20 Most Romantic Scenes From 'Pretty Little Liars' (And 5 That Were Just Awks)

Many of us enjoy watching a dramatic TV series for one reason alone: the relationships. Watching love stories unfold on the small screen can be almost too much fun. Whether we're watching Joey and Dawson debate whether their soulmate thing will last (or rooting for her and Pacey) or wishing that Luke would ask Lorelai out already every time she grabs a coffee from his diner, we get really involved in the shows that we watch.

One show that is known for its perfect love stories is Pretty Little Liars. The five main characters—Ali, Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna—all have various love interests throughout the series, and we are there for every one of them. Okay, maybe not all of them because we have our opinions about who every character should be with, but our attitude was, "Keep the romance coming." This may be a show about a mystery, but the love stories were just as interesting.

While there are tons of romantic scenes that we adore, there were a few that weren't really impressive. Here are 20 of the most romantic scenes from Pretty Little Liars along with 5 scenes that were more than a little bit awkward.

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25 Most Romantic: Caleb And Hanna Go Camping


Caleb and Hanna are one of the major couples on PLL and fans absolutely love them. There is really no reason not to root for these two throughout the entire show.

They are cute together, they have chemistry, and they're both surly and sarcastic enough to be a perfect match.

One of the most romantic scenes is definitely when Hanna and Caleb go camping. This takes place in episode 19 of season one and fans know this as the moment when the two of them are intimate for the first time as well. The whole scene is cozy and total perfection.

24 Most Romantic: Caleb And Hanna Say They Love Each Other Right Before He Moves Away


In season two episode 9, Caleb is about to embark on a journey away from Rosewood and toward his mom. They never really had a relationship, but now that she's living in California, he feels it's best that he goes and stays with her.

That's definitely a super sad moment for Hanna (and for fans who love Caleb). Before he leaves, the two lovebirds say that they love each other, and it's an amazing moment. It makes us wish that he wasn't going anywhere... but thankfully, as us superfans know, he did come back.

23 Most Romantic: Ezra And Aria Meet Cute At A Bar


It's a moment that fans know really well: Aria and Ezra meet at a bar in the pilot. Since this happens in the very first episode of Pretty Little Liars, this sets up the grand love story between the artistic high school girl and the cute, smart, literary guy.

This is one of the top romantic moments for fans who have always shipped this couple.

We can't help but admit that we were always rooting for them and that despite the many obstacles that came their way, we knew it was true love. The fact that they are attracted to each other at the bar and have some real chemistry proves that, too.

22 Awkward: Aria Seeing Ezra Again... And He's Her Teacher (Yikes)

Pretty Little Liars Wiki

The scene mentioned above may be romantic... but it's only part one of that story.

The second part? The fact that the next time that Aria sees Ezra, she learns that he's actually her English teacher. This also happens in the pilot. This is not the way that she thought that things were going to go and it's not what we were thinking, either. It's a hilarious scene since they both look so shocked and like they never imagined this scenario happening in their wildest dreams. It's the definition of awkward as well.

21 Most Romantic: When Hanna And Caleb Finally Tie The Knot

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As the liars got older and grew up, we wondered if they would move away from Rosewood and follow their dreams. But we also hoped that they would follow their hearts and get married to their high school sweethearts. We all believe that each liar should be with their one true love. For Hanna, that's definitely Caleb, and we wanted them to tie the knot.

In the seventh and final season, these two finally get married.

This scene takes place at a courthouse in season 7, episode 18. And it made fans super happy. Even to this day, when we think that these two are married and living happily ever after, it puts a smile on our faces.

20 Most Romantic: When Toby And Spencer Start Getting Close

Pretty Little Liars Wiki

Spencer and Toby are another perfect couple on Pretty Little Liars. They are really good for each other and we can practically feel their bond and connection when we watch scenes featuring the two of them.

In episode 20 of the first season, these two characters start getting close. She tells him about running away to the movies as a kid and he says that she can always count on him and he'll be there for her. It's a really sweet moment and sets up their love story.

19 Most Romantic: Emily And Maya Have A Photobooth Moment


In season one, episode three, things heat up between Emily and her love interest, Maya.

We could tell from the moment that Maya was introduced that she and Emily would date or at least have crushes on each other.

It's really romantic since the two of them take photos together in a photo booth and they're having fun, being silly, and kissing. Of course, things get dramatic and people find out, but in the meantime, it's just the two of them enjoying being together. It's a very sweet, innocent scene.

18 Most Romantic: Spencer And Toby's Very First Kiss


Toby and Spencer kiss for the first time in season one, episode 19, and it's the best. It's sweet, it's full of romance, and it makes us believe that they are absolutely meant to be a couple.

It's always exciting to see characters share a first kiss. Sure, it might make us insecure about our own first kiss experiences since chances are, we didn't really experience such a romantic moment. When characters kiss on a TV show or in a movie, things are always so much more magical than they are IRL, but that's something that we're used to.

17 Awkward: Learning The Boys Were Part Of The "A" Team


We watched this show for the love stories but also for the major storyline which was Ali's disappearance (and later, reappearance) and who was the mysterious "A."

We discovered that there was an "A team" and that a few other people were involved with helping this character spy on the liars and generally wreak some havoc.

When we found out that Toby and Ezra, aka Spencer and Aria's love interests, were on the A team, those were awkward moments. Talk about surprising and devastating. How could they do this to the people that they loved... and us?!

16 Most Romantic: Emily Helping Raise Ali's Babies At The End Of The Show

Pretty Little Liars Wikia

We know that Emily has always been in love with Ali, and in the series finale, it's a particularly romantic scene when we see them kiss and learn that Emily has been helping take care of Ali's babies.

This is something that many fans have been waiting for. It's nice to see a storyline that has been going on for a while have a happy ending. This is a particularly awesome scene since everyone has suffered so much on this show, especially Ali, and we know that better days are ahead of her and Emily.

15 Most Romantic: Paige Tells Emily She Likes Her


In season one, episode 19, Paige tells Emily that she likes her. That would be romantic enough and we would love it because Emily deserves to have a happy relationship, but the way that she does it is super cute.

Paige leaves Emily a note to meet her at a karaoke bar and then reveals that she likes her.

Swoon. It would be so great if someone did this for us, right? We would definitely think that this was magical- which is why we're big fans of this moment.

14 Most Romantic: Alex (Spencer's Twin) Kisses Toby And He Knows It's Not Really Spencer


Episode 10 of season seven is when we meet Spencer's twin, Alex, and she's literally an evil twin. It's a fascinating moment for the liars and really enjoyable to watch. It's also the end of the story that we have loved so much so it brings some sadness, too.

The scene where Alex pretends to be Spencer and kisses Toby ended up being super romantic since Toby can totally tell that it's not really his one true love. Does it get any better than that?! Nope.

13 Most Romantic: Spencer Keeps Toby's Secret

Pretty Little Liars Wiki

Toby is a mysterious character for sure. That's what makes some guys so attractive and we can see why Spencer is always so interested in him. It makes for great television as well.

In the fourth season of PLL, we learn that he's living in an RV.

This is really romantic since she's keeping his secret and it proves how close they are. Basically, every time we watch the two of them together, we want them to just end up together already (yes, we're impatient when it comes to love).

12 Awkward: That Flashback To Caleb And Hanna's Last Fight


During the show's final season, we learned that Caleb and Hanna had some hard times and they had a fight before they were apart. That led to her getting engaged to someone else.

It's awkward that she would have almost married someone else because fans know that these two are meant to be together. And it's awkward because it doesn't seem like they even had an official breakup. The flashback to their final fight is hard to watch and it seems like so many things were left unsaid (at least until they reunited).

11 Most Romantic: Anytime That Ezra And Aria Snuck Around

Pretty Little Liars Wiki

A secret relationship is very romantic, which is why one of our top moments of this show is anytime that Aria and Ezra had to sneak around in order to continue their love story.

Of course, the fact that he was her teacher meant that no one could know about them.

There was an age difference and they knew that people wouldn't be too thrilled about their relationship. It was adorable and romantic to see that they cared so much that they were willing to risk a lot of things for each other.

10 Most Romantic: When Ali Tells Emily How She Feels About Her


A moment that fans were waiting for took place in season 7, episode 16.

This is when Ali tells Emily how she feels about her (aka that she has romantic feelings for her). We know that Em has been crushing on Ali since forever and really hoped that something would develop between the two of them. The fact that it does and that they're going to be together? That's almost too amazing. Watching this scene, we could tell that it was only the start and that they would have a perfect love story, and we couldn't be happier for both of them.

9 Most Romantic: When Hanna Hid Caleb In Her House


Teens will be teens, right?

In episode 18 of the first season, Hanna hides Caleb in her house. There's a romantic moment when he's taking a shower and she has to get in the shower, too, so her mom doesn't learn what's been going on.

Fans think of this as a super romantic scene and it really does show that they should be together.

This is also so great since it proves they both have a rebellious nature and have that in common.

8 Most Romantic: Ezra Asking Aria To Marry Him


If we've been with our boyfriend for a long time, we're used to people asking when we're going to get engaged. When we thought about Aria and her long-time love Ezra, we wondered when they would start talking about marriage as well.

This happened in episode five of the seventh season. Ezra proposed to Aria and, of course, her answer was yes (like it would be anything else). It's especially romantic since he was with someone else that he loved and there was so much drama with her disappearance. Aria wasn't sure if they were going to end up together after all... but they did, and we have been breathing a giant sigh of relief about it.

7 Awkward: Hanna Getting Engaged To Someone Else

Pretty Little Liars Wiki

When PLL came back for its final episodes, it brought a huge surprise that fans most likely weren't expecting or prepared for: Hanna being engaged to someone other than Caleb.

Our reaction was along the lines of "What?!" and "Huh?!" and we might still be thinking that way.

This is an extremely awkward moment. We can all agree that Hanna only belongs with Caleb and that she should never have been engaged to Jordan. We could just tell that this wasn't going to last and that she would get back with the guy that she needs to be with.

6 Most Romantic: Ali Asking Emily To Marry Her

Pretty Little Liars Wikia

In the series finale, Ali asks Emily to marry her, and we totally squealed and jumped up and down. It's one of the most romantic scenes of the whole series and of their relationship.

It doesn't get more romantic than this: two friends finally dating and then getting engaged. We always knew that they would make a cute and sweet couple. It was really the only way that their story could end and we love thinking about them living happily together and looking after Ali's kids.

5 Most Romantic: Ezra And Aria's Happily Ever After


The fact that Ezra and Aria live happily ever after is one of the most romantic things about the series. In the finale, we learn that things are definitely working out between the two of them. They wrote a book together, it's going to be a movie, they're about to tie the knot, and we know that they're going to be together forever.

It's what fans wanted, it's what fans were waiting for, and we would have never been okay with anything else but this.

They are so good together, they really understand each other, and we love them.

4 Most Romantic: Hanna Says She's Pregnant In The Series Finale


As soon as the final episodes of PLL were upon us, we knew that the liars had grown up and were experiencing a lot of changes. We were wondering if anyone would get married and if anyone would get pregnant or at least start talking about having babies.

Fans were thrilled to learn that Hanna and Caleb would be starting a family and she announced this in the series finale. This is such a romantic moment for the two and we loved knowing that they were happy and going to be okay. We just know that their kid would be the cutest ever (and stylish, too, thanks to Hanna).

3 Most Romantic: Ezra Knows Aria Can't Have Kids And Is Cool And Supportive About It


The series finale brought a lot of heavy and serious moments, including this one which also ended up being really romantic. Aria found out that she couldn't have kids and was freaked out about telling Ezra about it. When she told him, he was completely cool about it.

He was so mature and sweet and compassionate that it was really beautiful to watch.

What a supportive partner. This is the kind of person that we all deserve to have in our lives (can't Ezra be real?!).

2 Awkward: Spencer And Caleb Start Dating


One of the most awkward moments on Pretty Little Liars was when Spencer and Caleb started dating. This made fans wonder about girl code. Should Spencer have done this? Was it okay? Should Caleb have stopped it and said that he was loyal to Hanna? Lots of questions...

This was definitely a tough scene for long-time fans of the series to watch. We almost felt like we should text Hanna and tell her what was going on (is that crazy? She's a real person, isn't she?).

1 Most Romantic: The Same... Spencer And Caleb Start Dating


And yet... it was so cute seeing Caleb and Spencer together that this makes it onto the list of the most romantic scenes on this teen drama.

Fans were definitely not sure what to think.

Yes, we love Hanna and Caleb together. Yes, we have always thought that they would live happily ever after. But Spencer and Caleb had chemistry and their scenes were really sweet and romantic.

Thankfully, Caleb and Hanna do reunite and we didn't have to worry or deal with our complicated emotions for too long.

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