20 Little-Known Details About "Bachelor in Paradise" They Don’t Share On The Show

Based on the colossal success of the Bachelor franchise, it seemed like only a matter of time before it was extended beyond the original show and The Bachelorette. For that reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that not only did Bachelor in Paradise debut back in 2014, but it has gone on to be a big enough hit that it has aired five seasons so far.

Of course, just because a television series is known as a “reality” show, doesn’t mean that the impression you get from watching it is wholly accurate. There have been many reality shows in the past that have been discovered to be editing scenes and even re-taping certain ones. For instance, on Bachelor of Paradise, the production team films many hours of footage and then edits it down to match the length of an episode of the show. On top of that, many things go on behind the scenes that producers don’t want viewers to know about.

For those reasons, it is time to look at this list of 20 little-known details about Bachelor in Paradise they don’t share on the show.

20 The Contestants Take Part For One Of Two Reasons

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In a world in which a lot of people seem to prize being famous above all else, it seems fair to question the motivations of a lot of people who take part in “reality” TV shows. On top of that, considering the cast of Bachelor in Paradise has taken part in two such “reality” shows, they seem even more questionable.

According to an Urban Daddy interview with Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland, who was a part of Bachelor in Paradise’s 4th and 5th season, people tend to take part in this show for one of two reasons. He says, “So that’s one option, just to go out there and party. But you do have people that go there looking for love”.

19 Being On The Show Can Be Addictive

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If there is one thing that seems abundantly obvious about starring in a “reality” show it's that it seems to be an exhausting process. If that weren’t enough, taking part in shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette seems even more tiring, since love being on the line would make it a lot more emotional too. As a result, it certainly seems like the stars of those two shows may want to take a while to decompress after filming them is completed.

However, Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland told Urban Daddy that he agreed to be part of Bachelor in Paradise only two months after he finished being on The Bachelorette!

18 Things Are A Lot Less Regimented Than On Other Bachelor Shows

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Stars of The Bachelor and Bachelorette have revealed that during filming of the show, producers control every almost every aspect of their lives. In fact, in a Bustle article, Catherine Giudici-Lowe said: “One time, they allowed us to watch movie. Another time, we went to a spa and could get two things done.”

However, Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland told Urban Daddy that the stars of Bachelor in Paradise are a lot more free to let loose and they never even know if they are going to be woken up early. “The thing is you never know when that sort of thing’s going to happen, so we have no incentive or reason to go to bed,” he said.

17 Contestants Don’t Pay For The Engagement Rings

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As everyone knows, getting married can be a costly experience and that certainly applies when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. Of course, that is especially true if you feel the need to go all out and get the kind of massive diamond that will look good on camera.

Fortunately for the stars of Bachelor in Paradise, if they opt to propose to someone they fell for while taking part in the series, the ring is provided to them. Said to be “donated” by the jewelry designer Neil Lane, having his work shown to millions of people on national television must be a wonderful promotion opportunity for his company, and you can check out some of his designs for the show on The Knot.

16 The Men’s Necklaces Serve A Purpose


In most areas of the world, while walking down a public beach you are bound to see some people wearing chains around their necks. Most Bachelor in Paradise fans have noticed that the guys always have some kind of chain around their necks whenever they take their shirts off.

Well, as it turns out, there is a practical reason why that is the case. It's actually to ensure the sound equipment picks up what the contestants are saying.

15 The Show’s Locale Eliminated Certain Makeup Options

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Considering that every year millions of tourists travel to tropical locations, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that many Bachelor in Paradise cast members enjoy their time on the show. However, that in no way means that there are not challenges that come along with being a part of a show that is being filmed in a humid locale. In fact, Season Five contestant Krystal Nielson told Refinery29 that her gel manicure began to peel in three days and getting a spray tan was a struggle since it wouldn’t dry.

On top of that, another Season Five contestant, Bibiana Julian, said, “I never even put on mascara because it wasn’t worth it. You just end up looking like a raccoon.”

14 A Season Takes Very Little Time To Film

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While it may not seem like it when you watch either show on television, filming a season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette takes about two months. Considering that all but one of the people who’ve appeared on Bachelor in Paradise previously starred in one of those aforementioned series, it most feel like it takes no time at all to film their latest show. That is the case because it reportedly only took around three weeks to film Bachelor in Paradise's entire 5th season!

At least, it isn’t like this show’s producers expect their cast members to fall in love in that quick of a timetable. Oh, wait a minute…

13 The Contestants Are Paid (But Not Very Much)

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If there is one thing that truly surprised us when we learned more about the production of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, it is that the contestants are said to be paid nothing to appear on the show. Of course, some contestants are able to make some money because of the fame they receive due to their time on those series but it feels wrong that they receive no money from the production.

Fortunately for the stars of Bachelor in Paradise, they are paid for their return to “reality” TV but the figures are unlikely to impress anyone. In fact, the cast members reportedly are paid anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 per season, as Insider reports.

12 Contestants Were A Lot More Relaxed About Their Appearances

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As we mentioned earlier in this list, due to the fact that Bachelor in Paradise is filmed in a tropical location the women have limited makeup options. However, as it turns out, there was another reason why the gals felt a lot less pressure to look perfect. Their previous experiences trying to perfect their look as Bachelor contestants made an impact on them. Reflecting on that, Krystal Nielson told Refinery29,

“When you put so much attention on your image, it can take away from the experience. In Paradise, I took a much more relaxed approach. I didn't even pack until two days before I left”.

11 A Unique Kiss Seen On The Show Holds A World Record

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As much as the Bachelor Nation franchise is supposed to be about a group of people going on TV in search of love, the fact of the matter is that a lot of people tune in for other reasons. For example, there was a Bachelor in Paradise kiss that got special attention, but not in the way you might think. Easily one of the show's greatest success stories, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell got married on the show and have gone on to have a daughter together.

On top of that, during one of their Bachelor in Paradise dates, they earned a Guinness World Record for the longest ghost pepper kiss. This is because one of them ate one of those extremely spicy vegetables and then the pair kissed for one minute and 47 seconds!

10 Chris Harrison Is Not Around A Lot

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If you are anything like us, when you think of the highlights of the Bachelor Nation franchise, then memories of the various contestants come to mind. In addition, there really is one person who most fans associate with these shows more than anyone else, franchise host Chris Harrison.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the stars of all three shows see the man on a regular basis. In fact, Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland told Urban Daddy that during filming Bachelor in Paradise, “we see Chris Harrison rarely.”

9 Contestants Prepare Their Look For The Show Beforehand

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As much as this list has made it clear that the stars of Bachelor in Paradise were able to take their look a lot less seriously, that doesn’t mean they didn’t try to prepare ahead of time. In fact, many of the ladies found it a lot easier to undergo beauty treatments like getting lash extensions or seeing personal trainers just before leaving for their Paradise experience. For example, Krystal Nielson told the folks at Refinery29 that she got her first ever bikini wax before taking part in the show, saying,

“I decided I had to get waxed for Paradise just to not have to deal with shaving. It was awesome. I just wanted to dance around and flaunt it. I felt so empowered.”

8 Lacy Faddoul And Marcus Grodd’s Season 2 Wedding Wasn’t Legal

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From one entry about one of Bachelor in Paradise’s most successful pairings to one that sadly fell apart, it now is time to look at the unfortunately short-lived love Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd shared. Among this show’s first couples, this pairing was wed by Chris Harrison during the second season's premiere episode.

However, what a lot of fans don’t realize is that Faddoul and Grodd’s supposed marriage is not recognised by the American government. This is the case because they needed to file paperwork in order to make their union legally valid but they broke up so quickly that they never did.

7 Bartender Jorge Will Take You On A Tour Of BiP Locations

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One of the early Bachelor in Paradise mainstays, Bartender Jorge seemed like a very unlikely star for a franchise like this one but many of the show’s viewers grew to like him a lot. For that reason, they were very disappointed when he didn’t appear during some of the show’s seasons. Fortunately for him, it seems like he was absent because he was running his company, Nayarit Uncovered.

Set up to provide people with tours and special access to Sayulita, Mexico, since that is where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed, it means that fans can be ushered around the show’s locations by his company!

6 If Couples Want To Keep Their Engagement Rings, They Need To Stay Together

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As we touched on earlier in this list, if one of the Bachelor in Paradise contestants decides to propose to one of the other stars they are lucky enough to have an engagement ring given to them. However, if anyone thought about faking an engagement just to get their hands on one of those expensive rings so they could sell it, they better think again! That is the case because the ring will be taken from the couple unless they prove they were committed to their marriage, at least for a while.

In fact, any of the couples who get married on the show but get divorced prior to the 2-year mark are contractually obligated to return their ring, as Insider states.

5 Men And Women Aren’t Allowed To Talk On Rose Ceremony Days

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We have to say, this entry is a little bit puzzling for us. After all, Bachelor in Paradise is a show that is supposed to be about people falling in love and as we already mentioned, the filming process takes very little time. With all of that in mind, you’d think that the show’s producers would want their cast to spend as much time together as possible. However, during the days in which the rose ceremonies are filmed, the men and women are kept apart.

Speaking about that, The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports contestant Jesse Kovacs saying, “We weren’t allowed to see each other, and for the rose ceremonies we don’t start getting ready until about 7 or 8 at night, so basically we had all day with nothing to do.”

4 Fans Can Stay In The Resort

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One of the most obvious aspects of the entire Bachelor in Paradise experience is obviously the gorgeous location. While it might feel like the show’s devoted fan base can only experience it by tuning in, it turns out there is another way they could get to experience what it's like to star in Bachelor in Paradise.

This is because the show is filmed at the Mexico hotel Playa Escondida which is open to the public most of the year. Of course, fans can expect to spend a pretty penny as they charge anywhere from $165 to $495 to stay there for a night, Insider reports.

3 Contestants Do A Lot Of Sharing

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While watching an episode of Bachelor in Paradise, it doesn’t exactly seem like the show’s female cast get along at all times. However, evidently behind the scenes, the ladies have got quite good at sharing in some very notable ways. Speaking on that subject, Season 5’s Bibiana Julian told Refinery29,

“You're around enough people who have everything that no matter what, you're fine. You end up using everybody's stuff. It's like one big dressing room.”

We have to say, considering all the onscreen drama that Bachelor Nation fans are accustomed to seeing whenever they tune in, it really is refreshing to learn about this level of teamwork.

2 Contestants Feel Each Other Out Before Heading for Paradise

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When someone manages to make the cut and become a Bachelorette or Bachelor contestant, they go into the process not knowing how well they will get along with their fellow contestants. Unlike those shows, however, Bachelor in Paradise’s cast is made up of TV veterans. Contestant Wells Adams told Entertainment Tonight that they are far from strangers when filming begins, saying,

“Everyone talks before the show. And as you should, because the odds of really finding someone to get engaged [to] are pretty small if you don’t know anybody, so if you have the opportunity to kind of feel people out beforehand, it’s a good idea.”

1 The Show Has A Bad Track Record For Couples

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Only on the air since 2014, fans of this series have already seen many couples come together but many of them have failed the test of time. For instance, only three of those eight pairings who got engaged on the show have managed to stay together IRL. As for the show’s couples who didn’t get engaged onscreen, Us Weekly claims that only seven of the 14 couples are still together.

While a fifty percent success rate may seem pretty good on the face of things, when you remember that at most these couples have been together since 2014 it becomes a lot less impressive. After all, we can only imagine how many more of those couples will break up in the years to come.

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