20 Little-Known Details On How Celine Dion Runs Her Household

Celine Dion, who grew up in a large family in Quebec, uffeurely did not come from a lavish background ― fast forward years later, and she is now living in the lap of luxury in Las Vegas. However, the exceptional singer with the voice of an angel has remained humble, down-to-earth and truly vouches for freedom.

Although we see her as a woman who is living the dream, the past couple of years have been no easy task for the iconic singer. She had to climb many mountains after experiencing various hardships.

If you're an avid fan of Dion, you know how much her husband meant to her, but after René Angélil's devastating passing from throat cancer in 2016, the "My Heart Will Go On" singer had to vow to go on, with her adorable children.

A couple of days later, word also spread that she lost her brother to cancer. At the beginning of this year, she then had to deal with another struggle, this time her own illness that caused throat inflammation.

Yet, she is now a single mother raising three wonderful children on her own and getting by like a warrior each and every day. She is an inspiration to many, but what exactly does Dion do back home to keep the family going strong? Read on to find out.

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20 It Is All About Moving Up

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Dion has come up with creative ways in her household to help her children cope with the loss of their father.

With 17-year-old René-Charles and her two 8-year-old twins, Eddy and Nelson, Dion used a clever way to console her children by explaining what happens to someone when they pass in a light-hearted way.

On Good Morning America, Dion revealed that she would use the children's film Up to relate it to death, as ABC reports. By making her children understand that their father went up to the sky to a secret other world, this unique way helped them in getting by. And a first we've ever heard of, Dion assured her children they could let go of balloons to reach him in the sky!

19 Dion’s Bed Is Her Safety

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After her husband passed away, Dion's first purchase was in her words, " a huge, huge, huge bed" so that she could find comfort in sleeping with her twins every night. Even at the top it is lonely, and Dion needs her children close to her, as she revealed to The Sun, which is surely why she needs them by her side every night. Our hearts just tingled with warmth.

18 Dion Doesn’t Expect RC To Be Superman

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Dion truly is a role model for mothers. She might lead a posh lifestyle and live in an exuberant home, but her house rules are not the glamorous Hollywood type.

When she spoke to Extra in 2017, Dion stressed that she did not expect her eldest son, who's nicknamed RC, to take on the role of a father, as Nicki Swift reports. With such big shoes to fill, Dion has engraved into his mind that she wants him to become his own man, without feeling the pressure of assuming he is to be the man of the house. A selfless mother, she encourages him to be his own self.

17 Fashion Is A Statement For Dion

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If Dion isn't belting out her incredible vocals at Caesars Palace, she is home cozying up and getting by with her children. Recently though, she has found comfort in clothing and has since imposed it on her children, too.

Her boys are like her partners, they tag along and support her in all she does. To make sure her children do not bottle their emotions, she encourages them to use fashion as an art form, in the way that it could serve as a tool for self-expression. She could not be bothered by what they wear, just as long as it reflects what they like!

She's also launched a line of gender-neutral clothing for kids.

16 She Encourages Her Sons To Still Talk To Their Father

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To remember their late father, Dion makes sure that her children keep him alive. How so? She has a certain ritual that is protocol.

Some believe that going to visit a lost loved one's grave is one way to get by and mourn, but Dion's ritual includes all her children getting together before bedtime.

As she told The Sun, “We kiss him every night, we have a little ritual where we say goodnight to him with a little picture. Then the kids talk to him."

15 Dion Encourages Her Boys To Keep Active

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She might be a musical phenomenon, but as a mother, she is just your average mother.

Yes, Dion is in fact a hockey mom ― her son René-Charles developed a love for the ice sport, and Dion is content with that. Who wouldn't want Dion as a hockey mom?

The doting mother is often spotted encouraging her son in the stands, because to have a healthy mind, she believes physical activity is required. Clips of her dancing and cheering on her son have shown us a loving and motherly side to this singing sensation.

14 Dion Is All About Gender Neutrality

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If you're into the huge pop star, this next fact might make you fall in love with her even more.

It turns out, in Dion's household things are quite neutral. If you're wondering why, it is because Dion is not an advocate for gender conformity.

When the family visited Disney World, Dion realized her sons were more intrigued by the princesses than the superheroes. "I thought they were going to go for the big superheroes. They were looking at princesses. And they all wanted to be Minnie Mouse," Celine said.

Since then, Dion has steered clear of gender stereotypes, as CNN has reported ― and we love it!

13 “Au Naturel” Only

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Who hasn't spent a lot of time obsessing over Celine Dion? The diva has touched many people's lives across the world ― no kidding. However, unlike many A-listers, this French-Canadian is not a fan of anything that is fake and unnatural.

According to the singer with a trademark voice, she refuses to undergo any kind of facial enhancements, like Botox, in fear that it will risk her performances, hence her career. As Independent reports, Celine has said,

“If I sing and nothing moves I don’t think it has the same impact, so I don’t want to lose my emotion, conviction, sharing with the audience.”

She's all about aging gracefully.

12 Strict Cuddle Sessions


It is no easy task to raise children as a single parent, but the widow is doing a phenomenal job.

In fact, if you're a fan of the “All By Myself” singer, and also a fanatical fan of cuddling, Dion's house might be your heaven on earth. Since the loss of her husband, Dion has made sure to instill in her children the value of sticking by each other's side and coming together as one.

And in order to do so, Dion has made it a strict rule that her family gets together for cuddle sessions.

You can see it in the pictures she posts of her family - they're always holding hands or hugging. Hugging isn't limited to her kids. Celine has been known to hug her fans, including a drunk fan who clambered up on stage during a performance, as The Telegraph reports. Celine treated the fan with the utmost dignity, which just shows what an amazing person she is.

11 She Sings Her Heart Out For Her Boys

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Dion does not belt out the song "The Power of Love" for nothing; she truly incorporates love in her household. She is a legendary artist for many reasons, but she continues to perform her heart out when she hits the stage - not for herself, but for her children.

According to the Vegas star, she continues touring because she believes it teaches her kids good manners, languages and cultures, as The Jakarta Post reports. Dion elaborated that for her children, it is "a part of their experience growing up."

10 Dion Requires Her Children To Be Bilingual

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Seriously though, how A-dorable are Dion's boys? They always look so suave and professional.

Dion believes that speaking many languages is a part of a healthy life, which is why the captivating French-Canadian singer spoke to her children in both French and English from the day they were born, as Nicki Swift reports.

9 She Is A Number-One Supporter Of Her Kids

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Dion is the epitome of a classy woman; she is graceful, calm and nurturing. If you're half obsessed with the global sensation, you'll vividly recall her twins' long and luscious locks. For as long as we can remember, Dion's twins have always left their hair long ― so much so that we believe it was their trademark.

Also, when the twins decided to chop off their remarkable locks, it was "news." However, Dion is not only a classy woman, but a liberal one. If her children wanted to have their hair flowing down their backs, she would never stop them from expressing who they are. She supports whatever they do and would not force them otherwise.

8 Dion Defines Strength

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In 2016, when Dion lost a part of her, she did everything to remain positive. Dion is not the type to hide her feelings, even mid-performance. However, IRL, this woman is a true trooper.

Dion believes that she, through all her trials and tribulations in life, must continue life with a positive attitude. As she once told Page Six, “I cannot just live on like, ‘I lost my husband; my children have no father.” She added,

“I have to stand tall and strong because this is my way of living: Stand tall, be positive, pick your battles, do the best you can and to live for today, not for tomorrow, for today, and know nothing is perfect, not everything you want will happen.”

When Christmas came, she refused to live in a deep and dark hole and stuck to tradition. Evidently, it must have been quite a difficult time of year for her, but she still took her family to Montana to spend the holidays skiing, like when René was around.

7 There Is No Skipping Important Occasions

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In Dion's household, to always remind her children that every day of life is a gift and how important it is to honour the legacy of lost loved ones, she requires they all be together on special events and occasions.

If you follow Dion on social media, you might have realized that on all her children’s birthdays, she shares an adorable photo that makes our hearts warm and flutter with joy. No matter where she is in the world, the cherished singer will NEVER miss a beat.

6 Yearly Trips To Disneyland Are A Must

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Dion has brought gems of wisdom to the world, mostly through her evoking and moving lyrics. The grounded woman makes the most of each and every place she visits; she leaves her mark there.

One place on earth where everyone's dreams come true, and the place that is the happiest place on earth, Disney World, is a very special place for Celine. In 2016, she took her kids to Disneyland to celebrate their sixth birthday, E! News reports. It was their first birthday without their father.

5 Life Is Way Too Short For Negativity

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As you might have guessed by now, Dion is quite the optimistic woman. She does not tolerate negativity. Dion is too much of a strong and grounded woman to let negativity cloud her wonderful vision of life. And in the name of her late husband, she ensures that her children do not waste their breath complaining. In fact, when she underwent an ear operation earlier this year, she didn't inform her fans because she's so guarded. She also "doesn't like to complain," a source told Entertainment Tonight. 

4 She Believes All Should Be United

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In the Dion household, no one is to be left out. Of all the valuable lessons the singer has implemented, we have a particular liking for this one.

Dion's late husband had a previous relationship, from which he had other children, and she has never, in any way, seen them as black sheep.

Instead, out of respect, and just because she truly believes in love, she always makes sure to include René's other children. Her three children have half-siblings, and to her, that still makes them family, which means they must be united and see one another. On the night of her hard-working deceased husband's memorial, his children were by her side, and that ultimately proved that Dion makes sure they are a part of her family.

3 She Is Not Into The Lavish Lifestyle

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Despite being on top of the world, Dion certainly does not act or think like a woman from the Kardashian-Jenner clan. In fact, besides owning thousands of pairs of shoes ― she is a fanatical fan of gorgeous heels ― Dion is barely glamorous.

She does not believe in all the bling, and makes her children understand that too. Though they could evidently get whatever their hearts desire, mother Dion will not rush to buy them the G Wagon. She is not one for the outlandish lifestyle. She has admitted several times that she will not even go for beauty treatments, and said,

“I don’t like that at all. I prefer to have candles, a coffee, a look at magazines,"

Celine said, as The Sun reports, adding, "do finger painting with my kids, have tea at teatime — tea and cookies and scones.”

2 Family Comes Before Work

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Work is work and family is family; however, when it comes to Dion, nothing is prioritized over family.

Throughout her magnificent career, she has had to face an abundance of challenges. Many stars have major difficulty balancing real life and work, but Dion does it like a champion ― why? Because work comes after family.

After the greatest loss of her life, Dion cancelled numerous tour dates in order to put all her energy into her family. And, in her household, her three handsome young men know that "That's The Way It Is."

Even if the show must go in, in hard times it is a must for the family be hand-in-hand.

1 Dion Believes In Everyone’s Dreams

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In Dion's household, following your dreams is a must. She encourages her children to follow their goals and dreams with optimism and an open mind. She doesn't want her children to feel like they have to fill their parents' shoes, but she certainly mothers them by leading as an example. She never gives up and she goes from strength to strength. What an inspiration.

References: ABC, The Sun, Nicki Swift, Independent

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