20 Little-Known Details Surrounding Modern Family's Sarah Hyland

Sometimes, a good TV show can actually bring families closer together. Especially when the cast is made up of talented actors, that fans grow to love. Modern Family is beloved by many and also introduced us to our new favorite actress: Sarah Hyland.

There are a lot of people who have participated in bringing this hit show to life. As far as the Dunphy family goes, each character has seen a lot of growth, which only adds to the realistic aspects of the show. Sarah Hyland knew just how to bring her character to life, and make legions of fans fall in love with her.

On the surface, her character seems to be a young girl who is obsessed with shopping, boys, and little else. However, Sarah Hyland, the actress who plays Dunphy, is much different than her television character. Keep reading to find out how!

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20 Acting Runs In Her Family


Hyland certainly has some great acting talent. She has worked on a number of cool projects. One of the little-known facts about Hyland is that she is not the only actor in her family.

Hyland was born to fellow actors Edward James Hyland and Melissa Canaday. She also has a brother, and his name is Ian Donovan Hyland. It seems talent runs through their veins.

Hyland’s father was featured in multiple episodes of Law & Order, as well as Gossip Girl, and the film The Happening.

19 She Had A Famous Classmate


It’s always a little bit strange to think about the celebrities we all know and love, and how there was once a time when they were not famous at all. Furthermore, it is pretty odd to picture a few of them knowing each other and hanging out. That is where Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen comes in.

When she and Hyland were younger, they both attended the Professional Performing Arts High School together. However, it seems that Momsen is more into the music scene these days, as she is the lead singer of the band “The Pretty Reckless.” She also starred in the live action version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

18 Sarah Is Older Than Haley


There are a lot of men and women who have played characters that are not their age. Sometimes actors and actresses portray people who are older than they are, and sometimes they play characters who are much younger than them. Sarah Hyland is no exception here.

In the beginning of Modern Family, her character was a very young teenager. In real life, however, Hyland was already in her twenties.

However, Hyland has a very youthful look, which helps her look young enough to play the role convincingly. The fact that she is so good at portraying someone so different from herself just goes to show how talented she is.

17 Her BF is 'Bachelorette' Contestant, Wells Adams


Hyland has definitely not had it easy in the dating department. However, she is currently dating Wells Adams, and it does seem to be going pretty well.

There are some very interesting things to know about Hyland’s latest boyfriend. Firstly, he is not a stranger to the television screen. He has actually been on a popular television show as well. In fact, he has been on three of them.

Adams was first seen in television when he was a contestant on the dating show The Bachelorette in 2017. Then, he was on After Paradise and Bachelor in Paradise.

Wells has at least one rule when it comes to dating. His date definitely has to love dogs, so it is easy to see how he and Hyland are great match.

16 She Was Once Criticized For Posting About Her Dog


One of the most difficult parts of life is getting things back to normal after a split with a former boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. This seems to be much worse for celebrities since everything they do and say out there for all of the public to see.

Hyland adopted her dog, Nurse Boo, with actor Dom Sherwood when they were dating. Months after they called it quits, they both posted a photo on their Instagram accounts, celebrating the anniversary of when they adopted the dog. However, Hylands’ post caught criticism because it seemed to some fans that she was not giving Sherwood any credit for the adoption, therefore claiming she was the only one who did it.

15 Her Dad Is Literally A Life-Saver


Hyland may have a unique and amazing life these days, but things did not start out that way for her. According to Hyland, she was plagued by a lot of problems with her health when she was a baby, and her mother was told that Hyland would never live an ordinary life.

It seems that her medical professionals were right, Hyland has led a life that is very extraordinary. However, one of the issues she has dealt with is kidney dysplasia.

Her father donated one of his kidneys to her.

14 Sarah Has A Fear Of Online Dating, But...


Many people these days like to do a lot of their socializing over social media, and the internet in general. For instance, online dating has become something many men and women participate in, and there can be some benefits to it. However, not everyone is a fan. Some people prefer to take a more old-fashioned, retro approach to meeting potential significant others.

Hyland is not a fan of meeting people online, at least when it comes to dating. Hyland likes to keep things simple by having one-on-one conversations in person. However, she actually met her current boyfriend, Wells Adams, online. 

13 She Trained As A Dancer


There are many men and women in the entertainment business that are actually quite skilled at numerous things, while only being famous for one or two of them. One of the surprising facts about the Modern Family star is that she fits into this crowd.

Hyland is no doubt a beautiful, successful actress. However, something that fans see her do much less of is dancing, which is also something Hyland is pretty good at.

Furthermore, she is trained in more than just one type of dance. Hyland has studied both jazz and ballet, so she certainly has some pretty sharp dancing skills.

12 She Has A Few Tattoos


There are a lot of famous people out there who have made the decision to get some permanent ink. Sometimes the tattoo is just for fun, and sometimes it is an interesting quote, or an image that symbolizes a very personal time for the person who has it.

The Modern Family star joined the list of inked stars a few years ago, and she posted images of her tattoos on her Insta account. Hyland has a hummingbird tattoo behind one of her ears, an arrow, and some text on her left side, as well as an arrow.

Hyland got a hummingbird because they are small creatures that can be independent and it can bring joy to others.

11 She Got Her Start In Disney Films


It seems that there are a lot of stars who started out working on Disney films or television shows. Some have even continued to work on Disney movies after they became famous, and Hyland is one of them.

Hyland acted in the Disney film Geek Charming in November of 2011. Hyland portrayed a character by the name of Dylan Shoenfield. Shoenfield and Dunphy are quite similar in a few ways. For example, they are both beautiful and popular, but there is more to them than viewers initially think. Furthermore, both characters are good people. However, According to Hyland, Shoenfield is a bit more intelligent than Dunphy.

10 Fans Think She Looks Like Mila Kunis


Everyone is unique in their own way, but that does not mean there aren’t plenty of people who share a lot of similarities. In fact, famous men and women get mistaken for one another all the time, and this is definitely the case for Hyland and fellow actress Mila Kunis.

Both actresses claim to have been mistaken for each other. It’s not hard to see why, as they are both petite beauties with dark hair and gorgeous eyes. Additionally, there have been times where they both wore similar dresses. Though they do resemble each other, there are some differences as well.

9 She Was In A Version Of Annie


Many of the most famous actors and actresses began their careers when they were very young. A number of them started out working on films and television shows that were made for children.

Because of the fact that Hyland grew up in an entire family of actors, it is not a surprise at all that she, too, became an actress. She landed quite a few roles at a very young age, and has created a very impressive resume, especially for someone who is so young.

Hyland had interesting roles in many films, television shows, and Broadway plays. She even played a part in a Broadway version of Annie.

8 She Doesn't Consider Herself A 'Party Girl'


There are a lot of people who do not really like to be put in a metaphorical box, and it seems that Hyland is one of them. There are a lot of young stars these days who are constantly finding their names involved in some gossip. Some love it, some hate it, and some do not really care about it either way.

According to Hyland, she would be flattered if anyone thought of her as part of the typical young Hollywood crowd, but that just isn’t her style. In fact, Hyland has made a point of staying away from that kind of scene.

7 Taylor Swift Is A Friend


Hyland may not consider herself a part of the young Hollywood group of people, but that does not mean she is not friends with some very familiar faces. In fact, she is a very loyal friend to singer Taylor Swift.

Hyland and Swift have been best friends for a while now. Furthermore, Hyland has even defended Swift, which just goes to prove that she is an awesome friend.

On time, in defense of Swift, Hyland had a few words for one in particular on Twitter, and she said that women need to be empowered, not judged based off of what they look like.

6 She Has Had Boy Troubles


Hyland’s character on Modern Family has had a lot of drama in the dating department. However, what Hyland experienced with a former boyfriend is a much more serious situation.

Hyland and actor Matt Prokop were an item a few years ago, and they seemed to be quite a happy couple. However, not everything is as nice as it looks on the surface.

According to Hyland, their entire relationship, which lasted for a few years, consisted of her being treated poorly by Prokop. Initially, Hyland got a temporary restraining order against him. These days, she has a permanent restraining order against Prokop.

5 She Has A Fear Of Bicycles


There are a lot of activities many people participate in when they are children, and some of them even tend to be continued into adulthood. One of these activities is bike riding.

For the most part, this is something we learn how to do when we are kids, and it is such a great thing to do for exercise and fun that a lot of people do it when they become adults as well. Well, Hyland is not one of these people.

Bikes make Hyland extremely nervous. When it comes to riding a bike, Hyland thinks about the possibility of falling and hurting herself.

4 She's An Accomplished Singer


Some people in the world of show business have a lot of talent, but there are very few who are actually a triple threat. Hyland is one of the few who is not only capable of acting, dancing, and singing, but she is also amazing at all three things. This girl can sing with the best of them, and she even made a Youtube video to prove it.

In the video, Hyland and the band, Boyce Avenue, perform a cover of “Closer,” a song by the Chainsmokers.

Then, the video was shared all over the world as fans found out how strong her vocal talents are.

3 She Is Involved In Charities


It may seem that celebrities are often too busy to have the time to do anything but work and promote the things they are involved in. But there are actually a lot of Hollywood stars who take the time to work with those who are in need, and Hyland is one of them.

Hyland has been known to work with a few charities, including the Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation. Additionally, she has also worked with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is also known as the ASPCA. So, not only is Hyland talented in many ways, but she is also a very charitable person.

2 Sarah Was In A Remake Of This Famous Film


When it comes to remaking a film, there are some people in favor of it and some who are not. Though the original, Dirty Dancing, was a classic loved by many, the remake was not quite that successful.

However, despite the fact that the film was not well-received by fans, it did give them another chance to hear Hyland’s vocal talents, because the film was a musical.

Hyland played Lisa Housemen in the TV remake of Dirty Dancing.

Also, Hyland was not the only big name in the cast. Other actors in the film included Abigail Breslin, Bruce Greenwood, Katey Segal, and Debra Messing. Breslin played Francis “Baby” Houseman, while actor Colt Prattes portrayed Johnny Castle.

1 Her Middle Name Is Jane


Hyland’s full name is Sarah Jane Hyland. Hyland is a gorgeous person with a good heart, so her middle name was definitely the perfect choice.

The name Jane has been traced back English origins. The meaning that is connected to this name is “God is gracious.” Jane is a very popular name in the United States of America. In 2017, Jane took the 282nd spot on the list of popular baby names in the United States.

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