20 Luxurious Yet Affordable Lounging Outfits Perfect For Comfy Sunday Moods

There's no better way to spend a Sunday than in blissful comfort. Wait, there is a better way when you do it in fabulous style. Please give into the easy pleasures of chilling out on a Sunday and avoid anything that provokes discomfort. Exercising is acceptable, but only because the rush of positive feelings and glow that follows is only going to add to your cool Sunday vibes.

With that said, fortunately, there are more than enough classy styles out there these days which offer the harmonized balance of comfort and luxury. While you may have assumed, years ago, that in order to pull off the luxe look, you need a lot of fresh cash to pamper your style, we're here to reassure you there are plenty of methods to curve your style while keeping it easily within your monthly budget. After all, there's not much comfort in doing it cheaply or overdoing it, beyond the budget's allowance.

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20 Mismatched Sweatsuit

It’s hard to imagine a more splendid option than a cozy bottom mismatched with a cozy top. Even the celebrities this year are celebrating tracksuit styles. We can’t get tired of this look, even if sleep is what it connotes.

All the top brands are designing true loungewear this season so that we can finally lounge in style, in comfortable style.

You can find a classy sweatsuit anywhere from $300-$25 depending on where you shop and how hard you want to drop. Either way, you’ll be relaxing in luxe style, but this time you’ll truly enjoy it.

19  Casual Attire With Chic Sunglasses

No matter how casual and comfy you want to feel and look, sliding on a pair of chic sunglasses always adds major bonus points to your lounging look. Having the right pair of sunglasses is key, but we hope you’ve already figured that part out. If you’re missing out on a great pair of sunglasses check out what Century 21 has in stock this year. They usually have all the top quality brand names, with a far and wide selection to choose from. It’s hard to imagine that you won't successfully find a pair, or four, in their lit up displays and sunglasses drawers.

18 Casual Linen Paired With Cute Sandals

How classic can you get this Sunday? Casual linen slacks are loose and breezy, they are great for sunset beach hours, porch lounging, and walking barefoot around the house.

It doesn’t hurt to have the right pair of sandals to upscale your outfit a few notches, just make sure you can walk in them first.

A wide summer hat seems more than obvious to mention here as well. If you can pull it off, you should pull it off, no questions asked. You may just convince yourself you have the best life ever, or at least it may feel that way.

17 Fun Leggings

Why not spice up your Sunday with a pair of Agnes and Dora Leggings? Leggings always give that childish freedom feeling, especially when they come in great patterns and colors. It makes you want to run to the nearest playground and swing on the swings, slide down the slides, and skip across the monkey bars. The only difference is, this time, you can do it with a more thoughtful style. Maybe, instead of the playground, you can head out to the park and dress up your leggings with the right loose top, bag, and shoes. It’s all about how you wear it, not as much as what you wear.

16 Basic And Stylish Dress

Uniqlo doesn’t stop getting it right. There basic dresses, hats, blouses, and slacks are pretty irresistible, especially with their reasonable price tags. Uniqlo’s selection is of good quality and looks both classy and comfortable all at once, all the time.

Every season they continue to design clean-cut styles that are almost perfect for almost every occasion.

Did we mention how affordable they are? It’s hard not to get excited that this option exists. If you’re not convinced, just check it out for yourself, and try to leave their large stock selection without even so much as a pair of cute socks.

15 Breezy Tops With Style

While tight, tight, may look good, it’s not always the most comfortable. Who wants to wear a tight revealing shirt on a casual Sunday? Not very many of us. There is really nothing like wearing a loose fitted shirt on a casual Sunday, you may as well drink a lemonade and call it the perfect day. If you’ve already had a breakfast burrito brunch, well then, you may have some envious fans looking your way. Well made loose fitted tops are relatively easy to find in all shops, sale racks, and online stores. The best part about the loose fitted top is that you can order them online and you don’t need to try them on.

14 A Rolling Stones Tee Never Gets Old

Will they ever stop printing the Rolling Stones T-shirt? We think not.

Besides for the casual comfort that comes with this tee, you can also wear it in so many ways, dress it up or down, and you’ll still look classy, because of how classic the print and band are.

It won’t hurt to play a Rolling Stones album on your easy-going Sunday, and celebrate the cliche to the fullest. We all know Mick Jagger will love you for it, but then again, what guy wouldn’t adore you in a Rolling Stones t-shirt? Only dress it up if you feel like it.

13 Overalls

There are just certain styles that will never lose its chic casual touch, and overalls are one of them. We love 90’s nostalgia, but we especially love the comfort and style of overalls. You can go for a crop top look under your overalls, a lace top, or a swimsuit, no matter what you’ll feel comfortable and look good while you’re at it. This style is sort of a no-brainer when it comes to casual trendy Sundays. It’s a look that works indoors and can even force you outdoors, just to show off how satisfied you are.

12 Oversized Hoodies

All hoodies are great, but Cuddl Duds lightweight hoodies are next level good. Their products are made to make you feel nice and warm, if not on the inside, then definitely on the outside. They’ve got plenty of great colors and styles to choose from, but naturally, we think white is this look at its best, if classy is what you’re after.

It’s really about time they brought the hoodie back, and this time they brought it back soft to the touch, with thumb holes to boot!

They’ve also designed their hoodies with multiple styling options, to change up your look depending on your mood. They’ve got it all right, all around. Stay classy and stay warm.

11 Lou And Grey

Sometimes the best options are the sale options if you want to look superb without having to drop too much cash while doing it. Lou and Grey have great sales every season and should be used, and maybe overused, whenever possible. Their styles come in well balanced unique colors to change up your color shades while still looking and feeling casual and sterling. You can check out their sale options online, or go to their shop and see what’s hanging on the racks. You probably won’t be able to control yourself when it comes to their current collection, but who says you have to?

10 Athleisure

Finally, we can dress as comfortably as men and still look good while we do it.

No one is saying you have to limit this look to your casual Sundays, but we’re not sure how your office job will handle your easygoing style, even if it does look unreasonably classy.

Thanks to athleisure, we can be ready for anything and not sacrifice comfort for style. It won’t hurt if you’re having a fantastic hair day while you rock this sporty look, we like to call it comfortable confusion. There’s no chance you’ll regret this style.

9 Striped Dress

While this look may look great over a pair of leggings or tights, it looks even worthier over legs, legs, legs, and it is summer after all so why not? You basically get the feeling of wearing your pajamas all day but wearing your pajamas with the perfect cut and length for your Sunday’s best. You can pair your T-shirt dress with any pair of shoes from flip-flops to converse sneakers and still manage to look classy as ever. If you feel like pulling off platform shoes this time, that’s also an attractive option. It’s basically a look that makes looking in vogue natural and effortless.

8 Basic Tee

Lands End is the fabric and cut you always wanted the Gap to have, but they never managed to get it just right.

Lands End knows their seams, their cuts gives you that casual but flawless look, like that person who always looks good but no one can manage to put their finger on exactly why.

Lands End is why. They’ve elevated the casual Sunday bar that you may find yourself in the same outfit for far too many Sundays. If you’re lucky, you can wear some of their styles to work, or school, and then you’re all good all the time.

7 Black And White

Have you overlooked the basics this season? We sure hope not, because if there is any time to flaunt your casual black slacks and button down white top it is Summer. There is really no way to wear this look wrong, any way you dress it it’s casual and classy. It’s a style for all ages, both respectable and modest, appropriate and simple. It’s one of the only times it’s acceptable to match your friend or partner in the cafe, down the street, and of course, lounging in the houses or backyard. Furthermore, this look works with any and every hairstyle, messy or proper, you’ll still look stylish.

6 T-Shirt Dress

Was is Athleta that started the sporty style in the first place? Most likely not, but they did up the sporty game, and brought the gym style into an A class look, which is way more than acceptable on a slacking Sunday afternoon.

Their creative cuts have broadened the boundaries for sporty attire to a versatile look, without losing any of the comforts.

Say goodbye to high waisted gut cutting jeans and hello to Athleta ease and wear. Well, you don’t have to get rid of your high waisted jeans, but you can go more casual and comfortable.

5 All White Everything

It’s not Labor day yet, is it? That means we should be utilizing the all white, all the time as much as possible. Okay, that may have been an exaggeration, but all white is a pretty flawless look if you can manage to keep it all white throughout the lounging day. You can even convince yourself you live the yachting lifestyle (minus the yacht). Additionally, if you’ve managed to go to the beach, pool, or park, a white button down with a white skirt will certainly give you the luxurious glow we’re all chasing all summer long.

4 Palazzo Pants

Did we mention yacht earlier? Striped casual pants in any other occasion would look like pajamas, but when the cut is right, they look more than comfortable and more than marvelous.

When paired with a white button-down, a spaghetti string top, and cool leather sandals, you’ll feel anything but cheap.

This look can use a hat, but it most definitely doesn’t need it. We’re sort of just looking for any excuse to wear a sun hat, and we are sure it adds a chic touch to almost every outfit. A lightweight black top will also add a chic touch to your cozy outfit.

3 Summer Dress

There’s nothing like a light summer dress, long or mini, you can’t go wrong. If you trust your shopping skill you can hand pick a vintage dress with well-kept cotton fabric and a floral print, or you can scout out what kind of prints the designers are fashioning and see if you can find any similar styles that mimic the chic channel look. Prada has been taking their mixing and matching to whole new levels, this gives everyone else the pass to do the same. Long summer dresses with cute patterns are easy to wear around the house and cool to wear out of the house, lounging or not.

2 Oversized Tee

Going for an oversized graphic t-shirt, especially one that’s off the shoulder, has its own chic edge. Just because you’re chilling doesn’t mean you can’t chill with an edge, right?

Even the top designers are etching out graphic tees, so you know it’s luxurious, even if others might not think so.

Adding your everyday rings, necklaces, and earrings will certainly help elevate the elegance, but only do it if it’s comfortable. It is only a Sunday after all, our recovery day from the weekend, we’re allowed to take things lightly and relaxed on our Sundays.

1 Blazer Style

There’s nothing like a rainy Sunday afternoon. It’s one of the most nostalgic moments of the year, the smell of fresh cool rain blowing in from the open window or balcony doors. Another added bonus to this beautiful moment is that you get to wear a soft pull over, or if you’re really feeling elegant on this rainy afternoon, you can throw on a blazer. A blazer will add class to any style, it almost negates whatever you may have on underneath, which for some of us can be a great relief. Pale yellow, white, or black blazers all work wonders for this look.

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