20 Of The Most Ridiculous Bridezilla Requests Ever

Weddings are a stressful affair. There’s so much to think about and plan for, from the food to the guests to the décor to the attire to the music to the venue – the list is endless! (And it also probably explains why many people choose to elope, have a small courthouse wedding, or do away with the tradition altogether!) Tensions among those in the wedding party, the families involved, and the bride and groom themselves can run high, combined with the amount of cash being poured into the day, and the added expectations of having a Pinterest- or Instagram-perfect wedding. The time, money, and effort can certainly bring out the worst in people, and “bridezilla” has become an all-too-common term. It even had its own reality show!

The ridiculous requests asked of wedding planners, bridesmaids, maids of honor, photographers, caterers, DJs, and more is astonishing. We understand that brides want to feel like princesses (or, in one case, a Kardashian) for a day, but the amount of arrogance and entitlement is truly astounding! If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, worked a wedding, or been married yourself, these 20 stories might give you a bit of perspective about what is and what is not okay, even on your big day.

20 Wedlock Wed-Not

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As our society becomes more secular, it might seem odd that young people still hold strong religious convictions, especially if it’s at the expense of their family and friends. Or, in this case, your entire wedding! (For the record, if that’s your thing and something you believe in dearly, totally fine.)

One woman dished that, for the wedding of her best friend’s coworker, the bride had one major stipulation for her guest list: no one who attends may have ever been born out of wedlock! Unfortunately, that happened to include the invited BFF who was the daughter of a teen mom!

19 Cutest Couple Competition

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Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, but is it really at the expense of their wedding party? (And good manners/common sense?) According to one Redditor, who was a bridesmaid and had her SO as a groomsman, she was forbidden to dance with, talk to, or even look at her own boyfriend throughout the duration of the ceremony and reception! The reason was a case of low self-esteem gone awry: Apparently, the newlyweds were terrified that the wedding party couple would “out-cute” them! Perhaps unsurprisingly, the couple didn’t concede with this ridiculous request.

18 Free Food

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Weddings are hella expensive, so it’s understandable to want to cut costs whenever possible, but one request was too much for one wedding guest. Apparently, the then-19-year-old culinary school student was asked to cook (and pay for, as a gift) dinner for 200 guests – single-handedly! Now, even for a trained chef, that’s a tall order, but this young woman was a first-year student who was training to be a pastry chef, something the bride-to-be simply couldn’t understand. After informing her that it was an impossible task, both due to scope and ability, she was disinvited from the wedding altogether!

17 Dolla Bills

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Occasionally, being in the wedding party can be incredibly expensive, just like planning the wedding itself! Apparently, this is a big enough deal to brides and grooms that a price tag can cut short a friendship! One woman detailed the story of her college roommate who asked her to be a bridesmaid, and soon, the money started to add up!

The bride picked an astronomically expensive $2400 dress, to which our poor girl offered to sew her own very similar version. The bride didn’t like that suggestion, told her to charge it on a credit card, and then severed all contact! Bullet dodged, that’s for sure!

16 Showered With Gifts

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Money may not be the way to happiness, but it certainly saves people a lot of trouble when they have it! Case in point: One Reddit user who was roped into being a bridesmaid for a woman who saw the occasion as an opportunity to hold an endless (and expensive) series of events. There was dress shopping, a three-day-long bachelorette trip, two bridal showers, and a three-day destination wedding weekend! Add to that a DIY “nostalgia” present in addition to the wedding present this bridesmaid was already expected to bring and contributions to other Pinterest-worthy gifts, and who wouldn’t want to bow out?

15 Bridesmaid 15?

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Bridal Bootcamps, newlywed workouts, juice cleanses, wedding diets – there are tons of ways that brides-to-be try to shed “extra” weight before their special day, but this is the first time we’ve heard of the bridal party being asked to pack on the pounds before walking down the aisle!

One woman told People about how her sister-in-law asked herself and the other bridesmaids to gain 5 – 10 kilos (about 10 – 20 pounds) so that she could look better in comparison! Well, we suppose that that’s one way to look slimmer without actually having to do anything on your own!

14 “Dye-ing” To Be A Bridesmaid

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Most of the ladies and gentlemen on this list have refused to comply with the crazy requests asked of them by the brides, but this is one instance in which a bridesmaid agreed to the demand!

One Redditor had her best friend ask her to dye her hair from blonde to brown, since all the other bridesmaids were brunette and she (the bride) wanted to be the only blonde. While other bridezillas might have demanded such a change and ordered their bridesmaid to pay for it, this bride paid for the hair to be done professionally, but it’s still a pretty nutso request to have agreed to!

13 Right Hand Woman

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When you’re a bridesmaid, there is a lot that can be asked of you, but, occasionally, a bride may go a little too far in her requirements. In this case, the bride wore a gorgeous, gigantic organza confection of a dress, one that was beautiful but utterly impractical for anything more than walking down the aisle. To go to the bathroom, three bridesmaids were required to lift her skirt. On the second trip to the restroom, after drinking on an empty stomach and needing to, um, relieve herself, the bride then ordered one Reddit user to wipe her. Naturally, the bridesmaid refused, and so the bride, like any rational person, slapped her across the face!

12 Maid of Honor Makeover

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Maids of honor often get the short end of the stick when it comes to weddings. They’re the go-to person for anything the bride needs and anything anyone else needs from the bride. They are the stress-sponge, the person who soaks up everything so that the bride doesn’t go ballistic and, for one Reddit user, they also became the bride’s own dress-up doll!

In her recollection, the MOH said that the bride – her sister – demanded she lose 30 pounds (she purchased a dress two sizes too small), cover up her tattoo, get a spray tan, wear hair pieces, and don 6-inch stilettos. In sand.

11 This Is My Jam!


Not a member of the wedding party or even a guest, but a DJ had this horror story to share that’ll have you double-checking your wedding playlists.

The bride in question told the DJ that every four songs, he must play the country jam “Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy”. Despite his protests, she would hear none of it, and so, every four songs, her request came on. Not surprisingly, after a few times, the crowd was over it and began to boo! The bride then stormed up to the stage, grabbed the mic, and demanded her guests dance before flipping over the table that held the cake and gifts! Just a bit of an overreaction, don’t you think?

10 Wardrobe Change

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Having multiple wardrobe changes is a very celebrity-like thing to do at your wedding, and, since you want to feel like the star and be in the spotlight for a day, it’s kind of understandable that some brides would want not one, not two, but three dress options! Shelly, 34, was the maid of honor of such a woman, who wanted to extend the wardrobe change to her wedding party, too, insisting that they wear two dresses. Rather than foot the bill for the second dress, the bride laughed in her face, told her that, as MOH, she had to do what the bride wanted, and so Shelly shelled out $500 for two dresses she’ll never wear again.

9 Home Ec

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As someone who is all thumbs when it comes to sewing, this would be a nightmare and I would bow out before it got started, but one Reddit user did not have that option. As a bridesmaid at a themed wedding, the entire wedding party was handed a dress pattern to make – six weeks before the wedding. After purchasing a $200 sewing machine (that was only used once) and bribing a family member to help her out, the dress was completed, but certainly not up to the bride’s exacting standards. Perhaps visiting a dressmaker would have been a better bet?

8 Calorie Monitor

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From a bride who demanded that her wedding party gain weight in order to make her look better to this, a bride who not only asked her bridesmaids to lose weight, but became downright militant about it!

One bridesmaid dished that the bridezilla ordered her wedding party to send her a Google document outlining their caloric intake, make weekly weigh-ins, stick to a diet of water and rice cakes to slim down, commit to regular workouts for ‘slender arms’, and even told one of them to “wear a pashmina to cover her ‘fat arms’”! Talk about toxic behavior!

7 Annual Vow Renewal

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Destination weddings are fun if you’ve got the cash and aren’t too worried about friends and family being unable to make it on account of finances, but common sense and empathy have no place in the world of bridezillas!

One Redditor described a couple who were so intent on the “Wedding” part of marriage rather than, you know, actually being married, that they decided to renew their vows. Every. Single. Year. In Hawaii, nonetheless! Sure, celebrating your love is great and all but, after people stopped showing up for the sixth time in a row, apparently the bride let loose on Facebook about all her “disrespectful friends”!

6 Jill Of All Trades

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When you’re in the wedding party, you’re expected to do an awful lot, but we bet most people would’ve run for the hills if they dealt with the amount of BS this Redditor went through!

For the wedding of her best friend, the MOH was ordered to have a bachelorette in the middle of exam season, while also providing her services as a live-in Martha Stewart. That means creating cost-saving measures like aisle runners, centerpieces, arches, etc., and staying up all night before the wedding creating flower arrangements because the bride “didn’t have time”. The cherry on top? Being forced to clean the floor of the hall on her hands and knees the day of the ceremony!

5 Blood Sacrifice

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Remember that scene in The Parent Trap where California Lindsay Lohan has to pierce British Lindsay Lohan’s ears so that they can look really identical and swap lives for a bit? So that’s what this story is like, except without the Disney happy ending and for a much sillier reason.

One Reddit user was gifted matching earrings from the bride on the day of the wedding, except the holes in her ears had closed up quite a while ago. Rather than refrain from wearing them, she was told to pierce them again, which was done by another bridesmaid before they all walked down the aisle!

4 Pulling Weeds


Are you really in the wedding party if you haven’t been forced to do a little bit of hard labor? Not if you’re this bridezilla! One Reddit user described when, after multiple ridiculous requests, she was asked the day before the wedding to pull weeds from the bride’s parents’ garden, since that was where the reception would take place. This was the last straw for the Reddit user, who refused, which led to bad blood between the two women for the rest of their short-lived friendship! (To be fair, though, apparently the bride sent a wedding gift to the bridesmaid’s wedding – a centerpiece that the bridesmaid had helped make earlier!)

3 Sunrise Vs. Sunset

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Not a person in the wedding party, but one wedding photographer had the joy of dealing with a bride who didn’t understand the nature of the sun, or the rotation of the Earth!

This Reddit user explained that he was working a wedding where the bride wanted one of those ideal Pinterest shots (like the one seen here) of her and her newly-minted groom standing on the beach, silhouetted against a sunset over the water. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it would be, except for the fact that the beach faced East, which is where the sun rises, so a sunset simply wasn’t possible.

2 Heartless

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Generally speaking, the people you invite to be in your wedding party are your nearest and dearest friends and family members, which is why this bridezilla’s request was so crazy! After one Redditor informed the bride that she couldn’t make her second “hen do” (after attending the first one, which is already an indicator of this bride’s attitude) because it would be an overnight stay and too far away from her dying grandmother, the bride simply remarked, “We’ve all got sick relatives. My grandad’s got dementia!” Naturally, the friendship ended at that, because what kind of friend would say that, no matter how stressed she is?

1 Show Me The Money!

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You may have heard of this bridezilla, who went viral recently for all the wrong reasons. In a lengthy Facebook post that was quickly picked up by publications everywhere, this Canadian bride ripped into her friends and family for refusing to donate $1500 each (“What is $1500?” she asked) so that she and the groom could have their dream wedding, choosing instead to cancel the entire affair four days before the date rather than scale things down. Blaming her guest list for refusing to comply with her greedy demands for a “Kardashian-level” “blowout” wedding, this bride was all sorts of unhinged!

Sources: people.com, bustle.com

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