20 Little-Known Facts About The Fabulous Cast Of 'Queer Eye'

Back in the day, people watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. This series ran from 2003 to 2007. Then, in 2018, Netflix rebooted the series, and the world fell in love with Queer Eye.

The exciting and heartwarming show features a new Fab Five: Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert.

And let’s be real… We all want Antoni to cook a gourmet meal for us. We would love to go shopping with Tan. A heart-to-heart talk with Karamo could bring up some tough stuff, but it would be so good for us. We need Bobby to come redesign our rooms. And maybe we would stop complaining about our hair if JVN got ahold of it. In fact, we are thinking about all the ways we could end up on this show and become BFFs with these five amazing individuals.

Until then, we have this list. See, the third season released last month, so we thought it was time to dish out some little-known facts about this fabulous cast. In short, these are 20 more reasons to love these people even more.

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20 Antoni Has Dated More Women Than Men 

Bravo TV

Recently, Antoni appeared on Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live. While discussing Season 3, the little girl who seemed to have a crush on Antoni was brought up, and Sonja Morgan, who was also on the show that night, shared her thoughts on the topic; she thought it was sad that people (like herself) would find Antoni attractive and have to find out he plays for the other team.

That is when Antoni made a big announcement: he has dated more women than men! He said he dated a man then dated women for several years, but he is now with a Bravolebrity, Trace Lehnhoff of Flipping Out. That's too bad for all of us!

19 Karamo Was The First To Truly Be Himself On Reality TV 

Billy Penn

Because of this show, Karamo is obviously quite popular now, but he has actually been on TV for years. He got his start on television in 2004, on the MTV reality series The Real World: Philadelphia. Because of that, he became the first reality TV personality to truly be himself and be open about his lifestyle.

He went on to be on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II, The Next 15, Dr. Drew On Call, Access Hollywood Live, and Are You The One: Second Chances, as well as the host and producer of HuffPost Live and a host and segment producer for the Own Show.

18 Tan’s Grandparents Made Clothing In A Factory For Disney


Tan is the fashion guru of the group, and his interest for this field popped up at an early age; his granddad's factory made jeans and denim jackets for Disney, and Tan would help out here as a child. When he was a teenager, he started designing clothes himself, and he went on to attend Doncaster College and study fashion.

After college, he worked for Zara, became company director at Shade Clothing, and founded a women's clothing line in London, England, in 2011 called Kingdom & State. Tan is also a partner in the Rachel Parcell clothing line, which started in 2016.

17 Jonathan Struggles With Psoriasis


Jonathan has helped the featured people on Queer Eye learn how to get rid of dandruff, lessen facial reddening, and perfect that just-woke-up-like-this hairstyle. Through this series, interviews and social media, he is able to share beauty tips and tricks on a variety of topics—like psoriasis.

Yes, in one picture he posted, he announced that he had psoriasis but was not going to let that dull his shine. Tons of others with this skin issue commented on the photo, thanking him for his candidness. Oh, and JVN apparently uses a steroid cream that’s called Enstilar to treat his skin, FYI.

16 Bobby Grew Up In The Middle Of Amish Farm Country


Bobby grew up in Mount Vernon, Missouri, which is in the middle of Amish farm country. He has said that being himself in the Bible Belt was tough, so he left home when he was 15. On his own, he sometimes lived on the street or slept in his car; then, in 2003, he moved to New York City with $100 in his pocket.

There, Bobby went from working at Restoration Hardware and Bed, Bath and Beyond to being the creative director at Portico and founding his own company. Now, his designs have been seen everywhere from home interior magazines to television networks like HGTV and Bravo!

15 Antoni Deals Vintage Furniture

The New York Times

Everyone knows that Antoni can cook, but he also has an interest in vintage furniture. In fact, his Brooklyn apartment was featured in Houzz in 2015; he lived there with Joey Krietemeyer, his boyfriend of seven years, whom Antoni said has an incredible eye for design.

When speaking of this space, Antoni also said that he brought the nostalgia, as every piece had a purpose and a story. With a background in art history and with furniture design from the '50s and '60s being one of his many obsessions, there is just one thing to say: Bobby better work to keep his job!

14 Karamo Graduated From Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland 

Entertainment Tonight

Karamo grew up in Coral Springs, Florida, and he graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School—the school in Parkland known for tragic events that took place in 2018. He said his heart broke when he heard the news, but when he saw students standing up and saying that “enough is enough,” he was so proud.

After that incident, Karamo became an active member of the Never Again MSD movement, which was started by the students of the school as a way to advocate for new safety legislation. He promised that as a father and an alum of Douglas, never again will we stand by and watch something like this happen.

13 Tan Is Releasing A Memoir This Year

Salt Lake Tribune

Through a memoir that comes out this year, Tan will be telling his origin story for the first time: what it was like for him growing up in a traditional family with South Asia roots and as one of the few people of color in South Yorkshire, England.

This coming-of-age story includes details on Tan marrying the love of his life, a Mormon cowboy from Salt Lake City, as well as some super fun parts like celebrity encounters and the behind-the-scenes info of reality TV. The book, which can be pre-ordered right now, is meant to “spread joy, personal acceptance, and most of all, understanding.”

12 Jonathan Was Nominated For A Primetime Emmy For Gay of Thrones


Jonathan has worked in the hair industry for years, and in 2013, he was working on the hair of his friend Erin Gibson, who worked for Funny or Die. This friend asked him to give a recap of a Game of Thrones episode on the comedy website, and this turned into a full web series called Gay of Thrones.

For this series, Jonathan was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series in 2018. In 2015, he also started a weekly podcast called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. But um, hello… JVN + GOT? Yes, please!

11 Bobby Was Adopted


On Queer Eye, the Fab Five makes people really step out of their comfort zones and learn to love themselves, so it makes sense that these five would also share details about their own lives, too. Bobby has shared that he was adopted, and in an article last year, when Queer Eye had just finished filming in Georgia, Bobby discussed the approval of a bill that would give adoption agencies the ability to decide not to work with LGBTQ+ couples.

He talked about how the first iteration of the series showed the cast decorating, doing hair and cooking, which he was people might have expected. But now the Fab Five is trying to show people that they are more than decorators and stylists—they’re normal people, husbands, and fathers fighting for acceptance.

10 Antoni Is An Actor


Of course, Antoni is on television, as he is in this popular series. But before QE, he was in several shows and films! He has appeared in several short films, and in 2018, he was in The Pretenders, a drama film directed by James Franco. He was also a lacrosse player in an episode of Blue Mountain State and an officer in The Blacklist, as seen in this image.

His most recent acting roles were in creepy movies—Horror Time in 2018, as well as Blood Surf in 2019. So don’t be surprised if he’s seen in other series and flicks in coming years, too!

9 Karamo Was In The Princess Diaries


Guess what? There is another actor in this group. As mentioned up above, Karamo has been on several other television shows. Besides the ones already highlighted on this list, he also appeared as himself on Bethenny Frankel's talk show and on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and he has been in three films… Visible: The LGBTQ Caribbean Diaspora in 2018, Lean in 2014, and—wait for it!—The Princess Diaries in 2011!

He apparently played "school drummer" in this beloved film that stars Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, so now, everyone here has a good excuse to go rewatch this classic film.

8 Tan Was Raised In A Strict Household

Salt Lake Tribune

Yes, Tan was raised in a strict household. This point has been touched upon here already, and he has mentioned it before himself. He was born and raised in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England to very traditional parents from Pakistan. Who he was—the real him— was viewed negatively in his upbringing.

Thankfully, though, Tan and the other members of the Fab Five have taken their stories and talents and brought them to this show for the whole world to see. And now, guests on Queer Eye and fans at home are inspired by how these individuals went from where they were to this series, where they spread love!

7 Bobby Left Home When He Was 15

Fresh Home

This has been talked about, too, but let’s elaborate… Bobby said he ran away from home when he was 15 in order to get out of his little farm town and move to the “big city” of Springfield. He couldn’t be himself in his hometown of Mount Vernon, which has a population of 4,529. As mentioned, he eventually ended up in New York and eventually started his own design brand.

At one point along that journey, he got a call from an old boss who had fired him and who wanted Bobby to buy him out of the business… for $600,000. After agreeing, Bobby opened the first brick and mortar Bobby Berk Home, which led to more stores in more cities, an online business, and the balance paid off within a few months.

6 Jonathan Was The First Male Cheerleader At Quincy Senior High School


Jonathan says he has always been open about the real him, which many find inspiring. In school, though, it led to him being ostracized. To cope with this, he used humor as a defense mechanism, and he focused on cheerleading. In fact, he was the first male cheerleader at Quincy High School, the regional public high school in Quincy, Illinois, where he was born and raised.

Picture pep rallies led by JVN and stunts involving JVN and a cheer outfit customized by JVN… It seems so pure and almost too good to be true and makes us wish we had been there to see it all!

5 Jonathan Lost His College Cheerleading Scholarship Due To The Golden Girls

Just Jared

After high school, Jonathan went to the University of Arizona and majored in political science. He also got a partial cheerleading scholarship to this school, yet he apparently had a habit of skipping class just so he could watch reruns of The Golden Girls and The Nanny; these shows were on from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., which is when Jonathan’s classes were, and that just didn't work for him!

So, his grades fell, and he lost the scholarship. He then dropped out after one semester so he could pursue hairstyling. Jonathan went on to study at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, though, and the rest is history.

4 Karamo Co-Founded 6in10.org

NowThis News

Besides being on numerous TV shows, Karamo also co-founded 6in10.org, an organization that works to combat HIV stigma and that provides mental health support and education to the black LGBT community.

He also volunteers as a youth counselor at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, has partnered with the Center for Disease Control and the National Black Justice Coalition as their health and wellness ambassador, partnered with the pharmaceutical company Janssen as part of the Positively Fearless campaign, joined Creative Coalition members to petition legislators for increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, and is also a national co-chair for Health Care Voter. Phew, what a guy!

3 Two Cast Members Are Married & One Is Engaged

W Magazine

Let’s recap the Fab Five relationships… Antoni started dating Trace Lehnhoff last year. Tan has been married to Rob France since 2007, and this couple lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Karamo got engaged last year to his partner of eight years, director Ian Jordan. Bobby lives in Los Angeles with his husband, Dewey Do, and they have been married for about eight years.

And last year, Jonathan was dating Wilco Froneman, but they broke up in December 2018. So two of these beautiful people are married, one is engaged, one is dating, and one is single (as far as we know)!

2 Only One Of The Fab Five Is A Parent

Gays With Kids

Okay, the relationships have been covered here today, but what about kids—are any of the Fab Five parents? Yes! In 2007, Karamo was notified that he was the father of a 10-year-old boy named Jason. At first, Karamo thought he was on Punk’d, but he realized he did indeed have a son with his high school girlfriend when they were 15 years old.

The girlfriend moved away and didn’t stay in touch with Karamo, but upon learning about Jason, Karamo received custody of him. He went on to adopt Jason's half brother, who is named Chris, in 2010. In 2011, the family moved to Los Angeles, where they currently reside.

1 The Fab Five Appeared In A Music Video


Man, these people have done it all, including a music video! "This Is Me" is a song from The Greatest Showman, and Kesha has a version, and there is a remix that combines the original movie song and Kesha’s song with rapper Missy Elliott. A music video for this remix was released in 2018, featuring the cast of Queer Eye (minus Karamo)!

The video shows Antoni, Tan, Bobby, and Jonathan helping three students, giving them a makeover and preparing them for a talent show—just like they would on their amazing TV show and just like they do in real life.

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