20 Little-Known Facts About WWE's Nikki Bella

As one of a select few WWE superstars who have managed to make the leap into the world of mainstream entertainment, Nikki Bella has accomplished a lot throughout her career and in her personal life. Not content with her success in the wrestling world, Bella has gone on to star in several “reality” TV shows which have helped her gain loads of fans who had never seen her grapple in the ring before.

Even though Nikki Bella has given her fans a window into her private life as the star of Total Bellas and Total Divas, it is safe to say that most people still have a lot to learn about the star. With that in mind, it is time to look at this list of 20 little-known facts about the WWE’s Nikki Bella.

In order for a piece of information to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have something to do with the WWE’s Nikki Bella in one way or another. On top of that, it can’t be something that the majority of people seem to be aware of.

20 Nikki Is An Amateur Poet

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Considering the fact that Nikki Bella is best known for a job that is all about physicality, it makes sense that some observers would assume that is the main way she expresses herself. Of course, that ignores the fact that human beings are complicated creatures which means that people who are known for their athletic abilities can easily have a lot more going on in their minds.

For instance, not only has Nikki spent much of her adult life grappling with people in a wrestling ring, but she also has a history of expressing her feelings by writing poetry. That said, she has almost entirely kept her writing to herself so she clearly isn’t trying to turn her poetry into a career for herself.

19 Nikki Is Older Than Her Twin Sister Brie

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Throughout Nikki’s professional and personal life, she has always been closely associated with her twin sister Brie Bella. Often seen at each other’s side during their WWE careers, the sisters have also formed several highly successful companies together in recent years. Of course, just because the Bellas work exceptionally well together it doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to compete with one another.

In fact, they often turn the weirdest things into contests. For that reason, we can only imagine how much Nikki has held it over Brie’s head throughout their lives that she is the older sister by 16 minutes.

18 Nikki Was Married For Three Years When She Was Younger

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Due to the fact that Nikki has starred in two “reality” shows in recent years, millions of people have become rather invested in her love life. For instance, people cared enough about her relationship with John Cena that they were deeply upset when they broke up.

On the other end of the spectrum, until recently virtually nobody knew that when Nikki was 20 years old she married her high school sweetheart and they stayed together for three years.

In fact, many members of her family had no idea that happened at the time and even to this day, many of her fans are unaware of her previous marital status.

17 Nikki Is Shorter Than You May Think

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Throughout much of the WWE’s history, the company has been known as the land of giants. After all, this is a company that has employed massive men like Andre the Giant, The Great Khali, Braun Strowman, and the Big Show among many others. However, these days the company employs many average-sized and even short people.

As an example of a smaller person the WWE has turned into a major star, Nikki may have a larger-than-life personality but she stands at 5 foot 6 inches tall. Of course, when millions of fans tuned in to see Nikki do her thing in the ring each week they didn’t care how tall she was!

16 A Major Industry Publication Named Her The Top Female Wrestler In The World

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At the time of this writing, the most recent season of Total Bellas has come to an end and the final episode featured Nikki announcing she had decided to retire from in-ring WWE competition. Not very surprising since Nikki hasn’t been on WWE TV very much over the last couple of years.

However, a few years ago she was on top of the business. In fact, in 2015 she accomplished enough that Pro Wrestling Illustrated, an independent and respected magazine, named her that year’s top female wrestler. As a side note, the same magazine said Brie Bella was the 12th best female wrestler that year.

15 She Wanted To Be A Professional Soccer Player

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Unfortunately, some people dislike professional wrestling so much that they can’t admit to themselves that it takes an incredible amount of athleticism to make a living in the business. After all, you have to be incredibly fit to pull off a lot of the moves and have a large amount of stamina. For anyone that thinks wrestling is easy, Nikki Bella’s athletic ability allowed her to stand out during her teen years.

As a member of her female soccer team in high school, she was good enough to be named the MVP during her rookie year and she was offered a sports scholarship by Arizona State University. Unfortunately, she then injured her leg and the offer was revoked.

14 She Had A Record-Breaking WWE Championship Reign

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Employed by the WWE for much of her adult life, during her time with the company Nikki achieved a lot. For instance, she has traveled the world and performed in front of huge audiences and she was chosen to wrestle in the first ever all-women event the WWE has ever held.

As impressive as those things are, arguably her greatest achievement was her run with the WWE Divas Championship. As a two-time holder of that belt, at one point she held the title for a staggering 301 days in a row, which was so long that nobody else had ever pulled off that feat.

13 Before She Became A Wrestler, Nikki Auditioned For A WWE Reality Show

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Considering we just touched on the fact that Nikki Bella had a record-breaking WWE Divas Championship run, it is pretty clear that her bosses at the company loved her work. After all, if they didn’t have faith in her at that point they could have taken the title away from her whenever they wanted. That is why it is so amazing to think about how her WWE career began.

After auditioning for a WWE “reality” show competition named the Divas Search with her twin sister Brie, both ladies were rejected even though they stood out for obvious reasons. This is especially amazing since many of the women who made the cut went on to do next to nothing with the company.

12 Nikki Has Dated More Celebrities Than You Probably Realize

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As we briefly touched on earlier in this list, many people paid a lot of attention to Nikki’s unfortunately failed relationship with her fellow wrestler John Cena. However, what a lot of her fans may not realize is that Nikki has also dated two other celebrities.

For instance, she is currently linked to Artem Chigvintsev, a performer who she was partnered with during her time competing on the show Dancing with the Stars. Nikki was also involved in a serious relationship with another professional wrestler from 2008 until 2011, Nic Nemeth, who portrays the WWE character Dolph Ziggler.

11 Nikki Earned A Real Estate License

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If there is something a list like this one should make abundantly clear it is that Nikki Bella is an extremely hard worker. For instance, some people may not realize how much work goes into being a WWE performer since it involves a lot of physical exertion in the ring, consistent workouts, and loads of travel. On top of that, as we briefly touched on earlier, Nikki and her twin sister Brie have started several businesses that are performing quite well.

If all of that wasn’t impressive enough, in the middle of those careers she also took the time to earn her real estate license in Los Angeles.

10 Nikki’s Heritage Hails From Mexico And Italy

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As anyone who is a fan of either Total Divas or Total Bellas should be able to tell you, Nikki Bella is extremely close with her mom, her bother, and most of all, her twin sister Brie. Considering how important family obviously is to Nikki, it seems pretty safe to say that she also takes pride in her heritage.

Born to a mother with roots in Italy and a father with family ties to Mexico, Nikki entered the world in San Diego and was raised on a farm in Scottsdale, Arizona. As an adult, it seems like Nikki cares a lot about her heritage as well as the fact that she is from America.

9 There Are Female WWE Wrestlers That Nikki Doesn’t Get Along With IRL

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As a member of the WWE roster, Nikki Bella has been able to make a lot of friendships that obviously mean the world to her. For instance, on both Total Divas and Total Bellas she can be seen having a lot of fun with several other wrestlers including Paige, Natalya, Nia Jax, Naomi, and several others.

Of course, working for the WWE is a job and most of us have experienced working alongside someone that we don’t care for on a personal basis. When it comes to Nikki, in the past she has not gotten along well with several other female WWE wrestlers including Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, AJ Lee, and Maryse.

8 She Used To Be A Waitress

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Obviously a famous person today, Nikki Bella has earned her place in the spotlight as a professional wrestler and “reality” TV star. Of course, before all of her current success, she needed to earn a living through other avenues. She was a fairly successful model in the past, as she and her sister Brie were named the World Cup Twins by Budweiser, which involved posing with the esteemed soccer trophy.

In addition to working in front of the cameras, Nikki used to make a living as a waitress at two locations, Hooters and the celeb-filled Mondrian hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

7 Nikki And Her Sister Starred In Another “Reality” Show Many Years Ago

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Believe it or not, when Total Divas first hit the air in 2013 there were some wrestling fans who were annoyed by its existence. However, there is no doubt at all that the show was a really big thing for the careers of several WWE performers, especially the Bella Twins who went to a whole new level as mainstream stars because of it.

As it turns out, long before the Bellas appeared on Total Divas they were veterans of the “reality” show genre. They were chosen to appear in an episode of a short-lived show called Meet My Folks, which was inspired by the movie Meet the Parents.

6 Nikki Was A Miss USA 2013 Judge

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Obviously the top wrestling company in the world throughout the vast majority of its existence, the WWE has managed to become a business powerhouse. One of the reasons why the company has pulled off that feat is because it knows how to get its performers out in front of the viewing public.

A perfect example of that, back in 2013, the same year Nikki really rose to fame as a star of Total Divas, she was chosen to judge the Miss USA competition. Obviously a beautiful woman herself, she seemed perfectly suited to the role and she did a great job of representing herself and the WWE.

5 Nikki Couldn’t Be Completely Honest On A Recent Total Bellas Episode

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On a conceptual level, “reality” shows are supposed to give fans a complete view of celebrity lives. However, sometimes these shows want to leave some things out for one reason or another. For example, during the last season of Total Bellas, Nikki couldn’t be completely forthright, as she revealed on the debut episode of The Bellas Podcast.

“Something we really couldn’t air on Total Bellas is that people didn’t realize how hard my comeback was for me to go back to a place that I called home and [meet] the love of my life,” she said, adding, “[…] when they showed you that I made the decision [to retire] because I couldn’t hang with the girls in the ring anymore, what they also don’t air—because they never want me to talk about my neck—is … it’s because of my neck.”

Nikki had a really bad neck injury that almost ended her wrestling career, as People reports.

4 Rolling Stone Named Her “Diva Of The Year” In 2015

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Earlier in this list, we looked at the fact that in 2015 the independent magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated named Nikki Bella the top female wrestler in the world. That definitely was a meaningful award for her, since that magazine is entirely devoted to the wrestling business. However, it arguably was an even bigger deal that Rolling Stone named her the “Diva of the Year” in 2015.

After all, Rolling Stone is a legendary publication so the fact that they saw her as being worthy of such high praise says a great deal about what she accomplished that year.

3 She And Her Sister Weren’t Taken Seriously By The WWE At First

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For anyone that only knows Nikki Bella as the star of a pair of “reality” shows, during her WWE career she managed to become the company’s main female star many times. In fact, she and her sister Brie were named the Divas of the Year at the 2013 Slammy Awards and by 2015 she won that trophy all by herself. Despite everything she accomplished, however, when the Bella Twins first debuted on WWE TV they clearly were not taken seriously by their bosses.

In fact, for a long time their only role on the roster was serving as arm candy for a long list of celebrity guest hosts who appeared on WWE Raw.

2 Nikki And Her Sister’s Husband Have An Uncomfortable Past

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Perfectly willing to share much of their lives with one another, the Bella Twins worked as a pair on WWE TV for years, they co-star in “reality” shows together, and have founded and run businesses together. Despite all of that, there are some things that obviously would be strange for them to share, especially when it comes to their romantic lives.

Funnily enough, however, Nikki actually kissed Brie’s real-life husband before her sister ever did. This is the case because the Bella Twins were once involved in a storyline with Daniel Bryan and Nikki planted one directly on his lips right before Brie did the same thing. Of course, this event took place before Brie and Bryan became a real-life couple but it still really awkward to look back on.

1 Nikki Nearly Gave Up Her WWE Opportunity

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When it comes to being a WWE superstar, it requires lots of compromise and change. For instance, it may seem glamorous to perform in front of audiences all around the world but in order to do that wrestlers spend a crazy amount of time traveling and miss their families a lot.

Offered a contract by the WWE in 2007, at the time Nikki had no idea how to wrestle. Fortunately, the company was willing to train her but in order to do that she needed to move to Florida. Unwilling to relocate at first, because she understandably wanted to be near her family, she changed her mind after her mother personally negotiated Nikki’s WWE contract on her behalf.

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