20 Lies Discovery Channel Producers Don't Want Us To Know

Discovery Channel has some serious explaining to do! They have been caught lying to the public time and time again but it doesn't look like they intend to change that anytime soon. They have been caught fabricating plotlines, giving reality TV show members scripts on what to say, planning out scenarios and more. They have even staged insane things like bear attacks and sea storms!

Discovery Channel obviously wants to keep its viewership so they may want to reconsider their desire to stretch the truth so much. The fact that they have been exposed when it comes to them creating documentaries with fake information, actors, and more should be enough for them to want to make a change. The fact that a huge chunk of their audience is children between the ages of 6 and 18 is another major reason why they need to start being more honest. Children are still gullible when it comes to absorbing knowledge.

20 Discovery Channel Said Megalodon Was Still Alive

Discovery Channel may have gone a bit too far when they made claims that the Megalodon still existed. This species of shark is known to have gone extinct already, having lived around 2 to 3 million years ago. Discovery Channel released a documentary that made people believe that this vicious shark was still alive today! (Washingtonpost).

19 Indonesian Dancers Instead Of Malaysian Dancers

In 2009, the Discovery Channel promoted a program called Enigmatic Malaysia. The program would have been totally top-notch and it would have been great for highlighting Malaysian culture, but unfortunately, the dancers used were actually from Indonesia. Anyone who is able to recognize the difference between Malaysian dancers and Indonesian dancers was offended.

18 Producers Asked Jonathan Davis To Willingly Get Bitten By A Shark

It sounds absolutely absurd and mind-blowing that producers would be willing to put someone’s physical well-being into harm's way in order to get higher ratings! But for Jonathan Davis, that is exactly what happened. He was asked to let a shark bite him on purpose in order to rake in higher views for the TV show. How upsetting!

17 Fake Drama For Higher Ratings

Deadliest Catch is one of the longest-running TV shows on the Discovery Channel. It has been airing since 2005… That is quite a long amount of time. The show revolves around fishermen as they catch sea creatures throughout dangerous situations. Captain Elliott Neese, one of the members of the show, revealed that all of the drama on Deadliest Catch was created for “pure entertainment“. (ScreenRant).

16 Discovery Channel Claimed Aquatic Apes Existed

As insane and absurd as it sounds, Discovery Channel did make the claim that aquatic apes existed at some point in history. Aquatic apes do not exist, nor did they ever exist. It is very crazy and interesting that Discovery Channel would make such a claim knowing that a huge chunk of their viewers and audience members would actually believe it.

15 Gold Rush Wasn't Really Reality TV

Gold Rush is a TV show from the Discovery Channel that premiered back in 2010. The show revolves around a group of men who pan for gold out in the wilderness as a way of making ends meet. Apparently, the members of the show were told what to say by producers in order to create more conflict in front of the camera!

14 Discovery Channel Used Clips From "3 News" In South Africa... Which Doesn't Exist

When Discovery Channel wants something that they air to appear to be more legit, they use fake news stories from a fake news channel called "3 News" from South Africa. This channel does not actually exist… It is completely fake and used for the sole purpose of making things appear more legitimate. (Iflscience).

13 Man Vs. Wild Incorporated A Fake Bear Attack

A bear attack on the show Man Vs. Wild was a major moment for the show that brought in a lot of views! Viewers were super frightened and alarmed when they saw the bear attack happening on-screen. What viewers did not know at the time, is that the entire bear attack was actually fake. (ScreenRant).

12 Mermaids: The Body Found Used Totally Fake Footage

Millions of people tuned into this documentary that the Discovery Channel released about mermaids. Millions of people thought that the footage included in this documentary was legitimate! Unfortunately, the mermaid footage used was totally fake and edited. In fact, mermaids do not really exist but millions of people were fooled into believing that they did.

11 Naked And Afraid Was Scripted

Naked and Afraid is one of the Discovery Channel's biggest shows. What a lot of people didn’t realize when they were tuning into the show over the years is the fact that the show is heavily scripted. A lot of the scenarios that take place in the show are created by TV producers! (ScreenRant).

10 Marine Biologist "Collin Drake" Is Really A Hired Actor

During shark week, viewers were able to hear from a marine biologist name Collin Drake. He supposedly was someone who was highly informed when it came to sea creatures, underwater life, and sharks! It turns out that marine biologist Collin Drake is really just a hired actor, hired to add legitimacy to a documentary that otherwise wouldn’t have had much.

9 The Stunt In Eaten Alive Was Never Going To Happen

Producers for the show Eaten Alive knew how the show was going to end. They knew that the stunt was never going to actually happen in the finale. In other words, they knew that Paul Rosolie was never going to allow the snake to swallow him whole. For some reason, they still promoted the show as if it was going to happen.

8 There Were No True Amish Folks In Amish Mafia

In the Amish religion, modern technology is not part of the deal when it comes to their lifestyle. For some reason, on the show Amish Mafia, this group of “Amish“ individuals allowed a group of cameramen using modern-day technology to follow them throughout their day-to-day life. The show is allegedly very fake. (ScreenRant).

7 "Illegal" Activity On Street Outlaws

This show claims to have been taking part in illegal activity but none of the illegal activity was really happening. The street racing was all filmed specifically for the show, and the local law enforcement was completely in on it. They were never really evading any police or law enforcement. (ScreenRant).

6 No Reality Coming From Dual Survival 

This show messed up a few times by revealing just how fake it was. For example, apparently in one of the episodes the stars of the show “caught” fish out in the wild... but it was obvious that the fish was caught ahead of time and put into place for that particular scene to be filmed. (ScreenRant).

5 Fabricated Plotlines In Alaska: The Last Frontier

In this show, producers made sure to feed the main characters of the show interesting storylines to use. They staged a lot of the scenarios so that the episodes would not be quite so boring. On top of that, the family of this show was supposed to be fending for themselves in nature but apparently, they had a grocery store nearby!

4 The Existence Of A Voodoo Shark

Jonathan Davis definitely feels as though he was played by Discovery Channel and producers who tried to set him up to look like a Voodoo shark fanatic. They edited clips together in the episode to make it look as though he believed in something that he did not truly believe in.

3 Fake Storm Edited Together For Ratings

On the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch apparently, two different sets of footage of storms were edited together to make one storm appear bigger and more frightening than it really was. When they edited these two storms together, it caused the show to lose its overall credibility.

2 Did The Brown Family's Cabin Really Burn Down?

Apparently, it is up for question on if the Brown’s family cabin really did burn down or not. The Brown family comes from the show Alaskan Bush people. Whether they really lost their cabin to a fire or not is still up for a question. A lot of people have doubts about how real that story is.

1 Jimmy Dorsey Revealed His Show Was All Scripted

Jim Dorsey came forward and revealed that Discovery Channels show Gold Rush was “completely scripted". He said at the entire show was pretty much based on fakeness put together to create entertainment for viewers and higher ratings. He revealed that it was not his intention to leave the show, but that produce is pushed him to the edge.

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