20 Most Surprising Couples On '90 Day Fiancé' Fans Just Couldn't Ignore

If you can only pick one reality show on TLC, make sure it’s 90 Day Fiancé. The show has so much drama, you'll be shoving popcorn in your mouth for a good hour! The series deals with people traveling to the US to live with their fiancés, whom they’ve just met. Each couple only has 90 days to get married before their K-1 visas expire and the non-US residents have to return home. This visa is special because it allows a foreigner to stay in the US for up to three months. As long as they get married, they won’t have to worry about being deported, but if they don’t get married, they’ll have to hop on a plane and leave.

Deciding whether or not to marry someone for a green card has caught the attention of thousands of loyal viewers over the last few seasons. The show’s introduced us to couples and their stories, some of which have captured our hearts. Other stories have left us feeling very uneasy. But whether these couples have come together in the harmony of love or been torn apart by arguments is irrelevant. Both scenarios have left us begging for more juicy drama. And after so many seasons, we’ve accrued some favorite couples.

So here’s a list of some of the most memorable contestants on 90 Day Fiancé.

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20 Fans Could Tell Right From The Beginning That Jonathan And Fernanda's Relationship Was Going To Flop


Fans feared that Jonathan and Fernanda weren’t meant to be from the moment these two met at a club in Mexico. He never expected to meet someone during his trip, so it surprised the heck out of him (and viewers) when he popped the question three months after he met her.

Since Jonathan had enjoyed his bachelor lifestyle to the fullest, sharing his life with someone else was undoubtedly going to be a huge adjustment. Meanwhile, Fernanda joked that he was denying her of her youth because she was a lot younger than him. Even Jonathan wondered if their 12-year age gap would ultimately be the end of their love story, and according to rumors, it was.

We'll just have to wait until the new season rolls up to see what happens.

19 Azan and Nicole Were Pretty Bad To Each Other, But They Were Oh-So Entertaining To Watch!


Azan and Nicole had a turbulent relationship right from the start. Most of the arguments stemmed from their cultural differences, which were pretty noticeable from the moment her plane landed in Morocco. Nicole was also struggling with self-esteem issues, but that didn’t stop her from straying from her relationship with Azan.

At the same time, Azan was no angel either. On top of that, Nicole’s mother didn’t approve of their union, and she was quite vocal about it. Sadly, Nicole didn’t have the money to do the sponsorship paperwork to bring Azan to the States. So, for now, it seems like the wedding plans are up in the air.

18 Darcey Silva And Jesse Meester's Relationship Was Hard To Watch (But You Couldn't Look Away!)


Netherlands-born physical trainer Jesse Meester became involved with Darcey Silva through a dating app. But the two were like oil and water. In fact, they’ve come after each other more times than most other couples on the show have done. Remember the time when Jesse gave Darcey a cubic zirconia "promise" ring? She wasn’t exactly pleased when she found out that the ring wasn't real or even an engagement ring!

These two fought a lot on the show and ended up calling in quits after a dramatic fight. But now, it seems like Darcey is trying to stir something up. She posted a photo of her new guy whom she calls “My 007.” She also hinted on social media that Jesse was the mistake of her life. Ouch!

17 Nikki And Mark Were The Poster Child Couple For How Creepy 90 Day Fiancé Can Get


We realize love has no age limit, as long as everyone’s over the age of consent, of course! But we were a little creeped out when 58-year-old Mark Shoemaker shipped 19-year-old Nikki to America. As soon as she got there, Mark quickly started behaving like a jerk, or so it seemed. Reality shows tend to edit things a certain way and Mark wasn’t happy with the way TLC portrayed him, so he sued the show’s parent company, Discovery Communications. He ended up losing in 2017.

Since then, Nikki and Mark have deleted their social media accounts and we can only wonder as to what’s happened with these two.

16 If There Was One Couple We Wish We Could Forget, It's Paul And Karine


Paul and Karine had to talk through a translator, which in itself isn’t the most romantic way to communicate. But in one episode of the reality show, the unstable couple was taking a stroll in a dangerous neighborhood in Brazil when suddenly, Paul decided to confess his criminal past to Karine. Immediately afterward, Paul took off running, leaving her alone.

Karine ended up getting mugged and had a full-blown mental breakdown. The cameraman claimed that Karine just wanted to go home after she got mugged. But that's not the only problem they faced. There was a time when Paul talked about wanting to test the DNA of his future baby. E! News claims that Karine was very upset about this and didn’t return his messages right away.

15 Angela's Obsession With Boy Toy Michael From Nigeria Was Pretty Hard To Watch


Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi seemed pretty happy despite the fact that Michael lives all the way in Nigeria. But the distance wasn’t what drove these two lovebirds apart. It was their age difference. Well, not really. The breakup had to do with what Michael said about Angela when he called her his elder on the "Tell All" episode.

Angela wasn’t happy, and she wasn’t afraid to let him have it while poor Michael just stared silently into the camera during the reunion show. After that, she walked off the set. Now it seems like their engagement is dunzo... but you never know with these two!

14 Jon And Rachel Were One Of Those Couples The Whole World Was Rooting For Since Day One


Everyone was rooting for Jon to get his visa, so he could come to the US and be with Rachel. But despite the visa issues, they did marry abroad and their marriage was recorded in 2018 in New Mexico where she lives. Since that’s the case, Jon will probably have to apply for a CR-1 spousal visa instead of a K-1 visa. The two have supposedly found a way to see each other twice a year.

But conspiracy theorists are claiming that Rachel’s adorable baby, Lucy, is actually his. This has some fans wondering if they knew each other before the show.

13 No One Could Forget Anfisa's Eye Rolls And Jorge's Many Lies


Anfisa isn’t the kind of gal who hides her intention under a cloak of lies. She was blatant that her intentions had always been to acquire cold hard cash. In fact, she would always insist that Jorge should buy her expensive cars and bags. She even stated that the only reason she was with Jorge was because of his money. Despite the many eye rolls and arguments, the two got married. But things aren’t going so great... unsurprisingly.

Jorge was charged with possession and was sentenced to some time behind bars. He told TMZ that his wife had been pretty supportive through the process. Meanwhile, Anfisa is doing great with her own YouTube channel where she likes to occasionally spill the beans on her relationship.

12 Kalani And Asuelu Were So Immature, They Made Nicole And Azan Seem Like A Totally Grounded Couple!


Kalani and Asuelu met while she was vacationing in Samoa. Asuelu was working at the resort she was staying in. But Kalani was raised Mormon and knew she had to wait until marriage, but she broke the rules and got pregnant anyway.

Naturally, her family wasn’t pleased with her or with Asuelu. Even her father told her that he didn’t trust her new man. Kalani’s sister wasn’t happy with her sister’s relationship either. But the fact remained that they were both very immature, since they just had a baby and only 90 days to win the family over in order to get hitched.

11 Danielle And Mohamed Were Next-Level Weird, But For Whatever Reason, We Were Pretty Obsessed With These Two


Danielle and Mohamed’s split wasn’t all that surprising in the end, but viewers couldn’t stop watching to see how it would all turn out. If there are two things this reality couple were good at it was arguing and lying to each other. Eventually, Danielle tried to annul the marriage and have Mohamed deported. But when an annulment wasn’t an option, they decided to get a divorce.

Then she filed a civil suit against Mohamed claiming that he faked a romantic relationship to get money and legal immigration status. Meanwhile, he’s working on photography in Texas, while Danielle is selling stuff from her time on the show on Etsy.

10 Colt And Larissa Were The Biggest Drama Since Jorge And Anfisa


Colt contacted Larissa, a Brazilian beauty, on social media after failing miserably with American women. Colt proposed to her while vacationing in Mexico. But Colt was a momma’s boy and he was used to people tending to all his needs, so it was tough for Larissa to fit into his life.

Colt had issues with her, too, particularly her expectations. He was afraid that Larissa had the wrong idea of what it meant to be American after making a lot of pricey demands. So it should come as no surprise that Colt’s family worried that Larissa was just using him to worm her way into the United States.

9 Olulowo "Lowo" and Narkyia Were Pretty Lost In Translation


The lies started immediately after Narkyia met Olulowo “Lowo” online. Lowo, a Nigeria native, claimed he was a widow living with his son in Alabama. But Narkyia discovered that Lowo’s son’s mom was alive and well. To make things worse, Lowo was actually living in Vietnam, not Alabama.

Despite the obvious warning signs, Narkyia brought Lowo to the States and tried to make a go of their relationship. But his behavior led to their eventual breakup. Then they decided to try again and in February 2019, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary. But they’ll have to work through the trust issues before he puts a ring on it.

8 Elizabeth And Andrei Were The Most Unstable Couple Of Season 5


Elizabeth and Andrei were considered Season 5’s most unstable couple, and the root of their issues stemmed from their cultural differences. He had a Moldovan background and was a bit controlling. He also wanted to be the “man” of the house and even forced Elizabeth to keep her bachelorette plans within the boundaries of his traditional views.

Elizabeth’s family didn’t approve of their relationship (obviously). But despite how rigid Andrei was, the couple got hitched in a gorgeous outdoor wedding. On January 23, 2019, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Eleanor, and their love seems to be stronger than ever.

7 Steven And Olga's Relationship Was Too Much For Fans To Handle At Times


Olga was only supposed to be in the US for the summer, but then she met Steven. A month and a half later, Olga got pregnant. Suddenly, what was intended to be a summer fling became something life altering. Once Olga returned to her home in Russia, Steven proposed. The idea was to bring Olga back to the US so they could raise the baby together.

They just had to get a K-1 visa for Olga to keep her in the States. Then, it was just a matter of waiting to see if the visa would get approved before Steven had to return home. Lots of drama!

6 Russ And Paola Have Gotten A Ton Of Backlash, But The Couple Is Still Going Strong


Fans watched as Russ and Paola’s relationship was constantly tested by her modeling career. Viewers were hopping mad because Russ’s conservative Christian values clashed directly with every gig Paola landed. This led to the couple getting a ton of backlash, but Russ and Paola didn’t seem affected by all the naysayers.

While Paola has continued to model, she’s been more focused on personal training and fitness. Of course, she had to take a break after giving birth to the couple’s first son, Axel, in 2019. So, it seems like these two managed to work out their differences and get their happy ending.

5 No One Made Us Want To Throw The Remote At The TV Screen Like David And Annie


They say that money is the root of all evil. It was also the source of relationship woes for David and Annie. 48-year-old David leaned on his friend Chris for help in paying Annie’s dowry. The couple also lived with Chris until they got hitched. But during that time, they were seriously struggling.

Now, after everything they’ve been through, they are doing well but looking into moving to Thailand. Meanwhile, Annie enrolled in a community college and is hoping to get a degree in the US first, while David continues to support the family as a college professor.

4 Evelyn And David Took "Pretentious" To Unexpected Levels


David and Evelyn may be one of the show’s best-looking couples. Evelyn was the typical small-town girl with big dreams. Then she met David on Facebook and felt that he completed her. Her family adored him, too. Unfortunately, Evelyn’s friend Mikayla was unsure of David, which led to some drama on the show.

Mikayla’s concerns stemmed from the fact that she couldn’t believe Evelyn would rush into marriage when she was only 18 (at the time). Despite Mikayla’s reservations, Evelyn and David got married towards the end of season 5 and are continuing to show off how gorge they both look together on Instagram.

3 Loren And Alexei Seemed To Thrive On Drama, But They Did Seem To Be In Love


Loren and Alexei were surrounded by drama and, somehow, they seemed to feed off it. It all started when Loren met Alexei during a trip to Israel. He was the group’s medic. They fell in love and traveled to the US. Their biggest issue was caused by Alexei who struggled with the fact that he left his family and friends behind in Israel.

Meanwhile, Loren felt like she was out of the loop when it came to the wedding planning. This led to a huge argument between them. But, despite the drama, they stuck it out and even returned to the reality show’s spin-off, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

2 Pedro And Chantel Looked Like The Perfect Couple (But Their Families Pretty Much Ruined It For Them)


Pedro and Chantel looked pretty cute on their own, but together, they made the perfect couple. It’s too bad their families couldn’t see eye to eye. Pedro and Chantel’s families were constantly arguing on the show, which seemed to stress out the young couple. How these two managed to get married and stick together is beyond us, but according to Pedro’s Facebook, they’re still going strong and living in Atlanta, Georgia.

They’ve been featured in two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and are set to appear during the show’s fourth season in the spring of 2019. So, you won’t have to wait long to catch up with them.

1 Alan And Kirlyam Were The Definition Of The Perfect Couple


Alan met the super-young Kirlyam Cox during a Mormon mission to her hometown of Goiânia, Brazil, in Season 1. Both of them insisted they didn’t get romantically involved until Alan went back to Brazil a few years later for a wedding. The two got married at the end of the season and in 2017, they welcomed their son, Liam.

Alan was also a contestant on The Price is Right and won a Mazda in the Showcase Showdown, which he tried selling afterwards. But Alan and Kirlyam did take advantage of another prize he had won, which was a trip to Fiji, and she talked about this on her YouTube channel.

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