20 Little-Known Tidbits About Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen (Even Fans Don't Know)

Mary-Kate and Ashley. The Olsen Twins. Those girls who "will solve any crime by dinner time." If one's of a certain age, any or all of these references may take them right back! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been part of the popular culture sphere for three decades now, first gracing our televisions as the adorable tot, Michelle Tanner, on the classic sitcom Full House. The young actresses quickly rose to fame at an astronomical pace; Mary-Kate and Ashley's wildly popular role as Michelle on Full House inspired the launch of a brand which quickly became a global phenomenon! From dolls to bedspreads, the world was captivated by Mary-Kate and Ashley!

These world-famous twins have been part of our collective consciousness for so long, it's understandable they took a hiatus to explore different avenues. Don't call them "The Olsen Twins" these days; Mary-Kate and Ashley have their own identities and they're ready to show the world they've got longevity!

In recent years, the sisters have created multiple fashion lines for different target audiences, they've served many memorable looks to the paparazzi, and Mary-Kate even took a break from the public eye in exchange for a simpler life with a family of her own.

Longtime Olsen fans needn't worry; the sisters are still incredibly close, and never far away from one another. Although their acting days are long gone, there's still plenty of nostalgia to go around. Let's take a deep dive into all things Olsen!

20 Their Fashion Line Had Humble Roots

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Longtime Olsen fans might remember Mary-Kate and Ashley's stylish but still age-suitable clothing line back in the day! The clothing line promised "Real Fashion For Real Girls," and the cute clothes definitely delivered!

A few years and a few milestones later, the Olsens decided to take their love of fashion design to the next level. Mary-Kate and Ashley created a fashion line for fans who were growing up alongside them. They launched The Row, a collection of more high-end products to match their fans' evolving style choices. The Row came to fruition in their university dorm room, as W reports.

19 They're Full Of 'Full House' Memories

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Mary-Kate and Ashley were extremely young when they began sharing the role of Michelle on Full House (they were only six months old when they began working in 1987!), so memories made on set were especially formative for the baby Olsens!

If the countless throwback photos and videos shared by their co-star John "Uncle Jesse" Stamos weren't an indication, the Full House family bond was real! Ellen DeGeneres once asked the twins if they had any early memories from the set, and Mary-Kate answered, "I'm not sure if they're memories or old footage." Ashley added, "There [are] quite a few!"

18 Their Lips Are Sealed On Social Media

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Remember Mary-Kate and Ashley's film, "Our Lips Are Sealed?" Turns out, the Olsens took the film's title to heart regarding their private lives. Who could blame them? After all, they have been in the public eye from before they were able to form coherent sentences!

As the sisters grew older and their fame skyrocketed to mega-stardom, Mary-Kate and Ashley really grew to value privacy. In today's world where everyone is always connected, a level of anonymity is nearly impossible to achieve. According to Vogue, via Refinery29, Mary-Kate explained, "We've spent our whole lives trying not to let people have that accessibility."

17 Their Bond Is Beyond Sisterhood

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Through the ages, Mary-Kate and Ashley fans have always wanted to know how the fraternal twins are similar to one another, and gain some insight into their sisterly bond. Just how close are Mary-Kate and Ashley, especially since the twin moguls have blossomed into adults right before our eyes?

The answer may surprise you. Ashley likened their bond to a level requiring strong commitment! According to the Wall Street Journal as per an article in Refinery 29, Ashley said "sisterhood with Mary-Kate was like being in a marriage and partnership... We have had ups and downs. We do everything together."

16 Mary-Kate Thinks Art Is Awesome

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Mary-Kate and Ashley have long worked hard to make sure the distinct elements of their personalities are noticeable to the public! Over the years, Mary-Kate has gained a reputation for being on the laid-back, artsy side, while Ashley is her more sophisticated counterpart, more like a grown-up version of their childhood style!

Judging by Mary-Kate's boho-chic style looks and interests, it may be no surprise to learn the younger Olsen twin has an extensive art collection. According to Elle, Mary-Kate believes "All I really need is my bed and my art around me." Sounds like a comfortable existence to us!

15 The Twins Live A Zen Life

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The Olsens have been familiar with the entertainment industry longer than some of us have been on the planet. With experience comes a level of steadfast patience and a bountiful amount of knowledge on how to navigate "the business," so how are Mary-Kate and Ashley able to take a moment for themselves?

Mary-Kate knows a thing or two about keeping calm while living a busy life. She candidly spoke to Elle, revealing, "Everybody is going to go through hard times. It's a part of life. I think the hardest part to get to is that point of asking for help..."

14 Ashley Is Quite Book Savvy

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If Mary-Kate and Ashley's characters in New York Minute were a guaranteed look into their real-life personalities, Ashley's academically driven character Jane would be a surefire inside-look into her real-life interests. Roxy, Mary-Kate's rebellious character who is always ready for a good time, would mirror Mary-Kate's seemingly carefree IRL personality as well!

Jane Ryan would be proud of her real-life counterpart. A profile on the twins courtesy of Vogue revealed "Ashley thrived on absorbing business knowledge," adding she is "often considered the financial brain" within their fashion empire.

Sometimes carrying around a day planner works out incredibly well!

13 Their Stylist Loved Layers

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Serving as the creative brains behind multiple fashion lines, the Olsens have had plenty of practice becoming style icons. The twins have memorably built their career around their love of fashion (the song "Fashion Jr. High" comes to mind), and their respective style evolutions have been chronicled on the covers of fashion magazines over the years!

The twins' mid-'00s style looks were a labor of love from their own personal stylist. Judy Swartz has since had many other famous clients, but she has a lot of love for the twins.

Swartz's go-to style secret for Mary-Kate and Ashley were sunglasses, as People reports!

12 Mary-Kate And Ashley Are Hardworking Hotties

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Even if you're not a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan, you'll still be able to agree how unbelievably busy the girls were, especially as teenagers! Your teenage years can be complex and sometimes confusing, and Mary-Kate and Ashley's experience was no exception regardless of the high multitude of Olsen-mania.

The only difference between the mega-famous Olsens and us plain Janes is that they had to fit in their education between managing a gigantic brand and filming movies. Despite their schedule, the twins were determined to go to college. According to People, there they "actually met people who had a different take on the world."

11 They Were The World's Youngest Producers

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By the age of six, many of us were in the process of learning how to read and watching episodes of Full House to catch a glimpse of our favorite character Michelle! Mary-Kate and Ashley were probably working on their reading compression as well, but they had an additional job title many do not achieve for at least two more decades: Producers!

According to ABC News, the twins were six years old when they became producers of their own company Dualstar, which would be the home of the mega-library of films and other media. Did these girls get snack time?

10 Mary-Kate Is A Coffee-Loving Cutie

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Ahh, the finer things in life! We all have our go-to habits which bring us comfort and joy. Mary-Kate Olsen's moment of comfort could warrant her a nod from the "normies" who hang out at the local coffee shop! MK loves a good cup of coffee!

According to ABC News, Mary-Kate admitted to loving the scent of coffee during an interview with Marie Claire. She shared, "[Coffee] feels like part of my childhood. It was something that I smelled a lot. It just reminds me of having a routine in the morning."

9 They Have Been Behind The Scenes Since They Were Teens

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When you've been on camera since your days in diapers and you were faced with adult responsibilities before the age of 10, it's understandable you'd want to take time away from the spotlight. Mary-Kate and Ashley know how special their legacy is to their fans. Ashley told Vogue, "I am so proud of what we did. We made kids smile every day. But we had done the best we could do."

Mary-Kate shared a similar, but rather strong, take on their career as young moguls. She described their lives as "little Monkey performers," as Marie Claire reports. She also said they managed to exhale when they stopped acting, as Vogue reports.

8 They Skipped Prom

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Prom is a rite of passage for many; who among us didn't have dreams of wearing a gorgeous gown while swaying slowly in the arms of a beautiful boy?

By the time Mary-Kate and Ashley were ready for their own prom, they were mega-stars in charge of their own empire, so it was completely plausible the Olsens would have other pressing engagements on their plate. On the night of their prom, Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't in attendance. Instead, we'd say the girls had a pretty cool and unique reason for missing their big night: they were hosting Saturday Night Live!

7 The Girls Appeared On 'Full House' Only Four Times

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The behind-the-scenes experts of Full House hid the fact that Michelle Tanner was portrayed by two girls so well, the twins were once credited as one person in the series' opening credits!

Of course, at some point during the series' eight-year run, the curtain had to be pulled back to sneakily reveal to viewers Michelle was actually played by two sisters. Storylines occasionally allowed the twin who wasn't busy playing Michelle to appear alongside her sister, with some camera trickery and TV magic! From long-lost cousins to tiny tot mind trickery, the two Michelles appeared on screen four times together, as Bustle reports.

6 Time Waits For No Twin With A Schedule

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Living a Hollywood life crazily coordinated to the nth degree can make some celebs extremely savvy and perform incredibly well with time management. Looking at Mary-Kate and Ashley's impressively long list of achievements, it does not take much to figure out how the twins have evolved into super successful businesswomen, managing multiple projects.

The secret to Mary-Kate and Ashley's boss levels of organization? Perhaps a lifelong practice of being on a tight schedule. In 2009, Ashley gave fans some insight into how jam-packed their childhood schedules were. She revealed to Marie-Claire, "It was almost like I was in the army."

5 Ashley Has A Large Closet

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We rarely hear Mary-Kate and Ashley's names without mention of the other in the next breath, but the twins actually have so much to offer as individuals, and so many cool trivial tidbits for us to learn.

Mary-Kate and Ashley's different style preferences have long since been known to their fans, and those who were able to tell the twins apart solely based on their outfits during childhood will be happy to know the girls enjoy fashion just as much as individual twins as they always did as a sisterhood combo!

According to Marie-Claire, Ashley "never throws out her clothes." How chic!

4 They're Video Game Babes

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Back in the day, the Mary-Kate and Ashley empire produced countless types of merchandise. The Olsens just knew their fans couldn't get enough of this new world wide web thing, so they were the masterminds behind CD-ROMs (remember those?) and a few different video games!

Video games weren't limited to being Olsen merchandise. The girls enjoyed kicking back and playing video games like the rest of us, to relax and unwind after a long day.

Ashley's game of choice circa 2009 was Rock Band! She told Marie-Claire, "I swear to you, it's brought out a whole new thing in me..."

3 Mary-Kate Still Rides Horses

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In profiles of the twins during the early years of Olsen dominance, Mary-Kate was often quick to mention her love of horses and even owned multiple horses during her childhood. Much has changed for Mary-Kate over the years but one thing that remains consistent is her love of horses!

Growing up and assuming new titles and roles is, of course, part of life, but there's always a lot of room for consistency! The notoriously private Mary-Kate revealed to MTV, "I have a husband, two step-kids, and a life. I have to go home and cook dinner. I ride horses on the weekends..."

2 They Were Sophisticated Style Sisters

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As young influencers, Mary-Kate and Ashley were tastemakers of the fashion world as they took their fans on a lifetime of style looks. From their teenage fashion line to their current fashion empire, the Olsens have had a lifetime of knowledge. Even as young teens, the girls knew just the type of style direction they wanted to venture toward!

According to E! via an interview with Net-a-Porter, Mary-Kate explained age was nothing but a number when it came to influence, saying, "We would take adult clothing and cut it down to our size, change the proportions..." Talk about craft!

1 The Olsens Set Sail With Fans

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This next phenomenon of the Olsen Twins' long line of epic experiences for their fans is so fabulously '90s, you just have to see it to believe it. Ah, a throwback!

During the dawn of the new millennium, you couldn't escape the Olsen influence if you tried. They were on your TVs, they were on your bookshelves, and chances are they might have been on the family vacation cruise you once took with Mom and Dad back in the day.

Mary-Kate and Ashley participated in a "Sail With The Stars" cruise for a few years, and they seemed absolutely psyched about it!

References: W, Vogue, ABC News, MTV

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