20 Little Things About Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan Most People Don’t Know

We’ve seen these two grow up in front of our very own eyes. Bryan actually joined the company prior to Brie in the earlier 2000s, though he would eventually leave, gaining more experience out on the indie circuit.

For Brie, wrestling wasn’t always the plan. She moved to LA alongside sister Nikki, searching for modeling and acting gigs. The two would then encounter a WWE audition, one with the Diva Search show that would lead to actual contracts, changing their lives forever.

They went their own paths till Bryan rejoined the WWE. Bryan and Brie got very close while working a storyline together, one that also involved sister Nikki. From then on, the two were pretty much inseparable, though they took things really slow behind the scenes. In fact, for the first few months of their relationship, most of the fans didn’t even know that the two were an item.

Almost a decade after they first met, the two have built up quite the connection. Not only did they marry in 2014 but they also recently had their first child, Birdie Joe Danielson. In between, a lot has gone on for the two, whether it was together or individually.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 little things about Brie and Bryan most people don’t know. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 They Got Close Because Of A Storyline

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For Bryan and Brie, the two actually got close because of a storyline they worked together–a situation similar to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H from back in the day (though both Brie and Daniel were single at the time). Bryan was involved in a love triangle featuring both Brie and sister Nikki. Bryan told PW Mania that they got really close thanks to their time together during that storyline, which took place in the fall of 2010.

Following the storyline, the two would only grow closer together. Almost a decade later, the two have grown up in front of our eyes, even getting married and starting a family.

19 Started To Date After The Storyline

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"It actually started as a storyline and then we really hit it off, actually it was shortly before our storyline ended we kind of started dating each other. We kind of started off real slow, but now we’ve been together for two and a half years."

As Daniel Bryan admitted to PW Mania, the two started to get even closer once the storyline came to an end. A wise decision by both, they decided to keep things on the down low and they took it very slow during the early stages. Right around 2013, it started to become common knowledge that the two were dating but that was actually a couple of years after they had already begun seeing each other.

18 Nikki Kissed Bryan Before Brie

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Oddly enough, it was actually Nikki that kissed Bryan before Brie. Now that’s something you don't see every day. Of course, this was all part of the storyline. Eventually, it caused tension between the three and it would result in Bryan leaving both of the twins, of course only as part of the show.

Despite the messy storyline, Brie and Bryan still managed to hit it off. In addition, there is no awkwardness between Bryan and Nikki, as the two are actually quite close. And the skits between the two on Total Divas and Total Bellas are absolutely hilarious.

17 The Meaning Behind The Letter B

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For those that didn’t know, the letter B holds a lot of value for both Bryan and Brie. Of course, both their first names start with a B, as Daniel’s real-life name is Bryan Danielson.

When the two announced that they were having a child, Bryan had one request, which was that all his children must have names starting with the letter B. Of course, Birdie Joe has the letter B in her first name and that’ll continue to be the trend with the next child the couple decides to have. As Brie has also noted, Bryan liked the fact that her name began with B as well, so the entire family can match.

16 Moving From Arizona Wasn’t Easy... Now They’re Going Back

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Leaving your first home is never easy. So many memories take place in that home as you're just getting started living the adult life with a loved one. For Brie and Daniel, saying goodbye to their Arizona home wasn’t the easiest. The two were really sad, as we saw on Total Divas. They would move to Seattle and later San Diego.

Well, it seems like the two always dwelled on the move away from Arizona, the place Brie grew up in. As evidenced by a recent episode of Total Divas, the two are planning to move back and raise their daughter there.

15 Trying To Have A Second Child

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A big reason for Brie deciding to retire has to do with wanting to grow her family. Of course, that isn’t possible with a WWE schedule, not to mention all of the bumps and bruises that a Superstar takes in the ring.

She had a brief return to the ring but would call it quits shortly after. We got a little more information on the decision, though–according to both Brie and Bryan, the two are now trying for a second child. Although Bryan is still on the road, he’s only gone two days a week nowadays, which makes the raising a family aspect a lot more tolerable.

14 They Recently Moved To San Diego For Nikki

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The move to San Diego was mostly because of Nikki Bella. The twins were actually both born in San Diego but would later move to Scottsdale, Arizona. Nikki was living in San Diego alone, and once her big breakup took place, both Bryan and Brie decided to move to be with her. It also made the filming requirements for Total Bellas a lot easier as well.

One can imagine how frustrated Brie was when Nikki admitted that she wanted to move to Los Angeles–which is an hour plus away from where they were staying. With Total Bellas coming to an end, it looks like Bryan and Brie are moving back to Arizona instead.

13 The Meaning Behind Brie’s Tattoo

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Brie has a sentimental tattoo some wrestling fans don’t know about. Just under her waist, Brie has two bear paws. The tattoo was in homage to her late high school boyfriend who passed away, sadly, in a car accident. He gave her a bear figure as a source of strength. Brie even visited the Hollywood Medium, discussing her former boyfriend and the bear paws association. It was an emotional interview with E’s Tyler Henry.

She would go on to have a couple of other boyfriends. However, she found true happiness once again when she met Daniel Bryan, and we couldn't be more thrilled for her.

12 Daniel Joined WWE Before Brie

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Some fans might think that Brie joined the WWE prior to Bryan in 2007. However, that isn’t the case. Bryan actually briefly joined the company in 2000 as a part of WWE’s developmental system, Memphis Championship Wrestling. He also briefly worked as an enhancement talent in 2002 and 2003.

Ultimately, Bryan decided to gain more experience outside of the company. He would go on to join Ring Of Honor, and during his time with the independent company Bryan really put his name on the map as one of the true greats. He would finally resign with WWE in 2010, three years after Brie.

11 Brie Got To WWE Because Of Diva Search

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Unlike Daniel, who got to WWE because of his prior experience with other wrestling companies, Brie Bella got her start in the business thanks to a successful Diva Search audition alongside her sister. Not only did they do really well in the audition, but they were offered something better in return: actual contracts with the company.

They would start FCW, WWE’s former developmental brand and they would then move on to the main roster in 2008. Brie can always have the bragging rights on Bryan that she made it to the roster before he did, which we're sure makes for plenty of fun in their marriage.

10 They Weren’t Happy About Being Separated In Story

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In the storyline, WWE decided to separate both Daniel and Brie–in the story, it was said that Bryan was stepping out on Brie. In real life, however, the couple has been drama free and totally dedicated to one another. Of course, Bryan wasn’t a fan of the angle, telling IGN he could have done without it;

"Yeah, to me, it's groan-worthy, I don't think it added anything to the story. It was just like, "Ugh!" But, you know, they do what they do, and you just gotta roll with the punches. ... It doesn't hurt my feelings or anything, you know? It's entertainment. It's not real, so okay.”

9 Bryan Proposed During A Hike... Or At Least We Think He Did

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Back in December of 2015, Total Divas produced the episode of Bryan proposing to Brie following their hike. Now we don’t doubt that Bryan proposed on the hike, but we might assume that this was a re-enactment of the proposal, especially given Brie’s reaction and also given the fact that Bryan is a private guy when it comes to these types of situations.

Nonetheless, it was the perfect setting for a proposal as the land was filled with beautiful nature along with a stunning shot of a body of water nearby. Given their love for the outdoors, it was truly perfect.

8 Brie Fell Into A Depression Following The Liv Morgan Botch

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Brie Bella had a tough return to WWE. Most noticeably, her botch against Liv Morgan went viral and she was put on blast by some WWE fans. It wasn’t an easy time for Brie. She discussed falling into a depression with Digital Spy;

"I wanted to run into a cave and you'll see. I don't think people have ever seen me break down as bad as they will during the whole Liv situation. I went into a deep depression. I didn't know if I was going to be able to go back to work.” As we know, however, Brie did overcome that scenario and went on to bigger and better things.

7 Both Don’t Want Birdie To Grow Up With A Camera Being The Norm

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Sadly, both Brie and Nikki decided to end their relationship with Total Divas–that also means that Bryan will no longer be on the show either. Although it is hard for fans, given the Bellas were the main attractions on the show, you can understand the twins wanting to move on.

There was another reason as well that had to do with Brie and Bryan not wanting their daughter to grow up with a camera constantly around. Just imagine how difficult it can be for parents when their child thinks that having a camera around is the norm. That was a big part of Daniel and Brie deciding to leave the show and live private lives.

6 Bryan Main Evented WrestleMania & Got Married To Brie Within Days

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2014 was a special year for Daniel Bryan. He was thrust into the main event of WrestleMania XXX after the crowd basically lured him into the match. He would go on to win the championship in what was one of greatest WrestleMania endings of all time.

As if that wasn’t a thrill of a lifetime, Bryan would get married to Brie just days later, capping off one heck of a month. They got married on April 11th, literally less than a week after Bryan’s WrestleMania victory on the 6th of April. What a way to wind things down, right?

5 Bryan Losing His Father Led To Hard Times

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Daniel went from having the best week of his life to the worst. Following his WrestleMania title victory and wedding with Brie, Daniel’s dad sadly passed away that same month. In fact, it was just a couple of days later. It was quite the whirlwind for Bryan, who was very close with his father. The passing was a sad one considering it was totally unexpected.

As one can imagine, it was a hard time for Bryan. Brie admitted that Daniel wasn’t the same during this time as he mourned the passing of his father. Thankfully, he did return to feeling like his normal self, though we know his dad's passing will no doubt leave a lasting void.

4 Bryan Left WWE Twice

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Daniel Bryan is one of the few WWE stars to leave the company twice. As we discussed earlier in the article, he left in 2003 seeking more experience out on the independent scene. However, he would leave again in 2010, this time completely against his will.

He was released by the company for getting too aggressive with former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts. The company was none too pleased so they decided to release Bryan. It wasn’t a popular decision, and thankfully, he returned shortly after for a second time. Since then, it's been relatively smooth sailing for Bryan, though.

3 Brie Worked At A Hotel Prior To WWE

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Brie made the bold decision to move to LA alongside her sister in their 20s. While they searched for an agent, both Brie and Nikki worked regular jobs. Brie had a position as a waitress at the Mondrian Hotel. They would work some brief gigs in the meanwhile, like getting hired with Budweiser for promotional work.

Participating in the 2006 Diva Search changed everything for the twins as they got contracts out of the audition. Ironically, the two are finally done with wrestling and back into the world of fashion–it’s like it all went full-circle for the twins as they’re back to their original passions.

2 Daniel Contemplated Leaving WWE

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This was a major talking point in 2018. Daniel Bryan actually contemplated leaving the company for good. Daniel got the okay from all his doctors to go back to work following some serious head and brain issues. Had WWE still turned down his return requests, he would have likely left the company.

Bryan has Brie to thank for his return. Brie was a major part of Daniel never giving up and continuously getting tested even when he announced his retirement. During his comeback speech, Bryan got emotional discussing the role Brie had on his return. He’s now on top of the mountain as the current WWE Champion.

1 Bryan Wants To Wrestle Until He's In His 70s

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Yes, that’s right, Daniel Bryan made the claim that he plans to wrestle until he’s 70. Given Bryan’s dedication in the ring, we seriously don’t even doubt this statement. Here’s what he told ESPN;

“Realistically, I want to wrestle until I’m 70, you have to appreciate every moment of this, but I also have to transition my style in a way that I could still be wrestling when I’m 70 years old. I want to transition my style slowly to something that’s a little bit easier on my body.” Here's to another few decades (or longer) in the ring, then!

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