20 Of Barbie's Most Stylish Moments

There are numerous lists out there of iconic style moments and best-dressed stars, but this one right here will focus on one of the most fashionable females in the world... Barbie.

She may just seem like a doll to some people, but she is far more than that. Barbie is a form of entertainment, with all her clothes, accessories, and friends. She is an inspiration to all, as she has had a variety of jobs and adventures. And she is a true icon who wears some super fab outfits.

From ball gowns during the holiday season and red carpet looks inspired by real-life celebs to casual outfits and even yoga pants, Barbie’s wardrobe has something for everyone. Sure, her favorite color is pink—so there is a lot of that—but she literally has clothing items that would work in every single situation, no matter where she is heading. And that is how it has always been, and year after year, her closet just gets better and better.

So, here and now, we will look back at some of her shining moments. We will ooh and ahh over some of her coolest looks. And we will honor 20 of Barbie’s most stylish outfits.

20 This Day-To-Night Look


Barbie is a true it girl. She can work in a neat office all day, go out with friends at night, and then spend her weekends out having fun with family members. That being said, she needs clothes that can transition from day to night, which is why Mattel gave her this next look.

Upon first glance, it seems like the perfect power suit in that perfect pink color. But with a few changes and switches, it then becomes a funky outfit that could be worn while out having fun. It is super versatile, and it is truly one of Barbie’s best moments!

19 The Jewel Girl Barbie’s Transforming Outfit


Another transforming outfit came about with the Jewel Girl Barbie. Up top was a triangular crop top that could point up or down, and over that was this great little leather jacket that we want for ourselves. The main attraction on the bottom was this super full skirt. That could be taken off, though, and underneath that were some disco-inspired pants... which could also be shortened!

There were some many looks here, and with this doll’s squishy stomach, super soft hair, and glittering makeup, she was one who truly stood out, out of all the Barbies who have ever been created.

18 Her Andy Warhol Fur & Fun


Barbie is a true fashion icon, so some other iconic brands have collaborated with her over the years. For instance, when this Andy Warhol look was released... wow. This chick also looks great, especially in her signature color, but this had an extra oomph. The pop art on her dress, that amazing coat, and her larger-than-life curls all combined to give the world something really fun.

It is Barbie—but with an updated twist! Yes, she has had some fabulous moments, but this one, inspired by artist Andy Warhol, is really up there on our overall list of stylish looks.

17 This Artsy Ensemble

Hive Miner

Speaking of art… A different version of Barbie is seen here. She is actually a Generation Girl doll, and she introduced some more great clothing items into Barbie’s closet. This printed skirt may be too much for some people, but this girl rocked it. This sheer top may be too funky for others, but it looks great here.

The matching choker, the fringed purse, and the braided hair were all like cherries on top, as well, creating an artistic ensemble that could be mixed and matched with other colorful and funky items that Barbie already owned and loved.

16 Barbie As Audrey Hepburn


Some Barbie dolls are modeled after real people, such as Audrey Hepburn, and while we could have included the Breakfast at Tiffany’s version (with the little black dress, top bun, pearls, and sunglasses), we think this one is better. It is the perfect combo of this doll and this actress.

It has classic and elegant touches, with a stylish coat and sweet bow detail. But it also has a playful vibe to it, with the bubble shape and with the bubblegum pink from head to toe. This outfit is truly iconic, and we would love to wear this exact look somewhere!

15 This Rainbow Dress


Since Barbie has so many places to go, so many things to do and so many people to see, she does not always have to look elegant and refined; sometimes, the occasion does not call for that, and sometimes, the occasion calls for a super fun and funky dress—like this one!

She may be going to a birthday party at a hip restaurant. She could be going into an office where she has a creative job. She may even be performing, since we know Barbie can sing, dance, and entertain. Wherever she is going, she looks so totally amazing!

14 Raquelle’s Modern-Day Look


Many of Barbie’s clothing items are timeless pieces that have been around for years and are ones that can work in many instances. Some may have had a couple of updates to continue working in today’s time. However, lots of new dolls come in super modern outfits that were not around back in the day.

This, for example, looks like it could have come out of a modern-day closet. It looks like something a fresh and a young woman would be wearing today. From those staple pieces and that sparkly cardigan to those gorgeous accessories, Raquelle here is one cool Barbie doll.

13 The Yves Saint Laurent Colorblock Dress


Fashion house Yves Saint Laurent knew just how awesome Barbie was when this brand gave the world this dress. Here, Barbie looks like a walking piece of art! The blocks of color are too perfect, and they cover a dress that is simple yet is divine, a dress that could be worn to work, on a date, or to the front row of a fashion show.

Plus, with this look, the icon got an updated hairstyle, which works quite well with this mod outfit here. Yep, this is another truly great moment from the one and from the only Barbie!

12 Her Elegant Cocktail Dress


When Barbie needs to dress up a bit, she can turn to this elegant cocktail dress. Its material is super luxurious with just the right amount of shine to it. It has a modern cut and a pretty print that makes it a timeless piece.

And if she really wants to turn up the drama (which... why wouldn’t she?), Barbie can add long black gloves, a big black hat, and these statement earrings. All of this comes together in a way that proves—to those who didn’t already know—that this woman is a total icon in the world of fashion.

11 And Her Pink Cocktail Dress


What if Barbie has an elegant event to attend but she wants to wear pink? Well, that is where this next number comes into play. This honestly looks like it is straight off the red carpet. We can see Jennifer Lawrence or Lupita Nyong'o or Lady Gaga in something like this, and we feel like we have actually.

Its top is embellished so that it will shine in photos. The accessories and styling are on point. And the skirt is everything! Layers of delicate fabric bubble up around Barbie in the most beautiful way as she pulls off a look that's both playful and glamorous.

10 This Polka Dot Ensemble


If one were to head to the Barbie aisle at a toy store or to Mattel’s website, he/she would find tons of fashion choices, as Barbie’s wardrobe is complex. One of her more recent fashionista looks is this one. It is a pencil skirt and a crop top, which could be worn to many places.

But it is more than that, of course. This ensemble is covered in polka dots, and it is made of fabrics that come in hot pink and a lime green/neon yellow color! Barbie likes to stand out, and she can definitely do so in this outfit right here.

9 Hipster Barbie’s Cute Hat


Another newer Barbie doll is the hipster Barbie, which may sound silly, but just look at this outfit. We would so totally wear this! Instead of basic jeans, this version has some floral appliques on them for a little something extra. Instead of a plain white tee, this one has some detailing up top, for some added flair.

And to top it all off, this Barbie doll has the cutest black hat, which we know she wears with some other equally amazing looks. The possibilities definitely seem endless with a wardrobe that is this incredible and iconic!

8 Totally Hair Barbie’s Funky Dress


Of course, we have to talk about Totally Hair Barbie. She is one of the most popular Barbies of all time. She took Barbie’s already amazing hair and made it something extra, with tons of added length and trendy crimps in it. But the greatness does not stop there…

This dress would be perfect at a party with a ‘70s theme. It would be great for a dinner at a funky restaurant. It would look cool during one of her performances. And then with those big pink earrings and that big purple bow in her hair...Wow. She is too cool.

7 Her Classic Black-And-White Swimsuit


Classic Barbie dolls had those really iconic faces, with the cat eye makeup and that perfect shade of red lipstick. These older versions also had some really iconic clothing items, like that slinky black gown Barbie sings in and a pink poodle skirt from the ‘50s.

But perhaps her most classic look is this black-and-white striped swimsuit. There are tons of different swimsuits, with different cuts, shapes, colors, and sizes, but this one is timeless. It seems like it would work for anyone who is any age by any pool or ocean... but no one could pull it off like Barbie.

6 Her Holiday Look In 2003

TGL Direct

It was hard to narrow down Barbie’s best holiday look, as each year brings about another glam dress. We decided on this one, though, which is the epitome of winter. She looks like an ice goddess! The dress is a sparkly silver and seems like something Elsa would wear.

The coat over that is white, trimmed in the perfect amount of fur and secured with a cool clasp. And on top of her head, with its elegantly styled hair and loose tendril, she is wearing a crown, which is fitting for this snowflake princess thing she has going on here.

5 This Pastel Skirt & Blouse


There is one more outfit from recent years that belongs on this list, and it really does something that looks like it could have been selected out of any of our closets. This is a pastel skirt paired with a pastel blouse, but they are detailed and so neat.

The textured material, the coordinating colors, the ruffle trim, and the bow on the neckline are all such sweet elements. Oh, and it seems like Barbie is off to a baby shower here, so we would really just like to wear this to our next shower, as well, please and thanks!

4 Her Proudly Pink Skirt & Blouse

Jest Pic

Barbie wears pink quite often, but in this next example, she truly owns it on a whole different level. As the name suggests, this Proudly Pink skirt and blouse and two of the most memorable pieces on this list.

And, of course, Barbie accessorized them in the greatest way. Her name is on her skirt, her gloves add some class, the peplum and the pin on her top are too fab, her purse is needed by us now, and her hair is even the perfect shade of bubblegum. She is making us proud of all of this pretty pink, too!

3 This Raincoat


We are so glad we found this next outfit, which is one of the last on this list and which is one of the oldest on this list. Barbie has several different raincoats from which to choose, but this one is almost too fashionable. It looks like it is straight off a runway in London.

It is trimmed in red, it comes with the cutest matching boots and a matching hat that is so funky and it pairs perfectly with that circular bag. And wasn’t Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of shoes like these recently…? See, Barbie is a true icon.

2 Courtney’s Adorable Outfit


This, once again, is not the traditional Barbie doll, but Courtney, this brunette gal, proves that everyone in this universe is so perfect. They all look great while having fun together, so this memorable outfit just had to be included.

Courtney came with a phone for herself and for her owner, which was neat, but she also came with this fuzzy pink crop top and this green skirt (which gave off school girl vibes with its print yet also had some edgy studs and leather on it). To accessorize, she wore lacy knee-high socks, chunky black shoes, and simple pearl earrings.

1 These Rockstar Pieces Of The ‘80s

Hive Miner

Last but not least, we are honoring Barbie’s rockstar moment here. These girls look like they are straight out of Jem, which was an animated TV show in the ‘80s about an all-girl rock band. But Jem was probably actually styled after Barbie, huh? Who wouldn’t want to be?!

The retro vibes, the over-the-top details, the coordinating looks, and the cool girl attitudes are all part of what makes Barbie so lovable to so many fans of so many ages and in so many places around the world. We truly love Barbie and all of her amazing looks and moments!

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