

15 Lori Loughlin - Aunt Becky Jailed For Bribing School

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Lori Loughlin and her partner, designer Mossimo Giannulli, were among the 50 individuals charged this year with bribing college officials. In order to get their daughter to school, Loughlin and Giannulli allegedly paid $500,000 and disguised it as a donation. According to the law, for a bribe this big, each one of them can get 20 years in prison. Besides, the scandal has already cost the actress her contract with Hallmark and Fuller House.

14 Louis CK - Former Comedian Admitted His Crimes

Via: cnn

Almost two years ago, comedian Louis CK was convicted of misconduct against at least 5 women. Almost immediately, his HBO shows were canceled and his latest film was scrapped. Soon after it, the comedian released a statement, where he admitted that the allegations were true. "There is nothing about this that I forgive myself for. And I have to reconcile it with who I am," he said to The New York Times. At least he had the courage to admit his guilt.

13 Naya Rivera - Arrested For Attacking Her (Apparently) Not-So-Significant Other

Via: nbc4

Naya Rivera, the star of Glee, isn't really gleeful in real life. In 2017, she was arrested for attacking her partner Ryan Dorsey. Her "significant" other (who seems to be not so significant for her) was forced to call the police after Rivera drank too much and attacked Dorsey by hitting him over the head and splitting his lip. What's more, it turned out to be not the first instance of violence in this weird relationship.

12 Bill Cosby - "America's Dad" Did Too Many Bad Things

Via: vanityfair

Known as "America's dad" for years, Bill Cosby turned into someone America certainly wouldn't want to have as a dad. Everything began with a viral video where  Hannibal Buress made a few jokes about Cosby's scandalous past. People became interested and started research to find out that quite a few women accused him of misconduct. In 2018 he was finally found guilty of it.

11 Josh Duggar - Convicted For Some Very Nasty Things

Via: huffingtonpost

The reality TV celebrity Josh Duggar has his show canceled after the information about him molesting young girls (including his own sisters) became public. It turns out, his parents knew about everything from the very beginning, but kept it secret and tried to deal with the situation by themselves by providing Josh with special counseling. Only 12 years later everyone learned the whole truth.

10 John Mayer - Womanizing Isn't The Only Sin He Has

Via: youtube

John Mayer has been guilty of breaking quite a few hearts of female celebrities over the years of his fame, it isn't the worst thing he has ever done. In a number of interviews, Mayer said something that revealed to us that he's also a misogynist, racist, and homophobe. For example, in his interview with Playboy, he used the N-word and mentioned that he could only date white women.

9 Iggy Azalea - Disrespect To Other Races Made Her Career Short

Via: indiatimes

Iggy Azalea has never hidden her racist attitudes. The rapper repeatedly used the N-word in interviews and in the lyrics of one of her songs she called herself a "master" among "slaves". Besides, she's also known to be homophobic and xenophobic. It's good that fans recognized the devil almost immediately and Azalea's career was short-termed.

8 Christian Slater - Not Even Sorry About His Mistakes

Via: skynews

Christian Slater's career is another example of a famous person who thinks that he can get away with everything just because he has some kind of power. Since the 1970s, he's been in and out of jail for women assault and weapon possession. But, what makes things even worse, he doesn't only admit the horrible things he did, but he also doesn't regret doing them.

7 Stephen Collins - This Dad Didn't Come From 7th Heaven

Via: nbcnews

Famous TV dad Stephen Collins is also not so nice in real life. A few years ago, he admitted that he had committed unwanted advances toward minors in the past. These incidents happened in 1973, 1982, and 1994 and, according to the actor's own words, they were caused by arrogance and youth, not his attraction toward minors. Collins also added that he regretted his actions, but it didn't save his career from crumbling.

6 Paula Deen - Using The N-Word Forced Her Cooking Show Off The Air

Via: bet

When asked if she used the N-word in 2013, Paula Deen firmly answered, "Yes, of course". Besides, the famous chef admitted that she wanted African-Americans to act like "slaves" while serving guests at one of the events she planned. Needless to say, the Food Network fired Deen immediately upon learning about it. She later attempted to regain popularity by telling her side of the story, but the public never forgave her.

5 Lance Armstrong - Former Cycling Star Admitted Using Banned Substances

Via: newstatesnam

Once an icon of strength and courage, Lance Armstrong was caught doing something no sportsperson should ever do. We mean using banned substances in cycling. As a result of these accusations, Armstrong was banned from participating in the sport for life and stripped of all his accolades. In 2013, the cyclist admitted his crimes to the world in a conversation with Oprah and in 2018, he was charged with $5 million fine.

4 Justin Bieber - It's Hard To Understand Why People Even Loved Him

Via: townsquare

If Justin Bieber thought that he could do anything he wanted because he was famous, he was very wrong because his "dumb teenager" behavior quickly turned him to the hate side of stardom. First, he was accused of assaulting a paparazzi and his own driver, then he was charged with vandalism for egging his neighbor's house and, finally, he was banned from visiting the Mayan ruins because he climbed on top of them and mooned everyone. What a jerk...

3 Tiger Woods - Pleaded Guilty To Reckless Driving

Via: usatoday

In 2017, world-famous golfer Tiger Woods was accused of DUI after he was found sleeping in his car in a traffic lane with the engine running. Later the same year he pleaded guilty and received a year of probation. Besides, the golfer was fined $250 and had to undergo 50 hours of community service along with regular drug tests. Let's hope that this incident taught him something and he'll never drive under influence again.

2 Allison Mack - Lured Women Into A "Special" Cult

Via: people

In 2010, Smallville star Allison Mack has reportedly been recruited to the multi-level marketing organization NXIVM that is associated with a cult and women trafficking. It has been revealed that the actress recruited women into the organization using blackmailing tactics. Mack was arrested by the FBI in 2018 and in a year she pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering charges.

1 Charlie Chaplin - The Harvey Of Hollywood's Past

Via: cherwell

It turns out that harassment in Hollywood dates back to the times of silent movies and such a massive star as Charlie Chaplin, loved by millions for his films, was accused of this horrible crime, too. He reportedly took advantage of teenage girls who wanted to be cast in his movies. The actor even made them take off their clothes to touch them and throw pies in them, while the girls had to remain still and silent. Knowing this, we'll never be able to look at Chapin with the same eyes again.

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