19 Of The Best Mary-Kate And Ashley Products That Give Us Major Nostalgia

From the moment the precious Michelle Tanner uttered her signature catchphrase on the sentimental sitcom Full House, the precocious twins who brought her character to life, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became household names. The Olsens began sharing the role of Michelle at the age of six months old when the show premiered in 1987, giving viewers of the hit show the opportunity to grow up alongside the girls!  Fans knew there was something special about Michelle; she charmed everyone with her storylines, notably her rock-and-roll uncle Jesse. Jesse's real-life counterpart, John Stamos, famously bonded with the girls offscreen!

Stamos wasn't alone in his admiration for the Olsen's acting ability; by the third season of Full House, Michelle was so popular, she inspired her own doll!  When the show was canceled, fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley needn't worry, the twins were already taking the steps to build their legacy which would become a giant merchandising empire. Mary-Kate and Ashley would go on to create countless products; they starred in straight-to-video films, inspired multiple book series, music, and even their own magazine! You name it, the Olsens had it.

Mary-Kate and Ashley became the "youngest self-made millionaires in the history of the United States", and they are still expanding their legacy with a  clothing line for adults, perfect for their fans who are all grown up! It wouldn't be a celebration of Mary-Kate and Ashley without some nostalgia; check out some of their vintage products! Who knows, maybe you'll start humming this catchy throwback tune?

19 Their Sweetly Scented Shampoo

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Mary-Kate and Ashley were beauty gurus from a young age! Back in the day, the sisters teamed up with Wal-Mart for a fashion and cosmetics line, giving many of us our first taste of the makeup counter! The Olsens had all of our hairstyling needs covered with their shampoo and conditioner; the beach waves Ashley was rocking at the time could certainly be inspired by the shampoo's coconut scent!

The shampoo and conditioner were available in a few different color combinations; the blue shampoo definitely went along with the beach inspired style vibe of the early 2000s. Surf's up, ladies!

18 The Hot Hairdryer

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When we wanted our hair to look perfectly blown out for our chance to rock the school hallway like it was a runway, what better tool to use than Mary-Kate and Ashley's hairdryer?

The must-have styling tool came with a feature allowing you to push a button letting out cool air when the hairdryer got a little too powerful! It came in two different wattage levels, the 1600 and 1800, and both levels held incredibly impressive staying power promising a full day of fierce looks!

Mary-Kate and Ashley were known to inspire many easy and attainable hairstyles over the years!

17 Gorgeous Glitter

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The late '90s and early '00s fashionista knew her school dance look would only be completed with a dash of glitter as she ruled the school with her cute dress and perfect date! The Olsens knew the importance of having the perfect accessory for a school dance and other nightlife events; their make-up line included the perfect "sequin dust" to top off many different looks!

The Olsens knew how to coordinate your glitter to your outfit; their "sparkling powder" was available in different shades and colors. Back in the day, many makeup mavens were satisfied with the glitter's chic shine!

16 Their Magazine

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Mary-Kate and Ashley's tagline for their brand was "Real__ For Real Girls." No matter what type of product they were selling, the sisters knew the importance of understanding what their audience wanted the most. In 2001, they incorporated multiple interests into one-stop source with the launch of their own magazine!

The girls knew exactly what type of content their fans wanted to read. Their magazine read like the pulse of early 2000's teen culture; the magazine gifted us with quizzes which informed us of our secret souls, real stories we could relate to, and so much more.

Read on, ladies!

15 Cool Choker

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Choker necklaces were seen as a token of identity in the late '90s and early 2000s! They had many different uses: if you wanted to spruce up your outfit with a touch of sophistication, your choker was there for you. Were you proud of your closest relationships? Friendship chokers were a must-have, too.

Mary-Kate and Ashley regularly rocked throwback chokers on the red carpet back in the day, and it seems the sisters never lost their love for whimsical chokers!

A few years ago, the Olsens answered our silver encased wishes with a new jewelry line for our grown-up selves!

14 The Sunny Sunglasses

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No matter what type of outfit you're in the mood to rock, there's a pair of sunglasses to accessorize with! Whether you want your sunnies to be the focus of your outfit or play a background role, the Olsens had a pair to fit your mood in their line of sunglasses from back in the day!

The '90s brought us many memorable trends, among them, the sunglasses which were on the tiny side of the lenses; the tiny-lense look would later be popularized in a big way by another famous sister, definitely proving the Olsens' legacy as eternal stylish trendsetters.

13 Pretty Posters

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Of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley were both classic style inspirations and longtime lovable role models! If we ever needed a quick splash of style inspo or just a reminder the Olsen girls were always around for you everywhere you looked, we could spruce our walls with a Mary-Kate and Ashley poster or two!

Expressing your love for the Olsen fandom was limitless with the girls' vintage collection of posters. Many of them featured replicated autographs from the Olsens, which surely inspired many to practice perfect penmanship and fueling our hopes and dreams of someday meeting the twins in real life!

12 Fun 'Full House' Dolls

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Michelle Tanner won the hearts of millions with her multiple catchphrases and the twins' cute charisma! It was only fitting for young Full House devotees to have their own Michelle doll to hang out with; you got it, dude!

The Michelle doll was perfect for Full House fans. You could squeeze her stomach, and she would grace you with a handful of Michelle's signature sayings. Mary-Kate and Ashley enjoyed the success of the Michelle doll; the twins often promoted the doll during breaks from filming.

The other members of the Tanner clan were also available in Barbie doll form, too!

11 A Diary For Your Secrets

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You remember what it was like back in your middle school days; your days could feel endlessly long, and your experiences could feel kind of scary. If you felt like there wasn't anyone to discuss your feelings about the lunch menu or your crush, you knew your Mary-Kate and Ashley diary would be on-hand for you to spill your innermost thoughts to!

The Olsens understood the mirage of moods your daily life could bring; the diary came with a mood ring and was aesthetically pleasing because it featured lots of funky patterns. Mary-Kate and Ashley would safely guard your thoughts!

10 A Phone With A Twist

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Mary-Kate and Ashley were always able to stay connected, no matter if they were solving mysteries with their "mystery agency", or making sure their characters were equipped with a phone for their bedrooms. How retro! In a pre-smartphone world, we were connected to the outside world with an actual phone; seriously, you couldn't put a filter on this communication experience!

Back in the day, the Olsen twins covered the needs of all gabbing gals with their own Mary-Kate and Ashley phone. As a bonus, we could ignore an incoming call if we wanted, because the phone came with caller identification!

9 Their Fun Fan Club Products

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Years before many of us understood the importance of an elite club, no matter if it was the popular girls' lunch table, or Manhattan's elite, Mary-Kate and Ashley's biggest fans had the twins' exclusive fan club! Launched when the twins were still little, Mary-Kate and Ashley's "fun club" gave fans the essentials for an Olsen extravaganza. You could plaster glossy photos of the girls on your wall, collect exclusive merchandise, and wear your Olsen fan pride everywhere!

Fans were gifted a "fan club kit" and they didn't disappoint. The kits featured autographed pictures, posters, and sophisticated headshots of the girls!

8 Best Bedding

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Every single character in an Olsen movie seemed to always have fancy and funky patterns everywhere. If you envied all of the cool bedroom accessories, you were in luck because the Olsens had your back with a chic line of bedding!

The girls' bedding line featured sheets in a ton of different colors, so you were given countless options to capture your dream look and feel for your bedroom. You had tons of pretty patterns to choose from too. No matter what style you were looking for, Mary-Kate and Ashley's bedding line had countless options for every bedroom styling babe!

7 Sophisticated Smelling Scents

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How many of us dreamed of being a grown-up with plenty of sophistication, as young teens? A dash of perfume to complete our outfit definitely gave us some grown-up vibes, and the Olsen twins delivered with sweet-smelling perfumes!

The perfumes were packaged just like perfume sets for grown-ups, featuring lotions and little gifts; perfect for our first perfumes! The Olsens grew up with us in multiple ways, even cosmetically. Years later, when the girls began their fashion line, Elizabeth and James, a perfume set was included, proving everything comes full circle from sweet scents to sassy scents for absolutely everyone.

6 Games For Girls

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Growing up can be complicated, presenting us with "real questions" which demanded "real answers" about navigating friendship. If this sounds like your teenhood, Mary-Kate and Ashley had you covered with their board game, Friendship Connection!

It was almost as if the twins were members of your family game night; the Friendship Connection game gave you the chance to "find out what you want to know about yourself and your friends!" Talk about burning questions.

A few years later, the twins released a feature film called New York Minute, which inspired multiple products, including a board game! "It's how you play!"

5 Tasty Toothpaste

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There's no doubt the Olsen twins have beautifully memorable smiles, and luckily for their biggest fans, their brand made sure you could have an Olsen inspired smile!

For a time, Mary-Kate and Ashley were a vital part of the morning routines of millions. Their varieties of toothpaste were available in various flavors and made for millions of high wattage smiles. The kinds of toothpaste were featured in bubblegum and mint.

The girls wanted to keep their target demographic of fans in mind when creating the toothpaste. E! reported, "Aquafresh is seeking to keep them comfortable--not too much mint, not-too-old Olsens."

4 Vintage Valentine Cards

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The Olsen twins were no strangers to the world of romance! The girls frequently featured cute love interests in their films over the years, and there's no doubt their fans envied their collection of leading men. To help with their fans' search to find a cute boy to gaze at, the girls launched a line of Valentine's Day cards!

Valentine's Day was always an important occasion in elementary school, and the twins were on hand to help you celebrate love and friendship. The Valentine card kit covered your craft needs; the book featured glitter and stickers galore filled with love!

3 Their Best Books

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The Olsens were literary darlings from a young age! The twins were fixtures on the bookshelves of their fans throughout their ages, and all stages of their fans' reading levels. The girls inspired multiple book series which tied into their classic mystery video series, the Two Of A Kind TV series, and novelization versions of their many movies!

The early chapter books featured original storylines, keeping fans hooked and flipping pages! The girls also promoted their book series with a commercial featuring them with their noses in a book in between their fancy engagements, showing fans reading could be fun.

2 Darling Dolls

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From acting in films to creating their mega fashion empire, the Olsens secured role-model status early on in their careers. Their adventures were limitless, and you could tag along with Mary-Kate and Ashley, emulating their fabulous and fun existence with their line of dolls!

Many different sets of Olsen twin dolls would be produced, but the "classic" doll set was released in the late '90s and featured accessory staples, which were true to the twins' personalities. Mary-Kate came with horseback riding gear, and Ashley hung out on the dance floor with her ballet gear. Possibilities were limitless with Olsen dolls!

1 Fantastic Fashions

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There comes a time in every teen girl's life where she wants to expand her wardrobe and include some new threads in her style repertoire! This was the case for Mary-Kate and Ashley! They showed their fans a taste of their love for fashion with a style-centric video in their You're Invited series, foreshadowing their mark on the world of clothing!

According to E!, their stylist recognized the girls had a "passion for fashion" and were inspired to begin a clothing line for teens, which could be found at Walmart. Ashley explained, "[They] were the clothes we wear, cut down."

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