20 Musicians With Wives And Girlfriends Way Out Of Their League

Being a popular musician comes with a ton of perks that any regular person would love to have access to. Money, fame and beautiful women are all right around the corner for any musician that is able to make it in the business, and even though some of these men are a little rough around the edges, they are still able to land gorgeous women that look like they should be on the cover of a magazine. It just goes to show people that the power of music can go a long way for any person in the world today.

The musicians that are being featured on this list have all found a ton of success in the music industry, and they have landed wives and girlfriends that are simply too good to be true. These women are all in another league, and yet, these rock stars had the goods to lock them down.

25 Steven Tyler And Aimee Preston

Steven Tyler is known for being the lead singer of the band Aerosmith, and he is considered one of the most legendary men in music history. Tyler currently finds himself locked down with the beautiful Aimee Preston, and the two have been dating since 2014, which is an eternity in the music business.

24 Paul McCartney And Nancy Shevell

Back in 2011, the legendary Paul McCartney decided to walk down the aisle with his current bride Nancy Shevell, and the two have been thriving ever since. Though there is an age gap between them, they have been able to find a balance and make things work as time has gone on.

23 Jay-Z And Beyonce

There are almost no couples in the world that are as rich and powerful as Jay-Z and Beyonce, and they have been married now for 11 years. Both were at the top of the industry when they made things official, and their daughter is going to grow up with incredible music in the home.

22 Mick Jagger And Melanie Hamrick

The Rolling Stones have been one of the biggest bands on the planet ever since the 60s, and they can still pack stadiums around the world while giving an electric performance of their biggest hits. Jagger has been with current girlfriend Melanie Hamrick since 2014, and they are another example of a couple with a huge age difference.

21 Benji Madden And Cameron Diaz

Whenever a celebrity gets married, it ends up being huge news and media outlets get out stories as soon as possible. Every once in a great while, stars can get married on the low, and this is what happened when Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz tied the knot four years ago.

20 Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman

Given that both of the performers in this couple are huge stars, many people are already familiar with the romance between Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Once they first started dating, the entire world was watching, and in 2006, they walked down the aisle and made their promise to one another.

19 Lee Brice And Sara Reeveley

Lee Brice has been doing well for himself in the world of country music, and there is no better way to celebrate success than by sharing it with a beautiful wife. Lee and his wife Sara tied the knot back in 2013, and their marriage has been thriving ever since.

18 Marc Anthony And J. Lynne

Marc Anthony has had a very public relationship history, and many people have kept tabs on his current relationship with J. Lynne. Though she is not as known as some of the other women that he has been with, she is just as gorgeous and looks to be a good fit with Anthony.

17 Joel Madden And Nicole Richie

Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden and former socialite Nicole Richie may have seemed like a couple that was destined for doom when they first got together, but they have been in a dynamic marriage since tying the knot in 2010. After all these years, the couple continues to have a strong marriage.

16 Brad Paisley And Kimberly Williams

Brad Paisley is the very definition of a country music superstar that has been a fixture on the charts for years, and tons of women have been smitten with him since he first rose to prominence. Unfortunately for them, Paisley has been married to his wife Kimberly since 2003 with no signs of slowing down.

15 Flea And Melody Ehsani

Flea is the iconic bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and at this point, he has seen and done everything under the sun. Earlier this year, he walked down the aisle to marry designer Melody Ehsani, and they appear to be happier than the rest while attending Los Angeles Lakers games.

14 Joey Fatone And Izabel Araujo

Boy bands were all the rage towards the end of the 90s, and Joey Fatone was a key member of NSYNC when they were rocking the charts. Fatone recently got himself into a relationship with the beautiful Izabel Araujo, and NSYNC fans would love to see things work between them.

13 G-Eazy And Yasmin Wijnaldum

Oakland’s G-Eazy has been holding it down for the next generation of Bay Area rappers, and he is currently dating the beautiful Yasmin Wijnaldum. The pair has not been together for too long, but they appear to be happy with one another and would like to make things work as best as possible.

12 Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been involved in one of the most talked-about relationships in the world, and everyone has continued to pay attention to what has unfolded between the two of them. Scott is one of the biggest rappers right now, while Jenner is the youngest billionaire in the world.

11 Dave Grohl And Jordyn Blum

Dave Grohl is one of the most legendary musicians in history, having been in both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, and despite all the great opportunities that come with being a rock star, he has been married to his wife since 2003. Jordyn Blum is the lucky lady that locked down the musician.

10 Caleb Followill And Lily Aldridge

Kings of Leon blew up a number of years ago, and from that moment, it looked as though they were going to usher in a new era of rock music. While this didn’t happen, the band continues to thrive, and singer Caleb Followill was able to find love with the beautiful Lily Aldridge. The couple married back in 2011.

9 Brantley Gilbert And Amber Cochran

A wedding is an emotional event that usually sees a number of people in tears, and Brantley Gilbert was happy to admit that he shed a few tears when he married his beautiful wife back in 2015. It is refreshing to see a star like Gilbert be so honest in an interview, and we’re sure that his wife appreciates it as well.

8 Brendon Urie And Sarah Urie

Panic! at the Disco is once again one of the more popular groups around, and singer Brendon Urie has been the singer for the group since he was just a teenager. Urie has been at the top for so long, and he has been able to share his success with his wife, who he married back in 2013.

7 Josh Homme And Brody Dalle

Queens of the Stone Age is one of the better-known bands in the world today, and Josh Homme has been the man leading the charge for the band for years now. In 2005, Josh Homme would marry his then-girlfriend Brody Dalle, who is known for being the singer of The Distillers.

6 Shay Mooney And Hannah Billingsley

Shay Mooney and former Miss Arkansas Hannah Billingsley have been married since 2017, and after a few years of marriage, they appear to be happier and more in love than they were when they made it official. They have a love story that fans are genuinely rooting for and enjoy.

5 Gerard Way And Lindsey Way

My Chemical Romance is officially coming back to the mainstream, which means that Gerard Way is about to be an incredibly busy guy for the foreseeable future. Gerard and Lindsey have been married since 2007, and we have to wonder if she will be coming on tour with the band when they hit the road.

4 Trent Reznor And Mariqueen Maandig

Nine Inch Nails singer and songwriter Trent Reznor is not someone that is known to be in the headlines often, but when he got married to his beautiful wife back in 2009, music outlets were quick on the draw to cover the story. Reznor continues to thrive as a songwriter for his band and for movies and television.

3 Rob Zombie And Sheri Moon Zombie

White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie has been a fixture in the metal scene for decades now, and he has also done well for himself as a filmmaker. Zombie and his wife are the types of people to do things their own way, and when they made things official, they did so on Halloween.

2 Jon Pardi And Summer Duncan

Country music star Jon Pardi has been doing exceptionally well for himself as a musician, and it looks like his love life is thriving as well. Pardi currently finds himself with the beautiful Summer Duncan, who will soon become his wife when they finally make things official. Talk about living a good life!

1 Charles Kelley And Cassie McConnell

Not every couple needs a huge wedding, and back when Charles Kelley and his wife got married in 2009, they decided to do so in a courthouse and away from the cameras. The Lady Antebellum musician and his wife would eventually have a wedding in the Bahamas, which their guests must have loved.

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