20 Little-Known Facts About Amanda Bynes Her Fans Choose To Ignore

The closing of a vintage commercial for The Amanda Show says, "There's something funny about that girl," and its testimony rings true whenever Amanda Bynes has been on the screen! In the commercial, Amanda staves off a bunch of angry bees, reminiscent of the vintage slapstick comedians who came before her, giving her fans a taste of the impeccable comedic timing she would display throughout her career. From an extremely young age, Amanda graced our screens with her big smile and goofy demeanor, contributing to her relatable girl-next-door personality and hilarious comedic style!

Not only did Amanda charm audiences with her funny-girl sketch comedy talents, but her film career also propelled her into iconic superstar status in the mid-2000s, where she starred in movies alongside Zac Efron and Channing Tatum. Our girl showed real staying power! Amanda showed her fans it was possible to balance a career in Hollywood while managing to live a relatively quiet life in the spotlight compared to some of her popular peers in the era. Like one of her characters from The Amanda Show, Amanda seemed to show it was "not a problem" to live well while in the spotlight.

Despite some ups and downs concerning her personal life in the past few years, Amanda Bynes has been a true example of a powerhouse with a well-rounded sense of being. So, what else is there to know about the girl who is "All that?" Read on to find out!

20 Amanda Knew Channing Was A Cutie

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She definitely thinks he's the man! Do you remember the hilarious romantic comedy adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night from the late 2000s, She's The Man? Amanda played the role of a girl who displayed a fantastic definition of sisterly love: she stepped in for her brother on his school's soccer team, and found herself in a comical bind when she fell for Channing Tatum's character!

2006 was a monumental career year for Channing Tatum, and we have Amanda to thank, as Paper mag reports! Amanda knew Channing would be one of our favorite dudes and Channing loves Amanda too, according to People.

19 She Thinks Fashion Is Fun

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One of Amanda's earliest loves was taking on the world through pen and paper; she loved to draw sketches of super stylish gals rocking some fashionable pieces, as reported by BuzzFeed! Perhaps Amanda's drawings were foreshadowing examples of her plans to bring some clothing designs to life.

Amanda's passion for fashion was certainly evident when she launched her own clothing line "Dear by Amanda Bynes" in 2007. The vibe of her line mirrored her own style. Amanda expressed her fashion design desires in a promotional interview for the line as can be seen on YouTube. She said, "I always wanted to be a fashion designer so it was a perfect fit!"

18 Amanda Was A Commercial Cutie

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A few years before she dazzled viewers with her precocious comedic timing on All That with characters like "Ask Ashley," Amanda's sweet face could be found on our televisions selling a variety of products; she got her start in the business by doing commercials!

Some of her early commercial hits include a Barbie commercial and her very first commercial for Crunch candy bars. Amanda's days of eating sweet treats and combing Barbie's hair showed the public she had the power of persuasion, as later evidenced by the hilarious reoccurring commercial segments on her very own television show, The Amanda Show!

17 She's Close To Her Nickelodeon Family

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We all know Amanda could hold her own in anything she put her mind to, but we can't forget the many Nickelodeon stars who helped Amanda bring her hilarity to life whether we were getting the giggles from All That or The Amanda Show!

Countless recognizable names from Amanda's time on Nickelodeon rallied around their former co-star when Amanda experienced some tough times in the public eye. Her co-star on The Amanda Show, Drake Bell, and her cast-mate from All That, Nick Cannon, were among those who came together to offer words of support for Amanda, wishing her lots of love, as The Huffington Post reports.

16 A Kardashian Thinks Amanda's 'Kool'

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From one icon to another, Kim Kardashian knows who she likes and she once showered Amanda with lots of praise!

The Kardashians are icons of modern style, and we know Amanda is plenty stylish; it's absolutely plausible Amanda would come across Kim's radar. How does Kim know of the legendary funny woman?

Kim was one of the celebs who provided Amanda with words of support during a difficult time; growing up and coming of age in the spotlight can be difficult! Kris Jenner said, as USA Today reports, "[Kim] loves Amanda. She's obsessed with her and wants her to be fabulous..."

15 Amanda Brought Gifts To Interviewers

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Once you noticed Amanda Bynes on your TV back in the day, it was hard not to notice her endless amount of energy, which made her presence infectious! Young Amanda knew how to work a crowd even when the TVs were turned off. Behind-the-scenes footage and talk show appearances show proof of Amanda's talent for winning over a crowd, even those fans outside of her target market.

Amanda's authentic sense of girl-next-door sweetness was exemplified by her appearance on the Howie Mendel Show in the '90s. Who brings gifts to talk show hosts these days? What a throwback!

14 Vintage Actresses Were Amanda's Heroes

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Critical comparisons of Amanda's earlier comedy performances were often drawn to pioneers of physical comedy! The name Carol Burnett often came up in conversations surrounding Amanda's comedic stylings, even by those who were closest to her. One of Amanda's earliest memorable performances was an All That sketch in which she portrayed one of her idols and one of the most legendary comediennes of all-time, Lucille Ball!

Amanda's vintage comedic influences weren't a fluke; she looked up to many of the hilariously funny ladies of yesteryear. As shown on YouTube, in a classic interview from 1998 Amanda cited Sally Field as one of her favorite actresses!

13 Amanda Was Discovered At A Comedy Club

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Amanda's often been described as wise beyond her years. Her grown-up influence makes sense; she achieved a milestone at 10 years old that most people decades older than her could only dream about!

Little Amanda was discovered in a comedy camp where she performed her own stand-up routines, as E! News reports. The stage Amanda graced was a stage so many legendary comedians had been on before her because she performed at the Laugh Factory!

Video footage of 10-year-old Amanda is forever cemented in the world wide web. Arsenio Hall even introduces Amanda before she launches into her hilarious and precocious routine. Can we say "career goals?"

12 She Was A Champ At Childhood Impressions

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Imitation can be the highest form of flattery and before Amanda would gain legions of fans, she was giving her idols a nod with some pretty intricate impressions for a young girl!

A few years before Amanda based a character on Judge Judy Sheindlin on The Amanda Show, she was flexing her comedic chops through celebrity impressions. She wowed Howie Mandel with an impression of veteran talk show queen Barbara Walters and added Robert De Niro to her repertoire of imitations years before she was old enough to see any of De Niro's films. Talk about a precocious talent!

11 Amanda Dated A Co-Star

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In an era of celebrity gossip which seemed to be constantly asking the question, "Who is she dating now?" Amanda Bynes seemed to avoid an ever-pressing need to know about her love life. Sure, she dated some pretty famous dudes in her day, but she managed to rarely be photographed alongside any of her real-life leading men!

Amanda's notoriously private life once briefly ventured into public view when she dated her co-star from What I Like About You, Nick Zano. Despite the romance's brief shelf life, Amanda once spoke of its positive influence to Cosmo Girl, via an article from Zimbio, saying it helped her get back to where she was after a previous relationship ended.

10 She's Been Behind The Mic

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Was there anything Amanda couldn't do in her acting heyday? When she wasn't charming all of us on camera, she lent her talents (and her voice!) to some animated characters! She appeared as Piper, a quirky robot with pigtails, in the film Robots.

When Amanda wasn't lending her talents to charismatic robots, she was hanging out with certain babies of note. Surely you remember Rugrats, the animated series from Bynes's homestead, Nickelodeon, but do you recall Amanda lending her voice to the babies' resident cool older babysitter, Taffy? That's right, she was able to tell what the babies were thinking!

9 She Has Fond Memories Of Zac Efron

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The late 2000s could unofficially be dubbed as the "Era of Efron." It was a period when we couldn't pass a newsstand without catching a glimpse of Zac Efron's face on the cover of virtually every teen magazine available due to his enormous success in the High School Musical franchise, and the remake of Hairspray! There were many famous faces in the cast of Hairspray, including Amanda herself!

What does she remember about the film's resident hottie? Amanda has nothing but praise for her co-star, according to a recent interview with Hollyscoop (via YouTube) in which she ranks Zac as the hottest movie star.

8 Her Dad Was Influential To Her Humor

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There are countless examples of characters that go hand in hand with Amanda's career. You just can't separate Judge Judy from Amanda's legacy!

Not only does Amanda have a bunch of characters associated with her, but there are also lots of behind-the-scenes players in her life who were extremely influential to her comedy stylings. Amanda noted many times in early interviews that her dad was a dentist, but a lesser known fact about Rick Bynes has to do with her comedic beginnings. According to People, Rick "encouraged [her] to try her hand at improv and acting."

Eternal thanks to Rick Bynes!

7 She's Inspired By Celeb Style Icons

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For Lauren Conrad, the lyrics to the iconic theme song of her show The Hills includes the words, "the rest is still unwritten." For Amanda Bynes, the song's optimistic tone applied to her dreams of attending fashion school. According to E!, Lauren attending FIDM "intrigued" Amanda!

Amanda has been long influenced by sketching outfits and her knack for drawing led her to attend FIDM for fashion design. Her love for hitting the books is evident; according to E!, a source says, "She really [fits] in and loves her school."

6 Amanda Wants To Be A Broadway Babe

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Amanda's role in the Hairspray remake must've have been a dream come true! Before the film, Amanda occasionally sang in sketches from The Amanda Show, but it would be a few years before fans were able to hear Amanda's actual voice when she sang in the film!

Her vocal talents in the film were definitely an example of foreshadowing! A few years before the film's release, Amanda revealed in an interview with Wayne Brady (via YouTube) that she had aspirations to be a Broadway singer. She had been on stage a few years before being cast on All That! Amanda's always been music to our ears!

5 Amanda Loves Music

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The Amanda Show not only provided us with laugh-out-loud sketches showing off Amanda's versatile comedy stylings, but there were also countless musical guests who graced the stage to sing their latest hits. From LFO to Vitamin C, music fans could turn to Amanda to expose them to the popular hits of the day.

As it turns out, Amanda was a pretty big fan of music IRL. In 1997, Amanda posed a very important question to the Spice Girls on an All That skit, and later got to see the fab five live, according to Us Weekly!

4 She's Had Nice Words For Her Peers

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Amanda reigned as a teen queen during the peak of her fame! From Hilary to Britney, the 2000s were a profound era for girl power! Amanda was photographed alongside many of these women and Amanda had nothing but positive things to say about her peers.

Understandably, when you have a number of popular teens in pop culture, gossip magazines will always try and find a way to pit the ladies against each other. Amanda had no time for that; she was quoted by Amanda-Bynes.net as saying, "I’m a teen actress and therefore I’m competing against Hilary Duff. We’re different people like everyone else."

3 She Had A 'Normie' School Experience

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Amanda was an emerging stand-up comic and a cast member on All That by the age of 10, which isn't a total normie experience for a tween. When she was a teenager, Amanda had two TV shows under her belt, and she also experienced a universal struggle of teenhood: she dealt with mean girls while she was in high school!

She once revealed, as ComingSoon reports, "There were some girls who were jealous and mean. But, I was really shy when I was in high school because I was getting so much attention [working] that when I was in school, I really didn’t want it because I wanted to fit in and have friends."

Movie stars are seriously just like us!

2 Amanda Was A 'Chick' For Charity

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Amanda's childhood image showed she was a super relatable girl-next-door, and she showed fans that she never forgot her down-to-earth status and always remembered to give back to her fans!

She was frequently involved with Nickelodeon's charity The Big Help, where she made several commercials for the organization, showing off her green thumb and hanging out with her Nickelodeon co-stars! Aside from The Big Help, Amanda was also involved with a number of charities and causes, according to Look To The Stars. Her wide repertoire of charitable causes ranges from health-related charities to helping those diagnosed with AIDS.

1 'A' Is For Academia

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Longtime fans of The Amanda Show may remember skits where she spent time in the classroom! Amanda's relationship with academia didn't end with her hilarious skits. We know Amanda enrolled in the fashion institution, FIDM, but what has Amanda said about her experience as a studious bookworm?

In her first interview in years with Paper Magazine in 2018, Amanda revealed some of her favorite things about FIDM and being enrolled in a place of academia. Her class of choice is interesting; she loves a "Merchandising Math Course," adding she "never really liked math before, but [I] really like this class."

Sources: Paper, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, USA Today, People

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