20 Little Known Details About Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw

For fans of Grey's Anatomy, everything the medical drama does is basically perfection. It has light-hearted moments of humor, it's emotional, it's dark, it's fascinating, and it has more than enough love stories to keep fans coming back for more. Season 15 has just begun, and while some people might say that it's been on the air for too long, die-hard fans never want the show to reach its final episode and will keep watching as long as it's on the air.

One of the most beloved characters on the series is definitely Arizona Robbins. The pediatric surgeon is amazing with the kids in her care, and we would totally trust her with our own. Her scenes are always beautiful, sometimes emotional, and sometimes funny. After making her first appearance in the fifth season, she soon became a staple and one of the most interesting characters to watch. Always in a good mood, she also brought some lighter moments to the show. Fans know that when the season 15 premiere aired, Arizona wasn't on it as it was announced that the actress playing her, Jessica Capshaw, would be leaving the show, along with Sarah Drew who played April.

The actress behind Arizona is just as awesome as her character, so let's get to know the real deal, Jessica Capshaw. Read on to find out 20 little-known details surrounding Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw.

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20 Honest Husband: He's Got A Famous Job


We always love to hear about how celebrities fell in love and see photos of them just walking around and being cute. We might not know anything about Jessica Capshaw's marriage since she seems like a pretty private person, at least compared to other celebrities.

According to Us Weekly, Jessica's husband is actually fairly famous.

He co-founded the Honest Company, his co-founder being none other than famous actress Jessica Alba. Capshaw wrote in the magazine's "25 things you don't know about me" column, "I love my husband [Honest Company co-founder Christopher Gavigan]’s intelligence. He’s handsome, kind and wholehearted. As a husband and father he is all in."

19 Big Family: She Has Many Kids


Whether we already have kids or we're dreaming of becoming a mom sometime soon (or not so soon), we're always fascinated by celebrities who become mothers and how they balance it all.

Many probably didn't even know that Jessica Capshaw is a mom, let alone how many kids she has. Capshaw has four kids, as Celebrity Toob reported, which is so sweet and amazing and probably a handful. We can see how much she loves her family when we see photos of them together. She has a son named Luke who is 11 years old, along with three daughters: six-year-old Poppy, seven-year-old Eve, and two-year-old Josephine.

18 Mom And Daughter: Her Mom's An Actress, Too


Sometimes a celebrity has a famous mom and we don't even know about it unless we do some digging. That's the case with Jessica Capshaw as well.

Her mom (Kate Capshaw) is also an actress and according to Tv Over Mind, she was Willie Scott in one Indiana Jones film.

Many children decide to have careers or jobs that are very similar to what their own parents do, and maybe that's what happened here. It makes sense, if a kid grows up hearing their parents' work stories, they'd likely be interested in trying that field out for themselves.

17 You Know Her Stepdad: He's A Famous Filmmaker


Steven Spielberg is super famous (he makes the word "famous" an understatement, he's so well-known and beloved) and many of us grew up watching his films. Honestly, we probably still enjoy watching them (E.T., anyone?), and can't wait until we have kids so that we can show them his films too. While many likely didn't know that Capshaw and Spielberg had a connection, it's definitely a cool one. What we wouldn't do to sit in on one of their family dinners!

16 Getting Started: Acting Dreams


Acting is not an easy career to get into, and there are so many ways that someone can start. We always hear that a celebrity was discovered at a mall when they were a kid or a teenager. Or, that they got their start as a model and then landed an amazing part on a TV show or movie. Often, celebs would have gotten an agent at a young age, and that agent would have gotten them great roles.

In the case of Jessica Capshaw, she got her acting start by studying.

As Celebrity Toob reported, Jessica went to London to study acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

15 Acting As Arizona: This Is The Truth


Fans of Grey's Anatomy can't imagine the series without her, which is one reason why it's so sad that as of the current season, Arizona isn't on the show anymore. According to Celebrity Toob, Arizona wasn't actually going to be the main cast member that we know her to be.

She was only supposed to be in three episodes of the show. Instead, she became a main character and we were able to happily watch her for several seasons. We already miss her energy around the hospital and we're glad that she ended up in many more than three episodes.

14 Mama-To-Be: She Filmed While Pregnant


Many celebrities film TV shows or movies while they're pregnant, and with that comes lots of creative decisions that are made in order to hide the fact that they're expecting a baby.

In Jessica Capshaw's case, she was pregnant while filming Grey's Anatomy and they hid it. As she said in an interview with Yahoo, "During the tenure of my time on the show, we went from having real x-rays and real clipboards to having iPads. I used to carry the pads and the x-rays and it would be right in front of my stomach, or I would stand behind desks and that kind of worked."

13 Auditioning Actress: She Went For Several Grey's Roles


How did Jessica Capshaw get cast as Arizona Robbins? Well, she actually went to a few different auditions for Grey's Anatomy.

According to Buzzfeed, "Jessica Capshaw auditioned for three roles on the show: first, Derek's love interest Nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile), then Meredith's crazy friend Sadie (Melissa George), and finally, she won the part of Arizona Robbins."

We're so glad that she was chosen as Arizona because we can't think of another actress who would play the role more perfectly. It just seems like she was meant to have this part. We already miss her so much.

12 Friendly Face: She Knew This Grey's Actress


It sometimes seems that everyone in Hollywood is the best of friends, or has at least met each other, or at the very least has attended the same parties or events.

One season of Grey's Anatomy, Jessica Capshaw was actually friends with Arizona's love interest.

As she told Yahoo, "This year, my love interest is played by Marika Dominczyk. I’ve known her for quite a while, and she’s a good friend of mine — and married to Scott Foley, who is also a friend of mine. It’s a very interesting negotiation, but we had fun. We laughed a lot. And our husbands have definitely had a laugh or two over it."

We love this friendship... we want in!

11 Guest Star: She Was On This Popular TV Series


There are so many ways to become a famous actress. Some people get really lucky, and the first TV show that they're cast in becomes a hit. Suddenly, they're a household name and can't even go to Starbucks without being recognized and photographed. Other people start out as guest stars on many different series before getting their big break. We can guess that it's pretty frustrating to keep auditioning and hoping that you'll be cast in something that will help you make your acting dreams come true.

For Jessica Capshaw, she had a few roles before getting Arizona Robbins. She was on Bones, playing a character named Rebecca Stinson. She was featured in two episodes in 2006.

10 College Girl: She Went To This School


Our college years are such a cool, fascinating, and defining time in our lives. It's where we grow up and for many of us, it's our first time feeding ourselves or doing own laundry or just generally learn to take care of ourselves. It's a big deal and very exciting.

Not every celebrity goes to college. Sometimes they're all set to go and then they learn that they won the role that they were dreaming of. Other times, they've been acting since they were young so college wasn't even a necessity.

Jessica Capshaw was a college girl. Celebrity Toob reported that Jessica Capshaw went to Brown.

9 Favorite Role: She's All About This Character


Jessica Capshaw said in Us Weekly that she loves Arizona the most out of any character that she's played.

We can see how someone would love playing this character, Arizona is so sweet. We're definitely sad to see her go and wish that she was continuing with the series. We can tell that the cast of Grey's has a good time playing their characters, even when the storylines are anything but all rainbows and butterflies. Arizona was absolutely an amazing part of the cast and we're happy that we at least got to watch her for as many episodes as we did.

8 Funny Girl: She Makes Jokes On Set


We assume that some television or movie sets must be kind of dull and dry, with no one talking or cracking jokes, which doesn't sound like much fun.

As reported by Popsugar, the person making jokes on the set of Grey's Anatomy is Jessica Capshaw (or at least it was, since as we know, she's not on the show anymore).

This set sounds like such a great time and we wish that we could visit it even for a few hours just to joke around with the cast members.

7 Work/Life Balance: She Doesn't Believe In It


Celebrity moms often get asked about their opinion on work/life balance. We're so interested in hearing what they think since we know that moms have so much going on all the time.

Jessica Capshaw's answer, as told to Yahoo, is really intelligent.  She said, "My schedule is incredibly all over the place. A lot of people, especially who are working moms, say it’s all about balance and trying to create a balance, and I respectfully disagree. I don’t know that any part of my day is ever balanced. I don’t spend equal parts being a mom or being a worker, being a wife, being an advocate, being a humanitarian, whatever it is that I am endeavoring to be."

6 Famous Friend: You Know And Love Her


Another of the 25 things that Jessica Capshaw wanted fans to know about her that she wrote up for Us Weekly was that she and Taylor Swift are "friendly."

She wrote, "Taylor Swift and I became friendly at first because she’s a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. And I will remind my kids of this fact when they get older and try to pretend like I’m not super cool." This is music to our ears, because who doesn't want to know who's on Taylor Swift's lengthy friend list?

It's nice to know that T-Swift loves this doctor drama as much as we do.

5 A Kid's Perspective: Why Do You Want A Photo Of My Mom?


We might wonder how Jessica Capshaw's kids feel about the fact that she's so famous. Apparently, they think it's funny how famous she is, and have hilarious reactions to fan encounters.

Jessica told Yahoo, "People come up and they’ll say something or they’ll ask for a picture and my kids think it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen. They just think it’s hysterical! They don’t understand it."

We bet that once her kids are old enough to understand that she played a beloved character on a treasured TV show, they're going to think that it's amazingly cool (since, of course, it is).

4 Another Famous Friend: Fellow TV Actress


We might know Sascha Alexander from her role as Pacey's sister and Dawson's love interest, Gretchen, on Dawson's Creek, along with her regular parts on Rizzoli and Isles and NCIS.

According to IMDB, it turns out that Jessica Capshaw and Sascha Alexander are best friends.

That's a fun fact and we bet that it's really nice to have a friend in the industry. It's important to have a friend who really gets what we're going through, and who we can talk to on a deep level. It makes a huge difference and makes for a great friendship.

3 The Same Birthday: Maybe They Shared A Cake


The cast of Grey's Anatomy seems like they all get along really well, and that's always amazing to see. Jessica Capshaw has something in common with Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt on the show: they share the same birthday.

Yup, according to IMDB, they both blow out birthday candles on August 9th every year.

We wonder if they would have a combined birthday celebration on the set every year? Or maybe not - if they were on a hiatus from filming during the summertime. Either way, it's fun a fun picture to imagine, and we'd be happy to hang out with our friends on set, too.

2 Southern Roots: She Was Born Here


Even if we're a big fan of a star, we might not be able to guess where they were born. And it's definitely a fact that someone might not share in an interview since it's not as juicy as who they're dating or what's going on with the popular TV show that they're starring on.

Jessica Capshaw was born in Missouri, according to Celebrity Toob, which is a bit of a surprise.

After all, she doesn't have a southern accent when she plays Arizona, and really, it doesn't seem like she has a southern accent in real life either.

1 All In The Family: Tons Of Siblings


When Jessica Capshaw wrote up her "25 things you don't know about me" for Us Weekly, she also said that she has ten siblings.

Yes. Ten. Wow, right? With that many siblings, it must be hard to stand out. But Capshaw sure does, and we're sure that all her ten siblings loved seeing their sis on the small screen.

Now that we know these 20 little know details about Jessica Capshaw, we're seriously missing her on Grey's Anatomy. Here's hoping she'll at least guest star, we want Arizona back!

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