20 Little-Revealing Facts About Kurt Cobain’s Daughter, Frances Bean

Frances Bean Cobain is the only daughter of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain — although she has no active memories of her father, who passed away when she was just 20 months old. She considers herself the "OG Blue Ivy" (basically one of the first celebrity children to be getting loads of attention), and her relationship with fame has been interesting. She’s the type of person who has been photographed in the media many times, but she also prefers to keep a low-profile and live her life away from the spotlight. She is complex, like her parents, and also has a creative streak which has been channeled into her drawings. Actually, there’s a lot to know about Frances Bean Cobain, and below are 20 little-known details.

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20 Like Her Father, Frances Bean Cobain Is A Creative Individual And A Talented Artist

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Frances Bean Cobain is the daughter of two musicians, and, like her parents, she is also a creative individual. Kurt Cobain often drew, and Frances is also an artist, telling W magazine that she would “doodle” on her desk. She also discussed the things she likes to draw, saying, “Fantasy has felt more real to me at times. Drawing was an immediate outlet for that: to create. It’s been my ability to create my own world.”

19 Unlike Many Other Celebrity Children, She Feels She Hasn’t Been Subjected To Excessive Attention

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Being the only daughter of Kurt Cobain has meant that many people are fascinated by Frances Bean Cobain. She has given several interviews over the years, and has had her photo published by the media, but she says she hasn’t expressed excessive attention.

“People don’t follow me around, and they don’t stop me in a way where it’s excessive or invasive,” she told W magazine.

18 Her Grandmother Has Been An Inspiration For The Way She Lives Her Life

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Frances Bean Cobain has had a lot of strong female role models in her life, and she told W magazine that she has been around many women who were “survivors,” including her paternal grandmother who has survived loss, as well as health struggles. Despite this, Frances describes her as “still the happiest person I’ve ever met.” She also noted that her grandmother has influenced how she coexists in the world.

17 She Feels ‘Guilt’ Over The Fortune That Was Left To Her By Her Father, Kurt Cobain

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Most celebrity children live a life of privilege, and Frances Bean Cobain is no different because her father’s passing left her with a large inheritance of millions of dollars. However, she feels “guilt” over this, and confessed on the RuPaul: What’s the Tee? podcast  (via USA Today) that her relationship to money "is different because I didn’t earn it.”

16 She Is A Complex Individual, And She Knows It

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Frances Bean Cobain is an interesting and complicated individual, and this is something she acknowledges. In an interview with The Independent, she described herself as “complex, wise, empathetic”

Although the individuals who meet her in life may call her “authentic,” and tend to like her because of this, the above three words are how she likes to sum up her personality.

15 Frances Bean Cobain Also Calls Herself The 'OG Blue Ivy’ — But Says She’s Different To Other Celeb Kids

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Celebrity children are often photographed by the media and there is a lot of attention surrounding their lives. Children like North West and Blue Ivy (Beyoncé and Jay-Z's daughter) are among the most popular celeb kids, but Frances Bean Cobain has called herself the “O.G. Blue Ivy,” in an interview with What’s the Tee (via W magazine).

But she’s not trying to cash in on her parents' fame, explaining that she doesn’t “sound or act or am anything like my parents’ artistry.”

14 In 2014, She Married Musician Isaiah Silva, But The Relationship Didn’t Last

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Frances Bean Cobain is in her twenties, but in her relatively short life, she has done a lot. She has also already been married, tying the knot with musician Isaiah Silva on June 29, 2014, The Independent reports. The marriage did not last though, nor did it end on good terms.

13 She Refuses To Read Her Dad’s Journals, Despite Them Being Published In 2002

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Courtney Love made the decision to publish Kurt Cobain’s journals (his writings and drawings) and they were made public in 2002. This is a decision Frances Bean Cobain feels that her mom should not have done, telling The Independent that she is “really regretful” Love released them.

In fact, Frances doesn’t even look through Kurt's journals because she feels they are too personal and would be an invasion of his privacy.

12 She Doesn't Approve Of Many People Who Live And Work In Hollywood

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Frances Bean Cobain has been photographed in the media more times than I care to count, but she does not want to be famous. She does not like Hollywood either, telling W magazine (via TheTalko), “It’s hard to submit yourself into that world because it’s so pretentious and...It’s filled to the brim with the worst people I’ve ever met.”

11 But She is A Big Fan Of Universal Studios And Has Spent Time Hanging Out There

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Turns out Frances Bean Cobain likes to spend some time hanging around Universal Studios, and she documented one of her outings by posting a series of pictures to her social media account. She looked like she was having a wonderful time, and although she doesn’t buy into the whole Hollywood scene, she does enjoy posing on top of cars, and in front of spooky houses.

10 Frances Started Seeing A Therapist When She Was Five

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Frances Bean Cobain is an individual who speaks freely about her life, and the struggles she has faced. She admitted to W magazine that when she learned about her father’s passing when she was around five (her mother waited to tell her how he died), she had already been in therapy so she could be "eased into that conversation.”

9 She Is A Foodie And Wants To Create A Cookbook With A Twist

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Frances Bean Cobain has big plans for the future and she wants to create something that no one else has really done before; a cookbook with a twist. She has an account on social media dedicated to food, and she told W magazine that she dreams about writing her own “comic book cookbook one day"  She added, “I’ve never seen a comic book cookbook before.”

8 She Doesn’t Have Any Memories Of Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain impacted many lives and because of this, his memory lives on. But Frances Bean Cobain does not have any memories of her dad. This is hardly unexpected, and NPR notes that when she was just 20 months old, Kurt passed away, resulting in her having "no active memory of her dad.”

7 According to Courtney Love, Frances Was Offered A Part In A Tim Burton Film — She Turned It Down

Via The Mirror

Courtney Love has tried her hand at acting (and has appeared in several films) and apparently there has been some interest for Frances Bean Cobain to follow in her mother's footsteps. Although, NME notes that that interest does not come from Frances, but rather Tim Burton, but according to an interview with Love, Frances turned down a role in Alice in Wonderland.

6 Despite Having A Multi-Million Dollar Fortune, She Interned At ‘Rolling Stone’ When She Was A Teen

Via Daily Mail

Frances Bean Cobain will want for very little financially because of the multi-million dollar fortune she inherited from her father, but despite having the financial means to never work again, she has wanted to work. She interned at Rolling Stone magazine during her teen years, or as she put it, when she was a “15-year-old goth,” NME reports.

5 People Will Always Be Interested In Frances Bean, And Her Mom Knows That This Means A Lot Is Expected Of Her

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Frances Bean Cobain is not someone who shares every detail of her life with the public, and this is something that her mother, Courtney Love, really respects. “I respect how reclusive she is. She’s very tasteful,” Love told People. “You know, she’s Frances Bean. A lot is expected of her, and she handles it so well. She’s a very strong girl.”

4 She Has Worked As A Model And Has Connections In The Fashion Industry, But Has No Interest In Doing It Long-Term

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Frances Bean Cobain has modeled for Marc Jacobs in a fashion campaign, but this is not something she intends to do again. According to NME, she stated that she would not be modeling “for anybody else for a very long time.”

“I could never do [modeling] professionally,” she added. “Thankfully I have other skills than just standing there and looking cute.”

3 She’s Actually Not A Nirvana Fan And Prefers Other Bands, Like Oasis

Via Daily Mail

You may think that as the daughter of Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain would be a fan of Nirvana, but that is simply not the case.

“I don’t really like Nirvana that much. Sorry, promotional people, Universal,” she told Rolling Stone. Instead — at least at the time of the interview in 2015 — Frances said she liked Mercury Rev and Oasis.

2 Frances' Parents Were Close With Drew Barrymore, Who Hopes To Get The Chance To Reconnect With Her

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Frances Bean Cobain’s parents are well-connected in the entertainment industry, and Drew Barrymore is actually her godmother — although they’re not as close as Barrymore would like. According to Popsugar, Barrymore told Jane magazine in 2007 that she had not seen Courtney Love for a few years, and hadn’t “had the pleasure of being in Frances's life…” She did, however, have hopes to reconnect.

1 She’s Had A Troubled Relationship With Her Mom, And Ended Up Living With Her Paternal Grandmother For A Time

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Courtney Love and her daughter, Frances, appear to have a close bond, but their relationship has been troubled in the past. Over the years, they have made headlines for their fallouts, and People magazine notes that they have had social media fights, public feuds, and also legal battles. The latter refers to the time when Frances’ paternal grandmother and aunt had temporary guardianship of her, The Richest reports.

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