20 Of The Most Delicious-Sounding Starbucks Drinks From Around The World

In 2017, it was calculated that there were over 27,000 Starbucks locations in the world. Within those locations, there are countless customization options, Secret Menu beverages, and region-specific treats – but we’re here to talk about the beverages. With Frappuccinos, Lattes, and Mochas, there are tons of delicious-sounding alternatives that can only be found outside of North America.

Drinks made with ingredients that can be found only within a specific country (or that are popular only among those nations) or exclusive Fraps that run for a limited time get our mouths watering and make us want to hop aboard a plane to hit up a Starbucks on the other side of the world! Sure, we might have had the Unicorn Frappuccino, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino, and even the Halloween-specific Zombie and Frappula Frappuccinos, but what about the Mermaid Frappuccino, or the Sakura Blossom Cream Latte, or the Rose Pistachio Mocha?

Testing the limits of what we can imagine – and what our taste buds can handle – these are 20 of the most delicious-sounding, outrageous, and over the top Starbucks drinks from around the world! Excuse us, we’re booking a trip around the globe as we speak!

20 American Cherry Pie Frappuccino, Japan

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Unlike other Starbucks drinks, which try to trick you into consuming loads of sugar along with your caffeine, this American Cherry Pie Frappuccino (ironically only available in Japan) doesn’t bother trying to disguise what it really is: a dessert in a cup!

This drool-worthy Frap begins with a base of cherry syrup and cherry compote before being layered with the vanilla crème base and yet more cherry syrup and cherry compote.

Finished with a domed pie pastry crust you actually have to stab your straw through to get at the beverage, this drink is the definition of decadence.

19 Mermaid Frappuccino, Mexico & South America

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You’ve likely already heard of the Unicorn Frappuccino, whose pink-and-blue tangy sweetness appeared on Instagram feeds everywhere, and maybe you’ve even tasted the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, which was also available in North America, but what about the Mermaid Frappuccino?

This specialty drink was only available for one week in August 2017 in Mexico and South America and featured a pastel green melon crème base that was topped with blue vanilla whipped cream, edible pearls, and blue and pink sugar crystals. Clearly, Starbucks understands the value of making something worthy of the ‘Gram! Too bad the rest of us couldn’t get a taste!

18 Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino, Singapore

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For when you don’t want to choose between a dessert, a smoothie, or Starbucks, there’s the Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino – but only in Singapore!

This layered concoction has panna cotta pudding spooned into the bottom of each cup before being covered in an icy blend of blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and mulberries.

Finished with the ubiquitous pile of whipped cream and drizzled with a summer berry syrup, this delicious-looking dessert drink sounds perfect for summer and also something you need to wait 30 minutes after consuming before swimming. Hey, at least you’re getting quite a bit of fruit in each Frap!

17 Sakura Blossom Cream Latte, Japan

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In springtime, Japan celebrates Sakura Matsuri, or the cherry blossom festival. In honor of the occasion, Starbucks Japan created tons of pink-hued, limited-edition beverages, like the Sakura Blossom Cream Latte.

Less about caffeine and more about developing something decadent, the Sakura Blossom Cream Latte uses a sauce made of cherry petals, condensed milk, and white bean paste. And gets decorated with edible pearls and sakura flakes (For what it’s worth, the United States did their own version for a limited time, the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino which incorporated matcha powder, but by all accounts, it wasn’t quite the same.)

16 Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha, Latin America & The Caribbean

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Cranberry is one of those holiday flavors that are the unsung hero of the season. Reduced to being a scented candle or a sauce, cranberries rarely get their due – until we heard about this tasty Starbucks beverage!

The Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha is available for a limited time in Latin America and the Caribbean, but, from reading its description on the Starbucks website, it should be everywhere!

Sweet and tangy, this drink is made with espresso steamed milk, and white chocolate sauce (making it a standard White Chocolate Mocha) before getting dressed up with whipped cream, a tart cranberry drizzle, and crystallized cranberry sugar.

Is it bad that we wish it were December already?

15 Coffee & White Tiramisu Frappuccinos, Japan

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You could get a Coffee Frappuccino any other day of the week, or you could kick it up a notch, travel to Japan, and get the Coffee & White Tiramisu Frappuccinos! Made with the standard Coffee Frappuccino base, this beast gets layered with cookie and brownie crumbles, cream cheese mousse, and a dusting of cocoa powder atop a mountain of whipped cream.

If you’re not into caffeine, the White Tiramisu Frap uses the caffeine-free Vanilla Crème Frappucino base before getting all those decadent, dangerous layers. Hey, anything that looks this incredible definitely deserves the calories!

14 Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino, Indonesia & Singapore

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Unless you’re traveling throughout certain parts of Asia, you’ll have to save the Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino for another day! Available only in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand, a cream Frappuccino gets blended with orange sauce before getting a topping of whipped cream, crunchy orange honeycomb candy, and a citrus drizzle.

Described by Delish.com as “essentially a Creamsicle in a cup”, this is a must-have for anyone who loves those classic Popsicle flavors in a sippable, more adult form.

(Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that it’s really just a fancy, gourmet milkshake!)

13 Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino, Australia & United Kingdom

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Caramel? Good. Pretzels? Good. Popcorn? Good!

Blending salt with sweet is a classic flavor profile, and what better way to explore that than with a custom Starbucks beverage. Unfortunately for those of us in North America, we have to go Down Under or across the pond to get it – the Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino is only available in Australia and the United Kingdom!

The aptly-named drink has a signature “Pop’zel” (popcorn meets pretzel) syrup, caramel popcorn, mini pretzels, and lashings of buttery caramel drizzle for a concoction that should really come to our side of the world.

12 Butterscotch Brulée Latte, United Kingdom

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A drink that sounds cozy and like it belongs in a Harry Potter novel, it’s appropriate that the Butterscotch Brûlée Latte is only available in the United Kingdom.

Made with espresso, steamed milk, and caramelized butterscotch, it’s the kind of warm drink you want to just sink into.

Served with or without whipped cream topped with shards of butterscotch, just to amp it up a little more.

While it’s called the Butterscotch Brûlée Latte in the UK, in other parts of Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa, the drink is called a Creamy Caramel Latte, but there’s something about the name Butterscotch Brûlée that just has us feeling warm all over.

11 Chocolatey Banana Cocoa Drink, Japan

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Few combinations are quite as perfect as chocolate and banana, so how come Japan was the only country to be blessed with this drink? The Chocolatey Banana Cocoa Drink could be served hot or iced, and white or dark – but it’s really all about the toppings here. Once you get past the whipped cream, the Chocolatey Banana Cocoa Drink gets a drizzle of chocolate, crumbled pieces of banana sponge cake, and chunks of banana roasted in sugar, giving the fruit a rich, caramel note that makes this beverage a perfectly suitable alternative to a standard dessert.

10 Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino, Australia

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The Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is the grown-up, more delicious sister of the standard Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino that you can find over here, it’s just such a shame that this decadent creation can only be tasted in Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand!

The standard caffeine-free strawberry crème base gets blended with strawberry purée and cookie crumbles but, like the rest of these international beverages, it’s what’s on top that counts the most.

A cheesecake-flavored whipped cream upgrades the standard whip, while a drizzle of strawberry sauce and crumbles of graham cookie pieces knock it out of the park!

9 Fudge Hot Chocolate, Europe, Middle East, & North Africa

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Another holiday staple if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it (they’re only available in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa), the Fudge Hot Chocolate is like a warm hug, but with loads of sweet, sweet chocolate!

Boosting the creamy milk hot chocolate with a fudgy flavor, this hot beverage gets fudge-flavored whipped cream (we’re not sure how they managed to do that!) and sprinkled with golden chocolate curls! The exposure on this image doesn’t do those twinkly bits justice, but imagine how regal you’d feel sipping on something that has gold in the topping? We’d say it’s about worth the price of airfare to get a cup!

8 Peach Blossom Green Tea Latte, China

via brit.co

In honor of Chinese New Year, Starbucks China introduced a lineup of three drinks: an Apricot White Chocolate Mocha, a Golden Walnut Cookie Latte, and a Peach Blossom Green Tea Latte, which sounds the most delicious of the bunch!

Called by Brit + Co the “most interesting” of all three.

The Peach Blossom Green Tea Latte blends matcha and steamed milk before getting topped with sweet pink peach-flavored sugar candies and just a sprinkle of matcha powder.

Described as “refreshing” with flavors that blended well and a “lovely texture”, this one looks adorable and sounds tasty, too!

7 Lemon-Vanilla Frappuccino, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Norway, & Sweden

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Inspired by the American lemon meringue pie (although, ironically, not served in America), the Lemon-Vanilla Frappuccino is apparently similar to the Lemon Bar Frappuccino, so let’s break these two down, shall we?

The Lemon-Vanilla Frap combines lemon sauce and vanilla syrup in a crème base before getting topped with whipped cream, crushed meringue cookies, and a lemon drizzle. The Lemon Bar Frap, on the other hand, blends lemonade with the crème base before getting whipped cream and a caramel sugar sprinkle. Given the choice between the two, we’ll pick the former – but we’ll have to travel to get it!

6 Acai Mixed Berry Frappuccino, Asia

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By combining a superfruit (acai) with yogurt, Starbucks has successfully tricked us into thinking this Frappuccino is actually healthy (and maybe even an acceptable alternative to a balanced breakfast)!

Only available in parts of Asia, the Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino is made with acai berry-infused yogurt, mixed berry pearls that are bursting with fruity flavor, and topped with a generous portion of whipped cream.

Not only does this beverage look adorable, delicious, and totally Insta-worthy, but it sounds almost healthy enough that we wouldn’t feel bad for ordering a Venti – whipped cream an all!

5 Mango Jelly Frappuccino, Japan

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One of two jelly Frappuccinos, we’ll start with the mango option, because it makes our mouth water and stomach grumble just looking at it!

Available only in Japan – which seems to take their Starbucks drinks to a whole new level – the Mango Jelly Frappuccino combines mango, peach, strawberry, and orange flavors into a frozen, blended drink that sits atop a layer of peach jelly. With a dollop of whipped cream on top, all that’s missing from this fruity, summery drink is a tiny beach umbrella (and a beach on which to enjoy it, of course)!

4 Lúcuma Crème Frappuccino, Peru

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If you've never heard of lúcuma, you’re not alone. The tropical Peruvian fruit has been described as having a flavor similar to butterscotch, maple syrup, and custard, which makes for an interesting base for a Frappuccino! (The Lúcuma Crème Frap uses a caffeine-free crème base.)

Tangy and custardy, it sounds like this is a beverage better tasted than described – it’s a shame it’s only available in Peru!

With its bright color and one-of-a-kind flavor, this drink is begging to make an appearance on your Insta feed. From what we’ve heard, it’s so delicious you won’t even miss the caffeine!

3 Strawberry Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino, Asia Pacific

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Available through the Asia Pacific region – which is Starbucks-speak for Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam – this is the strawberry twin of the Mango Jelly Frappuccino we mentioned above!

Reminiscent of a parfait, the Strawberry Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino alternates layers of yogurt-blended drink with layers of strawberry jelly cubes before getting topped with a generous among of jelly, this beverage is a popular one for desserts in the area. Whether you’re into strawberry or more of a mango person, we’re just jealous that we can’t nab one of these for ourselves without booking an international flight!

2 Pistachio Rose Mocha, Europe, Middle East, & Africa

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Arguably the most elegant addition to Starbucks menus everywhere, the Pistachio Rose Mocha was only available for a limited time in the winter of 2016 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Steamed milk and espresso were swirled with mocha sauce and a rose and pistachio syrup before getting finished off with a rose and pistachio whipped cream and a crumbled pistachio topping.

We imagine that the floral of the rose would be offset by the earthiness of the pistachios, making for an elevated beverage that even the staunchest critics of the coffee chain would love!

1 Iced Sparkling Espresso With Mint, Seattle

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Okay, in all fairness, this drink is available in the United States, but only in Seattle, where Starbucks began its delicious journey, so we’re counting it since it’s still exclusive.

An artisanal take on the coffee-and-tonic trend, this drink combines espresso, ice, fresh mint, demerara (a light brown cane sugar) syrup, and soda water for a drink that’s fizzy, refreshing, and perfect for summer – and your Instagram feed! Since this Starbucks creation isn’t as difficult to get to compared to the rest on this list, you might want to put it at the top of your must-have drinks!

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