20 Of The Most Overrated Actors Of All Time (According To Reddit)

No one can please everyone 100% of the time, and when you’re an actor, you’re bound to get your fair share of haters – and they’re usually pretty vocal! Thanks to the 24/7 access we have different forms of media via all sorts of technology. We can find even more reasons to hate the celebrities we already don’t like very much and, owing to the extensive coverage they usually receive thanks to all said media, we can declare them totally overrated.

We turned to media again for this article – specifically to Reddit – to learn what actors the online world considers to be the most overrated, overhyped, overexposed, and overvalued actors currently working in Hollywood (which means that no Kardashian made this list). Even if these stars aren’t the type of award winners we always see on the red carpet, their public image has gotten so much exposure that it’s impossible to like them anymore! Maybe they've been around for decades doing the same thing, or perhaps they’ve taken over everything you’ve watched for the past five years but either way, you’re totally done with these 20 actors – or at least, Reddit is!

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20 Angelina Jolie: “Little Talent, Much Nepotism”


Angelina Jolie was a pretty popular choice for the people of Reddit, who all agree that, while she’s an A-list actress, she “has never starred in anything but bad or mediocre films”. To be fair to Jolie and her fans, the online critics did acknowledge that she had some great roles in the 1990s, with movies like Hackers and Girl, Interrupted, but that her relationships among the Hollywood elite are what has gotten her to where she is in life.

While Jolie has recast herself as a humanitarian, director, and producer rather than the pinup actress she began as, those on Reddit seem to think this is her way of rewriting history, because what made her famous was her role as a crazy minx who took on similar roles, proving that her career wasn’t much of a creative stretch.

19 Jim Carrey: “Shouting Your Lines Doesn’t Make You Funny”


Jim Carrey is an actor who tends to split his audience right down the middle. Some think he’s a comedic genius with a way of incorporating physical comedy into outrageous one-liners, but others see him as getting “more praise than he’s ever earned”.

For most of the people of Reddit who declared Carrey overrated, it was his silly faces that pushed them over the line.

While the Canadian actor has gotten a reputation for his “rubber-faced” antics, we can definitely see why some might see that as a fallback way of being funny without actually trying anything different.

Likewise, those who don’t like him have said that many of his comic roles are “kooky, but kinda similar”, and we have to agree. As a dramatic actor, though, we will say that Carrey is definitely UNDERRATED.

18 Halle Berry: “Doesn’t Have The Presence To Play A Lead Role”

The Seattle Times

Halle Berry is undeniably gorgeous, but unfortunately, her physical appearance hasn’t lent itself to a lot of good, meaty roles – at least according to Reddit.

From critiques that range from “I honestly can’t remember a single good movie she’s been in” to “cringeworthy” to “one of the least-deserved Oscars ever awarded”, the Internet has not been kind to Berry. Fortunately for her, she can handle a little criticism, like when she actually attended the Razzies and accepted her win for her part in the disastrous Catwoman, thanking the studio for casting her in that “piece of crap”. Basically, most people believe that there are better actresses than Berry out there and that her roles could have been played better by someone with a bit more talent or stage presence.

17 Mark Wahlberg: “He’s Good At Playing Confused And Angry”


It seems that Reddit is pretty split on what to make of Marky Mark, who has had some extremely good roles in films like The Fighter and Fear, but other times “he always looks like a guy who’s TRYING to act”, which isn’t something you’re supposed to notice when watching a movie.

Put succinctly, those who are critical of Mark Wahlberg said that he began as “a bad actor in good movies” but that now he’s become “a bad actor in bad movies”,

and that even excellent films like The Departed would be better off if Wahlberg were absent from the scene. As a lead actor, he’s earned the labels of “cheesy” and “predictable”, which aren’t something you want tied to your name but, since he’s still getting hype decades into his career, it seems that he hasn’t quite earned it – at least in the eyes of Reddit!

16 Ben Affleck: “A Monotone Doesn’t Equal Dramatic”


While Ben Affleck used to be regarded as the “dumber half” of the duo, with Matt Damon as the more intelligent everyman, Affleck has recently gotten to sink his teeth into meatier roles, but with mixed results. According to Reddit, ever since Affleck turned to directing (which he is admittedly very talented at), people have “vastly overrated his acting”.

“Every movie he gets praise for is only because the character is soft-speaking and emotionless,” one critic levied, while another pointed out that, while Affleck was excellently cast in Gone Girl, Jon Hamm was the original choice and would have done a much better job. The fact that he’s received pretty much unanimously negative reviews in the latest Batman reboot means that he won’t miss out on press coverage – and thus, more unearned hype.

15 George Clooney: “He Just Plays George Clooney”


George Clooney has often been compared to the classic movie stars of Hollywood’s golden age, with the likes of Cary Grant often thrown in when his name gets brought up. He’s impossibly charming, impossibly handsome, and a real “movie star”, but is he a good actor? Well, according to Reddit, not so much!

Like all the other actors on this list,

Clooney definitely has a few titles that have made him a standout performer but, on the whole, the consensus seems to be that “he’s not a great actor, but he’s a FANTASTIC George Clooney.”

Perhaps because he’s gotten to the top of the A-list, Clooney doesn’t feel the need to prove himself anymore as an actor.  Therefore he takes on less challenging roles. His looks are what have gotten everyone talking for decades, though, so it’s understandable that, because his skills don’t measure up, he’d be considered overrated.

14 Julia Roberts: “Her Range Is Due To Different Hair Types”


Leaving aside many of the rude comments related to actress Julia Roberts’ distinctive appearance, most of the people on Reddit seem to agree that the Oscar winner is vastly overrated.

Hyped as one of the premiere celebrities on the A-list, few actresses emulate the idea of “movie star” like the toothy Roberts, who has been a staple of the scene since the 1990s. Despite a long list of romantic comedies that would be discarded if done by someone else, Roberts has built a career off of them, and since transitioned to roles that have moved her from “love interest” to “mom”. Unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly worked out in her favor, with one online commenter describing the recent holiday-themed film Mother’s Day as “god-awful”. It seems that the shine has been rubbed off this star!

13 Chris Pratt: “Any Other Actor Could Do What Chris Pratt Does”


A recent addition to the world of Hollywood, we have Chris Pratt, who has begun cultivating his leading man status thanks to the mega-hits of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, but people are scratching their heads as to why he’s become such a big deal. Basically, he was chubby and lovable Andy Dwyer on the TV show Parks and Recreation, lost the weight, and is getting overhyped as the everyman-turned-hottie, just like his Passengers costar Jennifer Lawrence.

A few complaints people have had against this popular pick include: “He seems like the same guy in all the movies”, “Just super bland and unappealing”...

...“People are too busy fawning over him playing the loveable idiot decently”, and “He’s acceptable in comical roles and that’s about it.” Way harsh, Tai!

12 Emma Watson: “Eyebrow Acting”


We know that this is going to upset a lot of people, but yes, even Hermione Granger herself didn’t escape the wrath of Reddit, as many see her as pretty overrated! While some of her critics admitted that they enjoyed her in her performance in Harry Potter, the same people said that she’s been “mediocre at best” in all of her roles since! In fact, her list of credits has been so underwhelming that she’s “more accomplished as a spokesperson, model, and general doer of neat things”, which is at least a critique softened with a compliment.

Another issue that many took was the fact that, while Emma Watson is definitely attractive, her appeal is largely overrated for the fact that she was positioned as the opposite of the 2000-era party girls Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Watson may be the girl you’d like to take home to Mom, but she’s not that great.

11 Will Ferrell: “Just A Tall Guy Acting Goofy”


One of the unfortunate things about comedians is that they have a “sell-by” date, at least according to Reddit. They reach a comedy peak and then fade into the background because they can only recycle the same material a certain amount of times before being forced to try something new. As an alum of Saturday Night Live,

Will Ferrell has been the “loud manchild” for a long time and, frankly, it seems to be tiring people out. (Some of the words used to describe Ferrell’s humor is “extremely childish”, “just plain dumb”, and “cringey”.

The paycheque that the former funny guy brings home also rubs a lot of his critics the wrong way, as he can make a mediocre movie and rake it in, much in the same way fellow SNL alum Adam Sandler does – although no one is making the mistake of thinking he’s good anymore!

10 Zooey Deschanel: “Very One-Dimensional”


Largely considered adorable – or “adorkable”, if you will – and the clear inspiration for the “manic pixie dream girl” trope, Zooey Deschanel has only ranked among the overrated actresses according to Reddit because she doesn’t have a whole lot to offer besides being cute, and that does not make a successful or impressive acting career.

Falling into a stereotype that may be because it’s all she offered or it’s the only type she’s able to play, Reddit takes issue with the fact that Deschanel is always the character who’s “a little bit ditsy” but who has everything work out for her in the end, and having a Mary Sue type in films can irritate even the most patient of viewers. A few other gripes with the brunette actress include her singing voice, which has been likened to a “female Kermit the Frog”, and the tired schtick of her quirky-cute-glasses-without-lenses look.

9 Kevin Hart: “He’s Just Loud And Short And That’s It”


Reddit seems to be in agreement that Kevin Hart is funny when he does what he does best, which is stand-up comedy. However, they seem to think that whenever he tries to actually act, it falls flat.

Accused of being the “token short black guy” who “only tells jokes about being short and black” and playing the same character in every film – the guy who yells and cries – Hart just doesn’t seem worth the hype he’s been getting in recent years.

Like all of the actors on this list, Hart is a polarizing figure, in that those who love him really love him, while those who can’t stand him will go to great lengths to repeat themselves and their feelings about how awful he is. Hey, at least comedy is subjective, right?

8 Robert Downey Jr.: “His Only Expression Is Smugness”

via bollywoodlife.com

Largely considered one of the most impressive comeback stories in Hollywood history, Robert Downey Jr. first started acting in a variety of comic, dramatic, and dark roles, including the 1992 film Chaplin, which earned the troubled star an Oscar nomination. However, since that comeback, Reddit has taken issue with the project RDJ has chosen for himself, which exhibit none of the range he had prior to his reemergence, declaring them all to be various versions of Downey Jr. himself.

While one commenter stated that Downey Jr. had “the acting range of a sock puppet”, others find it laughable that he was nominated for yet another Oscar, this time for his weirdly funny turn in Tropic Thunder, but, thanks to all the Iron Man fans, RDJ has become distinctly overrated.

7 Jared Leto: “He Tries Too Hard”


An actor on this list who was riding high on a wave of positive awards show press off of his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, even that Academy Award win didn’t change the mind of Redditors who have deemed Jared Leto “obnoxious”, “sucky”, “the worst Joker ever”, and a “complete douche”!

It seems that Leto’s behind-the-scenes antics on the set of Suicide Squad is what has largely colored public perception of the actor, who see him as using the excuse of method acting to explain his bad behavior. Thanks to the overexposure he received as a result of his turn as The Joker and the preceding endless coverage for playing a transgender woman (which raised a whole other host of issues), Leto rated high on our list of actors Reddit is so over.

6 Benedict Cumberbatch: “No One Man Should Be So Fawned Over”


Unlike most of the other actors on this list, Reddit seems to agree that Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t necessarily a bad actor, they’re just annoyed that he seems to be in practically everything! The fandom surrounding Cumberbatch is really what has increased the hype on the actor, as those who like him see him as perfect for everything when, in actuality, there could be other actors who would be just as well-suited for the role Cumberbatch takes on, if not better.

On a more superficial level, the majority of people on the Reddit forums seem baffled as to the appeal of the decidedly unconventional-looking Cumberbatch, who has been likened to “a root vegetable” and “a thumb” – and those are the nicer ones! We can’t think of a better definition of overrated than the guy right here!

5 Leonardo DiCaprio: “He Should Join Overactors Anonymous”


It seemed like everyone was pulling for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win his first Oscar gold when he starred in The Revenant, but, according to Reddit, the reason DiCaprio hadn’t won earlier was that he simply didn’t deserve to! They cited his perceived failure for disappearing into his roles earlier and how

“in almost every movie, he goes from confident, slick-haired charmer to crazy/angry/paranoid guy with disheveled hair who has at least one red-faced screaming scene” – and once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it.

His overacting and the desperation he uses in every role seems to have tired the Redditors, a couple of whom think “they just have a cardboard cutout of his face strapped to some extra”! Seen as someone who chews the scene in everything he’s in and is routinely outperformed by his costars, DiCaprio was one of the most overrated actors we found!

4 Tom Cruise: “Tom Cruise Just Plays Tom Cruise”


Perhaps a case of the personal overshadowing the professional, Tom Cruise’s overrated estimation has arguably been influenced by his ties to Scientology, but that’s not all that makes him a disappointment to the writers of Reddit. While Cruise is a reliable action hero, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that he’s not that great of an actor – and he never really was.

The issue with being an action hero rather than an actor is that Cruise doesn’t ever really transform into another character because all of his characters are the same: secret agents or special ops men with much-younger love interests who get replaced every film after he inevitably saves the day. Basically, “Tom Cruise has been totally replaceable in every role he has ever had.”

3 James Franco: “Really Grating”

New York Post

While James Franco’s star may be waning in light of a slew of recent allegations about inappropriate behavior on his part, it seems that the disdain for Franco goes quite a way back – at least in the eyes of Reddit.

Generally, people don’t seem to see Franco as acting as anyone other than himself, with one commenter pointing out that he “always has that stupid smile on his face”.

Even with the relatively stress-free filming with his buddies for This Is The End, it was pointed out that, while his costars seemed to react naturally with one another, Franco was still “trying too hard to be some sort of character”. As he segues into more dramatic roles and even steps behind the camera, it’s worth noting that not everyone is in love with James Franco.

2 Jennifer Lawrence: “Absolutely Bland”

Hollywood Reporter

Easily the most-mentioned actress on the Reddit forums, it seems as though Jennifer Lawrence is considered vastly overrated, and why wouldn’t she be? She has all the ingredients to be an overnight success – which she was – and her quirky and relatable personality (real or fake) earned her soundbites in every interview she gave, which was then replayed ad nauseum. A hit teen film franchise, some Oscar bait, big award wins, and all while Lawrence has been in her early twenties and it can be a lot to deal with if you’re not a fan.

The criticisms of the Oscar winner range from “she’s good but not THAT good” to “painfully overrated” to “terrible actress” with a fair amount of colorful commentary in between.

Hey, when you’re gracing the big screen in every genre imaginable in just five years, you’re gonna get some haters!

1 Johnny Depp: “Same Character, Different Costume”


Considered by the majority of Reddit to be the most overrated actor by far, Johnny Depp is the winner of this dubious honor. The forums seem to be in agreement that Depp was once a stellar actor, choosing creative and challenging roles, but that now “he’s found a schtick and he sticks to it”.

Many seem to think that Depp has essentially given up trying, simply showing up whenever the casting sheet calls for someone kooky, and so he puts on a lot of makeup and does his job, but not with any real passion. Adding to the overratedness of Depp is the fact that his fans are the die-hard type who will defend him to the ends of the earth when the reality – and commonly-held thought – is that he’s just not as good as he used to be, and nothing is more disappointing than that.

SOURCES: Reddit.com

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