20 Little-Known Details About The Kardashians' Childhood

These days we seem to know everything that there is to know about Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, and the Kar-Jenner clan. With seventeen seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians now under the family's belt, there is very little left to the public's imagination. The family has made a fortune sharing their every life's detail with adoring fans. Nothing seems to be off the table anymore. At this point, we can barely imagine not knowing the ins and outs of the Kar-Jenners' every day.

Buuuuut, before Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the ten spin-off shows that stemmed from their reality gold mine, the family had a whole other, untelevised life. Before living life as open books, the Kardashian family had some private memories and moments. We know, it seems pretty wild to us too.

Check out these little known details about the Kardashians' and Jenners' childhood that most people are not aware of.

20 Kim Dated A Jackson!

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Before Kanye, Reggie, and even before Ray J., there was T.J. When Kim K. was a teenager; she only had eyes for T.J. Jackson, Michael's nephew. The couple dated for over a year and were high school sweethearts. T.J. even took Kim to her school prom. What a cute pair these lovebirds made.

19 Kylie, Kendall, And Khloe Skipped Their Prom

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While Kim was all about the glitz and glamour that came along with attending a formal high school dance, little sister Kendall could not have cared less about the event. Per Glamour, she skipped her Prom all together. Kylie and Khloe did too, as the two of them were homeschooled in their teen years.

18 Kim Was Married At Only 19

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Kim has been married to the father of her four kids, Kanye West, for five years now, but that isn't her first marriage. Before Kanye, she was briefly wed to Kris Humphries, and before him, she was wife to Damon Dash. She married Dash when she was only 19 years old. They divorced after four years.

17 Kendall And Kylie Once Stole Bruce's Credit Card And Went On A Massive Shopping Spree

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner are pretty put together for young women. Kendall is a high profile model, and Kylie runs her billion-dollar cosmetics business. During their younger years, however, the girls were wild. Per Glamour, the duo once stole dad Bruce's credit card and went on a massive shopping spree.

16 Kim Went To The Same Preschool As Paris Hilton

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Kim knows just about everyone in Tinseltown. Some of these famous faces are ones that she has been around for all of her life. She even attended pre-school with socialite Paris Hilton. The two stayed tight for several years, with Paris giving Kim her start in the biz, and Kim recently appearing in one of Paris' music videos.

15 Khloe Was Once In An Accident So Bad It Affected Her Memory

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The Kardashian clan was pretty accident prone growing up. Per Glamour, Kourtney fell from a swing set at age five and broke her collarbone. Khloe was severely hurt in a car accident. The kickback was so significant that it affected her memory for a very long time following the incident.

14 When She Was 5 Years Old, Khloe Thought She Was A Dog

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That's hilarious. Little Khloe Kardashian was positive that she was not a human, but rather a canine back when she was only five years old. She would spend in days in full dog-mode, barking instead of talking. We knew the clan loved dogs as pets, but this is pretty extra, even for Koko!

13 Kim Originally Wanted To Be A Teacher

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We now know Kim as the master of all. The woman makes money moves like no one else. She never aspired to be rich and famous back in her childhood days. Kim wanted to become a teacher before she ever set her sights on becoming anything else. Life took a sharp left turn for Kim, but we can say that it all worked out in the end for her.

12 They've Always Had Dogs

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The clan had many pets throughout their lives. They grew up with two Dobermans, belonging to their father named Sarkis and Anoush. The Kardashian-Jenner kids grew up to continue the tradition. Kendall, Kylie, and Kim all have dogs, as did Khloe before her beloved Gabbana passed on.

11 Despite Their Fame And Fortune, The Girls Started Working From Young

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While privileged, the Kardashian girls worked during their younger years. Kim worked at her father's marketing firm, and Kourtney's first job was working as a production assistant. At sixteen, Khloe worked for her father, too, so that he could keep an eye on her. Kendall was a dog walker before modeling became her main gig.

10 Kris Grew Up A Surfer Girl

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Mama Kris is a California girl through and through. During her childhood, she was an avid surfer. She spent her time catching waves, not waving at paparazzi! Kris still enjoys the beauty and serenity that the ocean has to offer, but we doubt that we will see her hanging ten anymore.

9 They Grew Up With A Bible In Hand

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Robert Kardashian felt very strongly that his children should grow up with a solid understanding of their Armenian heritage and their religious background, per Worldnation. The Kardashian kids had a fairly traditional Catholic upbringing when their parents were married and living under the same roof.

8 Kim Used To Regularly Sneak Out Of The House And Take Her Parents' Car

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All of that Bible-toting and Catholic school and still Kim pushed back against the family rules during her teenage years. Per Worldnation, she used to sneak out of the house and help herself to family vehicles without permission. She has said that she can not even count the number of times that she got grounded during her younger years.

7 Kylie Modelled For Sears When She Was 12 Years Old

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We know Kendall Jenner as the family model, but Kylie was the first one to step foot into that world. Per Bestlife, she was only 12 years old when she made her debut modeling for Sears. Check out the fresh-faced Jenner in this image. She barely looks like the Kylie we see plastered all over magazines.

6 Khloe Was Home-Schooled

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Kim and Kourtney finished out their education at the all-girls Catholic school, Marymount High School, but that arrangement didn't quite work for Khloe. She left the establishment and opted for homeschooling instead. Per Glamour, Koko felt as if she didn't have any friends there. Kylie was also homeschooled.

5 They Always Loved Throwing Crazy Holiday Parties

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The family loves themselves a good, old holiday party. They have been throwing Christmas Eve bashes for over thirty years now, dating back to the kids' childhood years. Kris Jenner is a notorious party planner and has only recently handed the party-planning reigns over to Kim and Kanye, who now head the Holiday bash.

4 A Picture Perfect Family Falls Apart

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All seemed perfect in the Kardashian family. Robert Kardashian was a prominent figure in the Hollywood community, Kris dazzled, mingled and raised the four children, and the family seemed to have it all. According to speculation, Kris became involved with a soccer player, and the marriage ended in 1991, leaving the children in shambles.

3 At First, They Were Not So Accepting Of Bruce

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The older Kardashians were not so keen on their mother remarrying so quickly after her divorce. Kourtney struggled especially, wearing all black to mourn the demise of her parents' marriage and remaining reluctant to acknowledge Bruce for some time. Eventually, everyone came around.

2 So Many Super Sweet Sixteens

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Kim had her sweet sixteen party at The Neverland Ranch when she was only fourteen! During her teen years, she dated the nephew of Neverland Ranch's owner. Kendall had rapper (and her sister's someday boyfriend) Tyga perform at hers. While Kylie enjoyed an over-the-top Mad Hatter themed soiree.

1 They Were Always Active In School

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During their childhood, the Kar-Jenner clan was pretty active in their school culture. Rob ran cross country for his high school and was on the school's basketball team as well. Kendall and Kylie were both cheerleaders, shaking their pom-poms, before leaving formal schooling for a homeschooling environment.

Sources: Glamour, Worldnation, Bestlife

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