20 Obnoxious Social Media Behaviors Guys Are Guilty Of Doing

Scrolling and waiting; when it comes to dating in the social media age, it often feels like we're constantly spending time doing one or both of these things while waiting for our guys to communicate with us on social media! Waiting for a guy to get the message to interact or communicate via social media can seem like an eternal task: if we're not scrolling impatiently through the phone waiting for a guy to send us a message, can we really call him our "bae" in the era of social media?

This scenario sounds familiar for many of us, but what if the roles were reversed? It's true, some guys are self-proclaimed social media connoisseurs who log as many hours online as their girlfriends do. Chances are while scrolling through a social media feed, the male presence is strong as it should be, but sometimes dudes can be just as hooked on social media as women can, and while we may not hear about it, they can form habitual behaviors which can hover on the annoying side!

Whether a guy is scrolling or swiping, his presence on the world wide web will be known to all of his online "friends." After all, he may be accustomed to spending his time staring at a screen. According to Nielsen, "Nearly half an adult's day is dedicated to consuming [online] content."

Nearly half a day is a long span of time for a dude to develop some annoying social media habits, such as these pet peeves!

20 Fishing For Compliments

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Social media is, of course, our platform for us to be social while putting elements of our true selves out into the ether! While putting our authentic selves on social media can be a commendable action these days, there are a few social media practices which could be indicative of negative or narcissistic personality traits, which could potentially lead us to quickly press the "unfollow" button!

There are multiple avenues on social media designed for those who enjoy fishing for compliments, particularly apps designed for anonymous commentary. If your guy is in the habit of sharing these apps, swipe left!

19 Watching Photos Like A Hawk


So many of us are familiar with this scenario: we're loving our outfit or we're simply loving ourselves, and we want to share it with the world!

While the sea of "likes" may make us feel like we're holding the whole internet in our hands, there's almost always a gaggle of dudes lurking around the corner to click the "heart" button. Out of these internet dudes, there are a few who communicate with you strictly through selfie "likes."

Send him a text to put him to a hypothetical "talking test," and see if he can be a "response Romeo!"

18 Posting Several Times Daily

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When a quick scroll through his social media feed makes you lose your focus or maybe want to lose your lunch, there can be a lot to unpack. When a guy posts too much on his feed daily, there are a few reasons why you might want to scroll away from him as fast as you can!

He may be bored or he may not want to be bound to anyone because he'd rather be engaging with the glare on his phone than form a real relationship with you. If he can't "pause" on posts, he may not "pause" for you.

17 Being A 'Reply Guy'

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Even though social media can be extremely visual and some may think it's a "time sucker," many social media platforms provide endless opportunities for endless banter and engagement! While it's fun to participate in thoughtful discussions, unfortunately there are a few guys out in the world wide web who could be perceived as "reply guys."

A "reply guy" spends his time nitpicking through all of your thoughts with the intention of arguing with you rather than engaging in a friendly discussion. A "reply guy" really dislikes it when you try and actively engage him. Put him up to a challenge!

16 Watching So Many Stories

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From pop songs to popular encouraging mantras, the rest is still unwritten, and an extra moment taken to appreciate the present is always encouraged. Perhaps this could be one of the many reasons why "stories" have become social media's recent breakout phenomenon; capturing a snapshot of your daily life can bring you closer to your friends, and who doesn't love letting people in on the moments when you're doing something cool?

Some guys are known to use the "stories" feature a little differently than we'd like. Sometimes they watch, but never speak to us! What gives, boys of the WWW?

15 Being A Vague Babe

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If you were to categorize the people on your friends' list, chances are you would have a category pertaining to those people who are masters at writing vague, novel-length status updates. When they're questioned by a well-meaning friend and choose not to reveal the inspiration behind their riveting essay, they may belong in the "vague babe" category!

Guys who would be classified as "vague babes" may be a "miss" on the dating scale. If he is in the habit of posting vague content, it may be an indication of how he'd treat you in real life and in a relationship.

14 Reading But Never Replying

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We know them, and occasionally we may be one of them: the social media friend who reads your content but never interacts with it! You're able to tell your content has made an impression on them because they keep coming back.

A guy who repeatedly "leaves you on read" on social media is not a guy who you'd want in your IRL squad of pals. He obviously knows a good deal of information about you by reading your posts, but he never bothers to write you a note, which absolutely poses the question of what kind of BF he'd be!

13 Communicating Exclusively In Memes

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Don't misunderstand us, memes are one of the biggest staples of interaction in the year of our meme culture, 2019! Through someone's taste in memes, we're able to find out so much about their personalities. Are they funny? Do they like to poke fun at themselves through the occasional meme full of snark?

There is a point where these works of art can go from "meme" to "meh:" when a dude chooses to communicate exclusively through memes! How are we supposed to get to know our guys on a personal level? Meme text shouldn't pass for "real text!"

12 Never Liking Photos


In a world ruled by social media, finding a guy who isn't as active on social networks or hasn't experimented with the hottest apps seems extremely rare! Even if he's known to only do a quick scroll on the socials in the morning and night, our crush at least has a minimalist relationship with the "like" button!

What happens when you meet a cutie without having to scroll, and he doesn't pay attention to what's going on with any of your social profiles? Try to look beyond this head-scratching habit. He may be more inclined to actively listen to you!

11 Sliding Into DMs

Of course, we're all for catching a cutie's eye and making a unique impression in his direct messages, but it's always better when the messages are wanted and the feeling is mutual!

Those guys who unabashedly slide into our DMs and seem determined to make a connection despite several signals sent by us to find the flashing exit sign, are a new, modern type of internet annoyance.

Cosmopolitan notes, "There's a fine line between being flirty and being a weirdo... No one wants to feel like someone has been e-stalking them for hours upon hours."

Bust out those blocking powers!

10 Deactivating Profiles When Irritated

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Who among us hasn't had a knee-jerk reaction to something seen online and temporarily dipped out of social media? It's a completely normal reaction in a world where we are oh-so-connected.

Though deactivating can be a healthy practice, look out for guys who repeatedly deactivate their profiles, and keep an eye on the reason why they continuously do it. If your partner has a habit of pulling the social media plug after a fight, you may want to "angry face" react to this behavior. This is a sign of much-needed communication time; encourage him to speak to you IRL instead!

9 Exclusively Communicating Via One Platform

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Remember how important it was to make sure your relationship was documented on social media? Having official proof of your relationship was on par with having "the talk" IRL.

We've all heard jokes about commitment and eternal devotion to our favorite social network, but some savvy social media users take this commitment to heart, so much so that media outlets have started paying attention to men and women's preferred social media outlets!

Chances are you're connected with your cutie via multiple social networks. Ask him outright which one he prefers so he can easily connect with good results!

8 Not Responding While Clearly Active

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Communicating in a relationship during the age of social media absolutely takes on multiple forms. There are so many platforms on which to communicate with your significant other, and the multiple outlets for communication can potentially lead to social media related squabbles!

How annoying is it to really need your guy and he isn't answering your text messages, but his instant message status on social media outlets is clearly active? Ask him what communication style he prefers to use for personal communication so you two are able to minimize arguments that would only warrant an "angry face" reaction emoji!

7 Being A Hashtag Hottie

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The use of hashtags on social media began with a purpose, as Mashable reports, but as time and social networks have developed, hashtags have gradually fallen by the wayside. At this stage, your parents are probably the only "friends" on your feed who still use hashtags!

Hashtags are a quick way to narrow down your research, kind of like the equivalent of an online dictionary. If a dude has a habit of excessively including hashtags in his posts, pay attention to his personality. He may have a tight relationship with his ego and actively wants to take over the internet with his work.

6 Posting Goofy Photos Without Consent

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Admit it, you have a cute couple on your friends' list you follow exclusively to keep tabs on their sweet social media activity! When you're actually in a relationship tailor-made for social media, there are always some boundaries that should be set before you two put a filter on your couple photos!

Let's be real, a captured candid moment can be hilarious and perfect for sharing with the public, but when your guy tends to be a sneaky sleuth and has a habit of posting pictures without your consent, you might want to put the kibosh on his secret snapshots.

5 Never Posting Original Content

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Thumbing through your new crush's social media profile during the "early days" of a relationship can be just as fun as your one-on-one time together; his social media profiles are a giant insight into his social media practices. If he has a hilarious streak and his inevitable wit is one of your favorite personality traits of his, it makes sense to expect him to have a LOL-worthy social media feed!

What if your guy's profile is comprised of nothing but shared content? Even though it may feel disappointing, don't rely on his profile to get an insight into his personality!

4 The Screenshot Police

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Sure, screenshots can be fun to share with your guy, but it depends on the purpose for your screenshot exchanges!

Screenshots aren't only reserved for memorable conversations or hilarious memes kept for posterity. Some social media sweethearts use screenshots to capture messages that could possibly be used for annoying purposes later on.

No matter how strong your relationship may be, there will be moments when the sun won't shine. We've had our share of angry or nitpicky online discussions with our significant others in which we've been tempted to pull out receipts!

Take a deep breath and delete those shots instead!

3 The Social Media Scholar

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Like the recent phenomenon of the "mansplainer" who spends every waking moment with you attempting to fill you in on every possible bit of information (which you could totally find out for yourself), there's the guy on your feed who takes his time to go through all of your posts from the past for annoying nitpicking purposes!

The "social media scholar" is prepared to fact-check all of your current social media activity by somehow digging up your old material! Delete this dude as soon as humanly possible!

2 The Amateur Director

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One of the internet's greatest advantages is its opportunities for content creators to share their work with an extremely wide audience over multiple platforms, but what about the one dude who believes it's his duty to educate us on his skills and content, even before he asks us out on the first date?

Social media boundaries are just as important as "regular" boundaries within a relationship. If your guy seems a little too eager to share his film creations in lieu of actual conversation, tell him you'd rather know more about the "real" him!

1 Not Being Social On Social Media

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Sure, we've met our fair share of guys who aren't as gaga over social media as we are, but it's extremely rare in this day and age to meet someone who can't be located anywhere on the interne! Sure, your guy may have reasons as to why he prefers to stay unplugged, but it's still slightly annoying when we can't locate an online presence at all, whatsoever!

What about the pre-date scroll that lets us know all about a cute guy before we meet him? It's almost like the modern version of a blind date!

References: Nielsen, Mashable, Cosmopolitan

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