20 Little Revealing Facts About YouTube Makeup Guru Jeffree Star

Beauty influencers are everywhere these days. YouTube has absolutely exploded in popularity, and there are countless beauty gurus making a name for themselves in the industry.

And they're not just doing tutorials—they're setting up partnerships and collaborations with major brands. They're doing things like releasing their own palettes or creating small limited-edition collections with make-up superstars.

And, the best part is, many of them have such distinct personalities and looks that they prefer. They all have insane make-up skills, but there are subtle differences that make them all unique.

And no one is quite as unique as Jeffree Star.

Star is without a doubt one of the more memorable of the YouTube gurus, and whether people love him or dislike him, they've probably heard of him. His look is definitely a bit more extreme than many other beauty gurus, but it works for him—he's achieved a ton of success. His channel has featured several celebrities and his products have appeared in Sephora, which is major for any guru.

However, beyond his ability to flawlessly blend eyeshadow, how much do we really know about Jeffree Star? We've gathered 20 little-known facts about the legendary makeup guru and his journey toward stardom (and fantastic contouring).

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20 He Has A Pink Coffin Next To His Bed

via: yahoo.com

There's no denying that Jeffree Star has an unusual look. He rocks plenty of bright colours yet he also has a bit of a goth vibe that many people love. Nothing exemplifies the two facets of his personality better than a particularly unique piece of home decor he owns—a pink coffin.

That's right—when he lies down in bed after a long day of tutorials, there's a pink coffin right next to his bed. We're not exactly sure what prompted the decision and why it's there, but hey— whatever makes you happy. Obviously, he enjoys having it, and that's all that matters at the end of the day!

19 He Got His Love Of Fashion From His Mother

via: glamour.com

There's no denying that Jeffree Star's overall look is a little bold for many people. He rocks a lot of bright colours and interesting cuts and is definitely not afraid to stand out from the crowd. While he's likely had plenty of sources of fashion inspiration in his life, there's one particular one that had a lasting impact on him—his mom!

As he said in his YouTube documentary, "my mum had Cosmopolitan magazine as a subscription and Vogue, and every month I would be like 'I wanna be that girl in that ad.'" Well, with all his brand deals and his influencer status, he's definitely reached that goal!

18 He Owns Over A Hundred Arcade Machines

via: twitter.com

Jeffree Star obviously owns an absolutely bananas amount of makeup. I mean, it's kind of his job! He needs to know what's new and rocking on the market to share with his followers. And, he needs to know the market so he's successful when he creates his own products.

However, it turns out there's another type of item he's been collecting over the years—arcade machines! Apparently, Star owns over a hundred arcade machines that he's collected over the years. He hasn't assembled a fully functioning arcade in his basement or anything—he stores the majority of them in a warehouse—but still, that's a pretty unique thing to collect.

17 His Teeth Are Made From Zirconia Crystals

via: ew.com

Most makeup gurus have flawless smiles. After all, their look is a huge part of their brand—you can't be showcasing lipstick with a less than perfect grin! However, Jeffree Star's smile has a bit of a story behind it. Apparently, he was born with really bad teeth, something inherited from his mother, who also struggled with dental issues.

So, at one point, he decided to get all his teeth re-done. His natural teeth were shaved down and crowns made of zirconia crystals were placed over them to give him his sparkling smile. He found something that he wanted to change and he made it happen—can't fault him for that.

16 He Has An Insane Amount Of Beauty Insider Points at Sephora

via: frannymac.com

It's pretty much a given that any YouTube makeup guru has an absolutely astounding amount of Beauty Insider points at Sephora. After all, most of them will easily drop the same amount on makeup in one purchase as regular people will spend in an entire year—and more! They want to stay up to date with what's been released, and they often buy out entire new ranges to try different shades.

That adds up! Jeffree Star has a ton of points at Sephora, and his partner Nate confirmed in Star's YouTube documentary that "every time I'm there, they freak out about how many points he has."

15 He Actually Owns 10 Businesses

via: allure.com

There are quite a few makeup gurus who have had a tremendous amount of success on YouTube. Their channels bring in millions of views, they're getting paid major dough, and they're setting up partnerships and collaborations regularly. However, it's not the best idea to put all your eggs in one basket—and Jeffree Star seems to understand that.

In addition to his successful business as  YouTube makeup guru, he has nine other businesses, from a cosmetics company to rental properties to a shipping and fulfilment centre. Talk about a savvy businessman! It's smart that he's not just allowing himself to be at YouTube's mercy.

14 Before YouTube, He Was A Huge Success On Myspace

via: myspace.com

When it comes to makeup gurus, Jeffree Star is on the older edge of the spectrum. Many gurus got their start on YouTube when they were in their early 20s, or even their teens. They didn't have a lot of experience on other platforms—but Star has a slightly different story.

Before he decided to see what YouTube was all about, he was actually hugely popular on the social platform Myspace. His look was a little bit different, but he still had his bright pink locks and signature attitude. It just goes to show that he likely will continue to a huge success, no matter what platform he decides to start using.

13 He's Never Had An Adult Beverage

via: cosmo.ph

You might assume that Star is living a glam Hollywood life, partying with celebrities and sipping expensive champagne all hours of the day. While part of that is true, the champagne part definitely isn't—it turns out, he's actually never tried any adult beverages or cigarettes!

Though he's posed with various items before for shoots, he doesn't consume them in his own life. Part of it is because he had a rough upbringing and doesn't want to go down that path. And, part of it is simply because he wants to stay looking young—and a lot of those toxic substances can age you in a major way.

12 He Identifies As Androgynous

via: allure.com

One of the reasons Jeffree Star has captured such a wide audience is because he's so much different than the typical beauty guru. He has the same skill at makeup artistry, but he's not just another gorgeous girl. He actually identifies as androgynous, and has stated before that he doesn't believe in gender or labels.

We absolutely love that he marches to the beat of his own drum and puts forth such a unique image. He's likely inspired so, so many of his fans to just wear what they want and live the lives they want without fear—and that's a big deal!

11 His Kitchen Is Filled With $220 Hermes Gold Spoons

via: racked.com

When you make the kind of money that Jeffree Star makes, you can afford to splurge on a few indulgences. Most of the time, those splurges are beauty-related for Star. However, he did also drop a pretty penny on something that many of us would overlook—utensils.

If you open the drawer where he keeps all his silverware in the kitchen, you'll find golden Hermes spoons that cost $220 each. That's insane! We can't even imagine how luxurious it must feel to eat your morning bowl of cereal with a golden spoon. Plus, every now and then you can spot one of them in a video!

10 He Had A Huge Feud With Former BFF Kat Von D

via: youtube.com

For a long time, Jeffree Star and makeup artist and beauty mogul Kat Von D were BFFs. Their friendship made total sense—they seemed to have a lot in common and just seemed to have fun with one another. However, a feud started up back in 2016 when Von D released a video that basically spilled all the tea about what happened with their friendship.

Star later responded with a video that explained his own perspective on everything that happened. Talk about drama! Many people have friendships that end in the real world, but their demises are never quite as high profile as what Star and Von D experienced.

9 He Has So Many Tattoos He's Lost Count

via: pinterest.com

Another one of the unique features that sets Star apart from the rest of the makeup gurus on YouTube is his ink. While he's kept his face a relatively blank canvas, the rest of his body is absolutely covered in tattoos. And, apparently, he's gotten so many over the years that he's actually lost count of how many tattoos he has. Well, whatever makes you happy!

Star is obviously a really creative individual, and all the ink on his body is a way of expressing some of that creativity in a different way, covering his skin with the types of images and people that inspire him.

8 He Met His Current Partner Nathan On Social Media

via: pinterest.com

Most Jeffree Star fans know exactly who Nathan is—he's Star's partner, and has been for about two years now. According to Grazia Daily, Nathan actually popped into Star's DMs back in 2017 and got his flirt on. Star was interested, and the two started up a relationship out of the public eye. Soon, they were going on whirlwind trips to Paris and declaring their love publicly.

Now, they're pretty much inseparable—the two live together in Star's luxurious Calabasas home, and Nathan even worked for Star for a little while before he quit to pursue his own passions. We have a feeling they're going to stay together for years to come!

7 He Apparently Doesn't Sweat

via: cosmo.ph

One of the things that many beauty gurus focus on is how to make your makeup last. After all, it's one thing to be able to craft an amazing look. It's an entirely different thing to craft a look that will be just as gorgeous after five hours of dancing at a party or after a whole day of work.

While Star may know how to guard against things like creasing or drying out, he doesn't have to worry about sweat ruining his perfectly crafted look—because he apparently doesn't sweat! We're not sure if it's a medical condition or what, but he's stated that his face never sweats, nor does his body really. Puzzling.

6 He's Building A Glam Panic Room/Closet

via: twitter.com

Even though many of them started out as regular people, super popular YouTube gurus are basically celebrities now. That means they have to consider many things that other celebrities do, like safety and security. Even though most of their fans are probably lovely, you never want to take a chance.

So, Star made the decision to install a panic room in his house, with a very on-brand pink bank vault door. However, he's not about to just waste a bunch of space on a room that he might only ever use in an emergency. Instead, the room will also serve as a luxurious closet. We have to admit, that's smart thinking!

5 He Sees Pricy Designer Bags As Investments

via: youtube.com

In addition to investing a ton of money in various beauty products for his collection, there's another thing Star loves to buy—designer bags. He's showed his enviable collection off before, but the man has truly spent an insane amount of money on bags. However, he doesn't just see them as pieces of fashion—he sees them as investments.

As Star stated while showing off a Birkin bag that cost $125,000, "these are all collectables and they go up in value because they're so rare. It's like collecting art, they can triple in value later." Well, it's clear that designer bags are a big business!

4 He Was Raised By A Single Mother

via: officielmalaysia.com

Not all beauty gurus had perfect, glam upbringings. Many of them had to struggle to get to where they're at, which makes their success all the more admirable. Star definitely falls into the camp. His father passed away when he was just six years old and he was raised by his mother, who worked as a model.

Through her, he obviously got exposed to a whole lot of glamour, and likely got quite a few beauty tips and tricks that shaped his style in the years to come. It can't have been easy to raise a child on her own, but his mother managed to do it—and now, Star is successful enough that he can help her with anything she needs.

3 He Has A Lot Of Dogs — But Someone Else Takes Care Of Them

via: beautylish.com

There was a time when it seemed like every celebrity was carrying around a tiny dog with them—and Jeffree Star has taken that trend to heart. He owns five Pomeranians, which is truly astounding. One dog is a ton of work—can you imagine having so many? Not to mention Star has a very busy schedule that makes things like dog walking tough to fit in.

Luckily, his dogs are cared for, because his solution is to simply pay someone to do the things he needs done—or to get help from his partner Nathan. Still, that's a lot of dogs to be scampering around your mansion!

2 He Started Wearing Makeup In High School

via: allure.com

We always love hearing the stories of how makeup gurus first got into makeup. For most of them, it started in their teen years—and that's the case for Jeffree Star as well. Even though it was more unusual for a boy to be experimenting with makeup than for a girl to do so in her teenage years, he didn't let societal expectations slow him down.

He started playing around with makeup when he was in high school, and we're talking some pretty crazy, goth-inspired looks. Hey, why not be creative with your look? High school is also the first time he dyed his hair his signature pink, which he rocked for countless years afterward.

1 He Was Pursuing Music At One Point

via: ianlovesmusic.blogspot.com

Most people recognize Star as a makeup guru, but you may not know that he actually was poised to have a successful musical path at one point. Back when he was popular on Myspace, he shared some of the music he was working on, and even quit his job at makeup giant MAC to go on tour.

He released an album in 2009 and performed on the popular Warped Tour. In 2010, he managed to get a deal with Konvict Muzik, but his second album didn't ever end up getting released. He began playing around with makeup more, and soon realized that that was where his true passion was.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, Paper Mag

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