20 Old Celebs We'd Totally Still Swipe Right On

Some actors have the ability to get fans into the cinema not for their acting skills, but for their dreamy appearance (obviously some can do both). Over the years there have been many men who the world has considered “heartthrobs,” and while some have disappeared from the limelight, there are a few that still get everyone's attention and continue to land roles as the leading man, even after decades in the industry. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are genetically blessed and particularly easy on the eye.

It’s the Leonardo DiCaprios, Brad Pitts, and Bradley Coopers of the world that we still hope to one day meet — and if falling hopelessly in love is a possibility, then no one would say no to that — and we’d definitely swipe right, despite the significant age difference.

20 At 55, You’re Still Our Leading Man, Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has always been a bit of a looker, and some of the movies he has starred in are memorable not because he’s a great actor (which he is) but because he makes one heck of a leading man. Now that he’s in his mid-50s, he still has the ability to land leading roles, and turn heads.

19 Sorry, But If You Don’t Think Bradley Cooper Is Hot, You May Need Your Eyes Checked

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Bradley Cooper is the type of man that can sing, he can act, and he just oozes charm (which is why half the world wants him to end up with Lady Gaga because their onscreen performance was so believable). He’s been the eye candy in many films, but he’s also a serious actor who has been nominated for prestigious awards.

18 Gerard Butler’s Accent Is Enough To Make Us Weak At The Knees

Gerard Butler has spent years living away from his hometown in Scotland, but when fans hear his accent, it’s enough to make them weak at the knees.

But, all that time spent away from his homeland has made his accent “softer” and not as noticeable, he said on Live with Kelly and Ryan (via The Sun).

17 We Know, We Could Also Gaze At Johnny Depp’s Dreamy Face For All Of Eternity

Johnny Depp is not the type of actor who wants to be known as a heartthrob, and he has chosen roles which are quirky and alternative (which only seems to appeal to his fans even more). Still, there is no denying that he has been blessed in the looks department.

16 Look At Ryan Phillippe...Enough Said!

It’s hard to believe that Ryan Phillippe is in his forties because he has such a baby face. Not only is he middle-aged, but he was also once married to Reese Witherspoon and the pair have two teenage children, Ava and Deacon — BTW, his son is basically a mini-version of Phillippe, as noted by Cosmopolitan.

15 Let’s Just Say, Amal Clooney Is One Lucky Woman To Sleep Next To George Clooney Every Night

George Clooney was one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors until he met and fell in love with Amal Clooney. When the couple married in 2014, a lot of women had their hearts broken after realizing they no longer had a shot at romancing him — what’s wrong with believing that one day we may have bumped into Mr. Clooney?!

14 Leonardo Di Caprio's A Great Actor, But He's Also Easy On The Eyes

Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life makes headlines as often as his professional decisions because he has been linked to a string of very beautiful women. According to Evening Standard, some of his ex-girlfriends include Amber Valletta, Eva Herzigova, and Gisele Bündchen. He hasn’t found “the one” yet, so there is still hope!

13 You’ve Lived A Good Life If You Look Like Josh Lucas At 48

How is it possible that with age some people look even better? This is true for Josh Lucas, who is nearing his fifties but is still impossibly good looking and has a very youthful appearance. LA Weekly notes that he has been considered a “heartthrob” since the ‘90s, but in recent years he has proven that he is much more than that.

12 Well, Hello There Tom Welling, You Could Be Our Superman!

Tom Welling doesn’t command attention like some of the other celebs on this list, and he never really became one of Hollywood’s leading men (although he did have a good 10-year run on Smallville). Still, despite not being an A-lister, he is definitely easy on the eyes and could be our superman any day!

11 David Beckham Is Brooklyn Beckham’s Dad, And Let’s Just Say, Good Genes Run In The Family

David and Victoria Beckham are one of the "IT" couples in the world, and not only are both really good looking, but they are also dedicated to their family. Speaking of their family, their eldest son is Brooklyn Beckham who is now in his twenties (born in 1999), and this photo is all you need as proof that good genes run in the family.

10 The Luck Of The Irish Means That Colin Farrell Scored Big In The Looks Department

Colin Farrell has had an impressive run in Hollywood, but he actually hails from Ireland (so yes, he also has a lovely accent). According to Irish Central, he was a bit of a ladies man back in his youth, with past flames including Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Nicole Narain.

9 Patrick Dempsey Is McDreamy For A Reason, Ladies…

Patrick Dempsey’s role as Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy earned him the nickname “McDreamy,” and it’s a nickname he quite enjoys. “It’s always hard to live up to that,” he told InStyle. “It’s fascinating to still have it as a moniker, though. It makes me laugh!” It may make him laugh, but it’s also well-deserved.

8 Women Swoon As Soon As They See John Stamos (It Helps If He's Wearing A Suit)

John Stamos often finds himself on a list of ‘80s heartthrobs, including an article composed by Today titled “'80s heartthrobs, then and now.” He first came onto everyone's radar as Jesse Katsopolis in popular series, Full House, in 1987, but the fact that he is still relevant today says something about his popularity.

7 Being In The Same Room As Jamie Foxx Would Probably Leave Us Star-Struck

There are so many nice things to say about Jamie Foxx that he could have an entire article dedicated to him; he is a serious actor who has won multiple awards, he has established good connections with other actors (he and Gerard Butler have a bromance, according to Metro), and he is a dedicated father of two daughters.

6 He’s Close To 50, But Matthew McConaughey's Still Got It

There was a time when Matthew McConaughey starred in every must-see rom-com, and although he has since changed direction and opted for more serious roles that show his diversity as an actor, it’s impossible not to love him for his earlier roles. Especially that in most of them, he didn’t own a shirt.

5 There’s More Than One Reason People Like Seeing Eric Dane On Their Screen

Like Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane also earned himself a nickname thanks to his role as Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy, but his nickname was not as tame as McDreamy. When his run on the show ended, fans were obviously disappointed, but it allowed him to pursue new roles, like the navy man he portrayed in The Last Ship, CinemaBlend notes.

4 Michael Fassbender Can Have Our Number Any Day (Seriously, Look Us Up)


Michael Fassbender has been described by Glamour as “this generation's classic leading man — the iconic heartthrob,” and they are not wrong. He has proved his worth as an actor, staring in a variety of different roles which show is versatility, but at the same time, you cannot avoid the obvious, and that is that he is really good looking.

3 We Know What You’re Thinking, How Is It Possible That Jude Law Still Looks So Good?

Jude Law was born in 1972, and you don’t have to be a mathematician to know that he is getting on in the years, still, despite being closer to 50 than 40, he looks as though he has been sipping from the fountain of youth! Good genes or good face creams, we’d still swipe right!

2 Dwayne Johnson And His Muscles Are Welcome To Come Over Any Time

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the nicest men in the industry, and everybody loves him (seriously, there have been articles written about him for this very reason). He is a talented actor, but apart from the fact that he is a great entertainer, he is also just so darn likable.

1 Idris Elba, We’re Still Rooting For You To Be The Next James Bond (Because Who Wouldn't Want To See More Of Him)

There’s been speculation that Idris Elba could be in the running to become the next James Bond, and we would love to see him in this role (for far more reasons than he looks good in a suit). However, he told Event (via Esquire) he actually wouldn’t want the role because it would pigeon-hole him and he would become known as that character for years. It’s too bad, really!

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