20 Little-Known Things About TLC’s Little People, Big World

Season 14 of Little People, Big World kicked off in April of this year (2019) and Matt and Amy are now leading separate lives, according to People.com. Thankfully, both seem happy with their new partners.

Over the course of the show, the Roloff family has gone through so many changes. Fans of the show will enjoy reminiscing about their favorite TLC family. It's packed with 20 little-known things about TLC's Little People, Big World.

This list features a lot of compelling information about what happened during the filming of the show and behind-the-scenes. It also features juicy details about what Roloff family members are up to now.

Sit back, relax and read up on this fascinating reality TV family. The Roloff family is so unique, interesting and entertaining.

20 Matt Roloff Has A Skeleton In His Closet


A lot of Little People, Big World fans don't realize that Matt has a skeleton in his closet. He was pulled over by police while driving his vehicle in July of 2007. He was suspected of driving when he shouldn't have been and pleaded not guilty. Likewise, the judge found him not guilty as well, according to Realitytvworld.com.

19 Amy Said Her Split With Matt Was One-Sided


Amy Roloff has gotten very real about her split with Matt. She said that it was one-sided. She seemed very hurt by it. On Matt's side, he has said that he views commitment differently than Amy does, according to Goodhousekeeping.com. Uh-oh. Matt's attitude towards commitment is more "flexible" than Amy's, and oddly so, that explains so much about their divorce.

18 Jacob Says The Action Was Scripted


Many reality shows are softly scripted, as they say in the show business world. Is Little People, Big World one of them? Maybe so. Jacob has said that the show's action was cooked up by producers, based on information from Thehollywoodgossip.com website. He said that producers prompt the family to talk about certain things.

17 Amy Implied The Show Is Fake, Too


Jacob's opinion that the show isn't real has been echoed by his mother, Amy, according to Thehollywoodgossip.com website. Amy didn't say outright that the show is fake, but she did say that it's edited and that people shouldn't necessarily judge too harshly, just because the editing paints Roloff family members a certain way.

16 Jacob Is Now An Anti-Vaxxer


Jacob Roloff once went on social media and explained that he wouldn't vaccinate any future kids, according to Fame10.com. Doctors and nurses believe in vaccines for a reason, but many anti-vaxxers hang onto their views, even though a mountain of medical research shows that vaccines don't cause autism or other issues.

15 Zach Got Hassled By Other Kids When He Was A Child


Maybe it's not a surprise that Zach was given a hard time by other kids when he was very young. Some people don't have compassion and Zach is different due to his dwarfism. This made him a target. According to Yahoo.com, his baby son also has dwarfism and Zach worries that he will be picked on too.

14 TLC Actively Sought Out The Family


The TLC Network has its eye on the Roloff family for years before the family finally agreed to do Little People, Big World. Imagine being filmed as you go about your daily business. It would be a huge life change, right? The Roloffs needed time to decide whether or not to do the show, according to their Wikipedia page.

13 Matt Went On To Date An Employee


Some people have issues with the fact that Matt Rolloff ended up dating an employee who worked at his farm shortly after his split from Amy. Intouchweekly.com reported that a lot of media outlets were questioning the new relationship timeline. Matt's new woman, Caryn, doesn't shy away from the spotlight.

12 Jacob Didn't Enjoy Being Filmed


Jacob Roloff had to grow up in a reality TV fishbowl. The cameras were everywhere and according to Bnd.com, he didn't enjoy being filmed. This isn't hard to understand. Most kids don't want their lives under a microscope like that. He felt that he was forced to do it, and I'm sure many kids would feel similarly in his position.

11 The Neighbors Had Issues With The Roloffs


Lots of people come to this reality TV family's farm. These gawkers tend to annoy the neighbors. The farm is definitely a tourist attraction and this means that there are sometimes crowds in the neighborhood that other residents don't exactly appreciate, according to iHeart.com. Neighbors think the farm is an "overpriced" attraction.

10 Molly Decided To Move Away From The Farm


The Roloff daughter, Molly, has settled down in Spokane, Washington. She needs to drive for several hours to make it home to the family farm. She headed for Spokane before she got married to go to college. At college, she met the man she would marry and decided to put down strong roots in Spokane, according to Nickiswift.com

9 Amy Once Encountered A Trespasser


Amy probably felt vulnerable when she stumbled upon a man who was taking pics of her property, despite a bunch of "No Trespassing" signs. The guy was a building services inspector, according to Screenertv.com, and Amy got in touch with Washington County officials to complain about his actions. The Roloffs decided to sue, however, their lawsuit was dismissed.

8 Matt Spent A Lot Of His Childhood Years In The Hospital


Matt Roloff has faced many challenges in his life, including plenty of physical pain. He had to spend many of his childhood years in the hospital, according to Inquisitr.com. His health issues were caused by his dwarfism. Matt's brothers also had serious health problems. Matt and his brothers had more than 30 operations.

7 Amy's Type Of Dwarfism Causes Few Health Complications


Amy and Matt don't have the same type of dwarfism. Amy's type of dwarfism doesn't cause the same big health issues as Matt's, although it can cause certain complications. Amy has achondroplasia dwarfism, while Matt's dwarfism is degenerative. Amy has the same type of dwarfism as Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, according to her own website, Amyjroloff.com

6 Jacob Dropped Out Of High School


Jacob got expelled from elementary school. That experience may have soured him on formal education, because he later decided to drop out of high school and he has zero regrets about doing it, according to Popculture.com. He feels happier now, as an adult, than he did back then. He earned a GED after dropping out, thankfully.

5 Jeremy's Wife Audrey Has Unique Views On Marriage


Jeremy's wife, Audrey, has gotten some shade from critics because of her views on matrimony. According to Thehollywoodgossip.com, she has compared marriage to "war." That's an interesting point of view, isn't it? She was trying to say that marriage requires some hard work, but her choice of words offended some people.

4 The Family Got Sued


Linda Farrell sued the Roloff family because she got injured while taking a public tour on their farm. The lawsuit happened in 2009, according to iHeart.com. She wanted compensation because she claimed that medical bills related to the accident added up to $100,000! She blamed carelessness on the part of the reality TV family.

3 Jeremy Is Now An Author


Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey, have co-authored a book called, "A Love Letter Life," according to Aloveletterlife.com. In the book, the couple shares their journey from their complicated dating days to marriage and beyond. They are using their reality TV fame as a platform to build a new life.

2 Amy Is Doing Public Speaking These Days


Amy is inspiring. She's strong, she's smart, and she's coped with plenty of challenges and obstacle. So, it's no surprise that people want to hear her speak. Speakerpedia.com describes her as an "inspirational speaker." There's a big market for famous inspirational speakers. Amy has had a unique life which is well worth hearing about.

1 Amy's New Man Was Branded A Gold-Digger


Is Amy's new man digging for gold? Some fans think so. He does seem very comfortable posing for the cameras, but none of us really know him. Amy seems happy with him. According to Thehollywoodgossip, fans are concerned that Amy is being used. Amy is a grown woman and can make her own choices.

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