20 MORE Feminine Tattoos You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

We’re back with a brand new list of tattoos based on your zodiac sign and personality traits, we’ve collected some of the most beautiful tattoos that we feel will really make an impact on your life according to your unique sign. From embracing your emotional side, to being more creative, or even a bit crazy, these tattoos have it all, there’s something for everyone! Because you loved this master list of feminine tattoos you need according to your zodiac sign, we’ve decided it was time to make a part 2 so you can seek out even more inspiration for new tats and more about yourself as a person! Just remember that these tattoos are actually a piece of art that belong to someone, they’re special and deserve respect. If you end up liking a design on this list, take it as inspiration, create your own tattoo and idea to be tattooed, don’t just copy because that’s the easy route! Just like we said in our first version of this list, “Do your research and know that this list serves as inspiration, because it’s not cool to let an artist just rip off hard design work from someone else. Make it your own, change the style, shape or size, just be inspired and move on from there so everyone can be happy including yourself with your new and fresh design!”

Without any further ado, here goes our master list for feminine tattoos you’re going to want before the end of this year is over, did we get your zodiac right again?!

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20 Aquarius & Mountains


As an Aquarius you’re typically very independent and progressive in every single approach that comes your way in life. You’re a sign that needs adventure, which is why these little mountains are a great symbol when you start to feel too stuck in one single place. Your sign can hardly ever stand being still or stagnant in any environment, you’re always looking for something new to try and for something interesting to explore. With this little feminine tattoo you’ll be reminded of all the travel and fun you are planning to have in the future! Before the year is over, let this tattoo inspire you to go out into the world and explore what it has to offer. Don’t let anything hold you back, be in the moment and enjoy everything around you no matter what. The Aquarius sign hates having limitations put on your life, so don’t let them stop you from living your life.

19 Pisces & Blossoms


Pisces are a group of compassionate individuals, they’re artistic, gentle, and wise. Which is why a delicate bloom that is permanently on their skin does a wonderful job when it comes to representing who they are as a person. Pisces are gentle naturally, but they’re also strong, they stay around no matter what and nothing can make them do something they don’t want. The permanent nature of this tattoo does a great job representing exactly how strong this sign can be. They’re an open kind of person, if you’re a Pisces you know that you are always willing to help others until the job is done, you never do something half way, you always make sure whatever task you’re put up to, you do it without complaint. They’re a sign that has a huge amount of emotional capacity, they will listen to your problems as a neutral and trusting being, always willing to give you comfort and advice if you ask.

18 Aries & Origami


Confident and sure, the Aries sign always knows what they want no matter what comes in their way throughout their life. While they might be delicate in some ways, their strength and attitude to succeed keeps them afloat most of the time. Which is why the origami geometric tattoo is what works best with their personality, the exact folds replicates how sure they are throughout their life, but the fact that origami is made out of delicate paper reflects that this sign can be a bit soft at times because of their emotional weaknesses. The Aries sign represents bravery and their personalities are often very strong, they’re known to lead with their head first, always ramming towards their goals, using their strength to protect them. A delicate tattoo like this can easily reflect how precise they are in their work, but will also show just how important it is to be reminded to be gentle and relaxed at times.

17 Taurus & Mandala


The Taurus is a sign that is heavily dependent on being the reliable individual in any group of people. Whether that be friends of family, the Taurus is almost always the most down to earth individual, which is why the mandala tattoo is an amazing way to showcase your inner feelings and connection to the world around you. If you don’t feel connected or respect the meaning behind mandalas, allow the symbol to inspire you, try out a different geometric pattern that represents who you are as a grounded Taurus. A simple geometric tattoo can have a world or meaning for the owner of the ink, which is why it’s a perfect choice for this sign, because of the versatility. Many times a tattoo like this will have multiple personal meanings to the owner of the tattoo, which makes it essential for a Taurus, because of how many things you hold dear to you in your life. It’s a tattoo that will grow and evolve with you as you find yourself.

16 Gemini & Line Work Florals


While this new line work tattoo style has been a new trend in recent years, it also allows you to add many details into a piece of work like this, allowing your tattoo artist to really make a beautiful floral tattoo seem gentle and beautiful, just like the Gemini sign. Geminis are generally very curious individuals, always looking to be affectionate and learn new things about the world around them, including themselves. They’re the kind of person that represents two different personalities, their nervous and shy side and the side that wants to see the whole world as soon as possible. They’re an expressive bunch and a tattoo like the line work of floral is the perfect balance between them and their personality. The florals bring out their softer side that not many individuals like to acknowledge. As one of the must judged signs of the zodiac, it’s important to remind yourself that you are sensitive and gentle, don’t let your anger and expression get the best of you in the worst possible moments.

15 Cancer & Delicate Stems


As we all know, Cancers tend to be labeled as overly emotional, they’re seen as weak in many cases, but in reality, their empathy just goes to show how strong they really are. It’s time to take that stereotype and create a new meaning behind what it means to be a Cancer. Cancers are strong individuals that take on the emotions of others, they’re understanding and they will be open with you when they sense that you really need someone who cares. They put themselves out there for others even if they don’t want to. They’re like a budding flower, willing to grow anywhere for the sake of bringing some kind of positivity and hope to someone else, even if they’re growing in a place that will eventually hurt them. Which is why these small delicate flowers are so important when it comes to the meaning behind who a Cancer really is and the importance of embracing the delicate feelings this sign feels on a daily basis.

14 Leo & Progress


The Leo sign is generally very creative and passionate, which is why this budding rose tattoo is perfect for those out there who embrace the qualities of this sign. Not only does a rose do a good job when it comes to showing the true meaning of a Leo, it also shows the progress of growth which is critical to a Leo sign. Leos are always trying to better themselves, they strive to be the best version of themselves that they can be at all times. Because of this they can be stubborn and a bit self-centered, but it usually works out in their favor because that shows just how determined they are in the end. Relating that to the progression of a budding rose not only shows the strength in something beautiful and seemingly gentle, but it’s a creative way that showcases the softer side of a Leo. Progress is key.

13 Virgo & Landscape


Constantly one of the most loyal and hardworking signs out of the zodiac in their own way, the Virgo sign typically is drawn to nature and wellness. Which is why a unique take on a landscape tattoo is the perfect edition to anyone who wants some ink on their skin! By considering a tattoo like this, you’ll have the chance to always have a bit of nature with you wherever you go! As a Virgo, you tend to be very attached to home and where you grew up, possibly consider getting a landscape that compliments the same kind of scenery you would see when you’re visiting home, that way you can always carry a special place with you wherever you go. Not only is this kind of ink practical and showcases your loyal attitude, it’s a great way to compliment your zodiac by providing yourself that sense of comfort and familiar environment with you wherever you go in the world.

12 Libra & Wreath


Their natural attitude shines through when they’re being gracious, which is why a delicate wreath is a perfect addition to someone who loves ink! The Libra sign generally likes to be very diplomatic and organized, they’re a social bunch and usually love to be outdoors. If you combine all of those traits into something beautiful, some would say a wreath would be a perfect fit! It’s different, subtle, and the placement is key! It’s almost an accessory when you get a tattoo behind your ear, it’s creative and different, but still adds a bit of mystery to you as an individual. Libra is an air sign, they’ve very easy going, but they know how to work hard when they want something and they won’t back down from doing what is right. They enjoy being with someone they love, family, friends, or partner, and they never pass up a moment where they can be outdoors in nature.

11 Scorpio & Tiny Branches


Known for being extremely resourceful and brave, the Scorpio sign is one of the only signs that are almost always passionate and very stubborn in a positive way. While it might be hard trying to connect with a Scorpio because of how constantly “go go go” they are, it is worth it every time. They are long term friends even if they don’t come off like it from the start. Which is why this graceful tattoo is perfect for this sign. The tiny branches of flowers cross in the center of their upper back, a place of balance and positivity. This tattoo should serve as inspiration for any Scorpio out there who believes they are constantly trying to better themselves and encouraging the people around them to do the same. Scorpio thrives on positivity, so when they exude positivity even when they have their backs turned, they’ll show you love no matter what, they trust you and they expect the same.

10 Sagittarius & Diamonds


A diamond in the rough is a saying that’s compared to the Sagittarius sign very often. This sign is known for their rough exterior and their glowing potential. While it might take some time for a Sagittarius to gain the confidence they need to be able full shine to the best of their ability, when they finally do embrace that part of themselves they’re going to prove to everyone around them that they’re worth much more than everyone thought. This sign is known for being very connected to those around them, being generous, idealistic, and always laughing while having a great time. They are a shining light, so a simple geometric diamond is a great way to show your confidence to yourself. Maybe even look into other forms of crystals you think are beautiful, it’s really up to you and what you feel the most connected to! Don’t be ashamed of your curious and cautious nature.

9 Capricorn & Garden Rose


Known for the innate ability to be responsible and self-controlled, the Capricorn sign is as strong and determined as a garden rose, willing to grow almost anywhere no matter what the conditions may be. Capricorns are drawn to traditional and classic aesthetics, leaning more towards old school tattoos, but to keep things modern, fresh, and feminine, the garden rose is a perfect in between when it comes to finding the balance between these two preferences. They’ve also muted the colors so it’s not in a new school bold style, but looks vintage and soft. Capricorns tend to be very particular when it comes to everything which could be seen as a good thing or a negative personality trait, but in the end, they always get exactly what they want even if they have to step on a few toes to go there. This sign represents the traditional aspects of life and a classic rose reflects that.

8 Aquarius & Simple Travel


Just like the minimalist inspired mountains we talked about before, the Aquarius sign needs more travel in their life. They need to feel motivated to go out and explore the world around them. While this sign generally tends to be a bit temperamental and runs from their emotional expression, now isn’t the time to hesitate if there is somewhere you want to go in the world. This sign tends to be eccentric and energetic, use that excess energy and make something great out of your life by going to see new things and experience amazing opportunities, just because you took a chance and put yourself out there. Don’t let the world make you feel small, learn, love, and grow as an individual, it will be worth it. Normally this sign can be shy or quiet, but travel will open up what it means to really be an Aquarius, someone who is free and adventurous at heart.

7 Pisces & Moth


Pisces are gentle, just like a moth, but they’re strong and will do anything they want in order to help the people around them, just like a moth will do anything to fly where they need to go. This sign generally has a very intimate understanding of life, what our purpose is, and how to achieve the best emotional connection with other individuals that matter to them the most. Pisces and the moth go so well together because of the determination and loner aspects that overlap between the two. They’re a sign that keeps to themselves but will always remain selfless, they seek to help others and they want to be remembered by that very special quality of theirs. Their wisdom will always be their strength, also known as a martyr this sign continues to be one of the purest individuals in the zodiac, always looking for the positives in life. We need more of these individuals in the world.

6 Aries & The World


Aries often feel like they can take on the world. Like we mentioned above, the Aries tends to lead with their head first, pushing until they achieve exactly what they want, nothing less, nothing more. They’re always up for the challenge, no matter the cost. Aries are always ready to be known as the hero, while it greatly depends on the specific person, it could be they either want attention or they want to just do what’s right. It might not ever be known for sure exactly the intentions, but either way they fall on the spectrum, they do the job correctly. They’re full of youthful energy that can’t be exhausted, no matter what age they are. They encompass the will to show the world that they are someone who is important, that they can handle anything, and that they can accomplish anything they want to because they have the will of the ram behind them!

5 Taurus & Crescent Moon


A simple crescent moon can of course mean a world of different things depending on who you ask, but we personally feel like this simple design is the perfect reminder to dream a bit more when it comes to the Taurus sign. This zodiac is always seen as the most practical, understanding, and realistic, while these are generally seen as very positive personality traits, they can sometimes put a Taurus in a box of expectation, making them focus on everyone but themselves. Sometimes a small reminder like this tattoo will remind the Taurus sign to dream, to follow what they want to do, and to reach for the stars on their behalf, instead of always putting it off. A simple reminder to follow your heart and put yourself first sometimes is a great little thing to have. Experiment with different small tattoos that you feel will work for you and we suggest getting it somewhere where you can see it every day, so you’ll be able to remind yourself whenever you need to put some focus on you!

4 Gemini & Ghibli


With their love of the world around them, as a Gemini, you’ve probably felt that people take you too seriously at times when you’re just living your best life and enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes the hate you receive from judgmental people can make you want to visit another world even if it’s just for a bit. This Studio Ghibli inspired tattoo of soot sprites is a perfect example of a fun tattoo that shows your dreamy and fun side without being too over the top. It’s still a delicate tattoo and it can be a cute reminder to you to never let things get you down, have fun and always be yourself! Geminis love to dive into music, magazines, and have movie marathons so this kind of ink would be perfect for those who love to show off some of their favorite movies and media! Not to mention a tattoo like this will automatically allow you to have a fun conversation starter with people who love and appreciate the same things!

3 Cancer & Fun


Just like we mentioned above, Cancers usually get a bad rap, they're always seen as moody and irrational, when in reality, they’re a sign that’s loyal, tenacious, and very sympathetic. Their emotional traits aren’t always bad either, it’s the key to what helps them connect with other people because of that sense of connection. Despite all of the emotion and moods, it’s important to have fun, which is something that doesn’t naturally come to the Cancer sign. It can be hard to put yourself out there when you constantly feel closed off from people around you. It can even be hard to accept that you're fun as a Cancer is completely different compared to other individuals idea of fun. This simple reminder tattoo is minimalist and straight to the point, a reminder that tells you to just go out there and have fun, have your own kind of fun, treat yourself, and don’t care what other people think! Live your life.

2 Leo & Three Dots


Leos tend to get wrapped up in their own chaos, which is why a simple balancing tattoo like these three abstract dots can be the perfect tool to remind yourself that you don’t always need to be a hurricane to make an impact to those around you or even to yourself. Leos can be labeled as arrogant and lazy, but they’re natural born leaders, they need to have a sense of balance to be able to accomplish that role no matter where they are in their life right now. Don’t let your inner chaos and drive get the best of you. Be generous and think outward instead of always being consumed about what is happening inward. Of course be yourself, but a tattoo like this will help remind you to stay grounded, centered, and will act as a way to grasp ahold of reality when you feel too overwhelmed all the time.

1 Virgo & Best Friend


A loyal Virgo always has a special being around them at all times, even if it’s a pet companion that’s part of the family, getting a portrait tattoo of your furry friend. Virgos are known for their love of animals, they always want to dedicate some of their life to a companion that will be there for them. Getting a cute tattoo of your pet is a great option, especially if you’re very indecisive, because if you care as much as your sign says you should when it comes to your pet, there’s no way you wouldn’t want your buddy with you all the time! Even if you don’t want something super detailed, a small face portrait of your best friend like the one here is a great option, especially for a first tattoo! It’s simple, unique, and extremely special to you. It’s something that you’ll have forever and you could never get tired of it.

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