20 Little-Known Facts About Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik

It's crazy to think that The Big Bang Theory is finally wrapping up. The sitcom has been on the air for a whopping 12 seasons, which is absolutely nuts in the television world. Most shows don't even manage to get half that time on the air.

And, while many of the stars of the show have been in sitcoms before, there's no denying that The Big Bang Theory turned them into household names. After all, a celeb can't star on a show for over a decade without people recognizing them everywhere!

While Mayim Bialik wasn't there for the first two seasons, she joined the cast in season three as a guest star and then became a regular in season four. So, she's been on the show for nearly the entire run as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. She was a great foil to Penny's character and the perfect match for the quirky Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Mayim already knew some of what was involved in being on a television show thanks to her time on Blossom, but it was likely an entirely different experience as an adult.

Now that the show is wrapping, we're curious to see what Mayim does next. Is she going to find another project to star in? Will she return to the world of academia? Only time will tell—but in the meantime, here are 20 things fans may not have known about Mayim Bialik.

20 She Started Acting Again Because The Schedule Was Easier For Raising Her Children

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Many actors and actresses talk about how rough a filming schedule is on your life. After all, you may have to spend twelve to fourteen hours on set, day after day—that's tough when you have young children. Mayim Bialik had a bit of a different perspective, though.

She had her children while she was pursuing her Ph.D. and realized that the life of a research scientist wasn't compatible with the type of parent she wanted to be. She realized acting would give her a more desirable schedule, so she returned to that world—and obviously, it's been a great decision on her part!

19 She Has A Ph.D. In Neuroscience

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The cast of the show has to memorize a lot of fairly complex scientific terminology for certain scenes. After all, the majority of them play scientists. For Mayim, though, it may be easier than most of the cast because she already has some experience in that world.

You see, while her character has a degree in neurobiology, Bialik herself has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. So, she's more than familiar with all the brain terminology that her character has to discuss on screen. We love that she took a break from Hollywood in order to pursue an entirely different passion—it's not something many actresses would do!

18 Faith Plays A Big Part In Her Life

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Faith isn't always something that celebrities feel comfortable discussing. Sure, there are some who are very outspoken—but the majority keep their private lives to themselves. However, Bialik's faith is something that's an integral component of her life, so she shares more than most.

She was raised in Reform Judaism, and as she became an adult began shaping her own faith, beginning to practice her own version of Modern Orthodox Judaism. Her faith is apparently a huge factor in many of her decisions, from what she eats to the modest way she typically dresses. Hey, anything that can ground you in the crazy world of Hollywood is worth exploring!

17 She Appeared In A Michael Jackson Music Video


Over her years in the industry, Bialik has certainly had a lot of unique experiences—including the chance to appear in a music video! Back when she was young, in 1989, pop star Michael Jackson pulled together many of his friends to appear in one of his videos, including Paula Abdul, Quincy Jones, John Travolta and countless others.

We're not sure if Bialik even knew the king of pop, but she was tapped on the shoulder to appear in the video as well. Her appearance is quite brief—you can just see her dancing and jumping for a few seconds before the camera goes elsewhere—but that's a pretty cool experience to have on your resume.

16 She's Newly Single

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While Mayim's professional life is officially on fire, there's one thing in her life that isn't going quite as well—her love life. She was married to her ex, the father of her children, for nearly a decade. The two met in graduate school. Shortly after the divorce, Bialik started dating someone else, and that relationship pretty quickly turned serious as well. There were no wedding bells, but they were together for about five years before the relationship ended in December 2018.

Now, she's officially single for the first time in quite a while. She's been honest about the fact that it hasn't been easy, especially during the holiday season. However, we hope that she learns to love her single lady status and embrace it!

15 She's A Certified Lactation Counselor

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As you can tell by her Ph.D. in neuroscience, Bialik doesn't tend to do things in half measures. When she's passionate about a subject, she goes all in—that's what happened with her lactation counselor certification.

She spoke with Parenting about her thoughts on the subject, saying that "I love that it's meeting a very valuable need nutritionally, immunologically and emotionally. In the first days of a baby's life, he's taught that you know what he needs. It's one of the best lessons they can learn and it only grows as they get older." Her schedule is probably too busy nowadays to actually use her certification, but who knows what the future holds.

14 Johnny Galecki Was Her First Kiss

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Even if you've been in the industry for years, kissing on-screen can be a bit awkward. Sure, you know it's just part of your job—but it's still probably a little bit strange. Bialik had a bit of an unusual experience in that her first kiss on screen was actually her first kiss ever, because it happened on Blossom when she was just a teenager.

And, it was with an actor who many fans of the show will be familiar with—Johnny Galecki! That's right—before they were co-stars on The Big Bang Theory, Bialik and Galecki were locking lips on Blossom. The two reenacted their kiss on Conan in 2016, making fun of just how far they've come over the years.

13 She's A Devoted Vegan

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Most celebrities are very conscious of what they eat. After all, they need to stay in shape and look a certain way on camera. Bialik is very conscious about what she eats as well—but it's because she's vegan. Now, there are many celebrities who have jumped on the vegan train because it's become a bit of a trendy way of eating.

Bialik, however, has been a devoted plant-based eater for quite a while now. In fact, she even wrote a cookbook, Mayim's Vegan Table: More than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes from My Family to Yours. It may have made finding snacks at craft services a little trickier, but she's dedicated to her beliefs.

12 She's Battled Depression

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On paper, Bialik seems to have had an amazing life. She's been the star of two television shows, she has an advanced degree, she's had successes in other worlds, she seems to have it all together. However, mental health is an issue that can affect just about everyone—including celebrities. Bialik has been open about her struggle with depression, and discussed how crucial therapy is to the process.

We absolutely love that more and more celebrities are using their platforms to talk about mental health and other important issues. If even one person decides to seek help through therapy because of what Bialik has said, that's a definite win.

11 She's Musically Gifted And Plays Three Instruments

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Bialik's character Amy Farrah Fowler is seen playing the harp several times throughout the show. And, it turns out that Bialik wanted her character's musical skill to seem real, so she actually learned how to play the harp for those moments.

However, that's not the only instrument she knows how to play—Bialik also has a level of skill on the piano and the trumpet. It makes sense that her creativity would extend to the musical sphere as well as the acting world, but still—talk about impressive! It's definitely rare to find someone who is so creative but also so scientifically minded.

10 Her First Name Means 'Water' In Hebrew

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Mayim definitely isn't the type of name you hear everywhere. And no, it isn't a name that Bialik started using for Hollywood, which is something many actresses start doing. After all, you want a name that catches people's eyes, a name that they remember. Her birth name, "Mayim," actually pays tribute to her heritage—it's the Hebrew word for 'water.'

Many people aren't all that concerned about the meaning behind their names, but still, it's a fun tidbit to know. Bialik always seems so calm and composed, so perhaps her name is a big source of that. After all, with a name that means 'water,' it hardly makes sense to be a fiery personality!

9 She Got Into Harvard And Yale

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Bialik ended up getting her undergraduate degree as well as her Ph.D. at UCLA and staying close to the world of Hollywood even while she was immersed in academia. However, she could have easily moved across the country to pursue opportunities at other institutions. You see, she was accepted to both Harvard and Yale as well. Talk about prestige!

Ultimately, it's all about finding the school that's the right fit for you, and for Bialik, that place was in sunny California. However, who knows—perhaps if she decides to hang up her acting hat, she'll end up teaching at one of the prestigious schools that she didn't wind up attending, just for a change of pace.

8 She Has Two Children

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Bialik has definitely been busy over the past couple of years. In addition to being one of the stars of a popular sitcom, she's also been raising her children. Bialik had her first child, Miles, in 2005, and her second child, Frederick, in 2008.

Shortly after that, she managed to land her gig on The Big Bang Theory, so it's a position she's held as her boys were growing up. We're betting they visited mom on set a couple of times! Given that she left academia because she wanted the type of job that was conducive to raising kids, she obviously made the right choice. Perhaps when her boys become teenagers, she'll change her mind and return to the research laboratory.

7 Her First Role Was In A Horror Movie, Pumpkinhead

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The vast majority of Bialik's work in the entertainment industry has been in comedy. It's something she's skilled at, and those are simply the types of roles she's gotten time and time again. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have other genres on her resume.

In fact, her first role ever was in the horror movie Pumpkinhead. We're not sure what the experience of being on the set of a horror movie would be like for a child, but hey—she was a professional! She hasn't pursued many other films in that genre, and we kind of don't blame her—it definitely takes a certain kind of personality.

6 She's The Founder Of An Online Community, Grok Nation

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Honestly, we're not sure how on earth Bialik finds the time to do everything she does. The woman always has about a million projects in the works! As of the launch in 2015, one of those projects includes Grok Nation. Bialik founded the online community because she wanted a place where people from all different kinds of backgrounds could engage in meaningful conversations, which would hopefully lead to change in the world at large.

In 2018, she changed the focus of the site a bit and with the help of a former Sassy editor, rebranded it to a women's lifestyle site. It's got everything from cooking content to culture updates—who knew?!

5 She's Written Several Books

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She may not be penning another dissertation, but that doesn't mean Mayim has left the world of writing entirely. In fact, she has several books under her belt now, some written independently and some written with the help of a pediatrician. One of her books, Beyond the Sling, is all about attachment parenting and her thoughts on raising your children.

Then, she has two books aimed at younger audiences, Girling Up and Boying Up. It allows her to combine her creativity with her love of science as it talks about all the ways bodies change, physically and mentally, throughout puberty and into adulthood.

4 Bialik Is A Founding Member Of A Jewish Organization For Animal Rights

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As a vegan, it makes sense that Bialik would be passionate about animals and their rights. However, we're betting you had no idea that she's actually a founding member of the Shamayim V'Aretz Institute, which is a Jewish organization that is all about the ethical treatment of animals.

We absolutely love that the things she's passionate about are things she pursued throughout varies avenues. She doesn't just talk the talk—she definitely walks the walk when it comes to the things she believes in. Plus, the fact that she's a well-known celebrity probably helps all the causes she supports—she certainly has a bigger platform than most to make her voice heard.

3 She Identifies As A Feminist

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Many celebrities seem hesitant to call themselves feminists because they fear what other people will think. They don't want to align themselves with some of the more negative perceptions regarding the term and risk harm to their brand in any way. Bialik isn't concerned about public perception—she believes in standing up for what she feels is right, and that includes women's rights.

She flat out stated that she was a feminist during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and responded to some of her fellow guests' comments with a bit of a risque show in the name of supporting a fellow actress.

2 She Was On Blossom For Five Seasons

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Bialik may never have been on a television show that lasted over a decade before The Big Bang Theory, but she's had some experience with a successful show before. In her younger years, she starred on the sitcom Blossom for five seasons. That's plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of sitcoms, how to respond to fans of the show, how to deal with the criticism, and more.

Given that she dealt with all that the first time around when she was just a teenager, it was probably a piece of cake to handle once becoming an adult! Some child stars end up having a lot of trouble adjusting to the industry as they grow up, but Bialik certainly didn't.

1 She Has A YouTube Channel With Over 500,000 Subscribers

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Okay, honestly—how on earth does Mayim Bialik find the time to do all the things she does?! In addition to starring on a successful sitcom and writing books and founding a lifestyle website, Bialik has also created a YouTube channel. It's something that more and more celebrities are doing lately, seeing the benefits that having a presence on the platform can have.

However, unlike many other celebrities, Bialik isn't giving make-up tutorials or doing 'get ready with me' videos. She uses her platform as a way to share her opinions on the things that matter to her, from parenting to vegan eating. We love that she's not afraid to put herself out there!

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