20 Little-Known Facts About Gwyneth Paltrow + Jennifer Aniston's Friendship

Friendship is the gift that keeps on giving and let's be honest, Jennifer Aniston knows a thing or two about friendship! When fans separate the world's most beloved actress from her most famous role, it's easy to see Jennifer has a sizable array of celebrity friends in reality! Jennifer's friendship with her Friends co-star Courteney Cox is a well-known fact surrounding her squad of celeb pals, but one particular friendship stands out from the rest. Jennifer Aniston is close friends with actress and brand ambassador, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Rewind! Two celebs meeting and becoming friends is a seemingly regular event in Hollywood, but Jennifer and Gwyneth's friendship has the power to turn some heads. For those not in the know, Jennifer Aniston was very famously wed to heartthrob Brad Pitt for five long paparazzi-fueled years, and before the media firestorm known as the Pitt-Aniston union, Brad and Gwyneth were betrothed in 1996, one year before the pair called off their relationship! Talk about six degrees of separation!

The idea of two people who are connected by an ex becoming friends seems kind of alien, huh? Gwyneth and Jennifer don't care about their common connection! The actresses have fostered a genuine friendship fueled by fancy events, but solidified by slumber parties and giving back to the public; Gwyn and Jen are seriously down-to-earth women! Friendships built on sweetness and cool company are extremely important and celebrating healthy female friendships is essential. Here's to Gwyneth and Jennifer!

20 Gwyn And Jen Get The Giggles

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When Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are brought up together in the same sentence, there is a metaphorical elephant in the room involving these ladies. We know these two actresses are among the biggest stars of the last 20 years, but there's an element to Gwyneth and Jennifer's friendship we're all itching to discuss: Gwyneth and Jennifer were both romantically involved with Brad Pitt!

Gwyneth is aware of the public's interest in their common connection, to the point where she's publicly made fun of their love connection, as Harper's Bazaar reports. Laughter is a fantastic way to break the ice, especially when it's unfiltered!

19 Gwyneth Introduced Jen To A Famous Friend

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An extremely cool sign within a friendship can happen when two pals come together and have no qualms with expanding their squads; the more the merrier, for sure!

Gwyneth and Jennifer have been known to hang out with Kate Hudson, but there's another leading lady involved in their ever-expanding girl gang. Gwyneth thought Jennifer would get along swimmingly with another well-known actress: Sandra Bullock!

Jennifer and Sandra's friendship pairing proved to thrive. According to Us Weekly, Jennifer "got to know Bullock over a dinner party at mutual pal Gwyneth Paltrow's house." Imagine being a fly on the wall!

18 Jennifer Celebrated Gwyneth's Engagement

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Celebrating a life event as big as upcoming nuptials is even sweeter when you have your best friends on hand to celebrate your big day! Gwyneth Paltrow and her fiancé Brad Falchuk invited many of their closest friends to a giant engagement party, and the guest list was as memorable as their engagement news.

Who showed up to celebrate her friend Gwyneth's last days as a single gal? Jennifer Aniston, of course! The spotlight was not only on Jennifer's stunning outfit choice but on her unique accessory: a wrist brace! Nothing would stop Jen from celebrating Gwyneth's mega milestone event.

17 Their Brad Breakups Were Different

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Gwyneth and Jennifer both experienced peak career moments in the '90s, and also within their personal lives. Their trajectory was similar, but one key element of their lives was different: their respective romantic relationships with Brad Pitt!

Both Gwyneth and Jennifer experienced extremely public relationships with Brad, but there were still different elements within their periods with Pitt. For example, Jennifer and Brad were famously set up on a blind date, while Gwyneth and Brad met on set while filming the movie Seven.

16 They Don't Boast Over Brad

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Brad can't sit with us!

Jennifer Aniston's 50th birthday party has received a massive amount of coverage since the party was in full swing. By now you've seen the photos of Jen with a few of her closest pals, but outlets have been extremely jazzed to inform the public of an appearance by none other than Brad Pitt.

Gossip guys and gals have long hoped for a reunion between Brad and Jennifer, but one guest in attendance won't be reuniting with Brad any time soon. "A nice exchange," as IB Times reports it, should do the trick for Gwyneth and Brad!

15 Gwyneth Doesn't Play Cupid

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If two women somehow are connected via a mutual male friend, they're obviously meant to be connected in the romance department forever, right? Not normally, but in the world of gossip magazines and outlets who would be content if we eternally lived in a time period where the calendar doesn't flip past the year 1998, Gwyneth Paltrow will always be involved with Jennifer Aniston's love life.

Jennifer has long been a role model for single women everywhere, and Gwyneth seems incredibly content with her husband Brad Falchuk. So, contrary to popular belief as reported by Gossip Cop, Gwyn is not setting Jen up with anyone!

14 They're On Good Terms With Their Boy

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Growing up and moving on are signs of progression in one's life, and it feels great to see our pals experience examples of progression both professionally and personally!

Gwyneth and Jennifer's friendship is an absolute sign that the duo is both capable of moving on and moving past any type of hurdle within their relationships, but sometimes celebrity culture-loving sleuths enjoy digging deeper: both Gwyneth and Jennifer are both on good terms with Brad.

Jennifer has openly tried to separate herself from the Brad connection, and according to Radar Online, Gwyneth is on "good terms" after "years of awkwardness!"

13 Gwyneth Broke A Social Media Rule

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No matter how famous they are, celebrities are just like us when it comes to resisting the powerful pull of social media. Gwyneth Paltrow is an example of a celeb who just couldn't put her phone on airplane mode. Who could blame her, though? Gwyneth just had to document her time at Jennifer Aniston's funky 50th birthday fiesta!

The internet lit up when Gwyneth posted a series of photos featuring Jen and other members of her squad having fun in a photo booth, but it turns out social media was banned during Jen's big night, as Elle reports. Oops!

12 There's Nothing But Positivity Between Them

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The involvement of Brad Pitt within Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston's friendship absolutely has the makings of a soap opera story, but have we ever stopped to think about how Gwyn and Jen feel about their mutual beau?

Having an ex-boyfriend in common can be the stuff of nightmares for friendships. Can this friendship ever really feel normal or comfortable enough to effectively thrive?

Gwyneth and Jennifer aren't asking this question! The actresses and party pals aren't letting Brad or Hollywood competition get in the way of a blossoming friendship. As Daily Mail reports, Jen has said, "[Gwyneth] has always been sweet to me!"

11 They're Party Pals

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Lavish birthday parties are one of the biggest perks of celebrity life; every element of the party seems to be magnified in the eyes of normies! For Jennifer Aniston, her 50th birthday party had many of the elements of a giant celebrity bash, but she also incorporated many elements of a "plain Jane" birthday party.

One element elevated by her celebrity status? The guest list! Her ex-husband famously made an appearance, but Jen's girl squad was also in attendance. Gwyneth, Jennifer, and Kate Hudson celebrated and got silly in a photo booth for memorable pictures!

10 Gwyneth And Jen Are Supportive Style Sisters

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Imagine your ultimate style icon who you'd love to swap style tidbits with! For Jennifer Aniston, one of her beloved style icons is an actual fashion icon who has gone on to sprout and flourish in the world of style.

Jennifer's revelation of her admiration for Gwyneth's style shows Gwyn and Jen are just like normal girlfriends, instead of super-famous style icons.

According to an Allure Magazine interview with Jennifer, as per an article in Us Weekly, Jen says, "I've known her a long time. That woman has got style to the moon and back. Chic, effortless, gorgeous..."

9 They Defend One Another

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Jennifer has a giant group of friends in Hollywood and an even longer list of Hollywood contacts, and she has gained a reputation for being one of the nicest ladies in the biz. But there's one celeb who Jen has been rumored to have had some cloudy days with: Chelsea Handler!

Chelsea is known for her books, her hilarious talk shows, and her experimentation with documentaries, but the gossip girl world knows Chelsea for feuding with Jennifer Aniston. Gwyneth has also been rumored to be involved, but 'tis only a rumor!

8 Gwyneth And Jen Attend Social Soriees

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There are many Friends holiday episodes to choose from, including the extremely cheerful "Holiday Armadillo," but even some of the biggest Friends fanatics may argue it doesn't matter how many Friends episodes you include in your holiday rotation, they won't measure up to knowing the tidbit that Gwyneth Paltrow attended a holiday party at Jennifer Aniston's place. This was no doubt a contender for the holiday party of the year!

According to Glamour, Gwyn attended Jen's party with her ex, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Do you think Chris serenaded all of the party guests with a holiday version of "Yellow?"

7 Jen Threw A Sleepover

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If Gwyneth Paltrow's website for her brand Goop is any indication, Gwyneth Paltrow has some tips up her sleeve for throwing the ultimate party. But there's a type of party that has a chance to rival Gwyneth's pristine party-planning skills: the old-school sleepover party thrown by one of Gwyneth's best buds, Jennifer Aniston!

There's nothing better than a night spent with your close friends hanging out and bonding over the finer things in life. According to Independent, Jennifer was there for Gwyneth through a crucial changing point in her life and threw a sleepover to cheer her up after divorce!

6 The Friends Influence Each Other

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Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, of course, and one of the perks during a dark period is the friends you meet along the way and will be there for you when the rain starts to pour. (Okay, no more Friends references included here. Promise.)

Forget the ever-present Brad Pitt association, Gwyneth and Jennifer have both been through the end of serious relationships, and their respective methods for coping through divorces and break-ups have been covered extensively on the internet, including Gwyneth's infamous "conscious uncoupling." Cheat Sheet pondered Jen's ex Justin Theroux's response to their split, known as "gentle separation."

5 Gwyn And Jen Think Kale Is Kool

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Now that we know Gwyneth and Jennifer are pals who eternally champion slumber parties, it's even more of a blast to imagine the menu for these BFF gatherings. Perhaps kale is a staple included on the list for these health-conscience hotties?

Kale may appear to be healthy and void of taste, but Gwyneth and Jennifer don't agree! According to Bustle, the actresses have incorporated the healthy substance into their respective diets. Jennifer was quoted as saying, "When I really wanted to have a cheat day I had to have a kale chip." Maybe Jen would enjoy the Goop potato salad and kale recipe?

4 Gwyn And Jen Have Squad Goals

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With the number of famous faces connected to both Gwyneth and Jennifer, it's a wonder their friendship didn't inspire the entire "six degrees of separation" concept!

Sandra Bullock is a noted member of their squad, and fans have seen Kate Hudson pose alongside the pals in Jennifer's famous birthday photo booth, but the pals also have a mutual friend in jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, who also appeared in a picture alongside the gals in another photo from Jen's big party. Jennifer Meyer was even spotted in Gwyn's social media comments after the party.

3 Gwyn And Jen Spread Good Wishes

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If only Jen was a bigger fan of social media! Jennifer Aniston has notoriously been outspoken against social media and had a (broken) no social media rule at her birthday party, but Gwyneth Paltrow is quite the opposite when it comes to staying plugged in! Gwyneth has several social media profiles, and her children are also present in the online world.

If you look hard enough, Gwyneth once gave a nod of acknowledgment to her pal Jen with a sweet birthday caption. She referred to her as a "ray of sunshine" and "example of perpetual goodness." How sweet, Gwyn!

2 They're In The Business Of Giving Back

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Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop incorporates multiple aspects of the modern woman in today's world. Goop has been widely discussed over the years for both serious and sillier reasons, but Gwyneth's Goop always knows how to have fun!

Gwyneth has had a giant squad of fellow famous women on hand to help her over the years at Goop, including Jennifer Aniston. According to Racked, Jen and other celebs, including Jessica Alba, have "donated pre-worn goods to Goop, and everything [was] for sale."

Can you imagine raiding the closets of any of these women? Was Jen's famous Friends "Girls" t-shirt featured?

1 Actresses By Day And Collaborators By Night

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Goop 2.0?

Jennifer Aniston has long lived an enviable life in the spotlight when it comes to her overall existence; how many of us have coveted her style, or wanted to know the method behind her workout routine? We know Gwyneth is already a pro when it comes to the world of lifestyle, and blogs have been abuzz with whispers of Jen starting a brand of her own, a la Gwyneth's Goop!

According to an article in Heat Magazine, "Jen has always been curious about the inner workings of Goop..."

Is a future collaboration in the works?

Sources: Harper’s Bazaar, Us Weekly, Independent, Heat

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