20 Little-Known Details Surrounding Grey's Anatomy Star Caterina Scorsone

Those who enjoy a juicy, long-running TV drama are still crazy about Grey's Anatomy, enjoying fun storylines (which sometimes get wild) and the cast members are all super talented. It has been quite the experience watching everything that has happened on this series.

The supremely talented Caterina Scorsone plays Amelia Shepard on Grey's Anatomy. Many fans first encountered the actress on the spin-off Private Practice and were overjoyed to learn that she would be joining the cast of Grey's as well. While fans know everything that there is to know about Amelia, from her various struggles to her complex romance with Owen to her family and romantic backgrounds, they might not be able to say the same about the actress who has portrayed her for so long.

Caterina has a really interesting background and there are all kinds of fun facts to know about her, from how she got her start to where she's from to some of the projects she has been involved in. Some of her secrets will stick around, like how she became such an amazingly talented actress, but there are plenty of fun facts to keep fans tuned in.

Here are 20 little-known details about Grey's Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone.

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20 A Canadian Actress


It's always fun to learn more about an actor or actresses' background. Sometimes, they're born in NYC or LA and grow up there, too, but other times, they're from somewhere else.

There so many Canadians who find their way to Hollywood to pursue acting or another talent, such as singing or music, and Caterina Scorsone is one of them.

Caterina is a Canadian actress, which is something about that we might not know.

According to Wet Paint, Caterina is from Toronto, Ontario. She went to two schools in Toronto: before attending the University of Toronto, she went to the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.

19 Child Star


Did you know that Caterina Scorsone was a child star? According to TV Over Mind, Caterina began acting at eight years old.

We can all probably agree that she doesn't seem like she has experienced any of the complications or struggles that many stars who grew up acting have. Instead, she seems super kind and down-to-earth. If we read any of the captions on the photos that she posts to social media, then we know that she's always talking about how much she loves being on Grey's Anatomy. It seems like she really loves acting (and, of course, we really love watching her act).

18 She Would Binge-Watch Grey's Season 1


Caterina was actually a fan of the show before she started acting on it.

In fact, she was actually a binge-watching fan!

As she told Sharp magazine, "But, as the story goes, I was finishing up my B.A. and I would unwind after exams by binge-watching the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. When I got to the end of it, I was under the misapprehension that I wanted to become a doctor. So I went to this medical faculty lecture series and by the end I said, ‘I don’t want to be a doctor. In fact, I just want to be on Grey’s Anatomy.’"

This is amazing, and we can only imagine how she felt when she realized that, OMG, she really was going to be on Grey's Anatomy.

17 She's A Huge Fan Of This Franchise


When Caterina was interviewed by Chatelaine, she talked about her guilty pleasure and it turns out that she's a huge fan of a franchise that many of us are totally into, too.

She said, "My guiltiest pleasure is…a Harry Potter movie marathon, with a box of Panda licorice and a cup of tea."

Isn't this so cool?! We all love finding out that we have things in common with celebrities, and this is something that we really love hearing. We bet that if we were ever lucky enough to meet Caterina IRL, we'd have a lot to talk about (after we told her how much we love her as Amelia, of course).

16 A Mom Of Two


We have watched Amelia struggle with starting a family on Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. First, she loses her baby, which is beyond sad but also showcases her brilliant acting skills. Then she and Owen are together and even married but she wonders if she can give him the family that he really wants.

IRL, Caterina has two kids: Paloma, who is two years old, and Eliza, who is six years old.

When Caterina was pregnant with her second daughter, she said, according to Us Weekly, "It'll be challenging. It's going to happen somewhere during the shooting season. But Shondaland is the best place for that to happen."

15 Bringing Awareness


Caterina's daughter, Paloma Michaela, has down syndrome and she talks about it often.

October was Awareness Month and Caterina posted photos of Paloma. She said, “October is DS awareness month. Here’s a little info. 1 in 700 babies is born with DS. Language is important. Parents don’t have a 1 in 700 ‘risk’ of having a baby with DS. Parents have a 1 in 700 chance of having a baby with DS. Just like they have a 50 percent chance of having a girl a 50 percent chance of having a boy. (With some beautiful variations in there as well).”

14 She Brings Her Baby To Set

Refinery 29

We know that Caterina has two children and that she also stars on a long-running popular show.

According to People, Caterina brings her second baby to the set of her show.

She was quoted as saying, "I bring the little one every day. This is the amazing thing about Shondaland. I have the little one in the trailer with me every day, so that I can feed her every couple of hours. I go back to the trailer, and she’s there.”

That is awesome to hear, and it's good to know that Shondaland is such a caring and inspiring place (but then again, we already knew that).

13 Her Wedding Day Story

The Hollywood Reporter

Are we curious about Caterina's wedding day? Of course we are, right? It's always fun to hear about how stars get married. If we're engaged, we know that our wedding won't look like a celebrity's because we just don't have the same kind of resources (or the money, to be totally honest). But Caterina seems really down-to-earth and the story of her wedding day is as well.

According to a Chatelaine story, "Caterina returned to the small screen and went on to score a second Gemini nomination for her lead role in the 2009 miniseries Alice. So strong was her passion—and the support from her husband-to-be—that when filming coincided with her wedding day, she took the red-eye from Vancouver to her own ceremony."

12 Cool Hubby


Who is Caterina's husband? We're definitely interested since there's not much that is better than keeping track of who celebrities are dating. It's also interesting when a celebrity is married to someone who is also in an artistic field but not exactly the same one as them.

In Caterina's case, she's an actress who married a musician.

According to Wetpaint, Caterina married Rob Giles in 2009. He's the singer for The Rescues. As we can see from this photo, they look really sweet together. There aren't a ton of photos of the couple because they seem to keep their love story private, and we can respect that.

11 What A Fun Fact


We all have interests and hobbies that have nothing to do with our jobs. We need these interests to relax or to pursue something artistic or something that won't make us money but that we love so much, we have to do it.

It's interesting to hear what celebrities do in their spare time, along with some random skills and talents that they have. We should definitely know this fun fact about Caterina: according to TV Over Mind, she can teach people to ride in canoes. That's not something that we could ever guess. We think this is so cool, right?!

10 Shonda Hired Her On A Recommendation


How did Caterina get cast on Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy?

According to Wet Paint, actor Eric Stoltz directed Caterina in a television movie and told Shonda Rhimes that Caterina was a good actress that she should hire.

We're always interested in hearing how an actor or actress was cast because this is often the tale of their first big break. While Caterina did act before she started playing Amelia, we could definitely call this character her big break and say that it's the one that made us all hear about her. We're absolutely thrilled that she was cast as Amelia. She's so awesome.

9 She Was On This Popular Kids' Show

The Snooty Ushers - WordPress.com

According to IMDB, Caterina was on a kids' show from the 1990s that we might be super familiar with: Goosebumps.

Do we remember this or what?! The show, based on the R.L. Stine book series of the same name, was a true '90s staple for many of us '90s children. It was spooky, sure, but it's funny because if we've watched it since then (which we definitely can since it's on Netflix), we've probably laughed that we were so freaked out. The show ran from 1995 to 1998 and Caterina was in four episodes, including the 1996 episode "Night Of The Living Dummy II" and the 1998 three-part episodes called "Chillogy."

8 This One, Too

TV Line

Caterina was also on Mr. Dressup... and we're probably so excited to hear that if we were kids in the 1990s and watched this show.

But it wasn't your typical children's show.

As Caterina told CTV in an interview, “It was the first gig I ever had and it was the best place I think for a child actor to start … there were puppets and a nice man named Ernie Coombs and I got to draw and sing songs and dress up. I think being a child actor is a very strange situation to find oneself in so I think for me it ended up being a very safe and positive environment.”

7 Living Large


It's funny when we see how much celebrities sell their homes for because we definitely don't have that kind of money. We're most likely renting and maybe even have roommates or live with a significant other, and we really appreciate being able to split the cost of rent.

Real estate is one way where we differ from celebrities. Oh yeah, and we're also not well-known and people don't take our photo when we simply go to Starbucks or leave our house. So there's that, too.

If we're curious about some real estate news about the actress who plays Amelia, we can know this fun fact: according to Variety, Caterina listed her mansion for $2.6 million in August 2018. The house is in Silver Lake.

6 College Girl


We know that Caterina is Canadian and that she's from Toronto. She attended the University of Toronto and graduated in 2006.

What did she study back when she was a college girl?

This is definitely something that we're curious about. According to Tv Over Mind, Caterina majored in Literary Studies.

In an interview with University of Toronto magazine, she said, "Yes, I’d been acting at a pretty intense level until I was 18 or 19, but I stepped away from that and went to university really willing to follow my intellectual curiosity. My major was literary studies, and one of my minors was philosophy, and I discovered that our ability to understand ourselves through narrative is why humans are so special."

5 She Was Relieved By Amelia's Diagnosis


We probably don't know this really interesting fact about Caterina Scorsone: she was "relieved" when Amelia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was definitely a sad storyline and many of us were surprised that Amelia was going through something so tough once again.

According to Eonline.com, Caterina said, "When I heard about the storyline, my initial reaction was, 'So that's why!'" She continued, "She was making decisions that were just erratic and not consistent. They didn't have any line of consistency. She'd say one thing and then she'd do another, and she'd leave because she was freaked out about one thing and get in a fight. It just seemed like it wasn't respective of her personality."

4 A Tale Of Two Nicknames

Tv Guide

Nicknames are a pretty interesting thing when we stop and think about them. Some of us have names that are short and only a few letters so in that case, a nickname wouldn't exactly make sense, but we might be kind of jealous of friends and family members who have nicknames. It seems so special to have a nickname since that's a name that only the people who know you the best call you.

According to IMDB, Caterina has two nicknames: she is called Cat and also Kitty.

We can totally see these being her nicknames and think that they are really cute and help soften her professional image.

3 True Friends


It's sad to hear that some costars on a movie or TV set are enemies or at least just don't get along quite as well as we would have hoped. We always want to hear fun tales of good times and it sounds like actors get really close when they star on a TV series together for several years.

We're probably curious about whether Caterina and her costars on Grey's Anatomy are friendly. It seems like she and her fellow cast members are definitely good friends, especially with Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw. She shared this photo of her and Sarah Drew on one of her social media accounts with the caption, "If you ever need grace to show up pronto, this is the girl you need to call. Direct line."

2 All In The Family


Caterina's sister is an actress, too. When Caterina shared this photo of her sister on one of her social media accounts, she wrote, "That last picture was of me in another show I did. This one is Francesca. She's the real deal. I'm a lucky little sister."

First of all, that is so sweet, and second of all, it sounds like so much to have the same job as your sister or sibling.

We can only imagine all the great discussions they have had and how they have bonded over this. We bet it's really useful and also inspiring to both be actresses.

1 So Appreciative

Screener TV

It's always awesome to hear that a celebrity appreciates their fans, and it's great to hear that Caterina Scorsone does, too.

She loves her fans and wrote a letter to for The Huffington Post.

She wrote, "The point is — I totally get the fan thing. And as an actor I want to take a few hundred words to acknowledge the debt I owe to you guys for being the reason I got to run around carving up brains and dancing on tables, falling in love and acting out, getting high, grieving and growing as Amelia Shepherd. I got to be Amelia because you guys are Amelia. You are the stuff she’s made of."

Sources: Wet Paint, People, Variety, E Online, Huffington Post

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