20 Of The Most Expensive Sneakers That Money Can Buy

Style differs from person to person, and in a way, our fashion choices are an extension of our personalities because clothing and shoes are a way to represent who we are, and what we like. And what some of us like is very, very expensive footwear because there are sneakers in this world that cost the same amount as a small house!

While it may seem absurd to spend thousands, and even hundreds of thousands, of dollars on a pair of sneakers, these shoes have become a collector's item for some; take Michael Jordan’s Converse Fastbreaks as an example, which sold for a whopping $190,372.80 on auction. And for others, sneakers have become a status symbol, with fans searching the online marketplace to get their hands on limited editions of their favorite rapper’s collaboration with sports retailers — from Kanye West to Eminem — or hoping that these brands will re-release some of their most exclusive collections.

Below are 20 of the most expensive sneakers that money can buy, from futuristic shoes that can auto-lace to film-inspired samples that never made it to final production. No matter what the shoe, it’s guaranteed to cost a big chunk of your paycheck to own!

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20 The Nike Mag 2016 Are Inspired By The Future, And Most People Will Have To Wait Years To Afford The 26k Price Tag

Via Nike Mag 2016: Global Impact/YouTube

Not many people would pay $26,000 for a pair of shoes (this is the price tag they fetch, according to Sneaker Freaker), but then again, the Nike Mag 2016 is not your average pair of sneakers. According to the Nike website, only 89 pairs of these shoes were made available globally, through a digital draw in 2016.

These sneakers are inspired by the future, in more ways than just their appearance, thanks to the system called Adaptive Fit which was incorporated into the footwear.

What this does is sense the wearer and then tightens or loosens the laces on the sneaker.

And despite the whopping price tag, it does benefit a good cause because the shoe was created in partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation in an effort to aid research for a cure for Parkinson disease.

19 Only Major Sneaker Fans Would Fork Out More Than 3k On Nike Air Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum…

Via Sneaker News

No matter what you think of Kanye West as an artist, there is no denying one thing; he understands fashion and his Yeezy footwear collaborations have been very successful. While there are many shoes to choose from which fetch a hefty price tag, it’s the Nike Air Yeezy 2’s, the second is in his collaboration with the retailer, that is particularly memorable, and according to Business Insider, they cost upwards of $3,000.

The design was first released in 2012 (after initially being expected to be released at the end of 2011) and came in a wolf gray and pure platinum color scheme.

18 … Or Almost 6k On Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October Shoes, For That Matter

Via TheIdleMan

In keeping with Kanye West’s footwear, we also bring you the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October, which, if you could believe, costs even more than the aforementioned pair. They were also released following the controversy of West leaving Nike for Adidas, which is why many fans feared that the bold red design may never make it onto the shelves, and when they did, everyone wanted a piece of them.

According to The Idle Man, these shoes were released in 2014, but had a limited release and sold out extremely quickly.

The ones that were later re-sold on eBay sold for thousands.

If you are a die-hard fan you can understand this because there was never a re-release, and according to the website, the highest bid on these sneakers was a whopping $16,300,000.

17 Air Jordan 12 OVO Requires A Lot More Than An Average Salary To Own

Via Sneaker News

Collaborations with footwear companies and rappers are nothing new, so it should come as no surprise that another pair of highly sought out sneakers was in part thanks to Drake. The rapper collaborated with Air Jordan (a brand of basketball footwear and clothing in collaboration with Nike), to create the Air Jordan 12 OVO, a white and metallic gold colorway, which according to List25, can be bought for $6,000.

This was not the original asking price, but because the brand decided to make a limited release, these shoes were sold out and ended up on secondary markets which drove up the price drastically.

16 The Nike Lebron 9 Low 'LeBronold Palmer' Sneakers Weren’t Released To The Public

Via Sneaker News

The creation of the Nike Lebron 9 Low in summer of 2013, was a very exclusive one, and List25 claims that it was never released to the public — although a few people have managed to get their hands on them.

The shoes have a real summer feel to them, with a tropical motif and bright colors, and a custom insole that references the Arnold Palmer drink, Sole Collector reports.

But these sneakers are not only incredibly hard to come by, but also very expensive.

If you want this shoe, it comes with a price tag of $7,000 and is apparently only available in a size 13.

15 DJ Khaled Is Always Singing About Money, And His DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 'Grateful' Cost A Lot Of It

Via JustFreshKicks

DJ Khaled is a rapper that makes no secret of his love for the finer things in life, and now he has a special sneaker collaboration that will deplete most average people’s salaries. He partnered with the Jordan brand for the first time to create a special sneaker called DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 Grateful.

According to Kicks On Fire, the shoes are made with a red leather upper and feature an elephant print on the heel and toe, as well as the rapper’s signature phrase “We The Best” on the heel. As for the cost? That varies online, but according to StockX, the last sale made was for $6,500.

14 Did You Know Nike Made A Scary Move Inspired Shoe? They Did, And It's Not Cheap

Via List25

It’s not every day that you get to wear a pair of sneakers that have been inspired by a horror movie character.

Although these shoes do not look scary, they are, according to List25, inspired by Freddy Krueger.

The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Freddy Krueger Sample was designed as part of the brand’s Horror Pack, along with Jason Voorhees Dunks, and Dawn of the Dead Trainer 1, but according to Kicks On Fire, this sample didn’t make the cut. Some of the differences between the sample and the product that made it to production is that the final has stains which are meant to look like blood splatter, and a more visible green and red sweater stripes.

13 They Aren’t New, But Michael Jordan’s Converse Fastbreaks Sold For More Than 190k

Via SCP Auctions

Michael Jordan is considered as one of the most talented basketball players of all time, and fans had the opportunity to get a little piece of him when his worn Jordan’s Converse Fastbreaks went on auction. These were the same shoes that he wore in the 1984 Olympic Finals as part of the U.S. Men’s Basketball team, who played Spain on Aug. 10. The team won an Olympic gold medal, and this was, according to the SCP Auctions — who put the item up for sale — the last pair of shoes that Jordan wore in competition as an amateur basketball player.

Although the starting bid was at $10,000, the final price the sneakers sold for was $190,372.80.

12 Macklemore Is A Big Sneaker Fan And Owns An Air Jordan 6 Which Is Priced At 25k

Via SneakerFreaker

Rapper Macklemore is a massive fan of really expensive sneakers and has a pair referred to by Sneaker Freaker as Macklemore x Air Jordan 6. The website also reports that these shoes are worth $25,000.

His sneakers were revealed during his appearance on Complex Closets, on which he revealed his impressive sneaker collection, and among them was not one, but two colorways of the Air Jordan 6 that have not been seen before.

According to Sole Collector, the shoes in question were one in a navy blue suede, and the other a green faux snakeskin, which Macklemore revealed is a sample, and similar to the pine green Gatorade shoes that were released in December of 2017.

11 Because The Nike SB Dunk Low Paris Is So Rare, You Can Expect To Pay Big Money

Via TheIdleMan

With any shoes that have limited release and extreme popularity, you can expect to pay a lot of money for them, and The Nike SB Dunk Low Paris is a very rare pair of sneakers. According to The Idle Man, these high-quality suede sneakers can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s if you can even find them for sale in the first place.

The reason they are so popular is that only 202 pairs were made, with the design being inspired by the work of Bernard Buffet. That, and each shoe is completely unique, each having their own one-of-a-kind design.

10 The Louis Vuitton Punchy Sneaker Is Super Chic, It’s Also Priced At More Than 1k

Via MoneyInc

Louis Vuitton's Punchy Sneaker is a great design for the woman who wants sneakers that are feminine and chic, as well as embellished with beads.

The design is a sleek black sneaker-boot with front-lace closure, which according to Money Inc. has been designed using suede calf leather.

The publication also notes that the sneaker has been “richly embroidered with beads and sequins in a motif inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Monogram flowers.” But aside from the beading on the side, the rest of the sneaker is pretty sleek, allowing for the gold logo of the fashion house to be incredibly visible.

9 If You Love Chanel, Calfskin, And Velvet, Then These Sneakers Are For You

Via Chanel

Big sports retailers and musicians are fantastic at collaborating on sneakers (which also end up costing a fortune), but well-known fashion houses have also realized the need to create sneakers, and these particular sneakers were designed by Chanel. In recent years, fashion and comfort have merged to start a trend called athleisure, and for this reason, sneakers have increased in popularity.

If you want to get your hands on designer sneakers, then this pair (which doesn’t seem to have a name) is a striking mixture of blue, black and silver in color, and are a combination of calfskin and velvet. You can also expect to pay $1,025 to own them.

8 The Jordan 2 Eminem 'The Way I Am' Sneaker, May Look Good, But They Are Hardly Reasonable

Via SoleCollector

Eminem’s collaboration with Jordan is definitely one of the more memorable ones, and the Air Jordan 2 is really quite striking thanks to the black and varsity red colorway of Eminem's design.

The shoes were released in 2008 and designed to coincide with the rapper’s 'The Way I Am' book release, Sole Collector reports.

The interesting thing to know about these sneakers is that when they initially made it onto the market they were priced at just $110, but because of their popularity, on StockX they have been sold for more than $3,000.

As for why these sneakers are able to command such a price? Well, that’s because there were only 313 pairs created, in honor of Detroit’s area code.

7 Versace's Chain Reaction 'Spotted' Sneakers Fetch A Price Of Over 1k

Via Sneaker News

Rapper 2 Chainz first created excitement around his sneaker collaboration with Italian fashion giant, Versace, and footwear designer Salehe Bembury, when he was spotted wearing a custom pair of Chain Reaction sneakers in February of 2018, Pause reports.

According to HypeBae, this collection featured four colorways for men and three additional colorways designed for women, and when 2 Chainz designs sneakers he doesn’t want anything boring, and it’s safe to say that his Versace collaboration was one that you couldn’t miss. Quite literally, because these sneakers, with their leopard print, red laces, and super-thick sole, are bold and bright, and one of several in the collection.

They are also very expensive, and according to Complex, you can expect to pay $1,350 for a pair of these sneakers.

6 Not All That Glitters Is Gold, Sometimes It’s Isabel Marant Bird Wedge Sneakers For Seven Hundred And Fifty-Five Dollars

Via Elle

There is no mistaking that these sneakers have been designed with a chic woman in mind, and Isabel Marant is responsible for creating these metallic leather Bird Wedge Sneakers, which were available for $755.

This type of sneaker is appealing to a woman who wants the comfort of a flat shoe, without forgoing heel height.

And it seems that the design house thought of this by creating a concealed wedge, complete with velcro fastening straps — which seems to channel the '90s.

The gold coloring also makes these particular sneakers a statement piece, and the perforated detailing and oversized tongue are quite eye-catching.

5 Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Don ‘Patchwork’ Are Selling For Over 4k

Via HighSnobiety

According to High Snobiety, these shoes, which are a collaboration between Kanye West and Louis Vuitton, are worth $4,500 — although the original retail price was $960. It’s no secret that West loves fashion, especially high-quality and exclusive designs, and it seems that the Patchwork sneaker fits that bill.

The design was one of several that the rapper did in collaboration with the Italian fashion house, and was first released in 2009. According to Sneaker News, there were three different styles released, the Don, the Mr. Hudson boat shoe, and the high-top Jasper, which combined were available in ten colorways — although the tan and pink combination of the Patchwork is the most striking.

4 Some People Actually Want To Walk In 24K Gold-Dipped Sneakers, Like The Nike Dunks

Via Fancy

It seems pretty absurd to be walking around wearing gold on your feet, but these sneakers take footwear to a whole new level; they are dipped in 24K gold. According to SneakHype, in 2009, these gold dipped Nike Dunks were on sale for $4,500 in a shop in New York City.

Apart from the fact that they are actually dipped in gold and cost a small fortune, not much else is known about these sneakers.

What we do know is that the Nike Dunk style was originally created in the ‘80s and was designed for basketball players (via SoJones), and a few decades later someone obviously thought it would be a good idea to add gold to these iconic shoes.

3 Drake Is A Fan Of The 5k Air Jordan V ‘Tokyo 23’

Via Complex

Drake is a big fan of sneakers, and we even mentioned his collaboration with Air Jordan earlier on this list, when he created the very pricey white and metallic gold Air Jordan 12 OVO. But in 2015, he made headlines for a different pair of Air Jordan’s, this time the V Tokyo 23, which he was seen wearing to a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers hosted the Houston Rockets.

The reason these shoes got so much attention is that, according to Complex, they were exclusively released in Japan in 2011, and have become highly sought-after collector's items, which are now selling online for $5,000.

2 For Just Over 1k, You Can Own These Futuristic LV Archlight Sneakers

Via HighSnobiety

Louis Vuitton is not known for creating affordable garments, so paying a thousand dollars for their Archlight Sneakers is really not that surprising. These chunky sneakers debuted on the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 runways, and feature an eye-catching sole made of thick, springy rubber, and a high tongue.

The shoes are available in a range of different colors including black on black soles, black on white soles, and a combination of blue and red, on white soles.

And according to High Snobiety, the style was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, whose inspiration is said to be a combination of futuristic trends and the vintage ’90s basketball look.

1 Lanvin Wants You To Wear Your Heart (And Money) On Your Shoes

Via Elle

When you see some of the other prices that sneakers on this list command, Lanvin’s low-top, heart print satin sneakers with patent leather toe cap, really don’t seem that expensive with their $640 price tag. But there is something important to remember about these shoes: they are not limited edition and therefore rare, and this large sum is actually their retail price.

Why would you want to own these shoes? Well, apart from the fact that Lanvin is one of the most respected French fashion houses in the fashion industry, they are also a statement item and would add a pop of color to any outfit.

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