20 Myths About Menstruation (Most Women Actually Believe)

Whether you watch cheesy movies and eat chocolate or keep up your healthy routine when Aunt Flow comes around, every woman knows how frustrating that time of the month can be. It would be awesome if this never happened... but you totally get that this is part of being female and that if you want to have a baby, this is part of that process.

But even though you know that there's a connection between monthly periods and fertility, there are a lot of things that people say about periods that aren't actually the case. Chances are, you have heard some of these things from your best friends or sister. Some of them sound like the truth so it's easy to think that they are.

Here are 20 myths about menstruation that most women actually believe.

20 You And Your BFF Always Get Your Period At The Same Time

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Chances are, you've heard that you and your best friend will definitely get your time at the month at, well, the same time of the month. But this is a myth about periods that isn't actually true (even though it's something that so many believe).

According to Medical News Today, "any synchrony being purely coincidental."

19 You Won't Feel Like You Have Your Period While Swimming

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The Huffington Post mentions another period myth: that when you're swimming you won't feel like you have your period.

The truth is that your period might not be the crazy heavy (and crazy annoying) flow that has been bothering you for days. But you'll still have your period when you're swimming (ugh).

18 An Uncomfortable Period Is No Big Deal

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According to The Huffington Post, it's a myth that if your period is uncomfortable that's no big deal at all. As the website suggests, if it's "heavy" you should talk to your doctor.

While the movies say that the best solution for cramps and headaches is to watch rom-coms and eat ice cream, you can definitely get some relief and help.

17 Don't Get In A Sweat Session

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While you might have heard that your favorite workout class if off-limits during your period, that's a myth.

Very Well Health says that it's not true that you can't break a sweat and go to the gym when it's that time of the month. This is because females were called "sick" if they had their period back in the day (which is crazy to believe now).

16 You'll Never Get Pregnant If Getting Busy During That Time Of The Month

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Many women also believe that you can't get pregnant if you get busy during that time of the month... but this is another myth that really has no truth to it. Medical News Today says that this can happen since cycles are 21-28 days.

This is definitely good to know about since it's so important.

15 Avoid The Ocean Because Of Sharks

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The Huffington Post also mentions the myth that you should avoid the ocean when you've got your period because of sharks. More specifically, because apparently, sharks are all about period blood.

This isn't the most pleasant thing to think about, so thankfully, it's not true at all (despite how many people think that it is).

14 A Cycle Is Only 28 Days

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Another myth about Aunt Flow that many women believe? That a cycle is always 28 days, no matter what, and no one has anything different.

U By Kotex says that a cycle can be longer or shorter than 28 days. This is something that you want to be aware of when you want to start trying to have a baby.

13 PMS Doesn't Really Exist

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Have you heard people say that PMS doesn't really exist? Maybe a past boyfriend or your brother has teased you for being in a bad mood before it's that time of the month. That's frustrating to hear (especially since that time of the month isn't that pleasant so if they only knew...).

According to Jean Coutu, this is a myth because PMS really is a thing. You do feel differently before and many women get headaches or feel off.

12 Using Tampons Means Something Significant

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You might have heard people say that if you use tampons, that actually alters something about yourself, and it means something significant.

Well, this might be something that is always discussed... but that doesn't mean that it's true. Medical News Today says it's a myth that tampons changes things down there.

11 Missing It On Purpose Is A Bad Idea

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Is it actually okay to miss your period... on purpose? It totally sounds like a dream to not get this monthly visit.

As it turns out, it's a myth that this would be a bad idea. According to Self.com, experts say that this is safe and okay and you can use the pill to miss it that month.

10 You Can't Do Upside Down Movements

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Women's Health says that although people think that you can't do upside down movements during your period, that's a myth and it's fine.

While of course you don't really go upside down in your every day life, this information does come in handy when you want to go to your fave yoga class like usual.

9 Something Bad Might Happen When You Use Tampons

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Has your best friend ever told you that it's totally possible to, um, not know where your tampon just went? Just that thought alone is enough to put a chill down your spine.

Cora.life says that "losing your tampon" is a myth because that won't happen. And, well, that is really awesome to hear.

8 You Must Deal With Cramps Because They're Inevitable

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It's simple, right? Periods and cramps go together like peanut butter and jelly (except for the fact that a PB and jelly sandwich is awesome and the other stuff isn't).

Self.com says that it's a myth that you have to deal with cramps because they're an inevitable part of your period. You can talk to your doctor and they can help you.

7 No One Should Discuss That Time Of The Month

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Many women also believe that no one should discuss that time of the month. As Teen Vogue says, that's wrong because they're "just a very routine, normal function of the body."

When you chat about your period with your sister, oldest friend, or a new acquaintance, you feel so much closer to them and it can definitely be a nice, bonding experience. You all go through the same thing, after all.

6 It's Super Strange To Miss Your Period Sometimes

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So you waited for your period to come... and even though it's always super regular, it just didn't show up. You're worried and think that it might mean something big.

Self.com says that it's actually not that weird to miss your period, but you should see your doctor about it.

5 Toxic Shock Syndrome Never Happens

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Seventeen calls Toxic Shock Syndrome "rare" and explains it does occur.

You might remember growing up and hearing about this condition and being way too freaked out to use tampons. But since it isn't something that happens all the time, it's easy to assume it never does. Being careful is the best way to go here.

4 It's A Ton Of Blood

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Do you think that your period is a ton of blood? It makes sense that you would because so many women believe this.

But this is actually another myth about periods. As Cora.life exlpains, "The average woman only loses about 2 to 3 tablespoons of blood during her period." Interesting.

3 You're Always Preggers When You're Late/Skip A Period

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It's easy to believe that you must be expecting a baby if your period doesn't come. After all, that's what so many people are worried about when they're not yet ready to have a kid.

As Seventeen explains, it might be "stress" or "nutrition" that makes this occur. It's definitely good to know.

2 Everyone Should Get It At The Same Age

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Another period myth that many women believe? That you have to get it at the same age, as Seventeen explains.

Maybe you got your period for the first time when you were 11 or 12 and that felt early since no one that you knew had it yet. Or maybe you got it at 14 and wondered what took so long. It just depends.

1 Some Kinds Of Pads Are Dirty

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According to Hello Giggles, it's a myth that using types of pads that are made of cloth material are "unsanitary." It's good to know that they're totally fine. The website mentions that you will have to wash them.

Whether you want to use pads, pads made of cloth, or tampons, one thing is for sure: there are many myths about that time of the month that just aren't true.

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