20 Of The Worst Photos To Ever Be Posted On Myspace

Nobody cares about Myspace anymore. Heck, it feels like nobody cared about Myspace when it was popular. Much like Nexopia, it always felt like the trashy version of more popular social media sites that weren't even invented at the time. Even when it was all we had, it felt antiquated and for people of low standards. Still, we loved to trick them out and upload photos they thought made us look fly. Except, most didn't. And some, like the ones we've included here, are absolutely atrocious. These photos should never have been taken to begin with. Some are poorly composed, others are sloppily edited, but they're all god-awful. So brace yourselves, because we're about to travel back to the early 2000s and see 2o of the worst photos to ever be posted on Myspace.

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20 When Tom Hardy Thought His Myspace Photos Were On Point

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Tom Hardy stands by his old Myspace photos which were taken and posted before he became a major blockbuster star. The fact that he doesn't feel shame about them is a great thing for him. But we still had to see them. Honestly, it makes a pretty classy and attractive actor seem like the creepy college student who sits around in his parents' basement all day hoping to get a match on Tinder.

19 Um... Can Somebody Check If He's Breathing?

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Oh, yeah, dude. It's supremely attractive to post a photo on Myspace that makes you look like you've been cold for 8 and a half hours. Also, what exactly is the purpose of the towel? You definitely haven't scored any points with potential Myspace friends, but you do have us all wondering if we should call an ambulance or the men in white coats.

18 50 Shades Of Kendall Jenner

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Kendall Jenner was one of the many youngsters to post a photo on Myspace with this filter. And each and every one of them was downright terrible. Why on earth would anyone want to post an image that made them look like the spirit from The Grudge? Someone as pretty as Kendall should have thought this through before permanently giving all of her Myspace friends nightmares.

17 Oh Yeah, Taylor, You're One Cool Cat


These Myspace photos tell us that Taylor Swift may have been the girl we all hated in high school. You know the type. She was supremely preppy and the captain of basically every team. She wasn't socially bright, but academically she could hold her own. And the fact that she's pretty made us loathe her even more. If it weren't for these images we may have just hated her for her mind-numbing dumb music.

16 Somebody Call Hugh Hefner... Oh, Wait...


Why on earth would this poor girl draw so much attention to the one area of her body where she's likely to get the most criticism? Is she just that confident? If so, god bless her. But that doesn't stop this photo from being one of the worst images on Myspace in its long sad history. Seriously, if High Hefner saw this, he wouldn't have printed another magazine.

15 Nobodies Gonna Catch This PokeMAN

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Pokemon were really popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. But they weren't something that got you chics. Seriously, no woman on earth would want to be with a kid who posted a photo like this one. Not only did he show that he has no taste in clothing, but he also looks like he's in the middle of an epileptic fit. Poor guy, we hope his life turned out better than his teen years obviously were.

14 The Famous Possessive Girlfriend Is Too Bad To Ignore

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Yes, one of the most famous memes ever is actually from Myspace. Although it's gained incredible popularity, it did so for all the wrong reasons. This girl became the official face of the "crazy girlfriend" because of it. At one stage, she thought posting this photo online was a good thing. That tells us her judgment is about as bad as all of her future relationships are likely to be.

13 Kylie Jenner Wishes This Photo Was Blurrier Than It Is

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Kylie Jenner is obviously someone who isn't comfortable in her own skin. After all, she's changed it so many times. The girl featured in this photo is almost unrecognizable when compared to the woman Kylie has become. For that reason, this photo is one of the worst posted on Myspace. Additionally, it's pretty much entirely blurry due to another one of the worst filters of the time.

12 Yeah, Dude, You Look SOOOOO Much Better Now...

Myspace and ebaulm's World

We all appreciate our physical transformations. But that doesn't mean that everyone else will. You gotta use some direction when posting side-by-side images of how you've aged. Clearly, this kid thinks he's much better looking than he once was. But the fact is, this Myspace profile photo looks like it belongs to Josh Gad's severely demented cousin.

11 If Any Photo Dates Itself, It's This One


In hindsight, this is one of the worst photos posted on Myspace. When it was originally put up, it was simply bad for an assortment of fairly obvious reasons. But after we've seen the demise of the hand-held digital camera and the iPod, we know that this image is truly atrocious. It reminds us of how lame technology was back in Myspace's hay day.

10 Invest In Some Windex, You Fool


Mirror selfies have always been a thing. And perhaps they'll always be. But you gotta keep those mirrors clean. This photo doesn't look the tad bit artsy, it just looks sad. Besides, there's something quite pathetic about a selfie taken with a full-on camera versus a phone. That, mixed with the awkward lean make this guy appear to be a total schmuck.

9 "Look At Me! I'm A Celebrity Stalker!"


Run for the hills. Take cover. And keep quiet. This girl has got "the crazy". There's nothing appealing about posting a photo on Myspace that makes you look like the ultimate celebrity stalker. And the way this girl is aimlessly staring at her photos of Tom Welling and Orlando Bloom send a shiver up our spines. Ugly pictures are one thing, but creepy ones are on a whole different playing field.

8 Gangsta Boy


We should probably just feel bad for this guy. Clearly, he thinks he looks good. We can see that there's generally not a lot of confidence here. But since this is for comedies sake, he just can't help but point out how absurd this image is. Between the Blair Witch Project-esque camcorder and his thinning hair, this looks more like something found on a Wanted poster versus Myspace.

7 Nothing Says "Hood" Like a Pair Of Mounted Skis


We've said it once, but we should say it again; nothing says "hood" like a pair of mounted skis. Seriously, this guy is the epitome of a loser. Everything from his tattoo to his sleeveless shirt tells us that he basically has to bribe people to give him an ounce of action. Still, we have to praise his level of confidence. Actually, we'd love to see what a trainwreck the rest of his Myspace page was.

6 Every Girl Loves A Guy Who's Shorter Than His Sword

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Short guys may have it hardest when it comes to getting women or other men, for that matter. This is why they should always attempt to make themselves look taller in photos. Holding a giant sword that's clearly taller than his body is clearly not the way this dude should have gone. Aside from that, the jeans, spiked wristbands, and goatee make this teenager look like the creepy loaner at the bank we're always afraid to make eye-contact with.

5 Yo Listen Up, Here's A Little Story About A Blue Girl Who Lives In A Blue World


And all day and all night and everything she sees is just blue, like her, inside and outside. Blue her house with a blue little window. And a blue Corvette. And everything is blue for her. And herself and everybody around... after seeing this Myspace pic, at least. Seriously, we need to know where she's from and how far away from the sun it is.

4 Exactly Who Was He Trying To Appeal To?


There are so many conflicting images here. Therefore it's almost impossible to determine who the target audience of his profile is. We all love people are just themselves... but not when they look like a creepy horse-fetish Kiss fan who got down and dirty with a member of Insync. After seeing this Myspace photos, we think we all need a little breather...

3 A Girl And Her Peacock Extensions

Myspace and ebaulm's World

...Okay, breather over... We gotta get back to it because this girl's Myspace photo is just too awful to ignore. She's obviously wanted attention. Otherwise, she wouldn't have pasted a rabid crow's tail feathers to her eyelashes. And guess what? She got it. She definitely has our attention. Just not for the right reasons. But, hey, maybe that's good enough for her?

2 The Only Sword He'll Be Swinging

Myspace and ebaulm's World

Oh, he definitely takes himself seriously. And he should. Because nobody else will. We're not quite sure what character this kid is supposed to be, but we do know that nobody is going to want to swing his sword after seeing this. This Myspace photo is truly embarrassing and it all has to do with the level of commitment screaming through his eyes.

1 Two Boys And Their One Dollar Bills


Here are two more gangstas to add to your "not actually a gangsta" scrapbook. We all knew teenagers that thought they were this cool when we were their age. But this Myspace photo just reminds us how uncool they truly were. It's likely that these 15 dollar bills are all the money these two will ever see.

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