20 Lookers From The 90s Who Are Messes Today

The 90s was a magical time full of punk rock, Tamagotchi, slap braces, Game Boys, and jelly sandals. Unfortunately, it was also a time of frosted tips, chain wallets, JNCO jeans. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Looking back at photos of yourself back in the 90s may make you cringe but it won't make you cringe as hard as you will when you see what your 90s crushes look like now. It's truly embarrassing. There was just something about hemp necklaces, bucket hats, and middle part bowl cuts that we all seemed to fall head over heels for. The 90s were a strange time. Though some 90s trends are making a comeback, hopefully we'll never see people wearing mood rings, and Kangol hats again. It's hard to believe people ever wore those things!

These are the stars who were some of our first crushes that we completely forgot about and that's probably for the best considering how awful most of them look now. Some of these stars became famous for a TV show or movie they happened to appear in and then we all collectively realized that they couldn't act at all. Some of them were just famous for their looks and once their good looks disappeared, so did they. Then there are some who are still working in Hollywood but you would never guess that they were ever anyone's crush by looking at them now. These photos are going to make you feel nostalgic while also making you cringe and make you ask the question, "What did I ever see in them?" These are the hot 90s stars who are disasters today.

20 Aaron Carter: Heartthrob Trainwreck

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It's probably been awhile since you thought about your former crush, Aaron Carter and were reminded when his name popped up in the news in July after a DUI arrest and it was a cringe-inducing blast from the past. The former teenage heartthrob said that he was targeted by police because of his “fame” but he was really pulled over because he drove into a median. If you you had a crush on the singer, you weren't the only one. Chloe Grace Moretz recently said in an interview that he was her first crush when she was only four years old. Now that makes you feel old, doesn't it? He even tweeted at her and asked for a date. Yikes! Aaron’s name popped into the news again when he revealed that he swings both ways on social media which is great…but let’s not forget that he also endorsed Donald Trump last year. He's not a great guy. Aaron may be a trainwreck but he’s riding this train as far as it will take him.

19 Brendan Fraser: Replaced For Better

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Brendan Fraser used to be the ultimate heartthrob since he had a goofy sense of a humor and he was also incredibly hot. He starred in goofy kid’s movies like George of the Jungle and fun action thrillers like The Mummy. He went from one of Hollywood's favorite leading men and then he just disappeared. Though he tried to make a comeback with Journey to the Center of the Earth but he didn’t sign on to do a sequel which ended up hurting him when they replaced him with Dwayne Johnson. At this point, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pratt have taken his place as the goofy hot guy who can star in action movies and comedies so Hollywood doesn't seem to need him anymore. What a shame. Unfortunately, he hasn't aged well which isn't helping his chances when it comes to a comeback, there may still be hope.

18 Ryan Phillippe: Bad Intentions

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Speaking of celebrities who cheated on their partners, Ryan Phillippe is one of many leading Hollywood men who have cheated on their spouse with their costars. In Phillippe's case, his spouse was his Cruel Intentions costar, Reese Witherspoon, and his affair was with his Stop-Loss costar, Abbie Cornish. After his famous wife won an Oscar for her performance in Walk the Line, his career was beginning to cool which was what probably led him to look for a partner that didn't make him feel inferior. He cozyed with Cornish and he and the Legally Blonde star called it quits. Though he was once a big box office draw, he's not anymore. But he probably would still be somewhat popular and successful had he stayed with his wife. Now he stars in the USA TV show, Shooter, which nobody watches.

17 Tara Reid: Just No

You know you're a washed up star when you're starring in Sci-fi TV movies and Tara Reid definitely makes the list of D-list stars. Before she starred in the Sharknado movies we love to hate-watch, she was a total hottie in the late 90s and early 2000s. She starred in the hugely successful American Pie movies and eventually became a popular leading lady in campy comedies like My Boss's Daughter and Josie and the Pussycats. Considering she was pretty much only known for having a hot bod and a raspy voice and not for her acting skills, she did pretty well for herself until the late 2000s and 30-year-olds are not suited for movies, at least according to Hollywood. The fact that she's not a great actor didn't help her. She's 41 now and though she's skinny, her fashion choices are not age appropriate. At this point, she needs to consider a new look.

16 Jared Leto: Creepy Character

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Jared Leto won girls' hearts when he played Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life and won even more hearts when he formed Thirty Seconds to Mars in the late 90s. Leto has been making music and acting for years but only recently has he made a strange resurgence that has many former fans creeped out. After winning an Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, he was cast as the Joker in Suicide Squad which garnered a lot of hype which led to disappointment when the movie was a torn apart by the critics. What made him go from cute to creepy? It was all of the things he did as he prepared for his role as the Joker which involved sending dead pigs, rats, and bullets to his fellow cast members. Though his career is doing better than ever, he's a total creep who grosses everyone out.

15 Johnny Depp: Rotting Away

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Back when he was on 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp was the ultimate heartthrob with his chiseled cheekbones and his dark hair that always had that rolled-out-of-bed look. Not only that but he was a great actor who appeared in some iconic movies such as Edward Scissorhands and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. However, after one too many Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Depp is not the man he used to be. Considering all of the flops that he's starred in over the past decade or so and the fact that he allegedly beat up his ex-wife, it's surprising (and totally unfair) that he isn't completely washed up yet. Johnny Depp isn't the sexy, sensitive artist that he once was. Though he was the quintessential 90s heartthrob, it's hard to ignore that horrible haircut and his yellowing teeth.

14 Usher: Icky Situation

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Usher may not look like a disaster based on these photos but there has been a lot of negative press surrounding the singer in the past several months. After having unprotected nightcaps with a woman on two separate occasions, she claimed that he exposed her to an STI without informing her of his situation. According to this woman, she only found out that he had the STI once she found out that he had given another woman $1.1 million after exposing her to it. Though there is nothing scandalous about having an STI, it's wrong to not disclose that information with your partner privately before being together. Now he faces a $10 million lawsuit from the woman. Though we may have had a crush on the singer back in the day but now we're all pretty grossed out by him.

13 Meg Ryan: Unfair Circumstances

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Meg Ryan became the queen of 90s rom coms after starring in Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail--two movies that will always make us laugh and cry. Since she landed her first role in a soap opera, As the World Turns, in the 80s, she's been in the business for over 30 years which is pretty impressive. Though she was at the top of her game in the 90s, it was in the early 2000s when her career started to go downhill. After starring in one too many flops, things were looking bad for her but it was the scandal that involved her cheating on her husband, Dennis Quaid, with Proof of Life costar, Russell Crowe, that seemed to ruin her. Considering the fact that plenty of male celebrities have cheated on their partners and are still successful, it's unfair that this was what killed her career.

12 Luke Perry: Not A Total Disaster

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Luke Perry got his start on Beverly Hills 90210 which ran from 1990 to 2000. He also starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) alongside Kristy Swanson. After the end of 90210, Perry didn't stopped acting and appeared in countless TV shows and movies. Perry is one of the few actors on this list who actually kept acting. However, as his career progressed, he would never again see the success he enjoyed in the 90s. He is, however, making a small comeback with his appearance in the popular CW series Riverdale as Archie's dad. Luckily for the former 90210 star, he didn't let any bad habits get in the way of his career. Though he'll never again be the young and handsome star he used to be, it's good to know that he's still getting work and appearing in the same kind of fun and campy TV shows like the one that made him famous. Not a total disaster, after all.

11 Pamela Anderson: No Longer Fits The Mold

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Pamela Anderson was one of the beautiful people running on the beach in Baywatch alongside David Hasselhoff but, like Hasselhoff, her career faded as soon as her good looks did. The surprising thing is that over the past two decades, she hasn't gotten a lot of work done, mostly just some botox and fillers, however the heavy makeup adds years to her face. Without all of that makeup, she looks much better. Considering she began her career modeling for Playboy, it is understandable why people lost interest in her when she became less appealing to the male gaze but it isn't fair. Women in Hollywood are generally forced into the mold of the "perfect woman" and once they can't fit into that mold anymore, they are discarded and laughed at as they attempt to fit in like they did in their youth. It's truly unfair.

10 Andrew Keegan: A New Beginning

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You may remember Andrew Keegan as the cute guy from 7th Heaven and 10 Things I Hate About You but you probably haven't thought of him for awhile. That's understandable considering he hasn't appeared in any movies for years. Instead of continuing his acting career, he started a church in California and it wasn't just a church, it was a spiritual movement called Full Circle. The mission statement of the organization is "activating a next-level human experience" and, in case you're wondering, it's definitely a cult. The organization almost came to an end because of the fact that they were brewing and selling kombucha which has about .5% alcohol content and were busted for selling alcohol without a license. However, the organization hasn't completely died out yet since more funding came in to save it. Their meeting place, the Rose Temple, is located in Venice Beach, California.

9 Mel Gibson: All On Tape

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Though Mel Gibson was a successful actor in the 80s, he starred in some big movies in the 90s such as Braveheart and Lethal Weapon. Though that hairstyle didn't work well for him, he was considered one of the hottest actors of the time. Now Mel Gibson is known for being an anti-semitic, foul-mouthed jerk who cursed out his ex-girlfriend over the phone. There is no doubt that Gibson is one of the most vile people in Hollywood since there is an actual recording of him telling the police that the Jews were responsible for all of the wars in the world and the time when he told the mother of his child that he was going to burn her house down (among other things that would make your jaw drop) is on tape as well. It's hard to believe that anyone would want to hook up with Mel Gibson but he just had his ninth kid with his third baby mama so sometimes the world is just a sad and confusing place.

8 David Hasselhoff: All Looks, No Talent

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Before David Hasselhoff came to Hollywood, he dreamed of becoming a Broadway star. When that didn't work out, he starred on The Young and the Restless instead. In the 80s, he was a big deal for starring in Knight Rider. The show only ran for four years but that was enough to propel Hasselhoff into stardom. That was when he began his music career and though he was never considered a successful musician in the U.S., he was considered an acclaimed artist in certain parts of Europe and still is today. In the 90s, he starred in Baywatch which became one of the most popular shows on TV at the time. Though he finally made it to Broadway in 2000 when he performed in Jekyll & Hyde, he was always known for being good-looking than anything else. When the looks and the hot bod started to disappear, so did his career which led him to drunkenly eating cheeseburgers off the floor. Seriously.

7 Vanilla Ice: Iced Out

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Vanilla Ice was everywhere in the 90s and he was a big deal at the time. However, his music career didn't last long after he tried switch genres and go from hip-hop to metal. It didn't work out for him. Like many big 90s celebs, he got into bad habits and disappeared from the music scene all together. Vanilla Ice became Robert Van Winkle (his birth name) and he eventually became a lighting salesman in Florida. His prospects brightened when he created own lighting brand called "Vanilla Ice Lighting." Unfortunately, he fell on some hard times and was arrested for burglary after stealing a pool heater and patio furniture from a foreclosed house in South Florida. The former rapper claimed it was a misunderstanding and he thought the things he took were trash.

6 Val Kilmer: No Chance Of A Comeback

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Like Mel Gibson, Val Kilmer was big star in the 80s with movies like Top Gun and Willow but he was also a total hottie in the 90s when he starred in Batman Forever. How did the guy who played Batman end up on the D-list? After starring in several blockbusters, he starred in a few flops such as Red Planet and The Island of Doctor Moreau and his career couldn't recover. By the mid 2000s, Kilmer was completely washed up and his most recent roles was a voice acting gig on Disney's Planes and some limited release horror movies. Though he recently appeared in Terrence Malick's newest film Song to Song, he only had about one and a half minutes of screen time. Is it the beginning of a comeback? Probably not since he recently made the news for tweeting about a not so safe dream he had about Cate Blanchett. That's not a good look.

5 Devon Sawa: A True Ghost

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Devon Sawa landed his breakout role as the title character in Casper and went on to star in other 90s movies such as SLC Punk and Little Giants. Even though he's been acting for years in low-budget and limited release films here and there, he's pretty much disappeared and chances are, you probably haven't though of him for about fifteen years or so. However, he took a page out of Val Kilmer's book and got in some trouble after posting some nasty tweets on Twitter. Recently he tweeted, “Girls are not allowed to answer my sports questions. I’ll let you know if I have fashion questions. Thanks.” Well, Devon, you're not allowed to answer any acting questions since you're terrible at it. Seriously, one of his last roles was as an electrician who fixes an electrical grid during a storm alongside John Travolta.

4 The Baldwin Brothers: Totally Clueless

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Remember in Clueless when Cher says, "OK, OK, so he is kind of a Baldwin" when she's thinking about Josh? By Baldwin, she meant the Baldwin brothers and that's because the Baldwin brothers were actually hot at one point. However, that was in the 90s and Cher also implied that Mel Gibson and Christian Slater were hot which proves how long it's been since Clueless was released. The 90s were wild. Though Alec Baldwin has always been the most successful of the brothers, Stephen, Daniel, and William all enjoyed various degrees of success in their day. If Clueless had been made today rather than in 1995, Cher probably would have used the term "Hemsworth" to describe her crush. Now there are a lot of little Baldwin children running around Hollywood, the most notable being Hailey Baldwin who is Stephen Baldwin's youngest daughter.

3 Michael Madsen: Gone Are The Days

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Though Michael Madsen was never a teenage heartthrob, he was once a total hottie. Though he acted all throughout the 80s, he found success in the 90s with Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs which was released in 1992. Unfortunately for Madsen, after he landed his breakout role in the Tarantino flick, he didn't make the best choices when it came to other movie and TV roles and it ended up costing him. Though he has always been given roles in Tarantino's various movies such as Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight, he has also appeared in box office hits such as Donnie Brasco and Thelma & Louise, though not as the star. Though Madsen is still a critically acclaimed actor, his good looks have disappeared a long time ago.

2 Edward Furlong: A Sad Tale

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Edward Furlong was only 12 years old when he became a huge star after he was cast as John Conner in Terminator 2: Judgement Day way back in 1991. The 90s was when he saw the beginning and end of his career and ten years after he landed his breakout role, he was hospitalized for an overdose. The early 2000s were rough for Furlong but he didn't stop acting though he only appeared in some campy straight-to-DVD movies. In 2004, he was arrested for public intoxication after he pulled some live lobsters out of a store's display case. Seriously. The story of Furlong is a sad one but it's one that is all too common in Hollywood, especially among child stars. Though being a young Hollywood star may sound enticing, it can also propel you into a life you're not ready for and ruin your future.

1 Jason London: Dazed And Confused

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Since he mostly played the rebellious teen screw-up his various films, most notably as Randall Floyd in Dazed and Confused, it kind of makes sense that he would grow up to be a troubled adult. In 2013, London was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct at a bar after he took a swipe at a bouncer who responded by beating him up pretty bad. The lowest part of the story is when he was in the police car, he allegedly let loose in his pants. His twin brother, Jeremy, didn't turn out much better and in 2010, he claimed that he was kidnapped by two men in Florida and forced to do illegal substances with him. The two brothers may not have been the biggest stars in the world but they won some hearts in their day. That puca shell necklace definitely didn't do Jason any favors though.

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