20 Little-Known Details About Hermione Only Real Potter Fans Knows

Harry Potter fans have loved Hermione Granger for many years and any Harry Potter fan would have loved for the series to go on forever. She was a strong character for the series because she was brave and worked with her friends to save the wizarding world.

But every now and then, she would do something that just wouldn’t make sense. Even some of her character traits seemed a bit off at times. Unfortunately, her character has a lot of contradictions that we have noticed over the years.

We know her to be honorable and someone who believes in the law and yet she has broken a few rules at the Hogwarts school. She says that she believes in justice and equality but then she has trouble respecting people who disagree with her views. She is often clueless for such a smart girl and considering her massive achievements she will occasionally do things that wouldn’t be considered to be smart. Let’s check out some of the times that she fell short of her own reputation for being a smart and kind wizard. Check out these 20 details about Hermione that are still bothering fans.

20 Her Relationship With Ron Was Unhealthy

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We’re sure that we weren’t the only one that was a little upset when she got together with Ron instead of Harry. It just seemed like another one of those toxic relationships that Hollywood tried to convince us that it was true love. These two weren’t soulmates by any means. Throughout the series they would fight, break up, date other people, get back together, insult each other and then, of course, they got married. There was a time that she actually used a spell against him so that a flock of birds would attack him rather viciously. At one point we even had J.K. Rowling admitted that the two didn’t belong together.

19 Using The Time-Turner To Stop Voldemort

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One frustrating component to the Harry Potter franchise as well as many franchises like it is that it seems that they don’t use powers that they have to beat their biggest adversaries. Hermione could have defeated Voldemort a long time ago had she used the Time-Turner device. She got the device from Professor McGonagall so that she would be able to time-travel giving her the opportunity to take two classes with conflicting schedules. She was only supposed to use it for that but she broke the rules ones to rescue a hippogriff Buckbeak from execution. So, you would think that she would break the rules again and use it to defeat Voldemort.

18 Her Lack Of Empathy For Marietta Edgecombe

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Marietta was in a bind because she didn’t want her mother to lose her job with the Ministry of Magic. So she went about betraying the location of the Dumbledore’s Army meeting to Dolores Umbridge. This brought about a jinx that Hermione had put into the DA pledge that Marietta signed. Marietta had to live with disfiguring acne scars due to the jinx for many years. She was genuinely sorry for what she did and tried to cover up her scars. They still showed through the makeup, showing everyone what she had done. Hermione showed a major lack of empathy in the situation. She could have lifted the jinx but chose not to.

17 Her Jealousy Of Fleur

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Hermione has always been the girl that never worried about her looks or fashion. Her hair along for the first few movies was enough to let us know she didn’t worry about such things. So, why was she so resentful over Fleur’s power over men and her natural beauty? She joins in with Molly and Ginny Weasley when they are talking about Fleur. We all know that Fleur is a snob and some of her comments are rather arrogant but why does Hermione even care? Hermione is always the one to stand up for others and go against prejudice but that doesn’t apply to Fleur.

16 Making Her Parents Forget Her

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We can understand Hermione’s inclination to want to protect her parents, it’s a common theme in movies where evil runs wild. With the wizarding wars going on, Hermione is afraid that her parents will be harmed so she casts a memory charm on her parents to make them forget that they ever had a daughter. It’s a sad thing to witness and you can see the effect that it has on Hermione. She even went so far as to relocate them to Australia so they wouldn’t become casualties of war. After Voldemort was defeated, she was able to reverse the spell and be reunited with her parents. It was a lot to go through and we feel it was probably really unnecessary.

15 Hermione Favors Harry Over Ron

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One mystery was how much Hermione seemed to favor Harry over Ron, yet it was Ron that she started to date. In Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, we see the trio go out in search of Horcruxes. At some point, Ron becomes frustrated and wants to leave the hunt. He asks Hermione to leave with him but she states that she wants to stay with Harry. She believes in the search and that’s more important than Ron’s feelings. Ron doesn’t like that and accuses her of choosing Harry over him which she is definitely doing. If she loves Ron, why wouldn’t she try to reason with him instead of just going on her merry way?

14 She Always Got Special Treatment

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There are probably a ton of students at the school that has faced conflicting course times Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but it’s only Hermione that gets to use the Tome-Turner. That seems to be unfair to the other students who would be competing with Hermione for academic awards. She also has a habit of breaking rules at the school but doesn’t seem to get punished for it. We’re not sure why Hermione gets special treatment but it seems to happen a lot.

13 Why Did She Lie About The Troll

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We saw Hermione run to the bathroom crying in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone after Ron had made a rude remark about her. At the same time, a troll invades Hogwarts and Ron and Harry go in search of Hermione instead of going to their rooms. They find the troll in the bathroom where Hermione is crying and save the day. She later lies to Professor McGonagall saying that she went in search of the troll and Ron and Harry just arrived later. We don’t know why she lied because if she would have just told the truth no one would have been punished anyways since no one intentionally went after the troll in the first place.

12 Her Bizarre Relationship With Viktor Krum

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Hermione seems to get into a lot of ill-suited relationships. We meet Viktor when he comes to compete against Harry in the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He becomes so smitten with Hermione that he invites her to spend the whole summer with him at his family’s castle. She doesn’t go but she still continues to write to him long after she starts dating Ron. Viktor would obviously assume that she was interested in him and she was giving him false hope. Maybe she was just confused as to what she really wanted. It’s not the actions of the honorable Hermione that we know.

11 Her Crush On Gilderoy Lockhart Was Puzzling

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Hermione develops a crush on Professor Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. She likes the fact that he is famous for writing books about defeating fearsome adversaries. She’s one of the smartest girls in the school and yet she can’t see past the façade that Lockhart has. In real life, he’s self-promoting, conceited and an incompetent poseur. He has set records for the number of signed photos he has handed out of himself. He eventually confesses that he’s a fraud which must be disappointing for Hermione. He was a terrible crush for her to have.

10 The Matter Of Her Hair

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Some girls who are really smart don’t care a thing about their appearance but Hermione’s unruly hair was a force to be reckoned with. There were times that she would use Sleakeazy to tame her wild mane if she had to go to the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire. But to do it regularly was “way too much bother to do every day.” She put a jinx on Marietta to give her disfiguring scars so if she is able to change someone’s appearance why not cast a spell on herself to fix her hair?

9 Not Going After True Love With Harry

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Many fans were disappointed that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together. They were even more outraged that she settled down and had children with Ron. There was nothing wrong with Ron, he was a nice guy and all but he was not anywhere near good enough for Hermione. Even J.K. Rowling admitted that she made the wrong choice for Hermione. “I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. That's how it was conceived, really," she said. "For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron."

8 Why She Only Gets Ten On Her O.W.Ls?

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Hermione is an academic achiever so you would think that she would do well at anything that she set her mind to. While at Hogwarts, both Bill and Percy Weasley get 12 on their O.W.Ls. It’s hard to believe that they outperform her by two points. Dropping Divination and Muggle Studies was the reason why her grade was so low but you would think she would try to make it up some other way. She could have gotten a tutor or using the Time-Turner again to help her out. She’s smart enough to figure something out but she doesn’t.

7 She Uses The Silent Treatment With Ron

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When Ron and Hermione fight, she always gives him the silent treatment. When he starts dating Lavender Brown, she gave him the silent treatment for months. Hermione has a habit of lecturing her friends in a know-it-all manner as well as monopolizing conversations in social situations. She’s mad at Ron and clearly doesn’t want him to be with Lavender. When she spots him kissing Lavender, she sends a flock of birds after him. The cold shoulder attitude is pointless because Ron is only dating Lavender to make Hermione jealous.

6 Her Attitude Towards Luna Lovegood

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Hermione is known as a kind person so it’s weird to see her behavior is so unkind towards the Lovegoods. She doesn’t like their unorthodox belief systems and she thinks it’s ridiculous that they believe in magical creatures even though the franchise is full of creatures. She also thinks their belief in Divination is a fraud as well. Luna really likes Hermione, so much so that she paints a portrait of her and her name on her dorm ceiling. It’s Luna that comes off as the nicer person and we’re not sure why Hermione is so unkind to her.

5 Hermione Is Rude To Professor Trelawney

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Hermione is known to be a kind and caring person. But that usually changes every time that she gets into contact with Professor Trelawney of Divination. Hermione once walks out of her class in a huff and stated how the subject of Divination is just “rubbish.” She could have shown understanding but she just behaves rudely towards the professor. Hermione should choose her battles with Trelawney but she never takes advantage of that.

4 Her Creation Of S.P.E.W To Free House Elves

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Hermione’s kindness is shown towards the house-elves who she wants to free. She wants them to have basic rights. Dobby is certainly a mistreated elf and her heart goes out to him. She goes about knitting them hats and socks and leaves them ion the common room at Gryffindor hoping that the elves will pick them up. Instead, the elves are offended by this and because that they refuse to clean the common area. They feel that she is condescending to them. She went ahead to try to free the elves without asking if they even wanted to be free. The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare was created more for her ego than anything else.

3 She Doesn’t Trust Harry To Help Her Study

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She thinks pretty highly of Harry Potter so it’s a wonder why she doesn’t trust him enough to help her study. He is the leader of the Dumbledore’s Army but she also thinks he’s not capable of helping her answer some questions for the exam on Achievements in Charming. While they are studying, she continually grans the book from him to check to see if the answers are right instead of just trusting him. She annoys him to the point where he gives up on helping her. Her behavior is rude and it really doesn’t make sense.

2 Her Spells And Charms Are Inconsistent

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Hermione is great with fire spells. She once set Snape’s cape on fire at the Quidditch match in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She also made herself a portable hand-warmer through a conjuring spell. Yet she has no idea how to make a fire in order to free Harry and Ron from the Devil’s Snare something she should already know how to do. She has to be reminded by Harry that she can magically make a fire which doesn’t make sense at all. Unfortunately, it made her look completely ditzy.

1 She Was A Terrible Chess Player

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We definitely saw how bad Hermione could be at chess but it didn’t make sense that she was. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it was stated that chess is “the only thing Hermione ever lost at, something Harry and Ron thought was very good for her.” Hermione is known to be a careful and analytical person, so shouldn’t she have been able to master a game that is all about planning and strategy. She should have been amazing at the game.

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