20 Makeup Looks That Will Transform Anyone Into Their Favorite Disney Princess

Disney Princesses aren't just for kids. They are for everyone!

Besides, half of those classics were released when the current adult population was still toddling around their parents' home dressed up as Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty.

So if you are a diehard fan of Disney's beautiful belles with their tragic stories with happy endings, flourishing gowns, and fairy godmothers you are going to love what we have in store for you today:

Makeup tutorials that will put even the best cosplayers to shame!

And don't worry. Disney might officially recognize only eleven ladies as princesses – Snow White, Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Belle, Rapunzel, and Merida – but we have listed out tutorials for the other ladies too who are widely-recognized and loved by everyone.

In fact, I was super surprised when I found out Elsa and Anna were not on the official list. How's that even possible?

So here are 20 YouTube makeup tutorials that will transform you into your favorite Disney princess.

Just watch out for the creative ones below. Some of them will send goosebumps skittering across your skin while others will make your eyes go wide in wonder.

So which princess are you going to be first?

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20 Merida: The Scottish Lass


When Merida blazed into our lives with her rebellious story in Brave, she touched a chord in everyone's heart.

After all, it was the first time any Disney Princess had point blank refused to marry in favor of living wild and carefree.

Well, KlairedelysArt hits the right note in this makeup tutorial to achieve the all-natural look Merida is famous for. And she does it all with just a tube of BB cream, a lip tint that is one or two shades darker than her natural lip color, and some ginger face paint for her eyebrows and eyelashes.

19 Princess 2.0: Where Are Your Freckles?


Merida is known for her headful of orange-red curls, her high-colored cheekbones, and the cute freckles dotting the bridge of her nose and cheeks. So if you missed the last one in the previous tutorial, here's another YouTube tutorial that does not forget that critical detail.

Plus, dope2111 is an Asian girl, so this Merida tutorial is perfect for darker-skinned girls who want to cosplay as this fair Scottish lass. And she recommends mixing some light liquid foundation to your BB cream if you feel you need more coverage.

Pro tip: If you are changing your skin tone, make sure you apply foundation on all parts of your body that will be visible, including your ears.

18 Snow White Without The Dwarves


Who can forget Disney's oldest princess and the mishap involving a poisoned apple?

Well, you can express your inner Snow White now with this well-explained makeup tutorial by Emma Pickles, which is part of a series of Disney princess tutorials done in collaboration with 10 other YouTubers. (Link to the other works are in this video's description box.)

Pro tip: Snow White is a blemish-free princess.

So make sure you use a healthy dose of concealer to get that magazine-cover skin and then matte it out with powder. And if you are going to use fake lashes, go for the wispy ones for a more natural look.

17 Let It Go, Let It Go...


Elsa is my favorite Disney princess after Rapunzel. That means I love captive princesses who finally stand up for themselves and embrace their inner strength.

Well, if you love this frozen princess just as much as I do, here's a fabulous makeup tutorial by dope2111 to help you channel your inner Elsa.

Just remember: Elsa is an ice queen. So if you aren't naturally fair-skinned, use the lightest shade of foundation you own to mimic her snowy complexion.

Also, Elsa's lips are kinda on the thinner side. So if your own lips are plump and Kylie Jenneresque, mask them with foundation first and then create a thinner lip.

16 Don't Forget The Wig!


Mermaids and faeries have a special place in every girl's heart. So if Ariel is your favorite Disney princess, you are in good company because this makeup tutorial by YouTuber dope2111 is wonderfully explained and has been created with a lot of love.

Pro tip: Ariel's eyebrows are a cartoony half moon in shape.

So if your natural ones are sharper, you can either glue them up before applying foundation or create an arch as best as you can. And don't forget to color them red with some eyeshadow or lip liner!

15 A Halloween Take On Our Little Mermaid


Want to stand out from the crowd in your Ariel costume? Well, this awesome makeup tutorial on the Glam&Gore YouTube channel is a horrific take on the sweet-faced getup of our favorite mermaid princess.

And in case you were wondering, the picture above is the "before" version of this tutorial. So if you want to check it out for some Halloween inspiration, just remember the final effect is kinda gory, which is exactly what people want on the spooky night of 31st October!

Pro tip: Don't use a real fish hook to recreate this gory getup. It's best to stick to things that cannot accidentally pierce your skin.

14 Pocahontas: The Native American Princess


Disney might have romanticized the interaction between a colonizer and a girl from a Native American tribe, but no one can deny that the story was pretty amazing to watch.

So if you want to transform yourself into Pocahontas, the firebrand princess with a mind of her own, this awesome makeup tutorial by dope2111 has got you covered.

Pro tip: Line your lower waterline with white eyeliner to make your eyes pop,

and wear the wig before you start putting on makeup just so you know how everything will look in the end.

13 Everyday Pocahontas


When I watched the intro of this Pocahontas makeup tutorial by YouTuber Nikole Jackson, I was blown away by how uncannily accurate the final getup made her look like the Native American Disney princess. Right down to the red tattoo painted on her upper right arm!

Just remember: Pocahontas is a dark-skinned beauty. So if you are naturally fair, use a foundation that is at least two shades darker if not more, and apply it on all the exposed parts of your body.

Also, Pocahontas has really bold, almond-shaped eyes. So use a black liner generously and give your eyes an extra slant at the outer edges if you don't have one naturally.

12 The Exotic Princess Jasmine


Out of all the exotic Disney princesses, Princess Jasmine stands out the most because of her bold nature, her beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and her pet tiger.

So if you want to express that fierce look, here's a brilliant makeup tutorial by YouTuber Charisma Star to help you do just that.

Just remember: Jasmine is known for her contoured sun-kissed skin, her regal nose, and her bold eyes.

So you have to step-up your contouring game if you want to pull off this princess look.

And if you really want to make a statement, Charisma recommends buying the Jasmine's Story palette from Sephora, which has all the enchanting shades you need to channel your inner Jasmine.

11 Princess Jasmine 2.0: Just The Eyes


If Jasmine's Arabian almond-shaped eyes fascinate you just as much as they used to fascinate me as a child with a doodling book, you will love this eye makeup tutorial by YouTuber GlitterGirlC where she goes crazy bold with turquoise, gold, and black.

A small heads-up: GlitterGirlC only shows you a Jasmine-inspired eye look in this video. So the overall effect doesn't look as smashing as it would have if she had prepped her face for the whole look. Therefore, we recommend pairing this eye look with Charisma Star's full-face tutorial to create a more dramatic Jasmine getup.

10 Moana: The Polynesian Beauty


When I think of Moana, I always remembers that cute scene where baby Moana helps a baby turtle reach the ocean safely and then is rewarded with the heart of the ocean. Ah! That was the cutest moment in Disney movie history ever!

Well, that little kid grows up to become the headstrong heroine who teaches Maui a thing or two about being heroic.

So, of course, you want to dress up like her. I do too!

And this makeup tutorial shared by the YouTube channel 100% Entertainment has got you covered on that front.

Just don't forget to contour your face!

9 Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!


Rapunzel is one of the most iconic Disney princesses ever. She is magical, has a feel-good storyline with a triumphant ending, and can fight a mean fight with her iron skillet! Plus, what's up with Pascal and those tongue-in-the-ear scenes?

So if you want to let your hair down and be this magical princess, dope2111's makeup tutorial has got you covered.

Just remember: Rapunzel is known for her large, optimistic eyes. So line your lower waterline with white liner and use a dark brown eyeshadow in your creases to open up your eyes even more.

8 Rapunzel 2.0 With A Lit Up Wig


Here's a more natural, everyday Rapunzel makeup tutorial by YouTuber KlairedelysArt. She prefers using BB cream to even out her skin tone and erase blemishes,

but if you are more comfortable with foundation, she recommends you stick to what works for you.

But the best part of this tutorial has to be the end where she holds a lantern underneath her Rapunzel wig to make it seem like she has just spoken the magic words that activate the youth-preserving spell. You could recreate it with LED lights underneath the wig.

7 It's Beauty And The Beast


When you think of Belle, you think of two people actually. The pre-Beast Belle who would skip around the village with her basket full of books and flowers, and the post-Beast Belle who was transformed into a vision in a yellow, off-shoulder ball gown.

Well, this makeup tutorial by dope2111 will teach you how to express the latter and get that perfect eye look using a stark yellow eyeshadow!

Pro tip: Line the cupid's bow nicely while you do your lips. And then plump them up with a juicy brown lip tint.

6 Hollywood's Favorite Princess


To be honest, Cinderella is the most famous Disney princess of all time. So much so that Hollywood has made countless remakes and inspired versions of this classic fairytale over the decades now,

including two starring Selena Gomez and Hillary Duff.

So if this popular princess is your favorite, dope2111's brilliant makeup tutorial will help you achieve her iconic look with ease.

Pro tip: Brighten the inner corners of your eyes and the inner one-third of the lower lid with a light eyeshadow so your eyes appear wider and beautiful like Cinderella's!

5 A Simpler Cinderella


If you are not into cosplay and want a more everyday look while in your Cinderella costume, Christen Dominique's YouTube tutorial has got you covered. But because it's a Disney cartoon princess-inspired look, she recommends you use a full coverage foundation just so your entire face is blemish-free, and then matte it out with a powder foundation so you get that perfect airbrushed look.

Pro tip: Style your wig and wear it before you do your makeup so you can blend in the harsh wig lines with makeup. And follow Christen along when she does her eyes to get that not-natural natural look.

4 The One Who Kissed The Frog


If your natural skin color is as dark as rich chocolate, you must have been overjoyed when Princess and the Frog hit the theatres.

After all, it was the first time a black heroine starred in a Disney princess movie!

So if you want to express your inner Tiana this Halloween complete with her enterprising attitude, YouTuber Lawrencia Lovette's makeup tutorial has got you covered. And the technique involves a lot of contouring too.

Pro tip: Lighten up the bridge of your nose and its tip with some highlighter to make it pop and look as cute as a button!

3 Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?


Disney princess movies are known for their catchy songs and heartfelt lyrics. And Frozen is not different...except for the fact that everyone knows the snowman song! How can we not when little Anna kept bouncing in front of Elsa's door every day with the hope that she would finally decide to build a snowman with her that day? It touched every raw heartstring in all our collective chests.

And dope2111's well-explained makeup tutorial will help you transform yourself into that all-grown-up princess Anna with her cute pigtails and bright, optimistic face.

2 The Courageous Mulan


When Mulan disguised herself as a man and took her handicapped father's place in the army, she won all our hearts and made us root for her success. Especially when Mu-Shu kept bumbling around with the hope that she would help him climb the ranks on the ancestral plane.

So if you want to channel your inner Chinese princess, YouTuber dope2111's awesome makeup tutorial has got you covered.

And she suggests you cover your entire eyelid and brow bone with light eyeshadow just so you can get that hooded eye appearance.

Pro tip: Make the winged liner more slender to get Mulan's Asian look down pat.

1 Sleeping Beauty Before She Fell Asleep...


Princess Aurora was doomed as soon as Maleficent put that spell on her. But then again, did you really think three bumbling faeries with minor powers could have protected the girl from pricking her finger and falling asleep on her 16th birthday?

So if you have always dreamt of a valiant prince riding into your life to save you from a doomed existence, this Sleeping Beauty makeup tutorial by melody is right up your alley. And she is very informative and precise when she does it.

Pro tip: Use the pad of your middle finger to dab on eyeshadow. That way you will get a more concentrated look and won't end up wasting a ton of product.

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