20 Little Revealing Facts About Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher's Private Life

Carrie Underwood is now a mama of two! A couple of weeks ago she welcomed her second son, Jacob Bryan, into the world with her pro hockey player husband, Mike Fisher. Jacob comes about four years after the birth of their first son, Isaiah.

“Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon,” Carrie said in a video she shared on IG. In her cute country way of speaking, she said they were “excited to be adding another little fish to our pond.” Adorable!

This little pond is showing the world what it looks like to put family first, even when both parents have major, multi-million dollar careers of their own. For new parents, this pair seems like they've been winning the family-of-four game for years. They are full of country-strong wisdom about raising their boys and they aren't shy about sharing it.

Like any new family, they've also got some quirks. Would any of us teach a three year old to hunt, for example? This isn't the Hunger Games, people! Some traditions might belong in the backwoods of Tennessee where they came from in the first place, not in the hands of a child in 2019.

From the adorable to the downright unusual, here's our round up of parenting tips inspired by dream couple Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher. Scroll to see if you agree with their sweet advice (or disagree with what we call 'weird'). Nobody's perfect! In Carrie's words, when it comes to parenting, "I’m doing my best, you know?"

20 They Make Time To ‘Be Silly’ With The Kids

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In a Father's Day IG post to Mike, Carrie praised him for "never being afraid to be silly" with Isaiah, making parenting all the more fun. One way Carrie herself practices what she preaches is by singing Isaiah silly songs about anything that comes into her head at any time. As she tells Parents magazine:

"Any song I end up singing him is some stupid song to make him laugh. We make up songs all the time. I sing songs about changing diapers. Songs about getting him dressed. I change the lyrics to popular songs on the radio." So cute.

19 'Bring Baby To Work' Day

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Over the years, Mike has taken Isaiah to Carrie's recording sessions and Carrie has taken Isaiah to Mike's hockey games. This is a family that really shows up for each other - even if they're not conscious when they're together (see pic).

When you have the kind of job that lets you bring your kids along every once in a while, it makes sense that you would let them see that side of your life. We can only imagine what it's like to realize your parents are superstars, though. It will probably be a while before that happens for Isaiah.

"I wonder if he’ll remember seeing his daddy play," Carrie wrote to her fans on IG. "I sure hope so."

18 They Show Their Kids The World

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When Carrie and Mike travel for gigs and public appearances, their kids usually come along for the ride. This makes for some amazing early childhood experiences! Imagine getting to go to a live stadium show at the age of three. That was Isaiah's reality when Mike took him to "Izzy's first concert" featuring his mom, according to Mike's IG.

This kid also got to stand on top of the world at a five-star hotel in New York City last October, according to his mom's socials. There's something super sweet about a kid with traffic on his onesie looking with wonder out at the traffic below. Cars have never looked cuter.

17 They Got Their Kids A Puppy

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Of course this perfect family comes along with a little dog. Carrie and Mike added both these sweet creatures to their family around the same time, and with love and patience, the pair became the best of friends.

"I half expected these two to clash, but with lots of carefully watched playtime and working hard to teach both how to treat each other, we’ve managed to do alright!" Underwood wrote on IG. "I even think they might [heart] each other!"

The cutest part? Carrie tweets that Isaiah calls the dog 'Pah-bah' instead of her name, 'Penny.' He's trying his best!

16 They Use Technology When They're Apart

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Having famous parents can have its downsides, too. Since both Carrie and Mike work at the tops of their fields without taking many vacations, their family has to adapt to not seeing them in person all the time.

This was especially true when Mike had to travel for training camps and games as a pro hockey player in Canada. To beat the distance, Carrie and Isaiah turned to technology.

"We FaceTime almost every day so [Mike] can have a little interaction with Isaiah," she explained to People. "They need their time together because Isaiah loves his daddy!"

15 They Let Their Kids Explore Nature

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It's healthy to take your kids out into nature as often as you can! What could be wrong with fresh air and new sites for them to see and explore? Carrie and Mike's oldest son loves to take in as much nature as he can.

"He loves going outside," Carrie told Parents. "If he's ever fussy we'll take him outside and he just looks around and gets super calm."

She's shared countless pictures of Isaiah in outdoor activity spaces, parks, and zoos with the fam. She also told People that they always try to make time to explore the places where she's performing, often by visiting any outdoor farmers' market they can find.

14 They Let Their Kids Get Messy

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Even though Carrie and Mike's home is filled with the best quality things that money can buy, they aren't too bothered about their kids messing it all up. That's what kids do! These parents seem to take a really laid-back approach to keeping the house (and the babies) tidy.

Sometimes with kids you need to pick your battles, or as Carrie hashtags moments like these, #BabyBattles. Do you want your kid to stay clean, or do you want them to finish their food? We'd probably pick eating, no matter how messy. They've got to get those nutrients in their tummies somehow!

13 They Encourage Their Kids' Interests

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When Isaiah developed a love for Sesame Street, his parents didn't think twice about encouraging his interest in this educational kid's classic. They bought him diapers with muppets on them, took him to meet Elmo at Sesame Place, and made him a birthday cake shaped like Kermit the Frog.

That's what it seems to be like with all of this kid's special interests. Carrie and Mike even took him tobogganing in the Canadian wilderness to encourage the little outdoor adventurer in him. Sometimes all it takes is a little push in the right direction for children to develop skills and interests that last them a lifetime.

12 They Celebrate The Little Things

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Even the smallest moments are special in the Underwood-Fisher household. Lately, a lot of those small moments have had to do with anticipating and welcoming the new baby.

Isaiah was encouraged to love baby Jacob even before he was born. "He’ll be really sweet and talk to my belly and kiss my belly," Carrie shared at the time. "He’s the sweetest little boy." Isaiah was also asked to suggest a name for the baby, and he suggested his own name. This moment was so precious to Carrie that she shared it on The Jimmy Kimmel Show to loads of applause from the studio audience.

11 They Teach Their Kids How To Help Others

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Carrie and Mike are both involved in a lot of charitable organizations that they hope will lead their boys to become kinder, more compassionate men. It's never too early to teach kids the value of giving and helping others, and this family has dozens of great opportunities to do just that.

"We're lucky to be a part of organizations that help kids, because our focus right now in our lives is helping as many kids as possible," Carrie told Redbook. By making helping others a priority for the family, these parents are setting the boys up for a sweet future.

10 They Show Their Kids That Beauty Is On The Inside

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In November 2017, Carrie took a major tumble outside the steps of her Nashville home and ended up needing between 40 and 50 stitches on her face. It was a terrible accident, but Isaiah still thought she was beautiful.

This sweet story proves it: "This morning, Melissa, my hair and makeup artist, was starting to put my makeup on," Carrie writes on IG, "and he said, 'No, don’t do that!' and I was like, 'Why, baby, why are you upset?' And he said, ‘I like you just how you are.’ He didn’t want me to put makeup on. That made me feel pretty. I know I wasn’t, but he made me feel pretty."

9 They Always Stick To Family Time

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When their little family was just beginning to grow, Carrie and Mike didn't know how they were going to balance it all. The solution they found was to ALWAYS carve out time to spend together.

"Our lives are so crazy as it is," Carrie told People, "but you just make room and you learn how important that family time is, and to be able to spend time and carve out some of that and maybe get to go on vacation and maybe get to go on a cruise - that stuff is so important to, like I said, make time for family."

8 They (Oddly) Make The Kids Tie Their Shoes

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This happened when Carrie was heavily preggo with Jacob and couldn't reach her feet for herself. In a teachable moment, she encouraged Isaiah to try his hand at shoelace tying, using her own feet as practice for him (and a handy service for her).

At the age of three, Isaiah is too young to actually be tying shoes. That's a developmental milestone that usually happens at around the age of six, according to experts at BabyCenter. It makes for a cute social media moment, and plenty of Carrie's fans admired how precious Isaiah looked in the video, but having your kids tie your shoes before they can even manage their own is a bit weird.

7 They Use Their Kids As Workout Buddies

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"He has a short attention span, but he’s a pretty good workout buddy," Carrie tells People about Isaiah hitting the gym with her. These two have shown up on Carrie's social media accounts doing workouts together since Isaiah was the tender age of two.

"He does squats often - if you ask him to do a squat he knows what that is and he can do it," she goes on to explain. "He loves getting the little weights and acting like Mommy and Daddy. He’s just a lot of fun to have around."

What do you think about starting them this young?

6 They Let Their Kids Sleep On A Tour Bus

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Even Carrie herself admits that the stadium tour lifestyle isn't normal for a small child like Isaiah. He spends as much time on a small tour bus as he does in tiny hotel rooms. As she tells Parents:

"My husband and I make it a priority to have him do all the things that kids should do and kids his age do, but he's gonna spend a lot of time on a bus. That's not normal. He's gonna be in random cities and basements of venues. That's not normal. Sometimes I just think, 'I'm sorry we're in this tiny hotel room in Lord-knows-where.' I just hope he doesn't ever resent his childhood."

5 They Show Their Kids Ads Of Mom And Dad

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According to Carrie's IG, Mike and Isaiah went to a Dick's Sporting Goods store while she was a model for some of the products sold there. "Isaiah just had to give mama a hug," she wrote.

Can you imagine how weird it would be to walk into a store and have your parent's face plastered all over the ads inside it? This unusual parenting moment isn't really Mike or Carrie's fault, but it's bizarre nonetheless. We hope Isaiah can someday realize that not everybody's parents are public figures, but that's got to be a strange lesson to learn - especially after making memories like this one.

4 They Take 'Pants Are Optional' Pics

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"Some mornings, pants are optional…even when the fedora is not. #KeepingItReal #momlife," Carrie shared on IG. For kids, sometimes it can be appropriate to go bottomless at home. The weirdness factor here isn't necessarily that Carrie was comfortable with her kid going pantless for the day, it's that she chose to share that on her very public socials.

Posting a picture of your young child's back-end with no pants online is a HUGE no-no, even if your only followers are close family and friends. This is cyber safety 101! Posting a picture like this to an audience of 8.3 million followers is an iffy parenting choice. Pants on for pictures, at least.

3 Mike Lets His Son Groom Him

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Small hands! Sharp equipment! Don't do it, Isaiah!

This moment was captured on Carrie's IG shortly after Mike retired from his professional hockey career. She captioned it with a tongue-in-cheek joke about Mike needing to use Isaiah for grooming now that he's out of a job. Like the shoe-tying thing, this isn't a task we'd give to a kid this young.

This one we probably wouldn't even try for a photo's sake. Think about Mike's beautiful beard, not to mention the risks involved in having kids play with electric razors. They've got blades, cords, and electricity running through them. This is maybe cute for a second, but weird in the long run.

2 They Teach The Kids To Hunt

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You might not know that along with his immensely successful hockey career, Mike Fisher owns a company called 'Catchin Deers.' It's all about the humorous side of hunting, designed to entertain serious hunters with videos and merch that cater to their unique sense of hunting humor.

When it comes to exposing kids to hunting, we personally don't have much of a sense of humor. This whole aiming-arrows-at-living-creatures thing doesn't really jive with the love for nature that Carrie and Mike are so passionate about fostering in Isaiah. He could be appreciating the lives of animals instead of ending them, and that's what we hope he chooses to do when he develops more of a mind of his own.

1 They Let The Kids Play With Vegetables

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The Underwood-Fisher family has all the money in the world and they make their child a potato with a face on it to play with? We're all for natural tools for child development, but this takes that to the extreme. Give this boy some Hot Wheels!

This picture was shared on Carrie's socials with a caption about how Isaiah had been playing with it and only it for three days straight. We hope that with Jacob added to the house, this family will collect some more imaginative toys for the boys to enjoy as they grow up. Is the potato cute? Yes. Is it also weird? Big time, yes.

Sources: Parents, Baby Center

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