20 Moments Big Brother Stars Want Forgotten

When the whole craze of 'reality TV' started, there were not many options to choose from. The two basic and most classic reality TV shows were Survivor and Big Brother. Big Brother was a reality show that locked a bunch of strangers in a house together. They were completely cut off from the outside world and had to make it to the end.

The catch was that the house was full of cameras and microphones. Their every word and action was caught on camera for the world to see. If you subscribed to the live feeds, then you could watch every single second.

Being trapped in a house can play on anyone's mental stability, and this could lead them to make some decisions that they would look back on and shudder. We are going to go through all seasons and point out moments in the show's history that the houseguests would rather forget.

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20 Scrubbing Out Of Anger


From the moment you found out there were cameras all over the house, I bet you wondered if there was a camera in the bathroom. The answer is yes. We are thankful for that or we would never have seen this moment.

In season two, contestant Amanda was incredibly unhappy with another houseguest, Hardy. In order to get back at him, she scrubbed the toilet clean, with his toothbrush.

19 Bad Girl Chima


Normally, a house guest is evicted each week by a voting ceremony. However, there have been a lot of house guests who have been kicked off the show by the production team.

Chima was a contestant who was incredibly stubborn and entertaining. She did not like to play by the rules and was always taking her microphone set off. This is against the rules. The final straw was when she threw it in the pool and destroyed it.

18 Some Don’t Care That Big Brother Is Watching


It is always important to remember that everyone is watching when you are on the show. This makes a lot of people more careful about the things they say and the way they act.

This is not a big deal for some people. In season 4, David and Amanda, two house guests with a mutual attraction to each other, decided to have some fun in one of the beds. Everyone got to watch their little activities.

17 He Pulled A What?!


Some houseguests are evicted for not following rules, while others are evicted for more serious and dangerous reasons. Big Brother has a zero-tolerance policy for violence of any kind.

In season two, a contestant named Justin was removed from the show for some violent remarks. The final straw was when he was in the kitchen with another house guest who was intoxicated, and he held a kitchen utensil to her.

16 Hard Headed Man


This is another forceful removal from the show due to violence. It can be easy for tempers to flare when you are in a house with people you don't know, and maybe don't like.

Willie was a hot-headed contestant and he got in an argument with Joe, a sweet-mannered man. The two got very close to each other, and Willie ended up head butting Joe. That was it for him.

15 Embarrassing Medical Emergency


There are also times when someone needs to leave the show due to a medical emergency. Not exactly their fault, but it can still be embarrassing.

When contestants lose challenges, they are forced to eat a substance called Slop for a week. Due to a pre-existing medical condition, one contestant didn't handle this well and it caused her to faint and then have a seizure.

14 He May Be Evil, But No One Deserves This


Evil Dick is one of the most memorable and loved house guests of all time, and he has played the game more than one time.

The last time he played, he had to be removed from the house because he did not pass his medical clearance. He was diagnosed with HIV and had to be removed. Sometimes I am sure he wishes he could forget.

13 The Most Intolerant Season Ever


The show will always have colourful people on it to make it interesting. One especially "intolerant" season had more than their fair share.

Houseguests, Aaryn and Gina Marie (specifically) were found making numerous inappropriate comments that were not welcomed nicely. When Aaryn was asked about this after she was evicted, she stated that is just how they talk in the small town she is from.

12 Poor Kaysar!


Kaysar was another crowd favourite that hasn't been on the show in a while. He was loved by everyone, and when he was voted out, the whole world cried.

Well, he was welcomed back into the house and everyone was so happy and they cheered. Then they voted him right back out. This was probably a moment that Kaysar never wants to remember, I know that I don't.

11 A Proposal That Didn’t Last


Mike Boogie was both a villain and a hero, depending on how you looked at him. He has played more than once. He ended up proposing to a woman that he met on the show and she said yes.

It seemed like a Big Brother romance blooming, however, this relationship did not last at all. We bet he wishes he could take back that moment he was on one knee.

10 Does He Not Know How A Veto Works?


This moment takes us back to season three. The Power of Veto was a special power a house guest could win and it gave them the chance to save someone from eviction. This was especially great if you were one of the two nominated.

Marcelles was nominated for eviction and he won this great power. Instead of using it, he felt confident enough to not need it. He was then evicted from the house.

9 He Did What In His Sleep?


While it may not be that interesting to watch the house guests sleep, some pretty fun stuff happens at night. The cameras are there to catch it all.

Houseguest Cody was always doing silly and cute things, but the funniest was when he slapped himself in the face while he was sleeping. The force was so great that he actually woke himself up. How embarrassing.

8 What’s Wrong Jacosta?


Jacosta didn't seem to be a contestant that would be popular, but she was. She was older and she was a pastor. Two things that don't tend to get your far in the game. However, she was a favorite and everyone loved her.

There was one time when she went a bit far and it was during a competition. She had a bit of a meltdown and freaked the other house guests out by speaking in tongues while shaking on the floor.

7 Will Was A Bit Too Into Himself


Will, or Dr Will, was one of the best players that have ever played the game. He also knew he was great and we are sure he wants to take back this moment.

Will was caught by the outside cameras having a little flirt-fest with the cameras. He was winking, blowing kisses and whispering sweet nothings to it. The thing about Big Brother, is chances are your mother is watching.

6 Janelle Is A Crowd Favorite, But She Should Watch Her Words!


Janelle was another favorite and she has played multiple times. She is considered the best Big Brother player to ever not win the show.

She was known for her sass though, and when she nominated two fellow houseguests for eviction, she had some parting words. She said, "bye, bye b****es." Something she probably felt at the time but may regret now.

5 Cringy Caleb


Caleb was just your typical jock-type player. he brought some laughs and a lot of women found him attractive. Unfortunately, the woman he wanted to find him attractive did not.

Caleb fell in love with a fellow female house guest who did not return the sentiment. This made him look a bit like a creepy stalker throughout the show.

4 Hair Flip Gone Too Far


Sometimes people will do anything to try and stay in the house. When two people are up for eviction, they may try and turn the house against the other person in an attempt to stay.

That is exactly what happened when house guests, Tiffany and Da'Vonne, ended up on the chopping block together. Tiffany went around trying to turn the house against Da'Vonne. On eviction night, Tiffany was evicted, but not before Da'Vonne dramatically flipper her hair right in her face.

3 Talking In His Sleep


Cory was another contestant that was known as a big goof. He was tall, athletic and cute, but he was not the sharpest player in the house.

The cameras also caught him having a pretty interesting conversation in his sleep. Cory was caught talking about Harry Potter in his sleep, we can only wonder what kind of dreams he was having.

2 “Big Brother Messiah”


There are some house guests that are just cringy, and we want them kicked out as soon as possible. Jozea was one of them. He claimed that he was the Big Brother messiah and he knew everything about the game and that he was sure to win.

He didn't get very far, as the other house guests could not stand his cocky attitude either and they sent him packing.

1 Mean Zach


Zach was the kind of player that really wanted to be a legend, but he just couldn't do it. He took shots at a lot of people and didn't make it very far in the game.

During his nomination speech, he ended up seriously hurting someone's feelings. he nominated a woman named Nicole, and during his nomination speech he called her a 'fruit-loop dingus.' Nicole didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and we all felt her hurt heart.

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