20 Most Uncomfortable Photos Of Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman's Relationship

Celebrity romances may be interesting and exciting, but they are very few success stories (it seems like almost every week there is a couple calling it quits), however, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are a couple whose marriage is still growing strong, despite more than a decade of being together and a very quick courtship. Fans can definitely think of them as relationship goals, but there’s something else we can rely on them for, and that’s to make everyone feel super uncomfortable with their over-the-top displays of public affection.

Seriously, these two cannot stop touching each other’s faces or holding on for dear life, and when they hit the red carpet, it’s as though they've forgotten what public decency is. Below are 20 uncomfortable photos of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban!

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20 They Act Like Kids At Christmas When They’ve Just Opened A New Toy And Can't Stop Playing With It

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There is no denying that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are happy, and their happiness seems to be unusual for Hollywood (almost every week there is a new report about a celebrity couple who have called it quits). Still, they tend to go a little overboard with their enthusiasm for each other.

19 Nicole And Keith Seriously Cannot Get Enough Of Each Other And Are Not Shy About PDA

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If Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban want to be affectionate with each other, that’s fine, but you’d think that they would limit their public displays so as to not make it awkward for everyone around them. Nope, these two really don’t care who sees, as evident by their outings on the red carpet.

18 We Get That Nicole And Keith Are In Love, But They’re Also Super Handsy

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It gives us hope that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s marriage is going strong, but no one likes to see a couple that is extremely handsy. There’s a fine line between what is cute and what is uncomfortable to see: holding hands on the red carpet? Adorable. Clinging onto each other for dear life? Not so much!

17 Actually, Sometimes They Go Overboard With Their Public Affection, And It’s Awkward To See

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We know Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are in love, but do they have to go to such great lengths to show the world?! Look, there is no denying that it warms the heart to see them so happy together, but the fact that they cannot stop touching, even briefly, makes their photos so awkward!

16 Nicole Kidman Sitting On Her Husband’s Lap During A TV Appearance Was A Total ‘What The Heck Just Happened’ Moment

Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban both appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to play a game called the Jinx Challenge with the show’s host. But the outcome of the game is not what it memorable about their appearance, but rather, the terribly cringy decision Kidman made: She decided to sit on her husband’s lap to play it!

15 There Is Never A Moment When These Two Are Not Holding On For Dear Life

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Keith Urban probably has to take a cold shower every time he gets home from a red carpet event because he and his wife like to turn up the heat! The Oprah Magazine notes that the couple has been married since 2006, and although Urban took four months to contact Kidman after they first met (he has explained in interviews that he was trying to work up the courage), their relationship progressed quickly after they started dating.

14 Are They Trying To Prove Something, Or Are They Really This Intense All The Time?

Via W Magazine

Some celebrities refuse to speak about their personal life in interviews, and various topics, including their relationships, are off the table. But Nicole Kidman is not like that, and she’s not afraid to speak about her love for Keith Urban. In an interview with People, she explained that it wasn’t long before she realized Urban was “the love" of her life.

13 They Are Way Too In-Your-Face About Their Love

Via Fox News

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are intense, like really intense, and they are aware of this. Kidman told People that on her 38th birthday, she realized Urban was the man she wanted to marry, and from that moment onwards, it was full steam ahead. She has described it as “pretty intense,” but she knew that he was the man she should end up with.

12 Keith Treats His Wife Like The Queen She Is!

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Keith Urban appreciates Nicole Kidman and appears to treat her very well, seriously, just look at this photo! The couple married in Australia, and later relocated to Nashville (Urban is a musician, after all), and they’re completely dedicated to each other and their family — they have two daughters, Sunday Rose, and Faith.

11 Nothing Beats A Good Selfie At An Event, Just Ask These Two

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Nothing says “I love you” like a selfie, right? It makes sense that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban would want to remember the moments they spend together, and they probably have countless photo albums on their coffee table, filled with pictures of them taken at swanky events or during PDA-filled holidays.

10 Could They Stop Touching Each Other’s Faces Already?!

Via Elle

We look at this photo and we think: could you please stop touching each other’s faces already?! But is this what true love looks like? Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban definitely appear to have found that, and Urban shared as much in an interview with CBS News (via The Oprah Magazine), saying, "[Meeting Nicole] and getting married wasn't life-changing, it was life-beginning. It was literally, like, 'OK, life starts.'

9 When Keith And Nicole Step Onto The Red Carpet, It’s Like Watching A Scene From An R-Rated Film

Via Us Weekly

There’s no denying that prudes should look away when Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman hit the red carpet, but there’s a reason for their behavior. The couple actually feels that showing affection is the secret to a blissful marriage. Kidman shared her thoughts in an interview with InStyle, noting how she had received advice to "Always kiss hello and kiss goodbye,” because it “keeps you connected."

8 When They're Together, It Seems They Forget That There Are Other People Around

Via Daily Mail

Being a supportive partner is one of the key ingredients to having a successful relationship, and no one can ever fault Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban for this because they are super supportive. And sometimes, being super supportive means loads of public displays of affection and a mention of how much they love each other, as evident by the time that Urban took home Entertainer of the Year award at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Page Six notes.

7 Keith Urban Is OK With His Wife Getting Super Close To Her Very Hot Co-Star (Look At Him Cheering In The Background)

Via E! News

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban often make headlines for showing affection in public, but Kidman also caught everyone’s attention when she got very close to her Big Little Liars co-star, Alexander Skarsgård, at the Emmys. E! News notes that Skarsgård won the award for Best Supporting Actor, and clearly no one was happier for him than Kidman.

6 Every Moment They Spend Together Is Precious (They Also Need To Document It)

Via PopSugar

Red carpet events must be fun when you are attending it with someone special, and Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman appear to enjoy every moment they spend together. This is probably why they are so eager to document it, and they’ve been photographed by the media on multiple occasions while they take selfies of themselves.

5 It’s Not Just When The Cameras Are Rolling That Nicole And Keith Get Super Close

Via E! News

Seriously, is there ever a time when these two are not all over each other? Red carpets, sporting events, and even the beach. They cannot even swim alone! E! News notes that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban got playful on a beach in Sydney, Australia, and commented on how their daughters have “a good example of love to look up to!”

4 Seriously, Keith Urban Cannot Take His Eyes Off His Wife

Via Wide Open Country

Keith Urban’s wife is his queen, and in order to show her just how much she means to him, he showers her with affection. He also cannot stop touching her, or staring at her (it’s how we look at pizza). All jokes aside, at the end of the day, doesn’t everyone want someone to look at them the way Urban looks at Nicole Kidman?!

3 They’re Actually Extremely Cute Together, Even If They Are Over-The-Top 90 Percent Of The Time

Via Pinterest

As much as it pains us to admit, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are really cute together, even if it’s not hard to feel uncomfortable while looking at photos of them from events. Whatever their reasons for not being able to keep their hands to themselves, their relationship is working, and they’ve been married for over a decade!

2 Prudes Should Look Away Now Because Nicole And Keith Don't Have A Public Decency Filter

Via Zimbio

Another thing that makes these two work is that they put their family first — maybe that’s why they only have eyes for each other!

In an interview with InStyle, Nicole Kidman told the publication that they are a very protective unit, adding, “We love to have dinners with our friends or go to brunch with our kids.”

1 Apparently, The Red Carpet Is The Perfect Place To Whisper Sweet Nothings

Via Daily Mail

Attending events may be part of the industry that both Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman work in, but that doesn’t mean that they have to spend the whole evening talking to hotshot directors or music producers. Instead, when these two hit the red carpet, they only have eyes, and apparently ears, for each other!

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