20 Little-Known Facts About How Kelly Clarkson Runs Her Household

Kelly Clarkson has long promoted self-love and positivity in her music, but there was a point when the Idol winner grew tired of being "Miss Independent" and wanted a family of her own! As fate would have it, Kelly kept celebrity status in the family when she met and married Brandon Blackstock. If you aren't familiar with Brandon, there's a chance his mother's name rings a bell: Kelly's mother-in-law is Reba McEntire.

Kelly's family isn't only based on celebrity roots. Brandon was already a father of two, bringing in two step-children into the picture after the pair tied the knot in 2013! A year after their wedding, the Blackstock family expanded when River Rose Blackstock came onto the scene. Two years after Kelly gave birth to her first child, her son Remy joined the Blackstock clan, completing the Clarkson-Blackstock circle!

Read on to discover how motherhood works for Kelly!

20 The Blackstock Family Is Blended

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It's been more than a decade since Kelly Clarkson stormed onto the charts with her first single "Miss. Independent," and her RL home life is anything but!

Kelly's romance with Brandon Blackstock resulted in a beautifully blended family for the songstress and the talent manager. Kelly gave birth to their first child, daughter River Rose, followed by a son, Remington Alexander, two years later!

19 The Siblings Are Sporty

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Kelly Clarkson has long been known for her girl power-fueled anthems, but Kel isn't the only gal in the Blackstock household channeling fierce girl power!

Kelly is extremely supportive of her step-daughter Savannah Blackstock's passion; she is an avid participant in equestrian competitions, according to Country Living!

Proud mama Kelly has posted praise on social media for her hardworking horse-loving daughter.

18 Kelly's A 'Cool And Communicative Mom'

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Our teen years can be full of questions and having a source to answer our endless inquiries can be extremely helpful and bring endless relief! For sixteen-year-old Savannah Blackstock, her stepmom Kelly is her source of comfort when it's time to get real.

For Kelly, candid communication is key for connecting with a teen in your house! Kelly's go-to advice? "Don't take it to heart!"

17 Kelly Caters To Her Kids' Interests

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One surefire way to keep the kiddos happy? Support their interests!

How did Kelly score some major mom points with her mini-me River Rose? She took River on a vacation to the "happiest place on Earth", Disney World!

With all of the Disney princes and princesses, there was plenty of attraction for the little princess! River hung out with Snow White and Tinkerbell.

16 The Blackstock Kids Are Mom's Muses

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When your mother is a legendary singer, there are plenty of opportunities for you to peek into the glamorous celebrity life!

Kelly's daughter may be a little too young to remember one of her first appearances in the spotlight, but luckily it's archived for the world to watch! According to Country Living, River appeared in Kelly's video for "Piece By Piece."

River's ready for her close-up!

15 Kelly Posts About Her Kiddos

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Social media is a perfect way to facilitate a relationship with your favorite celebs and gain insight into their personal lives! Kelly Clarkson's social media feeds are a great example of a celebrity sharing their life with fans. Kelly often gives fans an accurate picture of life with the Blackstock babes!

Parenting in Hollywood can seem glamorous, but Kelly's determined to show you every side of celeb parenthood, even the bad days.

14 Mom Encourages Her Kids To Be Headstrong

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One of Kelly's parenting secrets is rather simple: she wants to make sure her kiddos live life practicing a simple rule!

According to People as per an article in Romper, Kelly parents with the goal of making sure River Rose knows to be "kind and brave." Just like her Mama!

If River's social media presence via Mom is any indication, she's had a good start!

13 The Blackstocks Are Awesome At Outdoor Activities

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The Blackstock family was enhanced by a bit of male magic when Remington Blackstock came on the scene in 2016! The Clarkson-Blackstock boy has his special attributes for sure!

Kelly spoke to People and described her young son as being "[like] the Tasmanian Devil" because he isn't shy about getting "rowdy with his activities."

Exploring the world around you as a kid is awesome fun!

12 Kelly's All About Kindness

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It's easy to get swept up in society's idea of vanity, and even as a celeb, Kelly Clarkson knows this to be true!

When you're raising daughters in a world fueled by physical appearance, it's good to come down to Earth if you find yourself lost in your thoughts. Kelly is determined to make sure she highlights other qualities within her children's personalities, as she told People. So important!

11 She Encourages Inner Beauty

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Growing up in a world which is heavily inspired by the amount of social media content someone shares can put a filter on a few of the most important qualities of human nature. Kelly Clarkson is determined to show her children there is more to life than someone's looks and popularity.

According to People, Kel asks her daughter "Was that kind?" after a situation!

10 River Blackstock Thinks Pop Culture Rocks

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We know Kelly Clarkson is one of the most memorable vocalists of the last two decades, but as a mother, she's made sure her daughters have access to many forms of entertainment!

Kelly's daughter River seems to be a budding movie buff! According to People, River is a big devotee of the Harry Potter series and Jurassic Park films. How magical is that?

9 The Blackstock Kids Aren't Impressed By Fame

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Ever wonder what it's like to be the child of a celebrity? Sure, you may have access to perks that "normies" do not, but in some cases, celebrity kiddos aren't moved by Mom or Dad's chosen career path!

River Rose Blackstock is one of those celeb daughters. Kelly once revealed River was "bored" after hearing her Mama belt out a tune on stage! Wow, River!

8 Kelly Loves A Laid-back Afternoon

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Kelly's not wowed by the glamorous lifestyle she's well-familiar with by now! Never mind the Hollywood parties and engagements in her inner circle. Kelly prefers hanging out at home!

If you're up for a movie or game night, Kelly's house would be a good bet! She joked to Entertainment Tonight, "[Her kids] are going to think their Mom likes to do nothing except watch movies."

7 She's Honest About The Easter Bunny

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Kelly Clarkson's Easter festivities are full of candy, but one Easter factor different than most? She's totally honest about the origins of the Easter bunny with her children.

Kelly takes the extreme grown-up approach. She told People, "Sometimes I'm tired of giving credit to non-existent things. Like I'm very busy, and I took the time to put all of this together!"

Right, Mamas?

6 Momma Takes Her Kiddos To Work

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You've likely heard of "take your child to work day," a common occurrence where "normie" parents give their kids a chance to hang out at the office for the day. If you're part of the Blackstock family, the "office" can double as a film premiere!

Kelly brought her whole family to the red carpet for the Ugly Dolls premiere. Can you imagine the kids' reactions?

5 Kelly's Kids Have Made Her Grow

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At this point, we know a few tidbits about Kelly Clarkson's parenting habits, but little did we know they're really paying off! According to Babble, Kelly's kiddos are proud of their mother and are full of love for her.

Mama Kel opened up and revealed her children's response to a common Mom lament of being boring. They sweetly said, "Don't say that! You're not boring!"

4 Kelly Keeps The Kids Current

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Explaining the news to children, no matter their age has to be one of the most complex parental issues! The task has been a bit tough for Kelly.

She once said the current climate is a "very crucial time" for kids, and further describes the task as "challenging," Huffington Post reports.

3 She Wants Her Kids To Know Respect

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There are many ways to live a fruitful life and the ingredients differ from person to person. For Kelly Clarkson, she goes through life with respect as a backbone. As a parent, Kelly believes it's important for her kiddos to know how big of a role respect plays in our daily lives!

Kelly revealed to Huffington Post, "I try to show them how to be appreciative and respectful."

2 Kelly Occasionally Finds Motherhood Spooky

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Being a parent can bring a plethora of emotions to the table; after all, parents bring actual humans into the world!

Kelly isn't shy when it comes to the sometimes not-so-stellar feelings parenthood can inspire. According to PopSugar, being a mother has occasionally brought nightmares to her night's sleep. She says, "Literally, having children has brought fear to my life!"

Totally understandable, Kelly!

1 Kelly Thinks Her Mother-In-Law Rules

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Back in Kelly's day, she was once a reality TV show staple after winning the first season of the Idol franchise. During her time in the competition, she sang a song on stage with Reba McEntire, whom she referred to as a childhood "inspiration." Little did Kelly know she would later tie the knot with Reba's son!

Kelly now has glowing praise for Reba's grandmother skills, as she mentioned to Country Living.

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