20 Of The Worst Types We’ve Encountered On Dating Apps

Dating apps are how we do things now. Years ago, it was really just Tinder that was the major player, but we have so many other dating apps now that, depending on what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone! (And, hopefully, someone.)

Before dating apps, there were dating websites, occasionally with paid subscriptions or sign-up fees. Online dating was considered taboo for a while, like it was an admission of defeat, of one’s inability to find a partner in the real world. Now, however, dating apps are part of our romantic culture. With our busy lives and palm-sized technology, it’s just easier to find someone by scrolling and swiping.

With all the good things that come with dating apps, there is, of course, everything bad – specifically, some of the kind of people we encounter. While women aren’t exempt from bad behaviour on apps like Bumble or Tinder, we’re looking to the dudes. Thanks to time spent using dating apps (and deleting them, then re-downloading them), we’ve managed to distill our findings into 20 of the worst types you’ll come across. We know that we have to kiss a few frogs before we find Prince Charming but hopefully, with this in hand, you’ll be better equipped for what you’re in for.

20 The Blanket Messenger

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This guy is a forgettable one, but no less annoying. Once you’ve matched with him on whatever app you’re using, expect to get a swift message within the first hour or two. Normally, we’d love the eagerness and willingness to take the first step – except this guy just sent you a non-committal, low-stakes, ultimately boring message of “hey beautiful” or “hi gorgeous”.

You know he’s sent the exact same greeting to every single other girl he’s matched with and that he’s really just blanket messaging you (and the rest of them) to see who he can get a response from. He’ll be just as unoriginal in person, too, so feel free to un-match this dude.

19 The Dog Liar

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This guy is all about the photos. A popular choice among men on dating apps is to snap a pic of themselves with a furry friend, usually a dog. So you swipe right, because hey, a man who’s willing to put in the time and effort to take care of an animal that requires as much attention as a canine is a pretty good one to take a chance on, right?

Nope! As it turns out – which you may not even find out until you’ve gone out with the guy – the dog was a prop! It wasn’t even his! For lying, and standing in the way of potential puppy cuddles, this guy sucks.

18 The One-Photo Wonder

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Does the guy understand how dating apps work? We first shop around by looking at pictures, and this dude has only one photo. Maybe it’s a great photo, but it’s one, singular. This raises a whole host of red flags, including potential catfishing. Does he look completely different in real life? Does he only take unflattering photos and this was the best one? Does he just not care about making a complete profile?

Whatever the case may be, swipe left on this one, because any man who won’t even do the bare minimum in a virtual place like Tinder isn’t going to be much better in real life.

17 The Underachiever

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You know this dude. Maybe you’ve even been guilty of being his female counterpart. You match and his message pings in: “hi.”

That’s it, nothing else, nothing that you could possibly build a conversation from, nothing that would even signify any modicum of interest! A guy who does this on dating apps is unwilling to make any sort of effort when it comes to relationships. He believes that showing up and not being crummy is enough to get him a pass. To him we say, “Um, no,” because in all honesty it’s better to stay silent than to give us two letters and nothing more.

16 The Ghoster

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Say you’ve been messaging this guy for a while. Things are going great, he’s funny and you have the same interests. Maybe you’ve even gone out once or twice, but are still keeping your options open. Then, suddenly, it’s radio silence on his end. He won’t reply to any of your messages, he never sets up another time to get together and he just ghosts you completely.

It hurts to be ghosted, but sadly "The Ghoster" is a type of man you might encounter on a dating app. Who knows where this guy went, or why, but you’re better off looking for someone who will at least give you a solid explanation for their absence.

15 The Catfish

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The bane of existence of social media and dating apps, here we have "The Catfish." There wouldn’t be a whole MTV show on catfishing if there wasn’t a proliferation of these people, right?

"The Catfish" lures you in by being charming and nice, but any time you want to meet up and have a real date or even talk face to face, he makes some sorry excuse and bails. Maybe you convince yourself that his reasons are genuine, but deep down you know that any man who wanted to meet you (and was who he said he was) would make the effort. The Catfish can lead to a lot of heartbreak, which makes him one of the worst.

14 The Emoji Whisperer

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Does this guy know how to speak in full sentences? That’s often what you find yourself wondering when he sends you messages riddled with emojis in lieu of any actual personality. Perhaps he means to be flirty or friendly when really he comes across as kind of strange.

This guy will pepper tiny little images into his messages to you that make everything he types feel like a joke. Also, why does he use the crazy-eyes emoji for absolutely everything? Asking if you want to go for coffee and following it up with that face isn’t exactly appealing!

13 The Shirtless Selfie Taker


You’re scrolling through Bumble, swiping left and right, and then, rather than be greeted with a face, you get a grainy image of a shirtless torso. This dude is proud of his body, but does he really think that you’re going to be dating his chest instead of his whole person?

The Shirtless Selfie Taker thinks he’s working with something pretty fine and wants you (and everyone else) to know it. He’s either got a big ego or low self-esteem that he tries to mask behind shirtless pictures and documented trips to the gym. Either way, it reads as a little desperate and very vain.

12 The Fisherman

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There’s no play on words here: this guy is just the dude who loves to fish and will only take photos holding up the giant bass he caught. He probably likes hunting and wearing a lot of plaid and he will almost definitely make you feel bad for not wanting to go camping every weekend with him. He likely enjoys country music and has some pretty antiquated views regarding burgeoning social issues.

He’s probably from a small town and, if you’re also from a small town, will give you uncomfortable flashbacks to high school. Swipe left on this guy unless you want to spend every Friday night at a fish fry.

11 The Pressure Pusher

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When you’re on a dating app, the general end goal is to meet someone, go out and hopefully form a solid relationship (if that is in fact what you’re looking for). When a man makes an effort to start a conversation first, that’s awesome and entirely welcome. However, it’s when dudes want to meet up right away – before you’ve barely spoken – that rubs us the wrong way.

This guy uses pressure tactics and manipulation to get his way. “Well, you’re on a dating app, so why are you on here if you don’t want to actually meet anyone?” This guy needs to slow his roll before rushing into things.

10 The Late-Night Caller

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“Hey u up?”

That's the classic text from the "Late-Night Caller." You never hear from him before 2am, and only on Fridays and Saturdays. Chances are he’s been out partying and didn’t find anyone to take home, and so he’s texting you to see if he has a chance.

This dude is all about disrespect, because you know he’d never give you the time of day (or even see you during the day). He has one thing on his mind and, even if you’ve opted to have fun with him before, you are by no means obligated to again. Just ignore his messages, and, if you’re still only communicating via the app, unmatch him.

9 The Distant Relative

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It’s an awkward situation, but all too true. Hopefully, you're both aware that you’re vaguely related as second cousins, however many times removed, or whatever version of a similar extended family it may be, and you just bypass each other while swiping.

If, however, they don’t know you well (or you don’t know them well), and you end up swiping right and matching, well, that’s more than a tad icky! Really, though, this guy is only one of the worst because he’s another non-starter in your dating pool – unless you want to end up with some, er, interesting stories to tell over the holidays!

8 The Constant Messenger

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You almost have to congratulate this dude for persistence, but his constant messaging is just not cool. Perhaps you had talked earlier, but you just weren’t feeling it and so you let the conversation taper off naturally. However, this guy refuses to let things go, and will keep sending you messages that you don’t answer.

He may get angry or upset over being ignored and that could increase the amount – and hostility – of his messages, which is about the only sign you need to know that this dude is bad news. Un-match and block him, because no one needs that kind of negativity.

7 The Business Bro

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Someone needs to tell this guy what an app like Hinge is for because it’s definitely not for dudes to promote their business ventures and put ‘Entrepreneur’ as their occupation (which we all know is code for ‘Unemployed’).

This guy is a salesman, which means that he can be charming and charismatic enough to lure you in. Then, bam! He’s pitching you on his latest pyramid scheme or telling you how he’s planning to retire by 25 through selling some kind of cryptocurrency you’ve never even heard of. This dude isn’t looking for love, a relationship or something casual. He just wants to find another sucker he can drag into his questionable business.

6 The Choosing Beggar

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One of the worst of the worst, this guy feels like he can write a list of all the things he requires in a partner and upload it to his bio on a dating app. It’s great to have standards, but this dude is living in a fairytale when it comes to his ludicrous – and, frankly, offensive – requirements and must-haves in a potential mate.

The worst part is that this guy isn’t that great either, in appearance or in personality. Oh, and he’s on a dating app which implies that he is single and is, in effect, a Choosing Beggar. Dude, you don’t have any leverage to make all these demands!

5 The Fedora Wearer

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Though quite a rare breed on dating apps these days, there is nonetheless the possibility of running into a "Fedora Wearer" on whatever app you’re trawling through. This dude thinks he looks like Don Draper or a young Frank Sinatra, but his acne-scarred cheeks and oversized Adam’s apple say otherwise.

He’s a bit shy but spends much of his time on the Internet, where he has no doubt cultivated an anger towards women, drawn from too many hours spent on the seedier places found online. You’ll probably never swipe right on him anyway, so there’s not a whole lot of attention he needs to be given!

4 The Mansplainer

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It doesn’t matter that you’ve worked at your job for years or that you’ve developed a hobby of brewing your own beer – this guy is more than happy to inform you of everything you’re doing wrong and how he, an expert, could do it better.

"The Mansplainer" may not always realize that he’s being disrespectful or downright rude – he might think he’s just trying to be helpful – but the condescension is clear and you know that, if things progressed further, he would only ever treat you like someone lesser than who you are and make you feel silly or stupid for any of your choices or interests.

3 The Free Love Dude

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You don’t know what this guy’s deal is. His photos look like they were all snapped at Burning Man or Coachella and more than a few of them have him wearing sunglasses against that bright desert sky. Lots of his photos are with other women, but you don’t know the situation there and it’s way too soon to ask. He might mask his internalized misogyny by pretending to be really “deep.”

He’s in no rush to settle down or be monogamous, and thinks it’s kind of uncool for you to suggest or even think otherwise. He might look good in linen, but this dude isn’t worth the headache.

2 The Married Man

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Occasionally, couples will create an account together on a dating app to spice up their marriage. Hey, as long as everything is between consenting adults, that’s cool! Other times, though, there’s the rogue hubby who strikes out on his own – and you don’t realize it until later, perhaps after a couple of in-person meetings!

Whatever his situation is, keeping something that huge from you is a big no-no and leaves you feeling like you did something wrong, even though you were totally ignorant of the fact. This guy is a crummy one because he’s managing to hurt more people than just you and he doesn’t seem to care.

1 The Oversharer

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You know this guy. We know this guy. Any woman who has ever been on a dating app or website knows this guy. We call him "The Oversharer," but what he’s sharing is decidedly NSFW. We don’t know why he feels the need to message this kind of material to strangers, or why he thinks it’s a good way to strike up a conversation or get a date.

It’s rude, unwanted and we bet if every image were sent back to his mom it would be pretty embarrassing! Don’t ever give this guy the time of day because he’s not worth it.

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