20 Girl Names That Have The Most Success In Love

Have you ever considered the fact that the name you pick for your child could have an important impact on your child’s future? We are talking about being successful in both life and love.

So is it possible to choose a name that can send your child into a fruitful life? And similarly, is it possible that a name could be holding you back? We have to wonder.

There are plenty of strong and powerful female names that bring about a successful future for whoever owns that name. There is a reason why people choose certain names for their children. Sometimes we come across bizarre names where we wonder if the parents were planning on sinking their child right from the beginning.

But there are other times we hear a name that makes us pause, stand in awe, and recognize the success of that person. You may not even think too hard about it when you think about a name, but there are generally some rules that should be followed in choosing a name that is sure to bring about not only a positive future but also a successful love life. Check out these 20 names of girls that have the most success in love.

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20 Brianna Is A Success

Via Habitation

According to Tinder statistics, the name Brianna is swiped 70% more times than any other name. There are no major celebrities with the name, but are celebrities ever really lucky in love?

But it's about more than just the contents of your profile when it comes to online dating success.

Professional baby name consultant Sherri Suzanne states, “I think the recipe for success starts with a name that can be said with confidence – such a name can be a time-honored classic, a trendy Top 10 or completely unique.” Brianna is considered to be one of the sexiest names out there according to men, so maybe that’s why they are so lucky in love.

19 Katie Is Timeless

Via Los Angeles Times

Katie is typically a nickname that originates from the name Kate, but these days, parents are skipping right to the nickname and naming their child the cute “Katie” version. On Tinder, the name is swiped 61% more often than other names. It’s a mystery isn’t it, that a name would have so much power? So, what makes a great name? Sherri states, “A name for success has pleasant sounds and is spelled logically to achieve correct pronunciation.” If a name is hard to pronounce it is likely less of a name that will be attractive for someone who has difficulty with it.

18 Scarlett Is A Foxy Name

Via People

The name was likely made popular thanks to the iconic Scarlett Johansson. Any guy would likely run after a girl with the same name. We also have epic sirens in movie history like Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind, and we all know that she got whatever she asked for.

There is just something magical about the name and that may have a little to do with why these women have success in life.

Johannsson may bounce around in love, but she always has someone on her arm--and a fruitful love life is often considered superior to a persistently lonely one.

17 Vanessa Is Smoldering

Via YouTube

Vanessa Hudgens has had a successful love life regardless of her status in Hollywood. She happens to be someone that prefers long-term relationships, so we don't see her making headlines often. Professor Michael Slepian of Columbia Business School in New York City suggests that just the sound of a name can evoke certain feelings. "We discovered that names can sound hard or soft," Slepian says, "Some names that are pronounced without any vibration of the vocal cords sound breathier and, as a result, people tended to associate these names with softness, stereotypical femininity, tenderness or those who were soft in disposition.”

16 Bree Is Full Of Fun

Via Desperate Housewives Wiki - Fandom

It’s a sweet and sexy name and experts say that having a “breezy” name would also make it more likely that a teacher would call on a student.

This tells us that names can bring about more success than just in love.

Sherri suggests, “A name for success should open doors of opportunity by making it easy for a teacher to call on a child in class or a prospective employer to call a candidate for job interview.” The meaning behind this name is “strength or an exalted one,” so it’s more than just a top pick for love.

15 Erika Is Perfection

Via Instagram

Erika is 69% more popular as a Tinder swipe than any other name. You might be surprised that some people will pay upwards of $22,000 for experts to choose the perfect name for their child. That’s how determined some parents are in finding a name that is going to inspire success in their child’s life. Marc Hauser is the managing director and founder of Erfolgswelle, a Swiss company that charges big bucks for the perfect name. "A successful name must be easy to pronounce," says Hauser. "It must roll off the tongue so when people, inevitably, talk about your child, it sounds beautiful and natural – something they want to say."

14 Tiffany Is Soft

Via Pinterest

Tiffany is another easily pronounced name and it’s been suggested that the softer it rolls off your tongue the more attractive it becomes.

But there's a method behind the success that is such a "soft" name.

Slepian explains, "Our findings provided consistent evidence that voiced names - those pronounced with vocal cord vibration which often sound 'harder' - such as Gregory, James, and William are given more frequently to males, and unvoiced names - those pronounced without vocal cord vibration which often sound 'softer' and breathier - such as Heather, Sarah, and Tiffany are more frequently given to females."

13 Alexandra Is Daring

Via Pinterest

Alexandra Daddario certainly has no problems in the love department--she always has handsome men swarming all over her. Of course, grabbing any old name won't necessarily be a success. One thing that a lot of people don’t consider when choosing a name is how it is going to sound with their last name. "The name must also sound good in relation to your family name," says Hauser. "So, before you settle on a name for your child, try the phone call test – pick up a phone and pretend to answer with the first name and surname together. See how well they blend.”

12 April Is Fresh

Via Quote Catalog

April is just one of those sweet-sounding names that would warm you right up. It’s also swiped 61% more on Tinder than any other name.

It’s certainly not the most popular name to choose these days, but if you feel like it’s a little outdated, you may want to re-think that.

Also, remember how it’s going to sound with the last name! "For instance," Hauser adds, "Anakin sounds good with Skywalker, but may not with my surname, Hauser. And Katniss Everdeen - of The Hunger Games - is a beautiful name, and wonderful to say, but if a French family called their daughter Katniss Sansoucie, it would just sound strange."

11 Harper Is A Bold Name

Via Thought Catalog

It started out as a name for men, but women have embraced the name as well. The Beckhams choose to name their daughter Harper so maybe there is something to it. Women with the name are known to be creative and express themselves easily. They enjoy having fun, being random, and they need freedom. Their self-sufficiency probably has a lot to do with why they are successful in love. They also tend to excel in their careers and are often propelled into the limelight. But just because the Beckhams are moguls doesn't mean their daughter won't be bold in her own right.

10 Andrea Is Classic

Via Thought Catalog

The name has been popular for decades and there is clearly a reason for it. “Andrea is the feminine variation of the name Andrew and means ‘strong.’ It has a good selection of pronunciations too, like ahn-DRAY-a, ANN-dree-a, and AHN-dree-a- each sounding downright exotic. This moniker has remained surprisingly steady for decades.” (Mom Junction).

Of course, it's "exotic" but also easy to spell and not too difficult to pronounce— a winning combination.

You can probably think of a dozen friends with the same name, but some will often shorten it to “Andy” to be a bit different and edgier.

9 Natalie Speaks Confidence

Via The Mary Sue

Natalie is another name that is swiped more frequently on Tinder, giving Natalies of the world a bit of a confidnce boost. Part of having confidence in your life, is having a name that makes you feel confident. We all know that confidence is sexy and that can make us successful in relationships, but when picking a name for a child, it gets complicated. "You should also think about how your child’s name fits alongside yours, or those of their siblings. An important part of growing up with confidence and success is feeling as though you belong, and this could be hard when your name sets you apart from the pack."

8 Brooke Is A Popular Name

Via TVOvermind

Brooke comes in many different forms and variations, but they are all popular. The name itself has been popular for decades and there’s a reason for it. The name just screams confidence at any age, but it's also a sweet name for a baby girl.

For adult women, the name Brooke seems to indicate better odds in the love game.

Experts say that when choosing a name, you should not choose something that has an association with a brand. "Avoid any words that already exist but aren’t names. People will already have forged associations with these words, and these attitudes may not be conducive to success. For example, avoid brand names at all costs.”

7 Lexi Is Determined For Success

Via Washington Examiner

Yes, the name certainly sounds attractive as an adult's name--but it's also simple and cute for a baby. And after all, the key to choosing a great name that will spring your child into success is to not choose a name that is perfect for a baby because your child is going to grow up. "A name that brings success should work equally well for your child at any time throughout their life. They should not be given a baby name just because they are a baby, because they will be stuck with it forever. Ensure you choose an adult name for your child and shorten it when they are younger if you wish."

6 Amelia Goes Her Own Way

Via Film Daily

Amelia Earhart was famous because she was determined and confident in the things she wanted in life. Coincidentally enough, the name itself means “defender.”

The reason why “Amelias” may be more successful in love is because they are known to be adventurous, excited by change, and quite visionary.

That sounds like an amazing combination to have in a partner. The downfall is that they are often restless and rebellious as well. These traits could mean they are more inclined to move from one relationship to the next rather than settle down for the long-term.

5 Zoe Is Adventurous 

Via LoveBScott.com

Zoe is definitely a cool, confident name and one that is all about taking control. We have a few Zoës in Hollywood and they are killing it. They are known to have amazing personalities and are forces to be reckoned with, which could be exactly why they are successful in love. They don’t let anything get in their way and maybe that’s why there are a few of them successful in Hollywood. You are in for an adventure if you are dating a Zoe because she's bound to make her life an adventure, too.

4 Aurora Is A Fairytale

Via Pinterest

Aurora was certainly successful in love in the fairytales. Sure, she was put to sleep, but it was her Prince that woke her up to live her dream life. How could we not love a story like that one?

And are there any negative connotations with the name Aurora? 

It's actually the name of a beautiful atmospheric condition--the aurora borealis--making it all the more attractive. "You must feel good about the name, and comfortable with your choice. If you have doubts about the name, so will your child. Try to ensure that their name is free from any negative connotation – be this through word association, links to negative individuals, or rhyme."

3 Riley Is Boyish

Via Amadei33

There is just something mysterious about a girl who has a traditional boy’s name. That could be the reason why guys are gravitating towards these girls. They are also known to be spontaneous and adventurous and who doesn’t love that? Of course, the simplicity and pronunciation probably helps, too. "Keep it short and simple. A name should not feel crowded or be difficult to spell or pronounce. It must be striking, yes, but also sound natural – and not a word that you have simply created to be different." Riley fits the bill on all accounts, and works for babies on up to grown ladies.

2 Victoria Doesn't Need A Man

Via Instagram

Victoria is another name that has been around for a long time but it’s still a popular choice. Victorias are traditionally deep thinkers and have no problem with solitude.

It’s likely that they are only with a man because they want to be and not because they need to be.

Victoria Beckham is known for her confidence and her loyalty to her man who she has a deep connection with. Confidence has a lot to do with the men we choose, not to mention how we carry ourselves and that’s likely why these gals are so successful in love.

1 Penelope Knows How To Express Herself

Via South China Morning Post

Penelope is not only an exotic name but one that has some cool meanings behind it. According to SheKnows, people with the name have a “deep inner desire to express themselves through public speaking, acting, writing or singing. Not only do Penelope's yearn to have beauty around them, but they also strive for success in everything they do.” It’s definitely a beautiful name that would be hard to forget. It’s powerful and would likely have a big impact on anyone that crossed her path, but at the same time, it's relatively unique and special.

Sources: Telegraph, Daily Star, Women's Health Mag

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