20 Of The Most Satisfying Korean Beauty Products That People Swear By

If you haven't been privileged to one of the best-kept secrets in beauty and cosmetics, we're about to divulge in a list of some of the most delightful and effective body care products that have completely changed the skin care game. As it just so happens, the list is entirely made of products that come from the South Korean shores. We know you've noticed their smooth skin glow, and now you're about to find out the how's and why's. This list may just turn out to be way more exciting than you could have imagined.

These skin care beauty tips are beyond innovative in their ingredients, texture and design skills. Once you dip into this list you'll quickly begin to understand why South Korea has swiftly become the epicenter for beauty care product lines. And guess what, there is more than a boatload of delightful products to choose from. In the case of shopping for Korean skin care products, we say, you absolutely can judge a book by its cover, and you should in this case. We decided to ease the stress of selection and offer you some of our very favorite skin care products from the East traveling West. Be careful down there, things are about to get very exciting.

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20 Oh K! Coconut Water Fiber Face Masks

How cute is that? This fiber face mask from Oh K! utilizes the vitalizing benefits of coconut water and squeezed these delightful treasures into an adorable face mask. The coconut water is meant to hydrate your skin cells and keep your face looking fresh and awake.

This three pack of fun comes with masks that are made to properly fit the shape and contours of your face and features.

Oh K! fiber face mask works on both cleaning the face from any unwanted dirt or oil, while deeply penetrating the skin for full hydrating effects. Why not call up two friends and have a go at this Korean delight?

19 Let Me Skin Ultra H20 Water-Jelly Modeling Mask

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Wondering what these fun looking capsules are? So we're we when we first come upon these colorful beads. Inside these bright colored capsules are ultra H2O water-jelly modeling masks. What does that mean exactly? We're glad you asked. These face masks are infused with a blend of botanical extracts curated to effectively refresh your skin and will cure skin spots due to hyperpigmentation. The above modeling masks will gently moisture skin and are topped off with a sealant that will prevent any of the good stuff from escaping your satisfied pores. And the good news, each pill-case has two face masks tucked away inside. Goodie.

18 SanDaWha Revitalizing Liposome Lotion

SanDaWha Revitalizing Liposome Lotion is a daily moisturizer jam-packed with botanical enchantments which won't leave your skin feeling greasy or oily.

If you're wondering which ingredients they employed to keep your skin free from free radicals and other aging agents, one of the first ingredients brewed into this bottle is Camellia japonica Flower Extract, just to give you an idea in their sincerity.

They have also infused Camellia japonica seed oil, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Magnolia Kobus bark extract, plus over 30 other botanical oils and extracts. The formula is fragrance-free and has kept all skin types in mind, even those of you with sensitive skin can reap the benefits of this lovely anti-aging lotion.

17 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream

This best selling product is both soft and light, constructing a glowing baby-like skin tone. They take pride in their products oxidation free effects, which means when you apply 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream to your face, the cream will evenly settle across your skin. They have also designed their product to prevent dryness, which is a frequent experience for many who use other skin creams. So, how did they achieve such a beautiful glow? They have infused their product with Crystal water, diamond powder, and pearl powder, need we say more?

16 April Skin Magic Stone

April Skin is a must-have brand. They are a hypoallergenic brand, which means their ingredients are harm-free, yes please.

There are two types of magic stones, one for the day and one for the night (the black one is for the night) and they are both equally affordable.

This handmade magic stone, which everybody is on the rave about, is a deep cleanser made for both adults and children with normal to sensitive skin. You can also use this stone as a makeup remover. Just check out their videos on YouTube, it appears everyone wants to show off their best makeup removal trip, the magic stone.

15 Papa Recipe Bombee Rose Gold Honey Masks

The Papa Recipe Bombee Rose Gold Honey Masks has received only high and holy reviews from the Asian community. If you're wondering where the name comes from, it's inspired by the active ingredients, honey, propolis, 24K gold, and rose extract. Yup, you read it right, 24K gold, can you get any fancier than that? If you have already fallen in love with this product, just wait, did we mention the mask has a honeycomb pattern yet? You're probably already clicking and dropping this fantastic product into your basket, if not, better treat yourself today, you won't regret it.

14 Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

This gel type moisturizer, hence the name, Snail Recovery Gel, leaves your skin clear, firm and nutritiously moisturized.

But, really, if you're wondering how the snail is a factor in all of this, it's because of the Snail Secretion Filtrate as you can see from the bottle, which is snail mucin.

Wait! Before you go, you should know, Snail Secretion Filtrate contains a rich amount of antioxidants, proteins, it is antimicrobial, and studies have proven that snail mucin was effective in repairing photo-damage, acne, acne scarring, and overall wound healing. This pink bottle is also packed with Copper Tripeptide-1, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, which all work in promoting healthy regenerating skin, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

13  Kocostar Long Hair Pack

Were you also just looking for a fantastic hair treatment this week? Well, here she is. Kocostar Long Hair Pack is a Korean hair treatment that rejuvenates and hydrates dry and damaged hair. This hair sheet is especially useful for those who are toasting under an intense beachy sun. If blow drying your hair is also apart of your maintenance routine, then this product is a must try. They're even selling this stellar product in Urban Outfitters and ASOS, probably they loved the packaging as much as we did. It works like a hair towel after you shower, except it moisturizes your scalp, roots, and hair, amazing.

12 C200 Bubble Peeling Pad

Don't be alarmed if we're over enthusiastic over these incredible Korean products, it's just that, they are so incredible. Here comes another brave beauty product, the C200 Bubble Peeling Pad, is a dual peeling system which safely removes dead skin cells from the face.

Here's an awesome exfoliator, which will moisturize, brighten and nourish your skin.

Like many Korean products, C200 Bubble Peeling Pad utilizes fermented extracts for it's anti-aging and revitalizing effects, which will leave your skin feeling baby soft smooth all day long. If you're not impressed with the smoothness of your skin, then you'll definitely be floored by its glowing satisfaction. You can deny it, but your skin won't be able to.

11 Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars

Oh! So cute! Did you already buy it without even reading what it was too? This adorable character is a glass bar that is meant to keep your lips moisturized and shining all day long. Call it your new best friend, it's very fitting. In case you were wondering, this gloss bar is meant to be in the shape of a rabbit, and comes in a variety of colors, fruit flavors, and scents. The shades range from light pink to orange, to red, and get this, each color has a different bunny facial expression to go with your mood of the day. With one swipe across the lips the color comes off as shiny and clear, but with a few more rolls you can pop a color over your lips.

10 Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum

This Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum is a lightweight moisturizing anti-aging serum curated for your skin by utilizing Ginseng root extract, honey, red ginseng root powder, licorice root extract,  and enzyme-treated ginseng saponins.

It is meant to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face while improving the skin's elasticity.

Sulwhasoo kept all factors in mind, coated their bottle to protect their prized possession from UV exposure and damage, and added beady capsules in order to preserve all those ginseng extracts from aging and weakening over time. But, be careful with this product, the price may be hard to swallow, but we've heard it's absolutely worth every penny.

9 Peach and Lily Dr. Dream Radiance Powder Essence

The Best of K-Beauty Awards is a real thing and Peach and Lily won this year's golden seal of approval. According to Alicia Yoon, "We wanted to do this award series to truly highlight those products that let people pull off some unbelievable skincare results; these products have helped severe cystic acne go away, and firm and lift skin visibly and quickly. This award series is our way of helping people in their journey toward a lifetime of healthy skin by spotlighting those truly game-changing products." This powder essence is made up of rose stem cell, rose distilled water, grapefruit, and yuzu extracts to moisturize dry and dull skin.

8 Shangpree Marine Energy Eye Mask

What an awesome color, if not an awesome product, but yes, Shangpree managed to pull it off, in both looks and quality. Why are the Koreans so good at what they do?

Shangpree is actually a spa in Seoul, South Korea with high international praise.

The Marine Energy Eye Mask is a hydrogel and may be hard to get, since it keeps selling out, but well worth the struggle and sweat. This gel is enriched with algae, spirulina, and Chondrus Crispus, deep sea delights, which naturally work at keeping the skin and eyes looking youthful and healthy. Yes, please.

7 Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack

Not sure what, "too cool for school" has to do with beauty products, but we're also not sure it matters, because they certainly got our attention from their brand name to their product line. According to Sephora.com, "This whipped, meringue-like mousse facial mask enriched with egg white and egg yolk extracts instantly transforms rough, dull skin into a smooth, radiant complexion in as little as five minutes. Egg white extract purifies and brightens, while egg yolk extract leaves skin hydrated and silky smooth. This unique, frothy facial mask deeply moisturizes and enhances the use of other skin care products for beautifully luminous skin."

6 CosRx Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

CosRx Blackhead Silk Finger Balls are made up of 100% natural silk cocoon, so if the design of the product didn't catch your attention, maybe their ingredients have. Life is about taking risks, isn't it?

The silk from these cocoons is believed to remove blackheads, excess oil from the skin, and infuse the skin with the moisture it needs.

How do they work? You soak a few of these finger figures in warm water, slip them onto your fingers, and massage your skin in a circular motion where you have blackheads, and watch the magic happen.

5 Neogen White Truffle Laycure Oil Stick

When you just about thought the creative ingredients were over, here comes Neogen with their White Truffle Laycure Oil Stick. Little did we know, white truffle oil is rich in vitamin B, which works at restoring skin cells and protects the outer surface of the skin from any damaging external toxins. This Oil Stick will add a glow to your skin, and get this, you can apply the oil before or after applying makeup! It works wonders under the eyes, helps treat eczema and other skin conditions. And here we thought truffle oil was at its best on our mushroom pizza.

4 Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Have you been looking for an acne treatment toner all of your life and was just on the edge of giving up? Once again South Korea is here to offer you a better year.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner is an affordable skin toner with a long list of fans and followers.

This product is safe and packed with natures best for fighting acne while respecting your skins sensitive thresholds. Here's another product line utilizing snail slime, maybe you'll be more convinced the second time around. If you're struggling with acne, oily skin, or frequent breakouts, but you only want to use natural ingredients then, Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner has just become your new best friend.

3 Bioaqua Hydrating Lip Mask

Did you happen to catch Emma Stone's make-up artist, Rachel Goodwin's post of Emma Stone sealing her lips with a jelly lip mask before the Golden Globes? Yes, South Korea has thought of it all. They aren't only concerned with the radiant glow of your skin, but with the health and wealth of your luscious lips. Bioaqua Hydrating Lip Mask is hyaluronic-acid-packed gel mask designed for your lip service. Spread these lips over your mouth, let the moisture sink in for 10 silent minutes and make sure you've got the right plans to follow up your silent treatment.

2 LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence

We were just waiting for tea tree oil to make its way onto this beauty list, and sure enough, it has.

LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence is a major hit when it comes to Korean dermo-cosmetics.

You'll find this acne fighter has no irritants, instead, they wisely chose to impregnate their formula with extracts that promote healthy and clean skin, so don't be alarmed when your skin clears and takes on a new glow to levels brighter than you imagined your face could ever illuminate to.

1 Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

You're going to be super happy you made it to the end of this article because the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is the winner of 22 Global Beauty Awards, not a bad number. This clay mask is a pore treatment made from the minerals which spring out of Jeju volcanic eruptions, WOW. The mask works at exfoliating and removing dead skin cells from the face while keeping the skin feeling soft and smooth. This clay is especially great for those who have extra oily skin because the minerals in this bottle will diminish any overproduction of sebum, keeping your skin clean and clear.

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