20 Newly Pregnant Celebs Who Are Slaying (& How To Copy Their Looks)

It's impossible to look at photos of celebrities and not be envious of their amazing clothes. Whether they're heading down the red carpet at a film premiere or snapping a selfie for their social media profiles, they're always slaying.

And it's exciting when our favorite celebrities announce that they're pregnant not only because we can't wait for the cute baby snapshots but also because we know that they're going to serve up some truly stylish looks.

Some women go for total comfort during those nine months and wear chic but casual leggings, sweatshirts, and sneakers. Others are lucky enough to live in sunny L.A. so they can stick to their typical fashionable dress. Whenever we see a photo of a pregnant celebrity, we can't help but want to wear exactly what they've got on, whether we've got a bun in our own oven or not (and even if it's years before we want to start having kids).

The good news is that there are many pregnant celebrities who are looking more fashionable than ever these days, and we can find similar products and look just as stylish.

These 20 newly pregnant celebs are slaying, and here's how we can copy their looks.

20 Amy Schumer: The Long Pink (Or Red) Dress Is Totally The New LDB - $9.99 To $20.99

The hilarious and wonderful Amy Schumer is pregnant with her first child, and she has been open and honest about some of the struggles that she has faced, including having a health condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.

In this photo of Amy, she's totally slaying in a long-sleeved pink dress. It's a cool and casual look and we love that her long blond hair is in a perfect side ponytail. We can copy her look with the HAOMEILI Women's Summer Sleeveless Casual Swing T-Shirt Floral Print Dresses with Pockets. This dress comes in a variety of colors, including the red that is shown in the photo above, and it's at a great price, too, since it's between $9.99 and $20.99.

You can find the dress here.

19 Krysten Ritter: Newly Pregnant (And Super Stylish) In Black And White Polka Dots - $19.98 To $25.98

We learned at the 2019 Oscars that Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter is pregnant with her first child, and we can't get enough of the selfie that she posted. She looks amazing in a black and white polka dot dress... and this dress makes her pregnant belly look even more adorable.

Polka dots are a look that will never go out of style, and thankfully, we can copy this look, too. The YATHON Women's Vintage Ruffle Floral Flared A Line Swing Casual Cocktail Party Dress is a great pick and it's only between $19.98 and $25.98. It also comes in a navy floral pattern and navy polka dots, but we love the black.

You can find the polka dot dress here.

18 Alexa Penagava: This 'Spy Kid' Is Pregnant With Kid #2 (And Cozy In A Grey Sweatshirt) - $9.95 To $17.50

Back when we were kids ourselves, we loved the movie Spy Kids. It was exciting to watch Alexa Penagava play Carmen, a girl whose mom and dad used to be spies. Alexa is now 30 years old and married to Carlos PenaVega. The couple has a son named Ocean and is now pregnant with their second child.

In this social media picture that Alexa shared, the whole family is decked out in super cozy grey sweatshirts and matching sweatpants. We totally want to copy her look and snag a comfy grey sweatshirt that we can wear at home while watching Netflix. Priced between $9.95 and $17.50, this sweatshirt by Dutebare is perfect.

You can find the grey sweater here.

17 Tana Ramsay: Gordon Ramsay's Wife Is Going For A Stroll In Hot Pink Sneakers -

Tana Ramsay, the wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, is pregnant with her fifth child at 44 years old. In the photo above, Tana Ramsay looks chic in a pair of hot pink sneakers. We couldn't possibly love them any more... and we definitely need a pair.

Luckily, we can copy this look, too, and snag the PUMA Women's Prowl Alt 2 Sneaker. We're going to look awesome in these, whether we're heading to the gym, running around our local park, or just wearing them anywhere because the pink color is so much fun.

You can see the shoes here.

16 Breanne Ferrara: The Wife Of 'Entourage' Star Jerry Ferrara Looks Sporty Chic In Perfect Black Leggings - $11.99 To $12.99

We loved watching Jerry Ferrara play Turtle on Entourage, and now we're loving watching him and his wife, Breanne Ferrara, prepare for baby number one. The celebrity couple looks adorable in their sporty outfits on the basketball court, and we can't help but notice that Breanne is wearing some really stylish leggings. As we all know, leggings are so much better than any kind of pants, and we can't help but want more all the time.

We can copy her look and be just as stylish with ZOOSIXX Women's High Waisted Leggings. They're affordable, too, and are sold at various price points, with the average pair going for $11.99 or $12.99.

You can see the leggings here.

15 Jessica Simpson: This Is Boho Chic Done Right - $19.99 To $28.99

Jessica Simpson has baby number three on the way, but she's still slaying and looking as stylish as ever. We always love a boho look, and we would love to add the dress that the star is wearing to our collection. It looks perfect for this summer (and it'll give us something to look forward to if we live in a city or town where winter is sticking around).

We can copy Jessica Simpson's dreamy bohemian look with the Futurino Women's Bohemian Embroidery Floral Tunic Shift Blouse Flowy Mini Dress. We can order the black and rock the same boho vibes as the celebrity mom. The price point is between $19.99 and $28.99.

You can find the dress here.

14 Danielle Fishel: Cute And Chic In An Army Green Jacket - As Low As $12.99

To us, Danielle Fishel will always be Topanga, and we will always love her. That's why it's so exciting that the star is pregnant with baby number one. Here she's totally rocking an army green jacket, a casual white t-shirt, black leggings, and colorful sneakers.

We definitely want her jacket. It would be perfect for the upcoming spring weather that we're really hoping will arrive fairly soon. (It's March so that doesn't seem like too much to ask for...) We can copy this great look with the Ambiance Women's Cargo Style Hoodie Jacket which is sold for between $12.99 and $48.

You can find the jacket here.

13 Jessa Duggar: With Baby #3 On The Way, She's All Smiles In A Sunshine Yellow Dress - $17.99

Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her third baby, and we're big fans of the yellow dress that she's wearing in this photo of her family. It looks awesome with her long brown hair, and we can't help but wish that we had this yellow dress hanging in our own closet.

Thankfully, we can find a similar version and it will make all of our yellow dress dreams come true. Sometimes we just need a dress that will cheer us up, and this seems like it will do the trick. Simlu has a great dress in a mustard yellow color, and it's $17.99.

You can see the dress here.

12 Josie Bates: The 'Bringing Up Bates' Reality Star Is Glowing In A Navy Dress - Only $26.99

Josie Bates, star of the reality series Bringing Up Bates, is pregnant with her first baby, and she's glowing in a navy dress that we would love to have, too.

The 19-year-old married Kelton Balka in October 2018 and they're already starting their family. We might not have any navy dresses (or any items of clothing that are navy) and so this is the perfect chance for us to add this beautiful and interesting color to our wardrobes. Navy stands out since it's not your typical black dress. Simlu makes an awesome navy dress that is only $26.99. There are ruffles on the sleeves, which is a really nice detail.

You can see the dress here.

11 Kate Mara: The Actress, Expecting Baby #1, Looks Like A Denim Dream - $21.99 To $28.99

Kate Mara has baby number one on the way, and she's slaying in a casual outfit that proves that stars look incredible even when wearing leggings and a jean jacket.

We can never have too many jean jackets, just like black leggings, but it's also true that it can take some digging to find the perfect one that will solve all of our fashion problems. We can copy this chic look with the Fesky Long Sleeve Denim Jacket Ripped Jean Jacket Boyfriend Coat for Women. This is the jean jacket that we've been waiting for, and it's $21.99-$28.99, which is an awesome price. 

You can see the jean jacket here.

10 Vanessa Bryant: Baby #4 Is Coming And The Athlete's Wife Looks Gorgeous In A Long, Flowing Floral Dress - As Low As $17.99

Kobe Bryant's wife is pregnant with their fourth child, and we can't get over her long, flowing black floral dress. It's beautiful and if we could find a similar one, that would make us incredibly happy.

We can achieve a similar look with the Milumia Women's Button Up Split Floral Print Flowy Party Maxi Dress. It's $17.99 - $39.99. We definitely want the black floral print, and it also comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, like green, yellow, and several other patterns. We might just find ourselves coveting quite a few of them. 

You can see the dress here.

9 Ashley Darby: It's Baby #1 For The 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Star Who Looks Great In Her Bright Turquoise Dress

Many of us enjoy The Real Housewives franchise and Ashley Darby stars on The Real Housewives of Potomac. She's pregnant with baby number one and glowing in a turquoise dress. We love the bright color and if we don't have any turquoise clothing, it's definitely time to right that wrong. No matter where we're going, we'll have a great pop of color, and we can style this many different ways.

The MSBASIC Women's Deep V Neck Short Sleeve Unique Cross Wrap Casual Flared Midi Dress comes in turquoise, and it's a great way to achieve a similar look to the reality star. It's $12.99-$18.88.

You can see it here.

8 Myleene Klass: It's The Singer's Third Baby And She's A Rocking A Beautiful Trench Coat - $37.40 To $48.99

Singer Myleene Klass is pregnant with baby number three, and she's rocking a beautiful trench coat that we wish that we had. The star is absolutely glowing in a black top, leggings, and sunglasses. If we want to really copy her look, we should wear an all-black outfit and sunglasses with our trench coat. It's perfectly chic and goes well with a lot of different outfits.

We can find a similar beige trench coat with the NANJUN Women's Double Breasted Trench Coat Chelsea Tailoring Overcoat. It's $37.40-$48.99 and would be great for several seasons, including spring and fall. 

You can find the trench coat here.

7 Courtney Lopez: Mario Lopez's Beautiful Wife Is Slaying In Leopard Print - $18.59 To $22.99

Mario Lopez and his wife, Courtney, are an adorable couple, and we're trying not to be envious since we had crushes on him back in his Saved by the Bell days. Courtney is pregnant with her third child and she's totally slaying in a leopard print dress. We can't get enough of this look. Her hair is in a perfect bob, too, and if we really want to copy her look, maybe we'll consider getting the same hairstyle.

We can find a similar leopard-print dress from Joeoy. The price point is $18.59-$22.99, which is super affordable. We could throw a cute jacket over this dress, wear it with boots and leggings in cooler weather, or pair it with sandals in the summer. We feel more stylish already.

You can find the leopard-print dress here.

6 Whitney Bischoff: We Want The Former 'Bachelor' Star's Coat - Only $30.99

Yup, we totally consider The Bachelor to be a guilty pleasure, and we follow everyone who has been on the show. That includes Whitney Bischoff. The reality star is pregnant, and she's rocking a fur coat.

A fake fur coat is always a great addition to anyone's wardrobe since it can be dressed up or down. The faux shearling coat by PRETTYGARDEN is perfect, and we definitely need it since we want to copy Whitney's look. It's between $30.99 and $31.99 which is a great price, too. The color pictured is khaki but it comes in many colors including green, coffee, and dark brown.

You can see the coat here.

5 Jade Roper: The 'Bachelor' And 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Is Pregnant A Second Time, Wearing An Awesome Denim Romper

We also can't help but get sucked into the spin-offs of The Bachelor, including Bachelor in Paradise. We remember Jade Roper from season 19 of The Bachelor plus Bachelor in Paradise season two. Now she's pregnant with her second child and totally slaying in a denim romper. This is an incredibly cool look and we really want to copy it.

Good news: we can find a similar denim romper, the like this Racer Back Cropped Romper Vacation Jumpsuit. It's $56. We could find so many places to wear this, including hanging out at home or going on, well, vacation, as the title of the product suggests.

You can see the romper here.

4 Lauren Burnham: Another 'Bachelor' Baby On The Way, This Time For Lauren, And We Want Her Cool Grey Turtleneck

Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. made headlines when he professed his love for Becca Kufrin and everyone thought that it was happily ever after for the two. But then... he actually went back on his proposal and decided that he wanted to marry Lauren Burnham.

Now there's another Bachelor baby on the way as Lauren's pregnant. We're loving her grey turtleneck sweater from this photo, where she and Arie let everyone know about the news. We can copy her awesome look with the grey turtleneck sweater from kyrakiss. It costs between $20.49 and $26.59.

You can see the turtleneck sweater here.

3 Tamron Hall: The Former 'Today Show' Host Is A Dream In A Girly, Summery Dress - Just $24.99

Tamron Hall, the 48-year-old former host of the Today Show, is pregnant with baby number one. We think that she looks absolutely amazing in the photo above and she's slaying in a white off-the-shoulder dress.

While we're dreaming of summer days and weather where we can actually wear a dress like this, we need to add one to our closets. Thankfully, we can find a similar white dress: this Spaghetti Strap style by FANCYINN. At $24.99, it's the perfect affordable dress for the warm weather that we can't wait for. It will look great with some silver or gold sandals.

You can see the dress here.

2 Eliza Dushku: Copy The Actress's Chic Black Look In A Long, Cozy Sweater - $9.99 To $33.99

Back in the day, Eliza Dushku played Faith, another slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These days, she's slaying as a soon-to-be mom. She has been married to Peter Palandjian, who is the CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation, since November 2018.

We're loving Eliza's cozy long black sweater that she has paired with black leather leggings, and we need one for our own. The ZKESS Womens Casual Long Sleeve Turtleneck Knit Pullover Sweater is between $9.99 and $33.99. We definitely need this for cozy days before spring appears... and we know that by the time that we're in the middle of summer, we'll be wishing for fall so we can drink coffee and wear comfy sweaters, too.

You can see the sweater here.

1 Jessica Hayes: We Love The 'Love Island' Reality Star's Little Black Booties - Only $29.98

Jessica Hayes starred on the reality show Love Island, but whether or not we got a chance to watch the juicy series, we can still admit that the pregnant celebrity is slaying in a light pink sweater dress and short black booties. She looks awesome and glowing.

Every girl should have a pair of black booties in her closet. We can copy this look with TRENDSup Collection Women's Fashion Suede Booties. At only $29.98, these are not only beautiful but also affordable. We can copy Jessica's idea and wear them with dresses, and soon we'll be slaying, too. 

You can see the booties here.

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